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Mining And Communities

Author : Rita Armstrong
ISBN : 9781608458790
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Mining has been entangled with the development of communities in all continents since the beginning of large-scale resource extraction. It has brought great wealth and prosperity, as well as great misery and environmental destruction. Today, there is a greater awareness of the urgent need for engineers to meet the challenge of extracting declining mineral resources more efficiently, with positive and equitable social impact and minimal environmental impact. Many engineering disciplines—from software to civil engineering—play a role in the life of a mine, from its inception and planning to its operation and final closure. The companies that employ these engineers are expected to uphold human rights, address community needs, and be socially responsible. While many believe it is possible for mines to make a profit and achieve these goals simultaneously, others believe that these are contradictory aims. This book narrates the social experience of mining in two very different settings—Papua New Guinea and Western Australia—to illustrate how political, economic, and cultural contexts can complicate the simple idea of "community engagement."

Moving Mountains

Author : Geoffrey Russell Evans
ISBN : 184277199X
Genre : Nature
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Transnational mining companies are key agents of corporate globalization. They are often larger than national economies, and dominate governments, local peoples and their environments. In response, affected communities and non-government organizations are creating new agendas for change and justice.

Mining And Communities In Northern Canada

Author : Arn Keeling
ISBN : 1552388042
Genre : Mineral industries
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This collection examines historical and contemporary social, economic, and environmental impacts of mining on Aboriginal communities in northern Canada. Combining oral history research with intensive archival study, this work juxtaposes the perspectives of government and industry with the perspectives of local communities. CONTRIBUTORS: Patricia Boulter, Jean-Sébastien Boutet, Emilie Cameron, Sarah Gordon, Heather Green, Jane Hammond, Joella Hogan, Arn Keeling, Tyler Levitan, Hereward Longley, Scott Midgley, Kevin O'Reilly, Andrea Procter, John Sandlos, and Alexandra Winton.

Under Mining The Power Of Communities

Author : Menandro Abanes
ISBN : 9783640771875
Genre : Education
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Master's Thesis from the year 2006 in the subject Pedagogy - Science, Theory, Anthropology, grade: B, Ateneo de Manila University (Institute of Philippine Culture), course: MA Anthropology, language: English, abstract: Environmentally critical projects such as mining remain a controversial and divisive issue in mineral-rich communities. Arguably, mining projects bring jobs, revenues to local governments, cash income, and various development projects, such as electrification, paved roads, schools with free or subsidized education, chapels, water system, and other livelihood programs. In many instances, these benefits are very enticing and attractive to locals. However, scientific studies and objective data on mining operations in various communities have found out that mining also brings adverse effects and negative impacts on locals and the environment, such as displacement from homes and traditional livelihoods, dependence on cash income and incursion into their value system leading to consumerism, health problems caused by exposure to toxic materials, siltation of waterways, deforestation, loss of productive land, and pollution of marine environments (Coumans, 1999; Florentino-Hofileña, 1996; McAndrew, 1983; Regis, 2001; Tujan & Guzman, 1998). Environmental advocacy campaigns of both pro- and anti-mining communicate these mining benefits and costs to the locals to convince them either to accept the mining project or join the struggle against the mining project. Given these two scenarios, how do locals decide when a mining project is presented in their community? How do they participate in the decision-making that impact on their economic, political and socio-cultural standing? What influences their participation in decision-making and their decision? The locals of Rapu-Rapu Island were in that situation in 2001 when a mining project was seeking social acceptability from the local communities. This study revisited their decision and explained why they decided that way. It also took into account the crucial contexts of the decision-making of the locals.

Large Mines And The Community

Author : Gary McMahon
ISBN : 0889369496
Genre : Business & Economics
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Large Mines and the Community: Socioeconomic and environmental effects in Latin America, Canada and Spain

Coal Cultures

Author : Derrick Price
ISBN : 9781350037847
Genre : Photography
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Coal is the commodity that powered the technologies that made the modern world. It also brought about unique communities marked by a high degree of social solidarity and self-help. Mining was central to working class life, drawing rural populations into industrial labour, but it often took place in picturesque landscapes, so that its black spoil heaps became a central symbol of the degradation of pastoral life by the demands of an extractive industry. Throughout Europe and the USA photographers have pictured the characteristic landscapes of the industry, and continue to do so as strip mining devastates huge areas of land. Not only landscape photography but also documentary, portraiture, photojournalism and art photography have been used in order to portray mines and miners. This book presents three interlinked strands of investigation. The first is the way in which the production of coal created paradigmatic communities grounded in particular landscapes. The second concerns the role of photography in exploring, delineating and critiquing mining communities. This in turn involves an examination of the aesthetic and social characteristics of a number of genres of photography. Lastly, it considers the growth and decline of these sites, the geographic shift of the industry to other places, and the re-presentation of traditional localities through the lens of the heritage industry and industrial tourism.

Community Rights And Corporate Responsibility

Author : Liisa North
ISBN : 9781897071106
Genre : Corporations, Canadian
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Canadian mining activity in Latin America has exploded over the past decade and a half. Investors have responded to neoliberal policies of deregulation, privatization, state-downsizing, and export promotion encouraged by leading capitalist nations and international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The result, predictably, has been sharp conflicts between the communities affected by mining and their advocates on one side, and the transnational mining companies supported by the local state and the Canadian government on the other. This collection, the most comprehensive in the English-language to date, investigates these conflicts in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Contributors address the related sustainable development, community, corporate, legal, and social issues. A valuable contribution to Latin American development studies, this collection will prove of interest to students and specialists in the field, journalists, NGOs, and policymakers.

Collaborative Search And Communities Of Interest Trends In Knowledge Sharing And Assessment

Author : Francq, Pascal
ISBN : 9781615208425
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Collaborative Search and Communities of Interest: Trends in Knowledge Sharing and Assessment provides a comprehensive collection of knowledge from experts within the Information and Knowledge Management field. Outlining various concepts from an application and technical stand point and providing insight on the various dimensions (sociological, psychological, technical, etc.) of social Internet collaboration. This book provides solutions to the detection of interest communities, as well as the study of how tools and knowledge sharing impact the environment where they are used.

Leisure And Recreation In A Victorian Mining Community

Author : Alan Metcalfe
ISBN : 0415356970
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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'Amusements they must have, or life would hardly be worth living...' Newcastle Weekly Chronicle, 1895 This text explores life in the mining villages of the north-east of England in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries - a time of massive social and industrial change. The sporting lives of these communities are often marginalized by historians, but this thoroughly researched account reveals how play as well as work were central to the lives of the working classes. Miners contributed significantly to the economic success of the north-east during this time, yet living conditions in the mining villages were 'horrendous'. Sport and recreation were essential to bring meaning and pleasure to mining families, and were fundamental to the complex social relationships within and between communities. Features of this extensive text include: * analysis of the physical, social and economic structures that determined the leisure lives of the mining villages * the role of 'traditional' and 'new' sports * comparisons with other British regions.

Advanced Data Mining And Applications

Author : Xudong Luo
ISBN : 9783319147178
Genre : Computers
File Size : 85. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications, ADMA 2014, held in Guilin, China during December 2014. The 48 regular papers and 10 workshop papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 90 submissions. They deal with the following topics: data mining, social network and social media, recommend systems, database, dimensionality reduction, advance machine learning techniques, classification, big data and applications, clustering methods, machine learning, and data mining and database.

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