pattern formation and dynamics in nonequilibrium systems

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Pattern Formation And Dynamics In Nonequilibrium Systems

Author : Michael Cross
ISBN : 9780521770507
Genre : Mathematics
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Account of how complex patterns form in sustained nonequilibrium systems; for graduate students in biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and physics.

Pattern Formation And Non Linear Dynamics Of Non Equilibrium Systems

Author : Leonid Pechenik
ISBN : UCSD:31822028299857
Genre :
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Fluctuating Nonlinear Oscillators

Author : Mark Dykman
ISBN : 9780191637544
Genre : Science
File Size : 77. 85 MB
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The book provides a unifying insight into fluctuation phenomena in a broad variety of vibrational systems of current interest. It consists of individual chapters written by leading experts in the field. The chapters are self-contained and complement each other. The ongoing rapid development of well-characterized mesoscopic vibrational systems has made it possible to address fundamental physics problems and to explore new approaches to quantum and classical measurements, with applications to quantum information, condensed matter physics, and engineering. The book gives an account of major results in this direction. The topics include dynamics and quantum control of microcavity modes coupled to qubits, measurements with bifurcation-based amplifiers and new types of such amplifiers; switching rate scaling and new quantum mechanisms of metastable decay; wave mixing and parametric excitation in the quantum regime; collective phenomena and the interaction-induced discrete time symmetry breaking; and back-action and shot noise in electron-vibrational systems.

Structural Geology

Author : Bruce E. Hobbs
ISBN : 9780124079335
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 41 MB
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Structural Geology is a groundbreaking reference that introduces you to the concepts of nonlinear solid mechanics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics in metamorphic geology, offering a fresh perspective on rock structure and its potential for new interpretations of geological evolution. This book stands alone in unifying deformation and metamorphism and the development of the mineralogical fabrics and the structures that we see in the field. This reflects the thermodynamics of systems not at equilibrium within the framework of modern nonlinear solid mechanics. The thermodynamic approach enables the various mechanical, thermal, hydrological and chemical processes to be rigorously coupled through the second law of thermodynamics, invariably leading to nonlinear behavior. The book also differs from others in emphasizing the implications of this nonlinear behavior with respect to the development of the diverse, complex, even fractal, range of structures in deformed metamorphic rocks. Building on the fundamentals of structural geology by discussing the nonlinear processes that operate during the deformation and metamorphism of rocks in the Earth's crust, the book's concepts help geoscientists and graduate-level students understand how these processes control or influence the structures and metamorphic fabrics—providing applications in hydrocarbon exploration, ore mineral exploration, and architectural engineering. Authored by two of the world's foremost experts in structural geology, representing more than 70 years of experience in research and instruction Nearly 300 figures, illustrations, working examples, and photographs reinforce key concepts and underscore major advances in structural geology

Dynamics And Bifurcation Of Patterns In Dissipative Systems

Author : Gerhard Dangelmayr
ISBN : 9789812389466
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 8 MB
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Contains a collection of expository papers and advanced research articles which provide an overview the state of the art. Topics include new approaches to the mathematical characterization of spatiotemporal complexity as well as analysis of patterns in a variety of applied fields.

Self Assembly Pattern Formation And Growth Phenomena In Nano Systems

Author : Alexander A. Golovin
ISBN : 1402043546
Genre : Science
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Nano-science and nano-technology are rapidly developing scientific and technological areas that deal with physical, chemical and biological processes that occur on nano-meter scale – one millionth of a millimeter. Self-organization and pattern formation play crucial role on nano-scales and promise new, effective routes to control various nano-scales processes. This book contains lecture notes written by the lecturers of the NATO Advanced Study Institute "Self-Assembly, Pattern Formation and Growth Phenomena in Nano-Systems" that took place in St Etienne de Tinee, France, in the fall 2004. They give examples of self-organization phenomena on micro- and nano-scale as well as examples of the interplay between phenomena on nano- and macro-scales leading to complex behavior in various physical, chemical and biological systems. They discuss such fascinating nano-scale self-organization phenomena as self-assembly of quantum dots in thin solid films, pattern formation in liquid crystals caused by light, self-organization of micro-tubules and molecular motors, as well as basic physical and chemical phenomena that lead to self-assembly of the most important molecule on the basis of which most of living organisms are built – DNA. A review of general features of all pattern forming systems is also given. The authors of these lecture notes are the leading experts in the field of self-organization, pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics in non-equilibrium, complex systems.

