mortgaging the earth the world bank environmental impoverishment and the crisis of development

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Mortgaging The Earth

Author : Bruce Rich
ISBN : 9781134167180
Genre : Business & Economics
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This critique of World Bank operations examines the effects of this organization on the societies in which it operates. Highly critical of the Bank's practices in its 50 years of operation, the author demonstrates how the Bank has become virtually unaccountable and a law unto itself. He describes how the Bank has supported oppressive regimes and loaned money to support large projects which have displaced local populations. He argues further that the Bank's current policies of structural adjustment are arresting the development of Third World countries.

Sustainable Development In International Law

Author : Dire Tladi
ISBN : 9780958509794
Genre : Environmental law, International
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International Aid And China S Environment

Author : Katherine Morton
ISBN : 0415378206
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Rapid economic growth in the world's most populous nation is leading to widespread soil erosion, desertification, deforestation and the depletion of vital natural resources. The scale and severity of environmental problems in China now threaten the economic and social foundations of its modernization. Using case studies, Morton analyzes the relationship between international and local responses to environmental problems in China, challenging the prevailing wisdom that weak compliance is the only constraint upon local environmental management in China. It advances two interrelated discussions: first, it constructs a conceptual framework for understanding the key dimensions of environmental capacity. This is broadly defined to encompass the financial, institutional, technological and social aspects of environmental management. Second, the book presents the results of an empirical inquiry into the implementation of donor-funded environmental projects in both China's poorer and relatively developed regions. By drawing upon extensive fieldwork, it seeks to explain how, and under what conditions, international donors can strengthen China's environmental capacity, especially at the local level. It will be of interest to those studying Chinese politics, environmental studies and international relations.

Meltdown Money Debt And The Wealth Of Nations Volume 3

Author :
ISBN : 9780968068144
Genre :
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Privatizing Water

Author : Karen Bakker
ISBN : 9780801467004
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 41. 91 MB
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Water supply privatization was emblematic of the neoliberal turn in development policy in the 1990s. Proponents argued that the private sector could provide better services at lower costs than governments; opponents questioned the risks involved in delegating control over a life-sustaining resource to for-profit companies. Private-sector activity was most concentrated-and contested-in large cities in developing countries, where the widespread lack of access to networked water supplies was characterized as a global crisis. In Privatizing Water, Karen Bakker focuses on three questions: Why did privatization emerge as a preferred alternative for managing urban water supply? Can privatization fulfill its proponents' expectations, particularly with respect to water supply to the urban poor? And, given the apparent shortcomings of both privatization and conventional approaches to government provision, what are the alternatives? In answering these questions, Bakker engages with broader debates over the role of the private sector in development, the role of urban communities in the provision of "public" services, and the governance of public goods. She introduces the concept of "governance failure" as a means of exploring the limitations facing both private companies and governments. Critically examining a range of issues-including the transnational struggle over the human right to water, the "commons" as a water-supply-management strategy, and the environmental dimensions of water privatization-Privatizing Water is a balanced exploration of a critical issue that affects billions of people around the world.

The Compromise Of Liberal Environmentalism

Author : Steven Bernstein
ISBN : 9780231504300
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 34. 23 MB
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The most significant shift in environmental governance over the last thirty years has been the convergence of environmental and liberal economic norms toward "liberal environmentalism"—which predicates environmental protection on the promotion and maintenance of a liberal economic order. Steven Bernstein assesses the reasons for this historical shift, introduces a socio-evolutionary explanation for the selection of international norms, and considers the implications for our ability to address global environmental problems. The author maintains that the institutionalization of "sustainable development" at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) legitimized the evolution toward liberal environmentalism. Arguing that most of the literature on international environmental politics is too rationalist and problem-specific, Bernstein challenges the mainstream thinking on international cooperation by showing that it is always for some purpose or goal. His analysis of the norms that guide global environmental policy also challenges the often-presumed primacy of science in environmental governance.

The Illusion Of Progress

Author : Alexander Gillespie
ISBN : 9781136533624
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 60. 78 MB
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Is 'sustainable development' a charade sold to an increasingly misled public? This book presents a wide-ranging, penetrating critique of sustainability and what it actually means. The author argues that despite the rhetoric of socially and environmentally sustainable development and the ever-increasing number of legislative environmental policies, the real issues such as consumption, population growth and equity are either sidestepped or manipulated in international policy and law. Analyzing the main areas of concern - economic growth, market structure, trade, aid, debt, security and sovereignty - he shows that the entire development structure and the underpinnings of the debate are leading down quite a different path to that intended by sustainability.

Forum For Applied Research And Public Policy

Author :
ISBN : MSU:31293016461422
Genre : Economic policy
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Global Greens

Author : James M. Sheehan
ISBN : UCSD:31822026380691
Genre : Nature
File Size : 87. 43 MB
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Published in 1998, "Global Greens" narrates the story of international environmental groups in world affairs. It examines how nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) work with the United Nations and other international organizations to promote environmentalist policies and treaties. To understand many of the current foreign policy controversies it is increasingly important to know how international environmental groups are involved. "Global Greens "describes in detail NGO activity at some of the most significant UN environmental conferences through the end of the 20th century, including the global warming conference in Kyoto, Japan. Most of the story is serious, but some of it amuses. Inside the Kyoto conference hall, four men disguised as world leaders play soccer with a large inflatable balloon of the planet, activists blanketed the building with propaganda leaflets, and a group of grim-faced individuals stand solemnly around three ice carvings of penguins begging the little creatures to forgive mankind for permitting the global warming that causes them to melt. As recent news developments have confirmed, environmental groups have been accomplishing-and continue to accomplish-their objectives gradually and under a cloak of secrecy. Few Americans know that nonprofit organizations, staffed by professionals, primarily Americans, and financed by a mix of private and public funds, exercise real power in the conduct of diplomacy and the creation of international policy. A global environmental movement is using international agencies to undermine national self-government, economic freedom, and personal liberty. "Global Greens" exposes the behind-the-scenes efforts of this well-funded and ideologically driven force.


Author :
ISBN : UVA:X004696993
Genre : Asia
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