oneida from free love utopia to the well set table

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Author : Ellen Wayland-Smith
ISBN : 9781250043108
Genre : History
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A fascinating and unusual chapter in American history about a religious community that held radical notions of equality, sex, and religion---only to transform itself, at the beginning of the twentieth century, into a successful silverware company and a model of buttoned-down corporate propriety. In the early nineteenth century, many Americans were looking for an alternative to the Puritanism that had been the foundation of the new country. Amid the fervor of the religious revival known as the Second Great Awakening, John Humphrey Noyes, a spirited but socially awkward young man, attracted a group of devoted followers with his fiery sermons about creating Jesus’ millennial kingdom here on Earth. Noyes established a revolutionary community in rural New York centered around achieving a life free of sin through God’s grace, while also espousing equality of the sexes and “complex marriage,” a system of free love where sexual relations with multiple partners was encouraged. Noyes’s belief in the perfectibility of human nature eventually inspired him to institute a program of eugenics, known as stirpiculture, that resulted in a new generation of Oneidans who, when the Community disbanded in 1880, sought to exorcise the ghost of their fathers’ disreputable sexual theories. Converted into a joint-stock company, Oneida Community, Limited, would go on to become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of silverware, and their brand a coveted mark of middle-class respectability in pre- and post-WWII America. Told by a descendant of one of the Community’s original families, Ellen Wayland-Smith's Oneida is a captivating story that straddles two centuries to reveal how a radical, free-love sect, turning its back on its own ideals, transformed into a purveyor of the white-picket-fence American dream.

Free Love In Utopia

Author : George Wallingford Noyes
ISBN : 0252026705
Genre : History
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The "free love" Oneida Community, founded in New York state during the turbulent decades before the Civil War, practiced an extraordinary system of "complex marriage" as part of its sustained experiment in creating the kingdom of heaven on earth. For more than thirty years, two hundred adult members considered themselves heterosexually married to the entire community rather than to a single monogamous partner. Free Love in Utopia provides the first in-depth account of how complex marriage was introduced among previously monogamous or single Oneida Community members. Bringing together vivid, firsthand writings by members of the community--including personal correspondence, memoranda on spiritual and material concerns, and official pronouncements--this volume portrays daily life in Oneida and the deep religious commitment that permeated every aspect of it. It also presents a complex portrait of the community's founder, John Humphrey Noyes, who demanded not only complete religious loyalty from his followers but also minute control over their sexual lives. It recounts the formidable legal suits faced by the community--one of which almost forced it to disband in 1852--and the critical behind-the-scenes work of Noyes's second-in-command, John L. Miller. Most important, Free Love in Utopia describes in detail how Oneida's "enlarged family" was created and how its unorthodox practices affected its members. Key selections from a large collection of primary documents detailing Oneida's early years were compiled by George Wallingford Noyes, nephew of the founder. The present volume, astutely edited and introduced by noted communitarian scholar Lawrence Foster, marks the first publication of G. W. Noyes's remarkable manuscript, excerpted from the irreplaceable original documents that were deliberately burned after his death. The volume also reproduces Oneida's First Annual Report, which contains the sexual manifesto that underlay the community. George Wallingford Noyes (1870-1941) was a nephew of Oneida Community founder John Humphrey Noyes and the author of The Religious Experience of John Humphrey Noyes, Founder of the Onedia Community and John Humphrey Noyes: The Putney Community.


Author : Maren Lockwood Carden
ISBN : 0815605234
Genre : Political Science
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This volume describes how the initiation of young girls into the sexual practices of the commune became a major source of conflict. The study appraises information about the history, practices, organization, and principles of Oneida.

Oneida Community Limited

Author : J. P. L. Hatcher
ISBN : 9781532003349
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62. 25 MB
Format : PDF
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Oneida Ltd. grew out of the commercial remains of the Oneida Community, which was a religious/social experiment founded in Oneida, New York. It was active from 1848 to 1881. John P. L. Hatcher, a great-grandson of one of the original community members and himself a longtime employee of Oneida Ltd., explores the history of the community and subsequent company in this robust history. The community and the company achieved great thingsand neither should be forgotten. Upon the break up of the religious community, many of its members remained to continue businesses, including animal traps and the table flatware that would make Oneida Ltd. a household name. By the middle of the twentieth century, the company, then called Oneida Community Ltd., commanded twenty-five percent of the silver plated flatware market. The company kept true to the communitys social and wealth sharing ideals. But the dominant success of Oneida Ltd in the manufacturing of stainless steel flatware brought low cost foreign competition and the company was bankrupt in 2006. It was a textbook case of insufficient management, poor judgement, and extravagance. Find out what happened and why in A Goodly Heritage Gone Wrong.

