metacognition and cognitive neuropsychology monitoring and control processes

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Metacognition And Cognitive Neuropsychology

Author : Giuliana Mazzoni
ISBN : 9781317778431
Genre : Psychology
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Control processes are those mental functions that allow us to initiate, monitor, and prioritize mental activities. They are crucial to normal mental functioning. A better understanding of the nature of control processes and their deficits is important for clinical work and for an adequate theory of consciousness. Previously, control processes have been examined within the frameworks of two parallel but independent paradigms: those of cognitive psychology and of neuropsychology. Cognitive psychologists have stressed the theoretical and empirical nature of normal unimpaired control processes; neuropsychologists have focused on the relationships between damage to specific functional areas of the brain and deficits in specific control processes. Both have contributed extensively to our understanding of control processes. However, they have tended to operate independently, with little if any cross-talk between disciplines, despite the potential benefits such dialogue is likely to generate. This book represents the first attempt to synthesize cognitive and neuropsychological perspectives on control processes. It contains state-of-the-art reports on various aspects of control processes by experts from both disciplines.


Author : Patrick Chambres
ISBN : 1402071345
Genre : Psychology
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Two perspectives have structured research within the rapidly developing field of metacognition. The first, functional perspective examines how and when people use their knowledge about their own thinking to guide their actions. The second, analytical perspective is mainly concerned with the state of metacognitive knowledge. This approach is identified with cognitive psychological research on feelings of knowing and judgments about knowledge states and abilities. The object of the current volume is to promote the interaction, and indeed construct a synergistic reciprocity between the two sub-fields. The authors examine the role of metacognition in activities as varied as classroom learning, piloting airplanes, and eyewitness testimony. The ideas and questions developed in the book will give a dynamic impulse to research in the field.

The Oxford Handbook Of Metamemory

Author : John Dunlosky
ISBN : 9780199336746
Genre : Memory
File Size : 71. 96 MB
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The Oxford Handbook of Metamemory investigates the human ability to evaluate and control learning and information retrieval processes. Each chapter in this authoritative guide highlights a different facet of metamemory research, including classical metamemory judgments; applications of metamemory research to the classroom and courtroom; and cutting-edge perspectives on continuing debates and theory. Chapters also provide broad historical overviews of each research area and discussions of promising directions for future research. The breadth and depth of coverage on offer in this Handbook make it ideal for seminars on metamemory or metacognition. It would also be a valuable supplement for advanced courses on cognitive psychology, of use especially to graduate students and more seasoned researchers who are interested in exploring metamemory for the first time.

The Psychology Of Learning And Motivation

Author :
ISBN : 0080554040
Genre : Psychology
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The view of memory use as skilled performance embraces the interactive nature of memory and higher order cognition. In considering the contexts in which memory is used, this book helps to answer such questions as: If asked where I live, how do I decide on a street address or city name? What influences my selection in a criminal lineup besides actual memory of the perpetrator? Why do expert golfers better remember courses they've played than amateur golfers? Chapters in this volume discuss strategies people use in responding to memory queries- whether and how to access memory and how to translate retrieved products into responses. Coverage includes memory for ongoing events and memory for prospective events-how we remember to do future intended actions. Individual differences in memory skill is explored across people and situations, with special consideration given to the elderly population and how strategies at encoding and retrieval can offset what would otherwise be declining memory. An intergrative view of memory, metamemory, judgment and decision-making, and individual differences Relevant to both applied concerns and basic research Articles written by expert contributors

Applied Metacognition

Author : Timothy J. Perfect
ISBN : 0521000378
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 54. 75 MB
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Up-to-date overview of relation between theories in metacognition and their real-world application.

Handbook Of Psychology Educational Psychology

Author : William M. Reynolds
ISBN : 9780471264484
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 69. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Includes established theories and cutting-edge developments. Presents the work of an international group of experts. Presents the nature, origin, implications, an future course of major unresolved issues in the area.


Author : Patrick Chambres
ISBN : 9781461510994
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 69. 1 MB
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The object of this volume is to promote the interaction, and indeed construct a synergistic reciprocity between the functional perspective on metacognition and the analytical perspective. The authors examine the role of metacognition in activities as varied as classroom learning, piloting airplanes, and eyewitness testimony. The ideas and questions developed in the book will give a dynamic impulse to research in the field.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook Of Childhood Cognitive Development

Author : Usha Goswami
ISBN : 9781444351736
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 23. 73 MB
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This definitive volume is the result of collaboration by top scholars in the field of children's cognition. New edition offers an up-to-date overview of all the major areas of importance in the field, and includes new data from cognitive neuroscience and new chapters on social cognitive development and language Provides state-of-the-art summaries of current research by international specialists in different areas of cognitive development Spans aspects of cognitive development from infancy to the onset of adolescence Includes chapters on symbolic reasoning, pretend play, spatial development, abnormal cognitive development and current theoretical perspectives

Learning And Memory Cognitive Psychology Of Memory

Author : John H. Byrne
ISBN : 0123705061
Genre : Learning, Psychology of
File Size : 55. 2 MB
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Foundations Of Metacognition

Author : Michael J. Beran
ISBN : 9780199646739
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Metacognition refers to the awareness individuals have of their own mental processes (also referred to as ' thinking about thinking'). In the past thirty years it has become a significant interdisciplinary area of research in the cognitive sciences. The Foundations of Metacognition is concerned with three particular issues central to the topic of metacognition; do nonhuman animals process the ability to monitor their own mental actions? If metacognitionis unique to humans, then at what stage in development does it occur; how can we distinguish between cognitive and metacognitive processes? This book brings together leading cognitive scientists carrying outwork in developmental psychology, animal behaviour, and philosophy, and is intended for students and researchers in cognitive and developmental psychology, as well as philosophy of mind.

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