mobilizing islam religion activism and political change in egypt

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Mobilizing Islam

Author : Carrie Rosefsky Wickham
ISBN : 0231125739
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 92 MB
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The rise of a popular Islamic reform movement in Egypt has had considerable influence beyond its borders, as events since September 11, 2001, attest. This book explains how militant Islamist groups captured the hearts and minds of educated youth in the Arab world.

Arabischer Fr Hling Transformationsprozesse Und Politische Umbr Che In Der Mena Region

Author : Jan Kupka
ISBN : 9783830534495
Genre : Africa, North
File Size : 51. 11 MB
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From Bullets To Ballots

Author : David L. Phillips
ISBN : 9781412812016
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 77. 49 MB
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From Bullets to Ballots considers non-state Muslim organizations at different stages of abandoning violence and pursuing their goals through a political process. Some have successfully made the transition. Others are in mid-stream. Some have tried but backtracked, splintered, or simply abandoned such efforts, reverting to pathological violence. Many groups could be case studies, but Phillips has selected the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Kurdistan Workers Party, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, and the Free Aceh Movement, because they cover the spectrum. This book deals with political strategies for moderating violent Muslim movements by engaging them in the political process. In strong criticism of the Bush administration, Phillips notes that the push for democracy may have increased conflict by giving violent groups "the ballot" which they use to gain power. Focusing on non-state Muslim organizations, From Bullets to Ballots considers the relationship between ideology and policy. Phillips discusses their origin, ideology, structure, and leadership and examines financing, activities, and communications. He assesses the groups' commitment to elections and its acceptance of the responsibility that comes with governance. From Bullets to Ballots draws on twenty years of Phillips' experience working democratization and conflict prevention in the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and South Asia. His recommendations are primarily directed to the United States because he believes the United States should be a leader in promoting democracy around the world. At the same time, he is convinced that the United States must tread softly, or run the risk of fomenting further violence, undermining future democratic development, and setting back its own national interests. This is a provocative, informed, and balanced analysis of the theories behind current policies.

Media And Political Communication Middle East And Islam

Author : Carola Richter
ISBN : 9783865963611
Genre : Egypt
File Size : 75. 77 MB
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Die Umbr che in gypten 2011 haben gezeigt, dass Medien eine wesentliche Rolle f r die Mobilisierung politischer Partizipation spielen. Die Muslimbruderschaft, einer der wichtigsten gesellschaftlichen Akteure gyptens, hat seit 2002 gezielt auf Internetmedien gesetzt, um das Regime Mubaraks herauszufordern. Unter R ckgriff auf Ans tze aus der Forschung zu sozialen Bewegungen und politischer Transformation ordnet die Autorin zun chst die Medienstrategien der Islamisten in die Strukturen des politischen Systems und des Mediensystems gyptens ein. Mittels einer Inhaltsanalyse der Website der Muslimbr der,, Interviews mit deren Produzenten sowie einer Nutzerbefragung wird berpr ft, welches Potenzial islamistische Medien haben, zu einer Demokratisierung gyptens beizutragen. Carola Richter promovierte am Seminar f r Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft der Universit t Erfurt. Sie forscht und lehrt vor allem zu Mediensystemen und Journalismus in der islamischen Welt, Medien und Migration sowie Auslandsberichterstattung.

Egypt After Mubarak

Author : Bruce K. Rutherford
ISBN : 9781400846146
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 30. 89 MB
Format : PDF
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Which way will Egypt go now that Husni Mubarak's authoritarian regime has been swept from power? Will it become an Islamic theocracy similar to Iran? Will it embrace Western-style liberalism and democracy? Egypt after Mubarak reveals that Egypt's secularists and Islamists may yet navigate a middle path that results in a uniquely Islamic form of liberalism and, perhaps, democracy. Bruce Rutherford draws on in-depth interviews with Egyptian judges, lawyers, Islamic activists, politicians, and businesspeople. He utilizes major court rulings, political documents of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the writings of Egypt's leading contemporary Islamic thinkers. Rutherford demonstrates that, in post-Mubarak Egypt, progress toward liberalism and democracy is likely to be slow. Essential reading on a subject of global importance, this edition includes a new introduction by Rutherford that takes stock of the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood's victories in the 2011-2012 elections.

