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Modern Classical Physics

Author : Kip S. Thorne
ISBN : 9781400848898
Genre : Science
File Size : 49. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This first-year, graduate-level text and reference book covers the fundamental concepts and twenty-first-century applications of six major areas of classical physics that every masters- or PhD-level physicist should be exposed to, but often isn't: statistical physics, optics (waves of all sorts), elastodynamics, fluid mechanics, plasma physics, and special and general relativity and cosmology. Growing out of a full-year course that the eminent researchers Kip Thorne and Roger Blandford taught at Caltech for almost three decades, this book is designed to broaden the training of physicists. Its six main topical sections are also designed so they can be used in separate courses, and the book provides an invaluable reference for researchers. Presents all the major fields of classical physics except three prerequisites: classical mechanics, electromagnetism, and elementary thermodynamics Elucidates the interconnections between diverse fields and explains their shared concepts and tools Focuses on fundamental concepts and modern, real-world applications Takes applications from fundamental, experimental, and applied physics; astrophysics and cosmology; geophysics, oceanography, and meteorology; biophysics and chemical physics; engineering and optical science and technology; and information science and technology Emphasizes the quantum roots of classical physics and how to use quantum techniques to elucidate classical concepts or simplify classical calculations Features hundreds of color figures, some five hundred exercises, extensive cross-references, and a detailed index An online illustration package is available to professors

Fundamental Causation

Author : Christopher Gregory Weaver
ISBN : 9781315449067
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60. 18 MB
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Fundamental Causation addresses issues in the metaphysics of deterministic singular causation, the metaphysics of events, property instances, facts, preventions, and omissions, as well as the debate between causal reductionists and causal anti-reductionists. The book also pays special attention to causation and causal structure in physics. Weaver argues that causation is a multigrade obtaining relation that is transitive, irreflexive, and asymmetric. When causation is singular, deterministic and such that it relates purely contingent events, the relation is also universal, intrinsic, and well-founded. He shows that proper causal relata are events understood as states of substances at ontological indices. He then proves that causation cannot be reduced to some non-causal base, and that the best account of that relation should be unashamedly primitivist about the dependence relation that underwrites its very nature. The book demonstrates a distinctive realist and anti-reductionist account of causation by detailing precisely how the account outperforms reductionist and competing anti-reductionist accounts in that it handles all of the difficult cases while overcoming all of the general objections to anti-reductionism upon which other anti-reductionist accounts falter. This book offers an original and interesting view of causation and will appeal to scholars and advanced students in the areas of metaphysics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of physics.


Author : Hans Goedbloed
ISBN : 9781107123922
Genre : Science
File Size : 20. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An introduction to magnetohydrodynamics combining theory with advanced topics including the applications of plasma physics to thermonuclear fusion and plasma astrophysics.

Geometric Methods In Physics Xxxvi

Author : Piotr Kielanowski
ISBN : 9783030011567
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 82. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Waves And Rays In Seismology Answers To Unasked Questions Second Edition

