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Self Discipline

Author : Dominic Mann
ISBN : 1539143066
Genre :
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Imagine. How extraordinary would your life be if you had the self-discipline of a Spartan? Imagine a life without limits. The true you, unleashed. The lion-like Spartan warrior within, roaming free. Succumb to less. Achieve success. We all know that discipline is the key to our dreams. There's just one problem. Discipline is hard. But here's a secret: It doesn't have to be. Self-Discipline: How to Develop Spartan Discipline, Unbreakable Mental Toughness, and Relentless Willpower by Dominic Mann teaches you life's single most important skill-the ability to get done what you really want to get done. That's right. No more regrets, only exhilarating success! Have your best day, every day. Discover... Why the Spartans disliked pleasure (and how this made them STRONGER). The ONE thing that leads to effortless discipline in ALL areas of your life. Why the austere Spartans were actually happier than the decadent king of Persia. And more! Live powerfully. Achieve greatness. Be a Spartan. Learn... How the Spartans and Navy SEALs develop jaw-dropping mental toughness. How to conquer yourself so that you can, in turn, conquer your goals. The surprising "inverse self-discipline" hack that catapults you toward your goals. And more! Shock your coworkers. Even on your worst day, you'll still be outperforming everybody else! To unleash the Spartan warrior within and conquer your most ambitious goals, scroll up to the top and click BUY NOW!

How To Build Self Discipline Resist Temptations And Reach Your Long Term Goals

Author : Martin Meadows
ISBN : 9781387902453
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 21. 96 MB
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How to Develop Self-Discipline, Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Terms Goals If you want to make positive changes in your life and achieve your long-term goals, I can't think of a better way to do it than to learn how to become more self-disciplined. Science has figured out a lot of interesting aspects of self-discipline and willpower, but most of this knowledge is buried deep inside long and boring scientific papers. If you'd like to benefit from these studies without actually reading them, this book is for you. I've done the job for you and researched the most useful and viable scientific findings that will help you improve your self-discipline. Instead of sharing with you the detailed "why," I will share with you the "how" - advice that will change your life if you decide to follow it. You too can master the art of self-discipline and learn how to resist temptations. Your long term goals are worth it. Buy the book now.

How To Build Self Discipline To Exercise Practical Techniques And Strategies To Develop A Lifetime Habit Of Exercise

Author : Martin Meadows
ISBN : 9781387979578
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 53. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Everywhere you go, you see gyms, videos, and books about exercise, advertising how they can help you get in shape fast and easy. You've probably even put some money down before, vowing that THIS was the year you'd get in shape, lose that extra weight, and become the energetic person you know is hiding inside you. Unfortunately, life happens, and you fall into the habit of "I'll start tomorrow." How to Build Self-Discipline to Exercise is a concise, practical guidebook on how to introduce and keep exercise in your life. When put together and acted upon, the six chapters in this book - supported by over 80 references to scientific studies and credible experts - will help you form a new habit and make one of the most important changes you'll ever make in your life.

Iron Willpower

Author : Dominic Mann
ISBN : 1535372788
Genre :
File Size : 69. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Wish you could smash through the temptations and distractions that are holding you back? Want to build iron-like resolve and self-discipline? Feel like you are your own worst enemy? That your greatest battle is against yourself? That perhaps willpower and self-discipline just isn't in your DNA? You need to develop Iron Willpower, unlock your true potential, and supercharge your life. Learn the science behind unyielding self-discipline. Not only will you discover proven techniques, powerful habits, and real-life examples. Iron Willpower uncovers 11 groundbreaking psychology studies that reveal the secrets to developing unshakeable self-discipline. Learn from the best: Navy SEALs. United States Navy SEALs are world famous for being amongst the most unrelenting, mentally strong, self-disciplined men on the planet. Find out how they develop their steely grit, mental fortitude, and Iron Willpower. Iron Willpower will teach you: How to use habits to make self-discipline automatic and effortless. Why willpower is like a muscle and how to use it to your advantage. The study that shows why you should carry a bag of tempting chocolate around with you. How a 19th century philosopher stumbled upon the key to unlimited willpower. The Harvard researchers that discovered how to get motivated in 60 seconds. And more! Learn to develop Iron Willpower and unlock your true potential. To build unrelenting grit and achieve greatness, scroll up to the top and click BUY NOW!

Self Discipline

Author : Dominic Mann
ISBN : 1519061692
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File Size : 34. 87 MB
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Learn the high-level techniques used by the U.S. Navy's top psychologists to train Navy SEALs into the most self-disciplined, toughest, grittiest warriors in the world. If you would like to have the indomitable will of a U.S. Navy SEAL... and do it even if you're (currently) lazy, undisciplined and couldn't motivate yourself out of a paper bag...then this book will show you how. Discover the self-discipline techniques of the deadliest SEALs U.S. Navy SEAL training is the toughest in the world. It's so tough that over 80 percent of SEAL trainees quit. To help get more SEAL trainees through the grueling training program, the U.S. Navy hired some of the world's top psychologists to identify the key traits of the toughest, most successful SEALs... and teach these powerful techniques to SEAL trainees. And guess what? In this book, you'll learn those exact techniques. How will you learn to develop the mindset, mental toughness and self-discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL? Here's a small sample of what you're about to learn... How to set goals like a Navy SEAL (and why it will 10X your grit) How SEALs mentally prepare for their toughest missions How SEALs "shut down" the instinctive fear of drowning and remain calm in life and death situations And much more! Transcend your limits. Operate at the edge of what's possible. What could you do with an unwavering level of self-discipline? Well, you no longer need to wonder, because by the time you've finished reading this book, you'll know: The 4 keys to extreme mental toughness (created by the U.S. Navy's top psychologists specifically for Navy SEALs) The 7 principles Navy SEALs live by How one Navy SEAL had an instructor trying to make him quit during the infamous "Hell Week" by giving him thousands of harsh exercises... and how he still made it through And much more! "Do today what others won't; do tomorrow what others can't." Discover... What you can learn about mental toughness from a multimillionaire who randomly invited a Navy SEAL to live with him for 31 days How Navy SEALs use humor to increase their mental toughness (and how you can too) A special bonus chapter: "The SEAL Cheat Sheet" And much more! To unleash the SEAL within and conquer your most ambitious goals, scroll up to the top and click BUY NOW! P.S. Get ready to 10X your grit.

