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Pattern Recognition And Classification

Author : Geoff Dougherty
ISBN : 9781461453239
Genre : Computers
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The use of pattern recognition and classification is fundamental to many of the automated electronic systems in use today. However, despite the existence of a number of notable books in the field, the subject remains very challenging, especially for the beginner. Pattern Recognition and Classification presents a comprehensive introduction to the core concepts involved in automated pattern recognition. It is designed to be accessible to newcomers from varied backgrounds, but it will also be useful to researchers and professionals in image and signal processing and analysis, and in computer vision. Fundamental concepts of supervised and unsupervised classification are presented in an informal, rather than axiomatic, treatment so that the reader can quickly acquire the necessary background for applying the concepts to real problems. More advanced topics, such as semi-supervised classification, combining clustering algorithms and relevance feedback are addressed in the later chapters. This book is suitable for undergraduates and graduates studying pattern recognition and machine learning.

Neural Networks Using Matlab

Author : K. Taylor
ISBN : 1543065325
Genre :
File Size : 44. 13 MB
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MATLAB has the tool Neural Network Toolbox that provides algorithms, functions, and apps to create, train, visualize, and simulate neural networks. You can perform classification, regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, time-series forecasting, and dynamic system modeling and control. The toolbox includes convolutional neural network and autoencoder deep learning algorithms for image classification and feature learning tasks. To speed up training of large data sets, you can distribute computations and data across multicore processors, GPUs, and computer clusters using Parallel Computing Toolbox. The more important features are the following: -Deep learning, including convolutional neural networks and autoencoders -Parallel computing and GPU support for accelerating training (with Parallel Computing Toolbox) -Supervised learning algorithms, including multilayer, radial basis, learning vector quantization (LVQ), time-delay, nonlinear autoregressive (NARX), and recurrent neural network (RNN) -Unsupervised learning algorithms, including self-organizing maps and competitive layers -Apps for data-fitting, pattern recognition, and clustering -Preprocessing, postprocessing, and network visualization for improving training efficiency and assessing network performance -Simulink blocks for building and evaluating neural networks and for control systems applications This book especially develops the applications of the neural networks to the classification and the patterns recognition

Pattern Recognition And Classification In Time Series Data

Author : Volna, Eva
ISBN : 9781522505662
Genre : Computers
File Size : 70. 71 MB
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Patterns can be any number of items that occur repeatedly, whether in the behaviour of animals, humans, traffic, or even in the appearance of a design. As technologies continue to advance, recognizing, mimicking, and responding to all types of patterns becomes more precise. Pattern Recognition and Classification in Time Series Data focuses on intelligent methods and techniques for recognizing and storing dynamic patterns. Emphasizing topics related to artificial intelligence, pattern management, and algorithm development, in addition to practical examples and applications, this publication is an essential reference source for graduate students, researchers, and professionals in a variety of computer-related disciplines.

Invariants For Pattern Recognition And Classification

Author : Marcos A. Rodrigues
ISBN : 9789810242787
Genre : Science
File Size : 49. 72 MB
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This book was conceived from the realization that there was a need to update recent work on invariants in a single volume providing a useful set of references and pointers to related work. Since the publication in 1992 of J L Mundy and A Zisserman's Geometric Invariance in Computer Vision, the subject has been evolving rapidly. New approaches to invariants have been proposed and novel ways of defining and applying invariants to practical problem solving are testimony to the fundamental importance of the study of invariants to machine vision. This book represents a snapshot of current research around the world. A version of this collection of papers has appeared in the International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (December 1999). The papers in this book are extended versions of the original material published in the journal. They are organized into two categories: foundations and applications. Foundation papers present new ways of defining or analyzing invariants, andapplication papers present novel ways in which known invariant theory is extended and effectively applied to real-world problems in interesting and difficult contexts. Each category contains roughly half of the papers, but there is considerable overlap. All papers carry an element of novelty and generalization that will be useful to theoreticians and practitioners alike. It is hoped that this volume will be not only useful but also inspirational to researchers in image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision at large.

Classification Pattern Recognition And Reduction Of Dimensionality

Author : Paruchuri R. Krishnaiah
ISBN : 044486217X
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 78. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discriminant analysis for time series; Optimum rules for classification into two multivariate normal populations with the same covariance matrix;Large sample approximations and asymptotic expansions of classification statistics; Bayesian discrimination; Classification of growth curves; Nonparametric classification; Logistic discrimination; Nearest neighbor methods in discrimination; The classification and mixture maximum likelihood approaches to cluster analysis; Graphical techniques for multivariate data and for clustering; Cluster analysis software; Single-link clustering algorithms; Theory of multidimensional scaling; Multidimensional scaling and its applications; Intrinsic dimensionality extraction; Intrinsic dimensionality extraction; Structural methods in image analysis and recognition; Image models; Image texture survey; Applications of stochastic languages; A unifying viewpoint on pattern recognition; Logical functions in the problems of empirical prediction; Inference and data tables with missing values; Recognition of electrocardiographic patterns; Waveform parsing systems...

