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Dragon Warrior

Author : Janet Chapman
ISBN : 9781439190500
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The steamy second book in Janet Chapman’s dazzling Midnight Bay series seduces readers with an enticing tale of a fiery independent woman and an irresistible immortal warrior with a dragon’s courageous heart. Maddy Kimble has no time for a suitor—not with caring for her spunky nursing home patients, her shy nine-year-old daughter, her widowed mother, and her rebellious teenage brother. William Kilkenny’s stunning lack of modern dating protocol doesn’t help. The man is uncouth and outrageous—a towering, drop-dead, breathtakingly hot warrior. Who refuses to give up. William is secretly a ninth-century Irish nobleman formerly trapped in a dragon’s body. All Maddy knows is that lately, she can hardly resist the urge to lose herself in his powerful arms. But as their uncontrollable passion grows, eerie occurrences in her small coastal Maine town begin to rouse Maddy’s suspicions about her lover. He begs her to trust him, but how can she surrender—body and soul—when she fears the danger he poses to her yearning heart?

Mystical Warrior

Author : Janet Chapman
ISBN : 1439190518
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An eleventh-century lass with a stubborn streak unleashes the red-hot hero inside her modern lover in bestselling author Janet Chapman’s irresistible new Midnight Bay adventure. Trace Huntsman’s peaceful life has headed to hell in a hand-basket ever since stunningly beautiful Fiona Gregor moved into the vacant apartment above his house. Kidnapped centuries earlier and transformed into a red-tail hawk, Fiona is human once more and must learn how to be a modern woman. But damned if Trace is going to be the one to teach her. Not when her mere presence ignites a fiery passion deep within his cautious heart. Fiona longs to overcome the painful memories of her tragic past—to let down her guard and become a mother again. But so far her handsome landlord is not exactly thrilled with the stray animals—and suitors—that keep following her home. When the wizard Maximilian Oceanus shows up, Trace reaches the end of his rope. Weird things happen when Mac is around—raging storms, snarling demons—but this time, Midnight Bay is at the center of a fierce battle, and Fiona is the primary target. Only Trace can save her, but first, the lovers must set aside their fears . . . and open up their hearts.

Moonlight Warrior

Author : Janet Chapman
ISBN : 9781439159446
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Eve Anderson is darned tired of Kenzie Gregor meddling in her business. She might be struggling to keep herself and her ailing mother financially afloat, but she's no princess in need of a strong, capable knight in a black SUV to rescue her -- even if he is easy on the eyes. Besides, there's something very odd about him...and she's sure the strange events occurring in their small coastal Maine town are linked to his recent arrival. Once an immortal warrior cursed to live as a panther, Kenzie is finally free to live and die as a man, and his destiny is to help other displaced souls. Of course, if he can get tiny, blue-eyed, curly blond Eve out of the deal, doesn't get any better. But she's as stubborn and fierce as a lioness, and in order to win her love, he must tempt her with forbidden desires....

Fear Nothing

Author : Dean Koontz
ISBN : 9781472202772
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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I have been one acquainted with the night. Christopher Snow is athletic, handsome enough, intelligent, romantic, funny. But his whole life has been affected by xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare genetic disorder that means his skin and eyes cannot be exposed to sunlight. Like all Xpers, Chris lives at night - and has never ventured beyond his hometown of Moonlight Bay, a place of picturesque beauty and haunting strangeness; he knows it as no one else can possibly know it, is intimate with its shadows and darkest hours. Despite the limitations imposed by nature, he has always been determined to lead the fullest life and, with the help of family and friends, he has on the whole succeeded. But for Chris - and all the inhabitants of Moonlight Bay - a terrible change is about to happen; a change of potentially catastrophic proportions.

Das Herz Des Highlanders

Author : Janet Chapman
ISBN : 9783641106263
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25. 5 MB
Format : PDF
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Bei einem Flugzeugabsturz über Maine gibt es nur zwei Überlebende: Die schöne Wissenschaftlerin Grace Sutter und den umwerfend charmanten Greylen MacKeage. Doch Greylen birgt ein unglaubliches Geheimnis: Er stammt aus dem 12. Jahrhundert – und ist auf der Suche nach seiner wahren Liebe durch die Zeit gereist! In der eisigen Wildnis lodert zwischen den beiden bald ungezügelte Leidenschaft ... Eine wilde Schönheit, gezähmt von den heißen Berührungen eines Highlanders!

