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Metaphors For Environmental Sustainability

Author : Brendon Larson
ISBN : 9780300151534
Genre : Nature
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DIVScientists turn to metaphors to formulate and explain scientific concepts, but an ill-considered metaphor can lead to social misunderstandings and counterproductive policies, Brendon Larson observes in this stimulating book. He explores how metaphors can entangle scientific facts with social values and warns that, particularly in the environmental realm, incautious metaphors can reinforce prevailing values that are inconsistent with desirable sustainability outcomes. Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability draws on four case studies--two from nineteenth-century evolutionary science, and two from contemporary biodiversity science--to reveal how metaphors may shape the possibility of sustainability. Arguing that scientists must assume greater responsibility for their metaphors, and that the rest of us must become more critically aware of them, the author urges more critical reflection on the social dimensions and implications of metaphors while offering practical suggestions for choosing among alternative scientific metaphors./div

Sustainable Values Sustainable Change

Author : Bryan G. Norton
ISBN : 9780226197593
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 17 MB
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Sustainability is a nearly ubiquitous concept today, but can we ever imagine what it would be like for humans to live sustainably on the earth? No, says Bryan G. Norton in Sustainable Values, Sustainable Change. One of the most trafficked terms in the press, on university campuses, and in the corridors of government, sustainability has risen to prominence as a buzzword before the many parties laying claim to it have come close to agreeing how to define it. But the term’s political currency urgently demands that we develop an understanding of this elusive concept. While economists, philosophers, and ecologists argue about what in nature is valuable, and why, Norton here offers an action-oriented, pragmatic response to the disconnect between public and academic discourse around sustainability. Looking to the arenas in which decisions are made—and the problems that are driving these decisions—Norton reveals that the path to sustainability cannot be guided by fixed, utopian objectives projected into the future; sustainability will instead be achieved through experimentation, incremental learning, and adaptive management. Drawing inspiration from Aldo Leopold’s famed metaphor of “thinking like a mountain” for a spatially explicit, pluralistic approach to evaluating environmental change, Norton replaces theory-dependent definitions with a new decision-making process guided by deliberation and negotiation across science and philosophy, encompassing all stakeholders and activists and seeking to protect as many values as possible. Looking across scales to today’s global problems, Norton urges us to learn to think like a planet.

Principles Of Environmental Economics And Sustainability

Author : Ahmed Hussen
ISBN : 9781136217418
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 64. 17 MB
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Recent years have witnessed considerable consolidation between the disciplines of environmental and ecological economics at research level, but until now textbooks in the area have done little to reflect this. Ahmed Hussen’s book is to date the only one to reconcile the two standpoints. The central focus of the book will continue to be on this systematic integration of both mainstream and ecological approaches to environmental economics, and an acknowledgement that enduring solutions to major contemporary environmental challenges can be obtained through studies based on a well-conceived and balanced interdisciplinary approach. However, this third edition also contains much that is new. Chiefly, brand new chapters appear covering the following topics: The economics of climate change The economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services ‘Green’ accounting and alternative economic and social indicators of sustainability The business case for environmental sustainability An Appendix that provides a brief historical account of the development of ecological economics The result is a comprehensive introduction to the main facets of environmental and ecological economics — a text that boldly refuses to put up barriers between disciplines and takes a holistic approach to vital issues. This student-friendly textbook contains a variety of study tools including learning points, boxed features, case studies, revision questions and discussion questions, and an Appendix that provides students with a review of basic economic principles relevant to the study of the environment and its management. Written in a clear and accessible style, this book will prove an excellent choice for introducing both students and academics to the world of environmental economics.