Without Sin

Author : Spencer Klaw
ISBN : UOM:39015026816804
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 84. 97 MB
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A history of America's most successful utopian community draws from unpublished diaries and letters of Oneida members to study the community's revolutionary blend of religion, sexuality, and idealism

Special Love Special Sex

Author : Victor Hawley
ISBN : 0815602863
Genre : History
File Size : 70. 68 MB
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The Oneida Community was one of the more unusual utopian social experiments in 19th-century America. This volume reproduces the diary of a Community member written in 1876-7. It deals with love, aggression, jealousy and the conflict between private desire and public good.

Transcendental Utopias

Author : Richard Francis
ISBN : 0801473802
Genre : History
File Size : 32. 96 MB
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New England Transcendentalism was a vibrant and many-sided movement whose members are probably best remembered for their utopian experiments, their attempts to reconcile the contingent world of history with what they perceived as the stable and patterned world of nature. Richard Francis has written the first book to explore in detail the ideological basis of the three famous experiments during the 1840s: Brook Farm, Fruitlands, and Henry David Thoreau's "community of one" on the shores of Walden Pond.Francis suggests that at the heart of Transcendentalism was a belief that all phenomena are connected in a repetitive sequence. The task was to explain how human society could be reordered to benefit from this seriality. Some members of the movement believed in evolutionary progress, whereas others hoped to be the agents of a sudden millennial transformation. They differed, as well, in their views as to whether the fundamental social unit was the individual, the family, the phalanstery, or the community. The story of the three communities was, inevitably, also the story of particular individuals, and Francis highlights the lives and ideas of such leaders as George Ripley, W. H. Channing, Bronson Alcott, Charles Lane, and Theodore Parker. The consistent underlying beliefs of the New England Transcendentalists have exerted a powerful influence on American intellectual and cultural history ever since.

Paradise Now

Author : Chris Jennings
ISBN : 9780812993707
Genre : History
File Size : 87. 25 MB
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Introduction : MAN-MADE MILLENNIUM -- The Shakers : AMERICAN ZION -- New Harmony : THE GREAT INFIDEL EXPERIMENT -- The Fourierist Phalanxes : THE LEMONADE SEA -- Icaria : PEOPLE OF THE BOOK -- Oneida : KINGDOM COME -- Conclusion : THE FUTURE AINT WHAT IT USED TO BE

Utopia Drive

Author : Erik Reece
ISBN : 9780374710750
Genre : History
File Size : 89. 33 MB
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For Erik Reece, life, at last, was good: he was newly married, gainfully employed, living in a creekside cabin in his beloved Kentucky woods. It sounded, as he describes it, "like a country song with a happy ending." And yet he was still haunted by a sense that the world--or, more specifically, his country--could be better. He couldn't ignore his conviction that, in fact, the good ol' USA was in the midst of great social, environmental, and political crises--that for the first time in our history, we were being swept into a future that had no future. Where did we--here, in the land of Jeffersonian optimism and better tomorrows--go wrong? Rather than despair, Reece turned to those who had dared to imagine radically different futures for America. What followed was a giant road trip and research adventure through the sites of America's utopian communities, both historical and contemporary, known and unknown, successful and catastrophic. What he uncovered was not just a series of lost histories and broken visionaries but also a continuing and vital but hidden idealistic tradition in American intellectual history. Utopia Drive is an important and definitive reconstruction of that tradition. It is also, perhaps, a new framework to help us find a genuinely sustainable way forward. " ... an engaging exploration -- and example -- of the fruitful tunnel-visions of dreamers turned doers." - Publishers Weekly

Religion And Sexuality

Author : Lawrence Foster
ISBN : 0252011198
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 51. 65 MB
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