plant physiology 8 a treatise nitrogen metabolism

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Plant Physiology 8

Author : F.C. Steward
ISBN : 9780323149433
Genre : Science
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Plant Physiology: A Treatise, Volume VIII: Nitrogen Metabolism focuses on the physiological aspects of nitrogen metabolism in plants. This book considers the descriptive biochemistry by which nitrogen compounds and their reactions are recognized; the way the feasible reactions are assembled into metabolic pathways and cycles that give meaningful purpose and direction to the course of metabolism; and the ongoing fate of nitrogen compounds in relation to ontogeny, growth, and development. This volume is organized into four chapters and begins with an introduction to developments in basic and applied biological nitrogen fixation, focusing on the agriculturally important mechanisms by which atmospheric nitrogen is converted to plant protein. The biology and biochemistry of nitrogen-fixing associations and their practical application in agriculture are discussed, along with nitrogen metabolism in the context of various actual situations in which cells divide and grow and specific plants develop, mature, and reproduce. The next chapter deals with the metabolism and turnover of proteins, citing specific proteins (the enzymes ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase and nitrate reductase and seed protein) as the type cases to illustrate the fate of special proteins through their formation and turnover. The mechanisms and biological settings of protein degradation, as distinct from breakdown during protein turnover, are also covered in detail. This book is intended for teachers, research workers, and students with specific interest in plant physiology.

Plant Physiology Nitrogen Metabolism

Author : Frederick Campion Steward
ISBN : LCCN:59007689
Genre : Plant physiology
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Fundamental Ecological And Agricultural Aspects Of Nitrogen Metabolism In Higher Plants

Author : J.T. Lambers
ISBN : 9789400943568
Genre : Science
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Rinie Hofstra has been a member of the Department of Plant Physiology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, for 24 years. The nearer we came to 31 March 1985, her 65th birthday, the more we all realized how we would miss her - not only scientifically, but also socially. She left her mark on both research and teaching, always with an open mind and willing to change. After her PhD Thesis on 'Nitrogen Metabolism in Tomato Plants' she first continued working in that field, but soon started a joint project with the Department of Plant Ecology on hemiparasites. She then became involved in carbon metabolism, which resulted in her giving a Biotrop Course on C /C metabolism in 3 4 Indonesia. Her own research group, originally working on 'Nitrogen Metabolism', soon embraced 'Energy and Nitrogen Metabolism', as the research on respiration became more and more important. In running her group she showed all sides of her person. She used to stimulate and encourage everyone around her and to integrate the various lines of research. At the same time she always had an open mind for the opinion of all members of her group. And together they regularly criticized and evaluated the various projects and decided how to continue.

Plant Physiology A Treatise

Author : Bidwell, R. G. S
ISBN : 0126686084
Genre : Nature
File Size : 39. 83 MB
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Primary And Secondary Metabolism Of Plant Cell Cultures

Author : Karl-Hermann Neumann
ISBN : 9783642707179
Genre : Science
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It must have been some feeling of frustration invoked by the genus loci of big conferences which brought Don Dougall, Mike Fowler, and me over a cup of coffee to think of organizing a small meeting on cell culture metabol ism. The basic aim was to bring people working on "primary metabolism" and those who work on "secondary metabolism" to interact with each other, hopefully to induce some new approaches to utilize the cell culture technique more efficiently in basic research and in its practical application. The out come of this was the small symposium at SchloE Rauischholzhausen near GieEen (Germany), and the reader of this small volume of articles on topics discussed will judge to what extent this aim was realized. Although F.e. Steward was unable to attend the meeting, we were happy that he contributed a review on some important turning points of the cell culture method in the past, and at the end of the book some participants of the meeting attempted some prognosis on possible future developments, summarized by Mike Fowler. It was the wish of our publisher to organize the contributions as a summary of the major topics of research of the individual groups represented at the meeting. Due to this, some readers will certainly feel that important areas of research in the cell culture field are missing. This is regrettable, but space had to be limited to keep this volume at a reasonable price.

Handbook Of Plant Nutrition

Author : Allen V. Barker
ISBN : 9781420014877
Genre : Science
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The burgeoning demand on the world food supply, coupled with concern over the use of chemical fertilizers, has led to an accelerated interest in the practice of precision agriculture. This practice involves the careful control and monitoring of plant nutrition to maximize the rate of growth and yield of crops, as well as their nutritional value. The Handbook of Plant Nutrition provides a readily accessible source of highly current and reliable information on the nutritional requirements of the most significant crops being cultivated worldwide. With their introduction, the editors provide an overview of plant nutrients and beneficial elements, distinguishing the difference between the two, and explaining research approaches and diagnostic criteria currently being applied. What then follows are twenty chapters, each one dedicated to an essential macro or micronutrient or beneficial element. Written by eminent researchers from across the world, each of the chapters- Offers historical information on the specific nutrient, explaining why it is either essential or a beneficial element, giving demonstration of its essentiality and functions in plants Explains how appearance and composition of plants can be used to assess nutritional status Discusses the value of soil tests for assessing nutritional status Recommends fertilizers that can be applied to remedy nutritional deficiencies Those chapters that cover beneficial elements discuss the history of the elements with regard to growth and yield, and provide current information concerning their impact on growth stimulation and plant metabolism for particular plant species. Of great value to growers, agricultural consultants, agronomists, and plant scientists, this handbook provides a practical easy-to-use reference for determining, monitoring, and improving the nutritional needs of plants. The graphical presentations of plant interactions with nutrients and beneficial elements, and the straight-forward explanations of how nutrient deficiencies arise are especially useful to those seeking knowledge of plant nutrition.

Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation In Plants

Author : P. S. Nutman
ISBN : 0521206456
Genre : Science
File Size : 20. 3 MB
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Genetical aspects and taxonomy; Quality of legume inoculants; Field experiments on nitrogen fixation by nodulated legumes; Legume nitrogen fixation and the environment; Nitrogen fixing symbioses in non-leguminous plants.

Advances In Plant Physiology Vol 12

Author : Hemantaranjan, A.
ISBN : 9789386347367
Genre :
File Size : 31. 3 MB
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The innovative theme of the International Treatise Series on “Advances in Plant Physiology”, Volume 12 “Physiological and Molecular Interventions for Crop Improvement under Changing Environments” has been especially edited for rational use by planners, scientists, investigators, academicians and postgraduate students. This book is an exceptional assimilation of timely, vital and inclusive twelve worthy reviews of varied significance, especially in view of the changing macro- and micro-climate influencing physiology of plants at all levels, contributed by true commitment of experienced, laudable and well-known scientists/ stalwarts all over the world. This is also strongly realized that there is with time more a need of united effort for the holistic development in the agricultural sciences, which absolutely depends on environmental situations. The threat of changing climate has imposed challenge to world scientists and their efforts in understanding reasons of yield reductions at physiological and molecular levels have been intensified. The consistent outcome are imparted with genetic engineers who have to now under the present circumstances exclusively identify, isolate and purify specific genes from DNA sequences befitting for development of tolerance mechanism in crop plants under changes of different degrees of intensity in environment. That is naturally the step wise long process having several pros and cons to arrive at any conclusion. Hence, the treatise series is the need of the hour and excellent source to disseminate meaningful distilled thoughts emerging out of extensive research which has due relevance for planning consequential basic strategic research besides direct help to the mankind. The intricacies of abiotic and biotic stresses on growth and development of plants have been understood in the last few decades. This book too is an endeavour to make aware the young workers to gain information on researches of basic and applied significance for extending consequential research of physiological and molecular approaches for crop improvement under changing environment. The manifold ideas on basic problems of the present and the future as well as resolutions, in part, have been consolidated which will be accomplished in subsequent volumes.

The Grass Crop

Author : M. Jones
ISBN : 9789400911871
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 81. 73 MB
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Grass is a very important world crop. In some countries, for example the UK, Australia and New Zealand, animal products from grassland make a greater contribution to the value of agricultural production than does any other crop. Yet research being undertaken to further· our understanding of the factors affecting the growth and productivity of grasslands has trailed in the shadow of the determined efforts made to improve our knowledge of cereals and, to a somewhat lesser extent, legumes. However, in spite of its low profile, grassland research has resulted in considerable advances in our knowledge in the last 20 years, and we feel that this book provides a timely opportunity to bring together some of this work in a review of what is primarily the ecophysiology of the temperate grass crop. Unlike other crops grown for their grain or vegatative parts, grass and grassland products are used almost entirely for the feeding of ruminant animals; the interaction of the sward and the animal thus adds an extra dimension to investigations of the productivity of grassland. No one author could adequately encompass the breadth of work covered in the book. Acknowledged experts have therefore been selected as contributors to provide an up-to-date review of their own specialized areas. Whilst multi author texts can cause problems of lack of uniformity of approach, each contributor has been made aware of the contents of the other chapters in an attempt both to provide continuity and to prevent glaring overlaps.

Analysis Of Growth Behavior Of Plants And Their Organs Va

Author : F.C. Steward
ISBN : 9780323149136
Genre : Science
File Size : 50. 25 MB
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Plant Physiology, Volume VA: Analysis of Growth: Behavior of Plants and their Organs describes the main events of growth as seen through the behavior of plants and their organs at an organismal level. This book discusses the quantitative interpretation of growth; the effects of environmental factors; the treatment of tropism; and the effects of many exogenous growth-regulating compounds. Organized into five chapters, the book initially describes mathematically the plant growth mechanisms as they relate to the factors that determine morphogenesis. The text also discusses methods for assessing the effects of external conditions and of age on certain important physiological aspects of plant growth. The subsequent chapter deals with phyllotaxis as a selected aspect of the interpretation of growth and form. The third chapter describes various phototropically and geotropically sensitive systems impinge upon on plant growth. This chapter also covers some reversible nastic movements of organs and the tactic movements of free swimming cells. The next chapter deals with relations between the chemical structure of synthetic compounds and their biological action. The last chapter focuses on the modulation of growth and development by features of the environment and also upon experimental manipulation and under controlled conditions of growth. This volume is an invaluable resource for plant biologists, physiologists, and researchers.

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