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Philosophies Of Research Into Higher Education

Author : Brian J. Brown
ISBN : 9780826494177
Genre : Education
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This book seeks to create a dialogue with the reader about issues relevant to the philosophy of research, and stimulate interest in how philosophy plays out in the real, everyday, political world, not least in education

The Idea Of Higher Education

Author : Barnett, Ronald
ISBN : 9780335094202
Genre : Education
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Despite an increasing volume of talk about and a growing literature on higher education, very little of it asks the question - what, in essence "is" higher education? The tradition of overarching thinking about higher education - from Newman onwards - has almost vanished. The debate has focused, instead, on technical, administrative, financial and narrow academic concerns and the terms of discussion have been framed by concepts such as efficiency, unit costs, access and the needs of industry - none of which focus on higher education as such. There is, therefore, a need for the aims of higher education to be restated in modern terms. This book explores such concepts as culture, rationality, research and academic freedom; it aims to provide a new approach to educational theory, embracing debates in social theory, philosophy of social science, critical theory, sociology of education and sociology of knowledge. It aims to give an account of the idea of "higher education" draw out the practical implications and propose specific strategies for realizing a liberal higher education.

Theory And Method In Higher Education Research

Author : Jeroen Huisman
ISBN : 9781787692794
Genre : Education
File Size : 33. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume of Theory and Method in Higher Education Research contains analyses and discussions of, amongst others, topic modelling, geometric data analysis, creativity and playfulness, longitudinal network analysis, grounded theory methods and autonetnography.

Contemporary Themes In Humanities Higher Education

Author : E.A. Chambers
ISBN : 0792366948
Genre : Education
File Size : 60. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is dedicated to the teaching and study of the enduringly popular Humanities in our colleges and universities. It aims to help unite humanities educators at a time of profound change in education systems worldwide - offering a modern theory of our particular purposes, teaching methods and styles. Drawing on detailed case studies, it is also designed to make a modernising impact upon practice. The book's themes include Critical Humanism and a new model for the humanities: `The Other'/tradition and modern consciousness; widening participation in humanities education; globalisation and humanities teaching in Europe; the new technologies, their uses and impact; and the value and conduct of pedagogic research. If you are a teacher of any humanities subject, a researcher into the teaching-learning of the humanities or involved in staff development, if you are a further and higher education policy maker or administrator, this book is for you.

Higher Education Handbook Of Theory And Research

Author : Michael B. Paulsen
ISBN : 9789400758360
Genre : Education
File Size : 31. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Published annually since 1985, the Handbook series provides a compendium of thorough and integrative literature reviews on a diverse array of topics of interest to the higher education scholarly and policy communities. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of research findings on a selected topic, critiques the research literature in terms of its conceptual and methodological rigor, and sets forth an agenda for future research intended to advance knowledge on the chosen topic. The Handbook focuses on a comprehensive set of central areas of study in higher education that encompasses the salient dimensions of scholarly and policy inquiries undertaken in the international higher education community. Each annual volume contains chapters on such diverse topics as research on college students and faculty, organization and administration, curriculum and instruction, policy, diversity issues, economics and finance, history and philosophy, community colleges, advances in research methodology, and more. The series is fortunate to have attracted annual contributions from distinguished scholars throughout the world.

Interdisciplinarity And Higher Education

Author : Joseph J. Kockelmans
ISBN : 0271023260
Genre : Education
File Size : 67. 59 MB
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Clarification of the aims and problems of interdisciplinarity, as this book demonstrates, not only will help reveal the movement's probable impact on university teaching and research but also will shed light on the overall future of the university. This book therefore speaks to faculty members and administrators in general, as well as to teachers and students whose specialty is the study of higher education. A recurring theme is that every academic specialty can be justified for purposes of research, provided it does not lead to overspecialization in education. The proviso is a formidable one, challenging the intellect, the will, and the good faith of all concerned. Yet interdisciplinarity has a fundamental historical sanction: disciplinary domains are not immutable but rather are constantly evolving through fission and fusion. (Examples of fission are the division of medieval grammar and rhetoric into modern lingustic and literary studies, or of 19th-century biology into today's life sciences. Fusion is exemplified in a range of fields from astrophysics through biochemistry to psycholinguists and social psychology.) A general perspective on the continuing debate about interdisciplinary is presented in the first four chapters, followed by six chapters on specific problems and prospects. The introduction reviews well-founded as well as misdirected objections to interdisciplinarity, contrasting &"natural&" interactions as in geophysics (arising from intrinsic developments) with &"artificial&" ones as in general education courses (arising from curriculum design) &—but holding that the latter can be as legitimate as the former if responsive to genuine educational needs. Chapters 1 to 4 give the historical and philosophical background of interdisciplinarity from Plato's Academy to the Center for Educational Research and Innovation. Chapters 5 to 7 consider specific challenges in the respective domains of natural science, social science, and the humanities&—cautioning against incompetent borrowings of paradigms. Chapters 8 and 9 treat the methodological, institutional, and personal problems arising from boundary-crossing. Chapter 10 critically analyzes three cases of interdisciplinary innovation in the United States and gives summary descriptions of programs in a dozen countries.

