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Author : Bruce S. Lieberman
ISBN : 9781461541615
Genre : Science
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Biogeography relates the evolution of the Earth's biota to major episodes in the Earth's history such as climatic changes and plate tectonic events. Furthermore, biogeographic patterns have played a prominent role in the development of the theory of evolution. Thus biogeography has the potential to make important contributions to the field of geobiology. Paleobiogeography emphasizes how analytical techniques from phylogenetic biogeography can be applied to the study of patterns in the fossil record. In doing this, it considers the strengths and weaknesses of paleobiogeographic data, the effects of plate tectonic processes (specifically continental rifting and collision) and changes in relative sea levels in terms of how they influence the evolution and distribution of organisms.

Ammonoid Paleobiology

Author : Neil H. Landman
ISBN : 9781475791532
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 43 MB
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Renowned researchers summarize the current knowledge on ammonoid paleobiology. The book begins with a description of the systematic position of the Ammonoidea within the Cephalopoda, providing the phylogenetic framework for the rest of the book. Following discussions include soft- and hard-part morphology of ammonoids, rate of growth and ontogeny, and taphonomy and ecology. Closing chapters explore the distribution of ammonoids in time and space as well as their extinction at the end of the Cretaceous. With its diverse viewpoints and new material, this resource will benefit researchers and graduate students in paleontology, marine biology, and evolutionary biology.


Author : N. Noffke
ISBN : 0444520198
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65. 10 MB
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"Geobiology understands earth as a system, and life as part of it. In space and time, life influences earth's development, and earth's changing environments moulds life. Geobiology mirrors not only a new development in sciences, but also responses to the new challenges and demands imposed by today's world and society." --p. 1.

Ammonoid Paleobiology From Macroevolution To Paleogeography

Author : Christian Klug
ISBN : 9789401796330
Genre : Science
File Size : 62. 24 MB
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​This two-volume work is a testament to the abiding interest and human fascination with ammonites. We offer a new model to explain the morphogenesis of septa and the shell, we explore their habitats by the content of stable isotopes in their shells, we discuss the origin and later evolution of this important clade, and we deliver hypotheses on its demise. The Ammonoidea produced a great number of species that can be used in biostratigraphy and possibly, this is the macrofossil group, which has been used the most for that purpose. Nevertheless, many aspects of their anatomy, mode of life, development or paleobiogeographic distribution are still poorly known. Themes treated are biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleoenvironment, paleobiogeography, evolution, phylogeny, and ontogeny. Advances such as an explosion of new information about ammonites, new technologies such as isotopic analysis, tomography and virtual paleontology in general, as well as continuous discovery of new fossil finds have given us the opportunity to present a comprehensive and timely "state of the art" compilation. Moreover, it also points the way for future studies to further enhance our understanding of this endlessly fascinating group of organisms.

Applied Palaeontology

Author : Robert Wynn Jones
ISBN : 9780521841993
Genre : Science
File Size : 38. 43 MB
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This book was first published in 2006. Palaeontology has developed from a descriptive science to an analytical science used to interpret relationships between earth and life history. Applied Palaeontology adopts a holistic, integrated approach to palaeontology, highlighting its key role in the study of the evolving earth, life history and environmental processes. After an introduction to fossils and their classification, each of the principal fossil groups are studied in detail, covering their biology, morphology, classification, palaeobiology and biostratigraphy. The latter sections focus on the applications of fossils in the interpretation of earth and life processes and environments. It concludes with case histories of how our knowledge of fossils is applied, in industry and elsewhere. This is a valuable reference for anyone involved in the applications of palaeontology, including earth, life and environmental scientists, and petroleum, minerals, mining and engineering professionals.

Paleontological Data Analysis

Author : Øyvind Hammer
ISBN : 9781405172943
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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During the last 10 years numerical methods have begun to dominate paleontology. These methods now reach far beyond the fields of morphological and phylogenetic analyses to embrace biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography, and paleoecology. Paleontological Data Analysis explains the key numerical techniques in paleontology, and the methodologies employed in the software packages now available. Following an introduction to numerical methodologies in paleontology, and to univariate and multivariate techniques (including inferential testing), there follow chapters on morphometrics, phylogenetic analysis, paleobiogeography and paleoecology, time series analysis, and quantitative biostratigraphy Each chapter describes a range of techniques in detail, with worked examples, illustrations, and appropriate case histories Describes the purpose, type of data required, functionality, and implementation of each technique, together with notes of caution where appropriate The book and the accompanying PAST software package (see are important investigative tools in a rapidly developing field characterized by many exciting new discoveries and innovative techniques An invaluable tool for all students and researchers involved in quantitative paleontology

Marine Conservation Paleobiology

Author : Carrie L. Tyler
ISBN : 9783319737959
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 52 MB
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This volume describes and explores the emerging discipline of conservation paleobiology, and addresses challenges faced by established and young Conservation Paleobiologist's alike. In addition, this volume includes applied research highlighting how conservation paleobiology can be used to understand ecosystem response to perturbation in near and deep time. Across 10 chapters, the book aims to (1) explore the goals of conservation paleoecology as a science, (2) highlight how conservation paleoecology can be used to understand ecosystems’ responses to crises, (3) provide case studies of applications to modern ecosystems, (4) develop novel applications of paleontological approaches to neontological data, and (5) present a range of ecosystem response and recovery through environmental crises, from high-resolution impacts on organism interactions to the broadest scale of responses of the entire marine biosphere to global change. The volume will be of interest to paleoecologists, paleobiologists, and conservation biologists.

Proceedings Of The International Conference Paleobiogeography And Paleoecology 2001

Author : Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano
ISBN : STANFORD:36105121506914
Genre : Paleobiogeography
File Size : 60. 85 MB
Format : PDF
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Neogene Paleontology Of The Manonga Valley Tanzania

Author : Terry Harrison
ISBN : 9781475726831
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 32 MB
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Contributions to this volume detail paleontologic research in Manonga Valley, and shed important light on the evolutionary development of eastern Africa. Chapters provide novel insights into the taxonomy, paleobiology, ecology, and zoogeographic relationships of African faunas, as well as lay the foundation for future geological, paleontological, and paleoecological studies in this important area. The book concludes with a discussion of the importance of investigations on broader geographical sites, including the Manonga Valley, for human evolution research. The text is supported by 143 illustrations.

Fossils Phylogeny And Form

Author : Jonathan M. Adrain
ISBN : 9781461505716
Genre : Science
File Size : 57. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Phylogenetic analysis and morphometrics have been developed by biologists into rigorous analytic tools for testing hypotheses about the relationships between groups of species. This book applies these tools to paleontological data. The fossil record is our one true chronicle of the history of life, preserving a set of macroevolutionary patterns; thus various hypotheses about evolutionary processes can be tested in the fossil record using phylogentic analysis and morphometrics. The first book of its type, Fossils, Phylogeny, and Form will be useful in evolutionary biology, paleontology, systematics, evolutionary development, theoretical biology, biogeography, and zoology. It will also provide a practical, researcher-friendly gateway into computer-based phylogenetics and morphometrics.

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