Collective Dynamics Of Nonlinear And Disordered Systems

Author : Günter Radons
ISBN : 354021383X
Genre : Science
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Phase transitions in disordered systems and related dynamical phenomena are a topic of intrinsically high interest in theoretical and experimental physics. This book presents a unified view, adopting concepts from each of the disjoint fields of disordered systems and nonlinear dynamics. Special attention is paid to the glass transition, from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints, to modern concepts of pattern formation, and to the application of the concepts of dynamical systems for understanding equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties of fluids and solids. The content is accessible to graduate students, but will also be of benefit to specialists, since the presentation extends as far as the topics of ongoing research work.

Pattern Formation By Dynamic Systems And Pattern Recognition

Author : Hermann Haken
ISBN : 9783642674808
Genre : Computers
File Size : 47. 9 MB
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This book contains the manuscripts of the papers delivered at the International Sym posium on Synergetics held at SchloB Elmau, Bavaria, Germany, from April 30 until May 5, 1979. This conference followed several previous ones (Elmau 1972, Sicily 1974, Elmau 1977). This time the subject of the symposium was "pattern formation by dynam ic systems and pattern recognition". The meeting brought together scientists from such diverse fields as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history as well as experts in the fields of pattern recognition and associative memory. When I started this type of conference in 1972 it appeared to be a daring enter prise. Indeed, we began to explore virgin land of science: the systematic study of cooperative effects in physical systems far from equi~ibrium and in other disciplines. Though these meetings were attended by scientists from quite different disciplines, a basic concept and even a common language were found from the very beginning. The idea that there exist profound analogies in the behaviour of large classes of complex systems, though the systems themselves may be quite different, proved to be most fruitful. I was delighted to see that over the past one or two years quite similar conferences were now held in various places allover the world. The inclusion of prob lems of pattern recognition at the present meeting is a novel feature, however.

Nonlinear Dynamics And Pattern Formation In Semiconductors And Devices

Author : Franz-Josef Niedernostheide
ISBN : 9783642795060
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation in Semiconductors and Devices the contributions of the International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation in the Natural Environment (ICPF '94) in Noordwijkerhout, held by many internationally reknown experts, are compiled. To connect the field of semiconductor physics with the theory of nonequilibrium dissipative systems, the emphasis lies on the study of localized structures, their stability and bifurcation behaviour. A point of special interest is the evolution of dynamic structures and the investigation of more complex structures arising from interactions between these structures. Possible applications of nonlinear effects and self-organization phenomena with respect to signal processing are discussed.

Formation Dynamics And Statistics Of Patterns

Author : K Kawasaki
ISBN : 9789814507004
Genre : Diffusion
File Size : 87. 2 MB
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Patterns are becoming the focal point of many areas of scientific endeavour in recent years owing to the progress of computer science, laboratory experiments and observations, and analytical tools. This book brings together articles by the leading experts in this field. The following topics are discussed in this volume: current status of pattern research with emphasis on real phenomena and new theoretical concepts; interdisciplinary subjects involving Statistical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Nonequilibrium and Nonlinear Phenomena. Contents:Simulating Physics with Coupled Map Lattices — Pattern Dynamics, Information Flow, and Thermodynamics of Spatiotemporal Chaos (K Kaneko)Pattern Dynamics in Excitable Reaction-Diffusion Media (T Ohta & M Mimura)Statistics and Geometry of Random Interface Systems (H Tomita)Diffusion-Limited Aggregation and Related Problems (M Matsushita)Formation and Transition of Dynamical Patterns in an Evaporating Drop (R Takaki)Simulation of Growth Patterns in a Diffusion Field (Y Saito et al.)Pattern Formation of Growing Snow Crystals Dendritic Patterns and Habit Change (T Kuroda & E Yokoyama)Instabilities and Patterns in Elastic Materials: Gels and Solid Solutions (A Onuki) Readership: Materials scientists, physicists and mathematicians. Keywords:Coupled Map Lattices;Chaos;Pattern Dynamics;Reaction-Diffusion Model;Random Interface System;DLA;Evaporating Drop;Growth Pattern;Snow Crystal Dendritic Pattern;Gel

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