Politischer Islam

Author : Nazih N. M. Ayubi
ISBN : 3451052792
Genre : Arab countries
File Size : 37. 87 MB
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Corruption As A Last Resort

Author : Kelly M. McMann
ISBN : 9780801454905
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 22. 76 MB
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Why do ordinary people engage in corruption? Kelly M. McMann contends that bureaucrats, poverty, and culture do not force individuals in Central Asia to pay bribes, use connections, or sell political support. Rather, corruption is a last resort when relatives, groups in society, the market, and formal government programs cannot provide essential goods and services. Using evidence from her long-term research in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, McMann shows that Islamic institutions, secular charities, entrepreneurs, and banks cannot provide the jobs and credit people need. This drives individuals to illicitly seek employment and loans from government officials. A leading cause of this resource scarcity is market reform, as demonstrated by McMann's analysis of these countries as well as of Uzbekistan and global data. Market reform without supporting institutions, such as credit registries and antimonopoly measures, limits the resources available from the market and societal groups. McMann finds that in these circumstances only those individuals who have affluent relatives have an alternative to corruption.By focusing on ordinary people, McMann offers a new understanding of corruption. Previously, our knowledge was largely restricted to government officials’ role in illicit exchanges. From her novel approach comes a useful policy insight: supplying ordinary people with alternatives to corruption is a fundamental and important anticorruption strategy.

Routledge Handbook Of The Arab Spring

Author : Larbi Sadiki
ISBN : 9781317650027
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 77. 26 MB
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The self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi in Tunisia in December 2010 heralded the arrival of the ‘Arab Spring,’ a startling, yet not unprecedented, era of profound social and political upheaval. The meme of the Arab Spring is characterised by bottom-up change, or the lack thereof, and its effects are still unfurling today. The Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring seeks to provide a departure point for ongoing discussion of a fluid phenomenon on a plethora of topics, including: Contexts and contests of democratisation The sweep of the Arab Spring Egypt Women and the Arab Spring Agents of change and the technology of protest Impact of the Arab Spring in the wider Middle East and further afield Collating a wide array of viewpoints, specialisms, biases, and degrees of proximity and distance from events that shook the Arab world to its core, the Handbook is written with the reader in mind, to provide students, practitioners, diplomats, policy-makers and lay readers with contextualization and knowledge, and to set the stage for further discussion of the Arab Spring.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Author : Carrie Rosefsky Wickham
ISBN : 9781400866243
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 63. 64 MB
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Following the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood achieved a level of influence previously unimaginable. Yet the implications of the Brotherhood's rise and dramatic fall for the future of democratic governance, peace, and stability in the region are disputed and remain open to debate. Drawing on more than one hundred in-depth interviews as well as Arabic-language sources never before accessed by Western researchers, Carrie Rosefsky Wickham traces the evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt from its founding in 1928 to the fall of Hosni Mubarak and the watershed elections of 2011-2012. Highlighting elements of movement continuity and change, Wickham demonstrates that shifts in Islamist worldviews, goals, and strategies are not the result of a single strand of cause and effect, and provides a systematic, fine-grained account of Islamist group evolution in Egypt and the wider Arab world. In a new afterword, Wickham discusses what has happened in Egypt since Muhammad Morsi was ousted and the Muslim Brotherhood fell from power.

Reshaping The Holy

Author : Elora Shehabuddin
ISBN : 9780231512558
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Through extensive field research, Elora Shehabuddin explores the profound implications of women's political and social mobilization for reshaping Islam. Specifically, she examines the lives of Muslim women in Bangladesh who have become increasingly mobilized by the activities of predominantly secular NGOs, yet who desire to retain, reclaim, and reshape-rather than reject-their faith. In their employment and in their interactions with the legal system, the state, NGOs, and political and religious groups, women are changing state practices, views of women in the public sphere, and the nature of lived Islam itself. In contrast to most work on Islam and Muslims, which has focused on the Middle East and has privileged the study of religious and legal texts, this book redirects our attention to South Asia, home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, and emphasizes the actual experiences of Muslims. Women and gender, as well as Bangladesh's formally democratic context, are central to this inquiry and analysis.

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