municipal solid waste incinerator residues studies in environmental science

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Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues

Author : A.J. Chandler
ISBN : 0080537189
Genre : Science
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This text covers a broad spectrum of topics pertinent to the management of incinerator residues. Background information includes a history of incineration, and the influence of municipal waste composition, incinerator type air pollution control technologies on residue quality. Physical, chemical and leaching characteristics for the various ash streams are described, along with recommended sampling and evaluation methodologies. Residue handling and management options, including, treatment utilisation and disposal are also discussed in detail.

Municipal Solid Waste Incineration

Author : T. Rand
ISBN : 0821346687
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 38. 43 MB
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Ever increasing amounts of solid waste and dwindling space for disposal is a problem reaching crisis level in many of the world's largest urban areas. Incineration as an alternative to landfill has come under scrutiny, though the capital and operating costs generally exceed those associated with landfill. This report provides background information for the "Decision-maker' guide to municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration". Key criteria for a solid waste incineration scheme are identified, and the report gives decision makers information on how to investigate and assess the degree to which they are fulfilled.

Environmental Aspects Of Construction With Waste Materials

Author : Th.G. Aalbers
ISBN : 008087519X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The concept of Sustainable Development, implicating the protection of soil and groundwater, the limitation of waste production and the re-use of soild waste materials is still the leading theme of WASCON '94. Although it is clearly recognized in most countries that products derived from solid waste materials can be applied as construction materials, research is still needed to assess various environmental problems.

Waste Incineration And Public Health

Author : Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology
ISBN : 9780309063715
Genre : Nature
File Size : 33. 21 MB
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Incineration has been used widely for waste disposal, including household, hazardous, and medical waste--but there is increasing public concern over the benefits of combusting the waste versus the health risk from pollutants emitted during combustion. Waste Incineration and Public Health informs the emerging debate with the most up-to-date information available on incineration, pollution, and human health--along with expert conclusions and recommendations for further research and improvement of such areas as risk communication. The committee provides details on: Processes involved in incineration and how contaminants are released. Environmental dynamics of contaminants and routes of human exposure. Tools and approaches for assessing possible human health effects. Scientific concerns pertinent to future regulatory actions. The book also examines some of the social, psychological, and economic factors that affect the communities where incineration takes place and addresses the problem of uncertainty and variation in predicting the health effects of incineration processes.

Solid Waste Technology And Management

Author : Thomas Christensen
ISBN : 9781119955023
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The collection, transportation and subsequent processing of waste materials is a vast field of study which incorporates technical, social, legal, economic, environmental and regulatory issues. Common waste management practices include landfilling, biological treatment, incineration, and recycling – all boasting advantages and disadvantages. Waste management has changed significantly over the past ten years, with an increased focus on integrated waste management and life-cycle assessment (LCA), with the aim of reducing the reliance on landfill with its obvious environmental concerns in favour of greener solutions. With contributions from more than seventy internationally known experts presented in two volumes and backed by the International Waste Working Group and the International Solid Waste Association, detailed chapters cover: Waste Generation and Characterization Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Management Systems Waste Minimization Material Recycling Waste Collection Mechanical Treatment and Separation Thermal Treatment Biological Treatment Landfilling Special and Hazardous Waste Solid Waste Technology & Management is a balanced and detailed account of all aspects of municipal solid waste management, treatment and disposal, covering both engineering and management aspects with an overarching emphasis on the life-cycle approach.

Eco Efficient Concrete

Author : M. Tyrer
ISBN : 9780128089026
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 21. 91 MB
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The potential to use municipal waste incineration products in concrete has been examined over many years, both as a source of aggregates and as supplementary cementitious materials (SCM). With an understanding of the chemical evolution of these materials in the cement environment, both applications provide routes to the re-use of these materials in construction. Fly ashes and air pollution control residues must be washed to remove their considerable chloride content before use, after which, the remaining solids (largely aluminosilicates) may replace some fraction of the cementitious binder. Care must be taken when using these materials as SCMs, as volatile heavy metals present in the original waste may be concentrated in the fly ash. The bottom ashes from municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration also show sufficient pozzolanic reactivity when finely ground, to replace some cement in the binder phase. They may also serve directly as aggregate in concrete, although the irregular and angular particle shape may reduce its workability somewhat. Most MSW bottom ashes contain sufficient free aluminium to disrupt the setting reactions of the binder through hydrolysis reactions at high pH. Consequently, this must be removed or reacted by pre- treatment, prior to use in concrete and means of doing so are described here. Slower detrimental reactions are also known, such as alkali silca reaction, especially of container-glass fragments and these are considered here. Lastly, the use of MSW incineration products in manufactured aggregates is described, comparing sintering, melting and recrystallization, and plasma processing, with low temperature methods such as rapid carbonation technology.

Energy Waste And The Environment

Author : R. Gieré
ISBN : 186239167X
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 79 MB
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The National Incinerator Testing And Evaluation Program Nitep

Author : S. E. Sawell
ISBN : UOM:39015032560644
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 85 MB
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Environmental Materials And Waste

Author : M.N.V Prasad
ISBN : 9780128039069
Genre : Nature
File Size : 71. 83 MB
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Environmental Materials and Waste: Resource Recovery and Pollution Prevention contains the latest information on environmental sustainability as a wide variety of natural resources are increasingly being exploited to meet the demands of a worldwide growing population and economy. These raw materials cannot, or can only partially, be substituted by renewable resources within the next few decades. As such, the efficient recovery and processing of mineral and energy resources, as well as recycling such resources, is now of significant importance. The book takes a multidisciplinary approach to fully realize the number of by-products which can be remanufactured, providing the foundation needed across disciplines to tackle this issue. As awareness and opportunities to recover valuable resources from process and bleed streams is gaining interest, sustainable recovery of environmental materials, including wastewater, offers tremendous opportunity to combine profitable and sustainable production. Presents a state-of-the-art guide to environmental sustainability Provides an overview of the field highlighting recent and emerging issues in environmental resource recovery that cover a wide array of by-products for remanufacture potential Details a multidisciplinary approach to fully realize the number of by-products which can be remanufactured, providing the foundation needed across disciplines to tackle these global issues

Waste Materials In Construction

Author : G.R. Woolley
ISBN : 0080543650
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 24. 7 MB
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This volume presents the proceedings of the International Conference on The Science and Engineering of Recycling for Environmental Protection (WASCON 2000), of which a number of themes have been identified. All are inter-related and inter-dependent in so far as potential users of secondary, recovered or recycled material have to be assured that the material is environmentally safe and stable. It is the environmental challenge that forms a leading theme for the conference, and the themes of quality assurance and quality control support this aspect. In terms of use of 'recovered' materials, science and engineering play important and inter-dependent roles and this is reflected in themes which form the very core of the conference. Of no less importance is control of land contamination and how we propose to model for the long term impact of our aims. However dutiful and competent our ideas and studies, there has to be a measure of control and the role of legislation forms the final theme of WASCON 2000. The breadth of studies being undertaken world-wide and the innovative ideas that are expressed in papers submitted are worthy of this important subject. It is also interesting to note that papers were offered from 30 countries, a sign of the increasing awareness of the need to preserve our natural resources and utilize to the full those with which we are more familiar. This book will contribute to the understanding of and solution of environmental problems concerning the re-use of waste materials in construction.

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