A Probabilistic Theory Of Pattern Recognition

Author : Luc Devroye
ISBN : 9781461207115
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 77. 45 MB
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A self-contained and coherent account of probabilistic techniques, covering: distance measures, kernel rules, nearest neighbour rules, Vapnik-Chervonenkis theory, parametric classification, and feature extraction. Each chapter concludes with problems and exercises to further the readers understanding. Both research workers and graduate students will benefit from this wide-ranging and up-to-date account of a fast- moving field.

Pattern Recognition In Practice Ii

Author : L.N. Kanal
ISBN : 9780444599223
Genre : Computers
File Size : 62. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The 1985 Amsterdam conference brought together researchers active in pattern recognition methodology and the development of practical applications. The first part of the book covers various methodological aspects of image processing, knowledge based and model driven image understanding systems, 3-D reconstruction methods, and application oriented papers. Part II deals with aspects of statistical pattern recognition, the problem of population classification, and topics common to both pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

Pattern Recognition

Author : Sergios Theodoridis
ISBN : 0080949126
Genre : Computers
File Size : 25. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book considers classical and current theory and practice, of supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised pattern recognition, to build a complete background for professionals and students of engineering. The authors, leading experts in the field of pattern recognition, have provided an up-to-date, self-contained volume encapsulating this wide spectrum of information. The very latest methods are incorporated in this edition: semi-supervised learning, combining clustering algorithms, and relevance feedback. · Thoroughly developed to include many more worked examples to give greater understanding of the various methods and techniques · Many more diagrams included--now in two color--to provide greater insight through visual presentation · Matlab code of the most common methods are given at the end of each chapter. · More Matlab code is available, together with an accompanying manual, via this site · Latest hot topics included to further the reference value of the text including non-linear dimensionality reduction techniques, relevance feedback, semi-supervised learning, spectral clustering, combining clustering algorithms. · An accompanying book with Matlab code of the most common methods and algorithms in the book, together with a descriptive summary, and solved examples including real-life data sets in imaging, and audio recognition. The companion book will be available separately or at a special packaged price (ISBN: 9780123744869). Thoroughly developed to include many more worked examples to give greater understanding of the various methods and techniques Many more diagrams included--now in two color--to provide greater insight through visual presentation Matlab code of the most common methods are given at the end of each chapter An accompanying book with Matlab code of the most common methods and algorithms in the book, together with a descriptive summary and solved examples, and including real-life data sets in imaging and audio recognition. The companion book is available separately or at a special packaged price (Book ISBN: 9780123744869. Package ISBN: 9780123744913) Latest hot topics included to further the reference value of the text including non-linear dimensionality reduction techniques, relevance feedback, semi-supervised learning, spectral clustering, combining clustering algorithms Solutions manual, powerpoint slides, and additional resources are available to faculty using the text for their course. Register at and search on "Theodoridis" to access resources for instructor.

Statistical Pattern Recognition

Author : Andrew R. Webb
ISBN : 9781119961406
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 44. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Statistical pattern recognition relates to the use of statistical techniques for analysing data measurements in order to extract information and make justified decisions. It is a very active area of study and research, which has seen many advances in recent years. Applications such as data mining, web searching, multimedia data retrieval, face recognition, and cursive handwriting recognition, all require robust and efficient pattern recognition techniques. This third edition provides an introduction to statistical pattern theory and techniques, with material drawn from a wide range of fields, including the areas of engineering, statistics, computer science and the social sciences. The book has been updated to cover new methods and applications, and includes a wide range of techniques such as Bayesian methods, neural networks, support vector machines, feature selection and feature reduction techniques.Technical descriptions and motivations are provided, and the techniques are illustrated using real examples. Statistical Pattern Recognition, 3rd Edition: Provides a self-contained introduction to statistical pattern recognition. Includes new material presenting the analysis of complex networks. Introduces readers to methods for Bayesian density estimation. Presents descriptions of new applications in biometrics, security, finance and condition monitoring. Provides descriptions and guidance for implementing techniques, which will be invaluable to software engineers and developers seeking to develop real applications Describes mathematically the range of statistical pattern recognition techniques. Presents a variety of exercises including more extensive computer projects. The in-depth technical descriptions make the book suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students in statistics, computer science and engineering. Statistical Pattern Recognition is also an excellent reference source for technical professionals. Chapters have been arranged to facilitate implementation of the techniques by software engineers and developers in non-statistical engineering fields.

Supervised And Unsupervised Pattern Recognition

Author : Evangelia Miche Tzanakou
ISBN : 9781351835558
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 50. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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There are many books on neural networks, some of which cover computational intelligence, but none that incorporate both feature extraction and computational intelligence, as Supervised and Unsupervised Pattern Recognition does. This volume describes the application of a novel, unsupervised pattern recognition scheme to the classification of various types of waveforms and images. This substantial collection of recent research begins with an introduction to Neural Networks, classifiers, and feature extraction methods. It then addresses unsupervised and fuzzy neural networks and their applications to handwritten character recognition and recognition of normal and abnormal visual evoked potentials. The third section deals with advanced neural network architectures-including modular design-and their applications to medicine and three-dimensional NN architecture simulating brain functions. The final section discusses general applications and simulations, such as the establishment of a brain-computer link, speaker identification, and face recognition. In the quickly changing field of computational intelligence, every discovery is significant. Supervised and Unsupervised Pattern Recognition gives you access to many notable findings in one convenient volume.

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