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Natural Nanogold

Author : Boris Osovetsky
ISBN : 9783319591599
Genre : Science
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This book summarizes systematic data on nanogold in geological objects, including mineral-concentrators of nanogold, and the structure and chemical composition of nanogold aggregates. The book also discusses problems that arise during the development of nanogold resources and provides recommendations for prospering new gold deposits with thin-dispersed gold. Electronic microphotos and microprobe analyses support this comprehensive overview of the genesis of nanogold. The book especially focuses on the genesis of nanogold, the processes of nanogold concentration in natural environments, and geological formations containing nanogold.

Nanotechnology Principles And Practices

Author : Sulabha K. Kulkarni
ISBN : 9783319091716
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Given the rapid advances in the field, this book offers an up-to-date introduction to nanomaterials and nanotechnology. Though condensed into a relatively small volume, it spans the whole range of multidisciplinary topics related to nanotechnology. Starting with the basic concepts of quantum mechanics and solid state physics, it presents both physical and chemical synthetic methods, as well as analytical techniques for studying nanostructures. The size-specific properties of nanomaterials, such as their thermal, mechanical, optical and magnetic characteristics, are discussed in detail. The book goes on to illustrate the various applications of nanomaterials in electronics, optoelectronics, cosmetics, energy, textiles and the medical field and discusses the environmental impact of these technologies. Many new areas, materials and effects are then introduced, including spintronics, soft lithography, metamaterials, the lotus effect, the Gecko effect and graphene. The book also explains the functional principles of essential techniques, such as scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning near field optical microscopy (SNOM), Raman spectroscopy and photoelectron microscopy. In closing, Chapter 14, ‘Practicals’, provides a helpful guide to setting up and conducting inexpensive nanotechnology experiments in teaching laboratories.

Proceedings Of Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2015

Author : Mariyam Jameelah Binti Ghazali
ISBN : 9789671362501
Genre :
File Size : 84. 81 MB
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This ebook is a compilation of papers presented at the Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2015 (MITC2015) - Penang, Malaysia on 16 ~ 17 November 2015.

Nanomedicine In Drug Delivery

Author : Arun Kumar
ISBN : 9781466506176
Genre : Medical
File Size : 73. 94 MB
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There is a clear need for innovative technologies to improve the delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents in the body. Recent breakthroughs in nanomedicine are now making it possible to deliver drugs and therapeutic proteins to local areas of disease or tumors to maximize clinical benefit while limiting unwanted side effects. Nanomedicine in Drug Delivery gives an overview of aspects of nanomedicine to help readers design and develop novel drug delivery systems and devices that build on nanoscale technologies. Featuring contributions by leading researchers from around the world, the book examines: The integration of nanoparticles with therapeutic agents The synthesis and characterization of nanoencapsulated drug particles Targeted pulmonary nanomedicine delivery using inhalation aerosols The use of biological systems—bacteria, cells, viruses, and virus-like particles—as carriers to deliver nanoparticles Nanodermatology and the role of nanotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease Nanoparticles for the delivery of small molecules, such as for gene and vaccine delivery The use of nanotechnologies to modulate and modify wound healing Nanoparticles in bioimaging, including magnetic resonance, computed tomography, and molecular imaging Nanoparticles to enhance the efficiency of existing anticancer drugs The development of nanoparticle formulations Nanoparticles for ocular drug delivery Nanoparticle toxicity, including routes of exposure and mechanisms of toxicity The use of animal and cellular models in nanoparticles safety studies With its practical focus on the design, synthesis, and application of nanomedicine in drug delivery, this book is a valuable resource for clinical researchers and anyone working to tackle the challenges of delivering drugs in a more targeted and efficient manner. It explores a wide range of promising approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using cutting-edge nanotechnologies.