Author : Slawinski Michael A
ISBN : 9789813239890
Genre : Science
File Size : 49. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The author dedicates this book to readers who are concerned with finding out the status of concepts, statements and hypotheses, and with clarifying and rearranging them in a logical order. It is thus not intended to teach tools and techniques of the trade, but to discuss the foundations on which seismology -- and in a larger sense, the theory of wave propagation in solids -- is built. A key question is: why and to what degree can a theory developed for an elastic continuum be used to investigate the propagation of waves in the Earth, which is neither a continuum nor fully elastic. But the scrutiny of the foundations goes much deeper: material symmetry, effective tensors, equivalent media; the influence (or, rather, the lack thereof) of gravitational and thermal effects and the rotation of the Earth, are discussed ab initio. The variational principles of Fermat and Hamilton and their consequences for the propagation of elastic waves, causality, Noether's theorem and its consequences on conservation of energy and conservation of linear momentum are but a few topics that are investigated in the process to establish seismology as a science and to investigate its relation to subjects like realism and empiricism in natural sciences, to the nature of explanations and predictions, and to experimental verification and refutation. In the second edition, new sections, figures, examples, exercises and remarks are added. Most importantly, however, four new appendices of about one-hundred pages are included, which can serve as a self-contained continuum-mechanics course on finite elasticity. Also, they broaden the scope of elasticity theory commonly considered in seismology. Contents: Science of Seismology Seismology and Continuum Mechanics Hookean Solid: Material Symmetry Hookean Solid: Effective Symmetry and Equivalent Medium Body Waves Surface, Guided and Interface Waves Variational Principles in Seismology Gravitational and Thermal Effects in Seismology Seismology as Science Appendices: On Strains On Stresses On Thermoelasticity On Hyperelasticity On Covariant and Contravariant Transformations On Covariant Derivatives List of Symbols Readership: Students, professionals, researchers, and laypersons interested in seismology. Keywords: Elasticity Theory;Inverse Problems;Seismology;Continuum Mechanics;Mathematical PhysicsReview: "This one-of-a-kind book is refreshing in its presentation of an amazing blend of fundamental scientific and philosophical questions with their practical implications to concrete examples in Seismology. It is refined in its style, in the sophistication of its quotes, in the breadth of its sources and in the many details that reveal a labour of love. As an additional bonus, the book is also extremely useful. It presents the underlying theory of the relevant aspects of Continuum Mechanics in a clear and sufficiently rigorous way, while challenging the reader's intellect at every step of the way ... This inspiring book is highly recommended." Professor Marcelo Epstein University of Calgary, Canada "This book provides an extensive and self-contained treatment of the mathematical theory of wave propagation in elastic continua, with special attention to topics, some of them well advanced, which are most important for their applications in geophysics ... The author's wide culture, clear style and rigorous approach make this book a first foundation stone of a field which should be called Rational Seismology." Professor Maurizio Vianello Politecnico di Milano, Italy 0

Catalogs Of Courses

Author : University of California, Berkeley
ISBN : UCLA:L0073387995
Genre :
File Size : 29. 42 MB
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Includes general and summer catalogs issued between 1878/1879 and 1995/1997.

General Catalog

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112110877757
Genre : Catalogs, College
File Size : 58. 60 MB
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Introduction To Partial Differential Equations

Author : Peter J. Olver
ISBN : 9783319020990
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 88. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This textbook is designed for a one year course covering the fundamentals of partial differential equations, geared towards advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in mathematics, science, engineering, and elsewhere. The exposition carefully balances solution techniques, mathematical rigor, and significant applications, all illustrated by numerous examples. Extensive exercise sets appear at the end of almost every subsection, and include straightforward computational problems to develop and reinforce new techniques and results, details on theoretical developments and proofs, challenging projects both computational and conceptual, and supplementary material that motivates the student to delve further into the subject. No previous experience with the subject of partial differential equations or Fourier theory is assumed, the main prerequisites being undergraduate calculus, both one- and multi-variable, ordinary differential equations, and basic linear algebra. While the classical topics of separation of variables, Fourier analysis, boundary value problems, Green's functions, and special functions continue to form the core of an introductory course, the inclusion of nonlinear equations, shock wave dynamics, symmetry and similarity, the Maximum Principle, financial models, dispersion and solutions, Huygens' Principle, quantum mechanical systems, and more make this text well attuned to recent developments and trends in this active field of contemporary research. Numerical approximation schemes are an important component of any introductory course, and the text covers the two most basic approaches: finite differences and finite elements.

Walford S Guide To Reference Material Science And Technology

Author : Albert John Walford
ISBN : UOM:39015047531291
Genre : Reference
File Size : 39. 32 MB
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A revised and updated guide to reference material. It contains selective and evaluative entries to guide the enquirer to the best source of reference in each subject area, be it journal article, CD-ROM, on-line database, bibliography, encyclopaedia, monograph or directory. It features full critical annotations and reviewers' comments and comprehensive author-title and subject indexes. The contents include: mathematics; astronomy and surveying; physics; chemistry; earth sciences; palaeontology; anthropology; biology; natural history; botany; zoology; patents and interventions; medicine; engineering; transport vehicles; agriculture and livestock; household management; communication; chemical industry; manufactures; industries, trades and crafts; and the building industry.

Which Degree

Author : Bill Leask
ISBN : 0862633001
Genre :
File Size : 84. 13 MB
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