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Natural Nanogold

Author : Boris Osovetsky
ISBN : 9783319591599
Genre : Science
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This book summarizes systematic data on nanogold in geological objects, including mineral-concentrators of nanogold, and the structure and chemical composition of nanogold aggregates. The book also discusses problems that arise during the development of nanogold resources and provides recommendations for prospering new gold deposits with thin-dispersed gold. Electronic microphotos and microprobe analyses support this comprehensive overview of the genesis of nanogold. The book especially focuses on the genesis of nanogold, the processes of nanogold concentration in natural environments, and geological formations containing nanogold.

Infrared Spectroscopy Of Minerals And Related Compounds

Author : Nikita V. Chukanov
ISBN : 9783319253497
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 29 MB
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This book provides an overview of the application of IR spectroscopy in mineralogical investigations, as well as modern trends in the IR spectroscopy of minerals. It includes the most important methodological aspects; characteristic IR bands of different chemical groups and coordination polyhedra; application of IR spectroscopy to the investigation of the crystal chemistry of amphiboles, phyllosilicates, tourmalines etc.; neutral molecules entrapped by microporous minerals; and analysis of hydrogen in nominally anhydrous minerals. About 1600 IR spectra (illustrations as well as a list of wavenumbers) of minerals and some related compounds are accompanied by detailed descriptions of the standard samples used. Each spectrum provides information about the occurrence, appearance, associated minerals, its empirical formula, and unit-cell parameters. The book also provides insights into sample preparation and/or spectrum registration methods. It includes IR spectra of 1020 minerals that were not covered in the book “Infrared spectra of mineral species: Extended library” published in 2014 and written by one of the authors. On average, each page provides information on two minerals/compounds. Subsections correspond to different classes of compounds (silicates, phosphates, arsenates, oxides etc.). About 290 new spectra have been obtained, and the remaining 1310 spectra are taken from most reliable literature sources (published over the last 60 years) and are redrawn in a unified style.

Nanophysics Nanophotonics Surface Studies And Applications

Author : Olena Fesenko
ISBN : 9783319307374
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 45 MB
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This book presents some of the latest achievements in nanotechnology and nanomaterials from leading researchers in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond. It features contributions from participants in the 3rd International Science and Practice Conference Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (NANO2015) held in Lviv, Ukraine on August 26-30, 2015. The International Conference was organized jointly by the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, University of Tartu (Estonia), Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Ukraine), University of Turin (Italy), Pierre and Marie Curie University (France), and European Profiles A.E. (Greece). Internationally recognized experts from a wide range of universities and research institutions share their knowledge and key results on topics ranging from nanooptics, nanoplasmonics, and interface studies to energy storage and biomedical applications.

Genesis Of Diamonds And Associated Phases

Author : Yuriy A. Litvin
ISBN : 9783319545431
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 87 MB
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This book presents an overview of recent advances in our understanding of the genesis of diamonds and the associated phases. It is divided into three main parts, starting with an introduction to the analysis of diamond inclusions to infer the formation processes. In turn, the second part of the book presents high-pressure experimental studies in mantle diamond-parental mineral systems with representative multicomponent boundary compositions. The experimental syngenesis phase diagrams provided reveal the physicochemical mechanisms of diamond nucleation and substantiate the mantle-carbonatite concept of the genesis of diamonds and associated phases. Lastly, the book describes the genetic classification of diamond-hosted mineral inclusions and experimentally determined RE “mineral-parental melt” partition coefficients. The physicochemical experimental evidence presented shows the driving forces behind the fractional evolution of the mantle magmas and diamond-parental melts. Given the depth and breadth of its coverage, the book offers researchers essential new insights into the ways diamonds and associated minerals and rocks are naturally created.

Environmental Indicators In Metal Mining

Author : Bernd Lottermoser
ISBN : 9783319427317
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book represents an important new contribution to the literature that presents practical and comprehensive solutions to mining activities. Its timely content has been prepared by several experts from around the world and its practical format addresses the major environmental predictive techniques required for the extraction and processing of metal resources. Packed with reviews and case studies, it covers current methods used to forecast environmental effects of metal mining.