A Dawn Of Dragonfire

Author : Daniel Arenson
ISBN : 9780987886477
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Their wings thudded. Their flames roared. Thousands of dragons, warriors of Requiem, soared through wind and darkness. Their cries rose in the night: for war, for fire, and for glory." A Dawn of Dragonfire (Dragonlore, Book One): An epic fantasy for fans of A Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings The people of Requiem, an ancient kingdom, can grow wings and scales, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. Their hearts are noble, their wisdom great, their kingdom a land of beauty and peace. This peace will soon burn. From the south, a fire rises. Birds of flame take flight. The phoenixes soar, beasts of heat and wrath, large as dragons and cruel as wildfire. Their purpose is one: destroy the land of dragons. Requiem's dragons have defeated countless enemies. Their claws are sharp and their flames bright. But how can they fight the phoenixes, creatures woven of sunfire itself? ____________ THE REQUIEM SERIES: Requiem: Dawn of Dragons Book 1: Requiem's Song Book 2: Requiem's Hope Book 3: Requiem's Prayer Requiem: Song of Dragons Book 1: Blood of Requiem Book 2: Tears of Requiem Book 3: Light of Requiem Requiem: Dragonlore Book 1: A Dawn of Dragonfire Book 2: A Day of Dragon Blood Book 3: A Night of Dragon Wings Requiem: The Dragon War Book 1: A Legacy of Light Book 2: A Birthright of Blood Book 3: A Memory of Fire Requiem: Requiem for Dragons Book 1: Dragons Lost Book 2: Dragons Reborn Book 3: Dragons Rising Requiem: Flame of Requiem Book 1: Forged in Dragonfire Book 2: Crown of Dragonfire Book 3: Pillars of Dragonfire Requiem: Dragonfire Rain Book 1: Blood of Dragons Book 2: Rage of Dragons Book 3: Flight of Dragons

Im Bann Der Dunkelheit

Author : Dean R. Koontz
ISBN : 3453199316
Genre :
File Size : 58. 82 MB
Format : PDF
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Lockruf Der Highlands

Author : Janet Chapman
ISBN : 9783641106232
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Spritzige Dialoge und prickelnde Erotik – einfach unwiderstehlich Seit Camry MacKeage ihren Job bei der NASA verloren hat, versteckt sie sich in einem kleinen Nest in der Wildnis. Ihre Eltern erfahren dies von einem Fremden und beauftragen ihn, ihre Tochter zu suchen. Camry fühlt sich magisch zu dem attraktiven Fremden hingezogen, der plötzlich in Go Back Cove auftaucht. Doch sie weiß nicht, dass der Mann, mit dem sie heiße Küsse tauscht, ausgerechnet Lucian Renoir ist – der Wissenschaftler, der ihre Arbeit bei der NASA sabotiert hat ...

Bartim Us Der Ring Des Salomo

Author : Jonathan Stroud
ISBN : 9783641051327
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 87. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Endlich geht das grandiose Fantasy-Abenteuer weiter: Bartimäus erzählt atemberaubend spannend, umwerfend komisch – und wie alles begann! »Hier erzähle ich euch die Geschichte meiner Abenteuer und wahren Größe, bevor mich dieser widerliche kleine Magier namens Nathanael in seinen unsäglichen Bann schlug.« Endlich hat das Warten für alle Fans der fantastischen Bartimäus-Trilogie ein Ende: Das heiß ersehnte Prequel zu den faszinierenden Abenteuern um den jungen Magier Nathanael und seinen unfreiwilligen Diener Bartimäus ist da! Und Bartimäus, der Dschinn aller Dschinns, darf seine ruhmreiche Vergangenheit präsentieren – die sogar seine späteren Heldentaten mit Nathanael beinahe in den Schatten stellt. Schließlich hat Bartimäus seinerzeit nur den Besten der Besten und Hochwohlgeborenen gedient: Mächtige Magier und wunderschöne Königinnen waren seine Gebieter – und mit dem berühmten König Salomon stand er sogar auf Du und Du ... Ein spektakuläres Feuerwerk an atemberaubender Spannung, unnachahmlichem Witz und mit einem unwiderstehlichen Helden!

The Dragon S Reign

Author : Rebekah Arthur
ISBN : 9781469188096
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Born to fulfill a prophecy foreseen by the dragons themselves, Jakindra and Jaran struggle to learn their magical heritage and how to harness it. They must find within themselves the key to what they must do to fulfill their destinies with an imposing enemy bent on their destruction, bringing war to their kingdom and endangering the people of Zakiya. Even from a young age, the twins have to learn these things while trying to discover themselves and who they are meant to grow into with the threat not only of their own deaths but in the face of great loss.

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