The Legendary Life

Author : Daniel Munro
ISBN : 099634022X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 49. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The self-development movement has left us all drowning, we're crushed by an information overload and we cry out for something that will actually create a measurable difference to our lives. We search long and hard to find guidance that will actually work to bring deeper meaning and joy into our lives. We search for confidence in a world that stole it from us. We search for a way to be ourselves in a world that is afraid of honesty. If you are truly motivated to take action, to make changes to the way you live in order to experience a deeper level of self-confidence, then look no further. #1 Bestseller The Legendary Life will give you something that the other resources out there fall woefully short on: practical guidance. If you're ready to break down your dream-life into small, manageable steps, and you are prepared to take those steps, then it's time to create YOUR Legendary Life.

Self Discipline Mindset

Author : Curtis Leone
ISBN : 1544660472
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File Size : 26. 18 MB
Format : PDF
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This book has actionable information that will help you to supercharge your self-discipline to achieve great feats in life. We all set many goals in life and hope that we will achieve them. Unfortunately, many of us don't have the discipline to follow what it takes to transform these goals to reality. We somehow lose our passion and drive to do what needs to be done after setting goals. Think about it; every year, we all set New Year's resolutions with the hope that by the end of the calendar year, we would have changed different aspects of our lives. We start off overly excited that by the end of the year, our life would be completely different. However, that doesn't happen for many of us because we lose our focus and passion for whatever it is that we want to achieve. As you well know, you cannot go far in life if you cannot implement everything needed to transform your goals into reality. You cannot chase your dreams and actualize your goals if you are not determined, strong willed, and have the power to control emotions, desires, and feelings that derail your goals and their achievement. To achieve success, you must boss your thoughts and emotions as well as exercise perseverance and endurance, which are extremely important self-discipline ingredients. Cultivating these character traits may sound challenging right now, but by the time you reach the last page of this book, self-discipline will come easy to you; you will find no difficulty in exercising self-discipline, and going after everything you desire. This book is the ultimate self-discipline master guide: it aims to teach you how to develop the self-discipline you require to pursue your goals, while avoiding distractions that tend to derail your goal pursuit. Make the best use of this wonderful opportunity and learn how to unlock your self-discipline right now.

The Ladies Book Of Etiquette And Manual Of Politeness

Author : Florence Hartley
ISBN : NYPL:33433061705780
Genre : Etiquette
File Size : 83. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, And Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the by Florence Hartley, first published in 1872, is a rare manuscript, the original residing in one of the great libraries of the world. This book is a reproduction of that original, which has been scanned and cleaned by state-of-the-art publishing tools for better readability and enhanced appreciation. Restoration Editors' mission is to bring long out of print manuscripts back to life. Some smudges, annotations or unclear text may still exist, due to permanent damage to the original work. We believe the literary significance of the text justifies offering this reproduction, allowing a new generation to appreciate it.

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

Author : Brian Tracy
ISBN : 1118045696
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 82. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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CHANGE YOUR THINKING CHANGE YOUR LIFE "Every line in this book is bursting with truth, wisdom, and power. Brian Tracy is the preeminent authority on showing you how to dramatically improve your life. Let him be your guide. I've learned so much from Brian myself that I can't thank him enough!" —Robert G. Allen, #1 New York Times bestselling author "This book gives you a step-by-step system to transform your thinking about yourself and your potential, enabling you to achieve greater success in every area of your life." —Lee Iacocca, Chairman, Lee Iacocca & Associates "Once again, Brian Tracy has written an incredible book which shows individuals how to delve into their inner resources so that they can not only identify realistic goals but develop a plan on how to achieve these goals. This book promises to be a bestseller and to influence the lives of so many. It is must reading." —Sally Pipes, President, Pacific Research Institute "Outstanding! Brian Tracy's Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life is a must-read. Use the powerful 'mental software' program in this book to tap your vast inner resources and bring the life you've been dreaming about into reality." —Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Full Steam Ahead! "As usual, Brian Tracy has hit another home run with Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. It's a must-read!" —Mac Anderson, founder, Successories, Inc. "Brian's new book, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, will show you how to attract the people and resources you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself." —Tony Jeary, Mr. Presentation, author of Life Is a Series of Presentations "This is a masterful book laden with wisdom and knowledge. It'll catapult you from intention to implementation. It arms you with the information and insights you need to achieve success and significance in your life." —Nido R. Qubein, founder, National Speakers Association Foundation Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company

Systems Education For A Sustainable Planet

Author : Ockie Bosch
ISBN : 9783038427896
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Systems Education for a Sustainable Planet" that was published in Systems

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