Using Educational Research To Inform Practice

Author : Lorraine Foreman-Peck
ISBN : 9781136942518
Genre : Education
File Size : 90. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book gives practical guidance on how educational research can inform professional practice. Written in a clear and accessible style, it details the way in which evidence based knowledge can be used to develop teaching and learning, bringing together a range of resources for all levels of reader but specifically designed to aid the progressive practitioner researcher. The authors draw on their experience of empirical work in education to provide thoroughly up-to-date reference material, including illustrative case studies, practical guidelines and exercises, and definitions of educational and research terms. The case studies and critical literature surveys have been chosen to demonstrate the use (and mis-use) of research evidence in thinking about a range of important topics in further and higher education, such as, learning styles, deep and surface learning, dyslexia in higher education, the assessment of group work, teaching critical thinking, problem based learning, and dissertation marking. Drawing on their philosophical backgrounds, the authors also address the much conceptual confusions which have led to scepticism regarding the wisdom or even the possibility of using research evidence to inform teaching. Other guidance includes: relating practitioner knowledge to educational research ethical and practical issues on research within the institution evaluating the strengths and limitations of research evidence researching ideas through the examination of case studies practitioner research and contributions to the knowledge base Using Educational Research to Inform Practice provides the necessary understanding for conducting research, thinking about its value and applying research evidence to practice in universities and colleges and therefore will be essential reading for those resource managers who are responsible for providing courses and support in higher education institutions. In addition, this book is particularly aimed at further and higher lecturers undertaking professional development courses and experienced and senior staff who wish to use research to improve management practices.

Introduction To The Philosophies Of Research And Criticism In Education And The Social Sciences

Author : James L. Paul
ISBN : 0130422533
Genre : Education
File Size : 33. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This rigorous volume focuses on the underlying perspectives justifying the major approaches currently being used in educational research.Introductory chapters lay the foundation for exploring varying research perspectives. Nine specific perspectives on research—post positivism, pragmatism, constructivism, ethics and deliberate democracy, criticism, interpretivism, race/ethnicity/gender, arts-based research, and post structuralism—are examined, through discussions written by senior scholars known for their expertise in the perspective. And, a “guided tour” of criticism is given, in which these same scholars demonstrate the use of the “critical method” by critiquing six studies selected as exemplars of different research approaches.For education students who aspire to become researchers, and for those who simply need to read and understand research literature.

Assessment For Excellence

Author : Alexander W. Astin
ISBN : 9781442213616
Genre : Education
File Size : 41. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Assessment for Excellence introduces a philosophy of assessment based upon the talent development concept. Colleges and universities prioritize developing the talents of students and faculty, rather than gathering the most resources and status for their institutions. The Input-Environment-Outcome assessment model focuses on talent development and highlight the pitfalls of common assessment practices.

Qualitative Research In Higher Education

Author : Clifton Conrad
ISBN : 0536623562
Genre : Education
File Size : 68. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This comprehensive introduction includes classic and recent writings that represent a wide array of perspectives on qualitative inquiry in education. This revised reader provides faculty and practitioners with a sound understanding of diverse philosophical and theoretical traditions, methods, and practices in qualitative research. Essays from K-12, higher education, and social science scholars further combine to provide readers with a rich and textured outlook on issues and practices related to qualitative inquiry in K-12 and post secondary educational settings. Practical issues in fieldwork, such as collecting and managing data, analyzing data, dealing with ethical issues, and enhancing the trustworthiness of research findings are also explored.

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