Learning Natural Capital And Sustainable Development

Author : John Foster
ISBN : 9781317998730
Genre : Education
File Size : 56. 98 MB
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This special issue of the journal Environmental Education Research addresses a topical area of importance - human behaviour towards the environment. The book explores the economic metaphor of 'natural capital' in this context arguing that the currently dominant model of sustainable development, underpinned by a particular understanding of this metaphor, is impeding progress towards genuine sustainability, and secondly that it will continue to do so until the metaphor can be reworked in both thought and practice. This book explores an alternative economic model of natural capital value, based on recent 'real options' thinking which reworks the natural capital idea and provides a framework for articulating two major and closely-related shifts of emphasis.

Sustainability Environmental Performance And Disclosures

Author : Marty Freedman
ISBN : 9781849507646
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36. 43 MB
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Includes the papers that discuss different aspects of sustainability, environmental performance, and environmental disclosures. This title analyzes what firms do about environmental issues and how these activities and their impact on the environment are disclosed in the financial statements.

Leadership For Environmental Sustainability

Author : Benjamin W. Redekop
ISBN : 9781136938177
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As the first book in the field of leadership studies to approach sustainability as a multi-faceted leadership challenge, Leadership for Environmental Sustainability will help to set the terms of the discussion on this topic among students, scholars, and practitioners of leadership for years to come. It explores the connection between leadership and sustainability from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including sociology, history, psychology, business, literature, communication, and the arts. With short chapters edited for readability, the book is aimed at scholars, practitioners, students, and educated lay readers interested in cutting-edge research and thinking on this topic.


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Biomimicry As A Metaphor For Perfect Integration In Sustainability

Author : Asha Nilani Liyanage
ISBN : 3838399781
Genre : Biomimicry
File Size : 26. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Biomimicry does not imitate nature, instead biomimicry learning from nature s designs and processes by imitating ideas. And It s a growing area of research in the fields of architecture and engineering due to the fact that it is an inspirational metaphor of possible new innovation and because of the potential it offers a way to create more sustainable and even regenerative built environment. The widespread and practical application of biomimicry as a design method remains largely unrealized.The various forms of biomimicry comply with building integration and its application to the building system; it is shown that these varieties of approaches may lead to attain different outcomes in terms of overall sustainability or regenerative potential. It is posited that a biomimetic approach to architectural design incorporates an understanding of integrating systems could become a path for creating a built environment and goes beyond simply sustaining conditions to a restorative practice where the built environment becomes a vital component in the integration to achieve maximum performances.

Carbon Footprints As Cultural Ecological Metaphors

Author : Anita Girvan
ISBN : 9781317218647
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Through an examination of carbon footprint metaphors, this books demonstrates the ways in which climate change and other ecological issues are culturally and materially constituted through metaphor. The carbon footprint metaphor has achieved a ubiquitous presence in Anglo-North American public contexts since the turn of the millennium, yet this metaphor remains under-examined as a crucial mediator of political responses to the urgent crisis of climate change. Existing books and articles on the carbon footprint typically treat this metaphor as a quantifying metric, with little attention to the shifting mediations and practices of the carbon footprint as a metaphor. This gap echoes a wider gap in understanding metaphors as key figures in mediating more-than-human relations at a time when such relations profoundly matter. As a timely intervention, this book addresses this gap by using insights from environmental humanities and political ecology to discuss carbon footprint metaphors in popular and public texts. This book will be of great interest to researchers and students of environmental humanities, political ecology, environmental communication, and metaphor studies.

Striving For Environmental Sustainability In A Complex World

Author : George Francis
ISBN : 9780774831413
Genre : Nature
File Size : 55. 90 MB
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In the face of growing anxiety about global environmental sustainability, George Francis, a leading authority in the field of sustainability studies, examines initiatives undertaken in Canada over the past twenty-five years to protect some of our unique environments. Focusing mainly on collaborative studies of thirty-one landscape regions – designated as “Biosphere Reserves” by UNESCO or as “Model Forests” by the Canadian Forest Service – Francis also summarizes smaller sustainability projects across the country. The author concludes on a hopeful note, looking at solutions considered, proposed, and in some cases already implemented by groups striving for sustainability in an increasingly complex world.

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