Canadian Journal Of Earth Sciences

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32435077178697
Genre : Geology
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Nanoscience And Plant Soil Systems

Author : Mansour Ghorbanpour
ISBN : 9783319468358
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65. 29 MB
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This book provides in-depth reviews of the effects of nanoparticles on the soil environment, their interactions with plants and also their potential applications as nanofertilizers and pesticides. It offers insights into the current trends and future prospects of nanotechnology, including the benefits and risks and the impact on agriculture and soil ecosystems. Individual chapters explore topics such as nanoparticle biosynthesis, engineered nanomaterials, the use of nanoclays for remediation of polluted sites, nanomaterials in water desalination, their effect on seed germination, plant growth, and nutrient transformations in soil, as well as the use of earthworms as bioremediating agents for nanoparticles. It is a valuable resource for researchers in academia and industry working in the field of agriculture, crop protection, plant sciences, applied microbiology, soil biology and environmental sciences.

Volume 2 Nano Structures Toward Biomedical Application

Author : Aneeya Kumar Samantara
ISBN : 1773615408
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 49. 89 MB
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Nano structures toward Biomedical Application is the continuation of Nano structures for energy storage and conversion and their application as catalysts for photochemistry and sensing and it evaluates the application of nanostructures in biomedical application. It includes functionalized Carbon Quantum Dots for biomedical application and a brief about multi-utility of gold nanoparticles in cancer. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of wastewater treatment and its sustainability, so as to understand the application of various nanoparticles on different kinds of cancerous cell.

Author : علي شفيق الصالح
ISBN : 9796500128849
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76. 39 MB
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لقد وجد الإنسان في بريق الذهب وعلى مر العصور جاذبية لا تكاد؟ تقاوم؛ لما يعكسه هذا المعدن النفيس من مظاهر الجامل والنفوذ والأمان، وفي نفس الوقت كان الذهب رمزا للجشع وأداة للزهو والتفاخر لدى ذوي الأطماع، واكتسب الذهب قوى مسيطرة في الاقتصاد؛ لكونه أداة لتبادل السلع والخدمات ثم أصبح قاعدة للنفوذ وما زال إلى اليوم يحظى بدور مهم في احتياطي دول العامل، وما تستطع أي مادة أخرى خلال نفس هذه الفترة الطويلة أن تؤدي مثل هذا الدور، وعلى ضوء ذلك يقدم هذا الكتاب دراسة حول خفايا الذهب والأزمة الاقتصادية العالمية ويشير للدور العربي ودول الخليج، ويقع الكتاب في ثلاثة فصول: (خفايا تألق المعدن الثمين، تطور الذهب ومسيرة الحضارات والفنون، وتحديات الأزمة الاقتصادية العالمية).

Author : د. أحمد كاميل ميرا
ISBN : 9786144317365
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 48. 80 MB
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Author : Willem Middelkoop
ISBN : 9786035038652
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31. 33 MB
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يبدو أنّ تحوّل النظام المالي وشيك، على أنّ الحاجة كبيرة إلى آلية جديدة تنظمه قبل حلول 2020م، لقد أدركتْ الولايات المتحدة الخسارة التي سيمنى بها الدولار وموقعه كونه العملةٍ الاحتياطيةٍ للعالم منذ بداية أزمة الائتمان، وباشرت بالتخطيط لتحوّلٍ في سياساتها النقدية؛ سيأتي هذا التحوّل بما يضمن بقاء الولايات المتحدة في الصدارة وفقاً للمحللين؛ على أنّ النظام النقدي الجديد سيتيح لعملاتٍ أخرى مثل اليورو والرنمينبي الصيني أداء أدوارٍ أكثر أهميةً على الصعيد العالمي. وفي إطار الاستعداد للتحول القادم سيعود الذهب إلى موقعه الرائد كونه الركيزة الأساس في النظام المالي العالمي في المرحلة المقبلة، إذ تشير التوقعات إلى ارتفاع سعر الأونصة ليصبح 7,000 دولار. إنّ نظرةً على الماضي كفيلة بإدراك الغشاوة الأمريكية المحيطة بالذهب والدولار منذ زمن طويل، لكن قوى صاعدة مثل الصين وروسيا تراكمان كميات هائلة من احتياطات الذهب في مسعى منهما لأداء دورٍ أكبرٍ في الأيام المقبلة؛ حيث سيشكّل التحول القادم صدمةً لكثيرين، إلا أنّه سيكون في خدمة أولئك الذين حضّروا أنفسهم له بشكل جيد. العبيكان 2016

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