Tms 2018 147th Annual Meeting Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings

Author : The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
ISBN : 9783319725260
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This collection features papers presented at the 147th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.

Inorganic And Organometallic Polymers

Author : Vadapalli Chandrasekhar
ISBN : 9783540225744
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This textbook is intended to give an understanding of the basic principles that constitute the field of non-conventional polymers containing inorganic and organometalic units as the repeating units. Each chapter will be self-explanatory with a good background so that it can be easily understood at the senior undergraduate level. The principles involved in the preparation of these polymers, their characterisation and their applications will be discussed. Basic inorganic chemistry required for the understanding of each topic is presented so that the content of the chapter is readily understood. All the major inorganic and organometallic polymers such as polyphosphazenes, polysilanes, polysiloxanes, poly-thiazyl, poly-ferrocenes and other polymers containing main group elements will be dealt with.

Macro Economics Of Mineral And Water Resources

Author : Kaulir Kisor Chatterjee
ISBN : 9783319150543
Genre : Science
File Size : 26. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book highlights the indispensability of minerals, the vulnerability of humans and issues faced by governments around the world regarding the management of natural resources. It addresses the growing land-ecology-mining conflicts, energy security and water policies of different countries bringing these issues into focus and critically analyzing them. The book discusses the role of governments regarding the security-centric issues pertaining to sustainability of mineral supply and the welfare-centric aspects of sustainable development of mineral resources. The latter includes the current trends for corporate social responsibility, political viability of mining projects, industrial ethics, human health and human resource development. The Annexure I is unique: It is a list of 925 familiar consumer products and processes with the names of the minerals, metals and rocks as well as the intermediate chemicals and alloys that go into the making of that product or process alongside each. Annexure II is an up-to-date, exhaustive list of about 835 minerals, metals, rocks and intermediate chemicals and alloys and against each of them is a list of the names of the end products and processes for which they are used. These two annexures will serve as a day-to-day reference source for teachers, students and professionals concerned with minerals as well as other interested readers. The book will be useful to any university/institution with undergraduate and post-graduate teaching/research facilities and libraries in the field of geology, mining, mineral economics, planning and natural-resource management. About the Author Kaulir Kisor Chatterjee studied Applied Geology at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad for his post-graduate and PhD degrees. He served in the Indian Bureau of Mines for over three decades and retired in early 2004, as Chief Mineral Economist. Post-retirement, he has occupied himself mostly with writing, teaching and lecturing in various institutions of repute in India on the subject of mineral economics. Besides 50 technical papers, he has authored eight books. He has worked in various Government committees and expert groups and was involved in organization of national mineral inventory; UN Framework Classification system of mineral resources; rationalisation of the mineral taxation, royalty and mineral legislation framework in India. He has been examiner and member of selection boards of UPSC, India and is also a recognised guide of the Nagpur University for doctoral research. His resume has been included in the Marquis Who Is Who of the World and in the 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, Cambridge.

Proceedings Of Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2015

Author : Mariyam Jameelah Binti Ghazali
ISBN : 9789671362501
Genre :
File Size : 53. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This ebook is a compilation of papers presented at the Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2015 (MITC2015) - Penang, Malaysia on 16 ~ 17 November 2015.

Nanoscience In Food And Agriculture 2

Author : Debabrata Rautaray TATA Chemicals Ltd
ISBN : 9783319393063
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 21. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is the second volume on this topic within the series. With unique properties, nanomaterials are rapidly finding novel applications in many fields such as food, medicine, agriculture and pollution. Such applications include to treat cancer, nanosensors to detect food contamination, nanomaterials for food packaging, nanoencapsulation to preserve nutraceuticals, and nanofertilisers for advanced agriculture. After an introductory chapter on property rights of nanomaterials, readers will discover the applications of nanotechnology in food, health, environment, ecotoxicology and agriculture.

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