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Pavlov S Physiology Factory

Author : Daniel Philip Todes
ISBN : 0801866901
Genre : Medical
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"In Lectures on the Work of the Main Digestive Glands, for which Pavlov won the Nobel Prize in 1904, the scientist frequently referred to the experiments of his coworkers and stated that his conclusions reflected "the deed of the entire laboratory." This novel claim caused the prize committee some consternation. Was he alone deserving of the prize? Examining the fascinating content of Pavlov's scientific notes and correspondence, unpublished memoirs, and laboratory publications, Todes explores the importance of Pavlov's directorship of what the author calls a "physiology factory" and illuminates its relationship to Pavlov's Nobel Prize-winning work and the research on conditional reflexes that followed it."--BOOK JACKET.

Der Geist Bei Der Arbeit

Author : Michael Hagner
ISBN : 9783835306677
Genre : Science
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"Geist und Bewußtsein sind nicht vom Himmel gefallen, sondern haben sich in der Evolution der Nervensysteme allmählich herausgebildet" - dies manifestierten Hirnforscher im Jahr 2004. Auch diese Erkenntnis ist nicht vom Himmel gefallen, sondern das Ergebnis einer 200-jährigen Geschichte. Dabei waren die Theorien der Hirnforscher, mit denen sie versuchten, Sprache, Denken, Einbildungskraft, Moral und Gefühle im Gehirn zu lokalisieren, zu keinem Zeitpunkt unabhängig von den kulturellen, sozialen und politischen Umständen, unter denen sie ihre Forschungen betrieben. Die Cerebralisierung des Menschen ist ein unvollendetes und möglicherweise unvollendbares Projekt der Moderne. Neben faszinierenden Einsichten birgt es stets auch die Gefahr in sich, "Gehirn" mit Symbolen, Deutungen und Werten zu überfrachten und dadurch überzogene Erwartungen zu wecken, die nicht zu erfüllen sind oder zu heiklen biopolitischen Forderungen führen. Anthropologische Ansprüche an die Hirnforschung bewegen sich eher an der Grenze zwischen Science und Fiction. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Debatten plädiert Michael Hagner für einen gelassenen und (selbst-)kritischen Umgang mit ihren Ergebnissen.

Life Atomic

Author : Angela N. H. Creager
ISBN : 9780226017945
Genre : Science
File Size : 88. 33 MB
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After World War II, the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) began mass-producing radioisotopes, sending out nearly 64,000 shipments of radioactive materials to scientists and physicians by 1955. Even as the atomic bomb became the focus of Cold War anxiety, radioisotopes represented the government’s efforts to harness the power of the atom for peace—advancing medicine, domestic energy, and foreign relations. In Life Atomic, Angela N. H. Creager tells the story of how these radioisotopes, which were simultaneously scientific tools and political icons, transformed biomedicine and ecology. Government-produced radioisotopes provided physicians with new tools for diagnosis and therapy, specifically cancer therapy, and enabled biologists to trace molecular transformations. Yet the government’s attempt to present radioisotopes as marvelous dividends of the atomic age was undercut in the 1950s by the fallout debates, as scientists and citizens recognized the hazards of low-level radiation. Creager reveals that growing consciousness of the danger of radioactivity did not reduce the demand for radioisotopes at hospitals and laboratories, but it did change their popular representation from a therapeutic agent to an environmental poison. She then demonstrates how, by the late twentieth century, public fear of radioactivity overshadowed any appreciation of the positive consequences of the AEC’s provision of radioisotopes for research and medicine.

Gaither S Dictionary Of Scientific Quotations

Author : Carl C. Gaither
ISBN : 9781461411130
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 50 MB
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This unprecedented collection of 27,000 quotations is the most comprehensive and carefully researched of its kind, covering all fields of science and mathematics. With this vast compendium you can readily conceptualize and embrace the written images of scientists, laymen, politicians, novelists, playwrights, and poets about humankind's scientific achievements. Approximately 9000 high-quality entries have been added to this new edition to provide a rich selection of quotations for the student, the educator, and the scientist who would like to introduce a presentation with a relevant quotation that provides perspective and historical background on his subject. Gaither's Dictionary of Scientific Quotations, Second Edition, provides the finest reference source of science quotations for all audiences. The new edition adds greater depth to the number of quotations in the various thematic arrangements and also provides new thematic categories.

Reworking The Bench

Author : F.L. Holmes
ISBN : 9781402010392
Genre : History
File Size : 86. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Research records composed of notes and protocols have long played a role in the efforts to understand the origins of what have come to be seen as the established milestones in the development of modern science. The use of research records to probe the nature of scientific investigation itself however is a recent development in the history of science. With Eduard Dijksterhuis, we could address them as a veritable "epistemologiCal laboratory". The purpose of a workshop entitled "Reworking the Bench: Laboratory Notebooks in the History of Science", held at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin was to bring together historians who have been exploiting such resources, to compare the similarities and differences in the materials they had used and and to measure the potential and scope for future explorations of "science in the making" based on such forms of documentation. The contributions which form this volume are based on papers presented at this workshop or written afterward by participants in the discussions. This is the first book that addresses the issue of research notes for writing history of science in a comprehensive manner. Its case studies range from the early modern period to present and cover a broad range of different disciplines.

Ivan Pavlov

Author : Daniel Philip Todes
ISBN : 9780199925193
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Winner of the Pfizer Award from the History of Science Society "Contrary to legend, Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) never trained a dog to salivate to the sound of a bell." So begins this definitive, deeply researched biography of Ivan Pavlov. Daniel P. Todes fundamentally reinterprets the Russian physiologist's famous research on conditional reflexes and weaves his life, values, and science into the tumultuous century of Russian history-particularly that of its intelligentsia-from the reign of tsar Nicholas I to Stalin's time. Ivan Pavlov was born to a family of priests in provincial Riazan before the serfs were emancipated, and made his home and professional success in the booming capital of St. Petersburg in late imperial Russia. He suffered the cataclysmic destruction of his world during the Bolshevik seizure of power and civil war of 1917-21, rebuilt his life in his seventies as a "prosperous dissident" during the Leninist 1920s, and flourished professionally as never before in the 1930s industrialization, revolution, and terror of Stalin times. Using a wide variety of previously unavailable archival materials, Todes tells a vivid story of that life and redefines Pavlov's legacy. Pavlov was not, in fact, a behaviorist who believed that psychology should address only external behaviors; rather, he sought to explain the emotional and intellectual life of animals and humans, "the torments of our consciousness." This iconic "objectivist" was actually a profoundly anthropomorphic thinker whose science was suffused with his own experiences, values, and subjective interpretations. Todes's story of this powerful personality and extraordinary man is based upon interviews with surviving coworkers and family members (along with never-before-analyzed taped interviews from the 1960s and 1970s), examination of hundreds of scientific works by Pavlov and his coworkers, and close analysis of materials from some twenty-five archives. The materials range from the records of his student years at Riazan Seminary to the transcripts of the Communist Party cells in his labs, and from his scientific manuscripts and notebooks to his political speeches; they include revealing love letters to his future wife and correspondence with hundreds of scholars, artists, and Communist Party leaders; and memoirs by many coworkers, his daughter, his wife, and his lover. The product of more than twenty years of research, this is the first scholarly biography of the physiologist to be published in any language.

Science And The City

Author : Sven Dierig
ISBN : UVA:X004723469
Genre : Science
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Medizinhistorisches Journal

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0090430216
Genre : Medicine
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Slavic Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114638088
Genre : Electronic journals
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Laien Lekt Ren Laboratorien

Author : Matthias Schwartz
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132318424
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 77. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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