mediterranean diet 44 healthy mediterranean recipes decrease your risk for heart disease depression dementia

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Mediterranean Diet

Author : Daniel Wilson
ISBN : 1533524424
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The Mediterranean diet is famous all over the world for having a huge range of dishes, all absolutely delicious. Based on simple yet nutritious ingredients, it is a very balanced diet which does not use many trans and saturated fats, unlike the food lots people eat in many other Western countries. Rich in healthy proteins, omega 3, vitamins and minerals, the Mediterranean diet has long been known to be one of the main reasons why people from countries around this wonderful sea have a much longer life expectancy than most other people around the world. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet is excellent to reduce chances of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, other forms of dementia and even depression. If you think that cooking a delicious Mediterranean meal must be difficult you are mistaken; in fact, most dishes are actually very easy to prepare; the recipes in this book will show you how to cook some of the best food in the world easily and fast. All the recipes in this book are good for your health, and they are all absolutely mouth watering, including the desserts. In this book you will find: Healthy recipes from many Mediterranean countries, from Italy to France, Greece, North Africa and more . . . Healthy Mediterranean breakfast recipes Healthy Mediterranean lunch recipes, many of which you can prepare in a few minutes and many which you can pre-cook and put in your lunch box ready to go to work Healthy and delicious Mediterranean recipes for your dinner Healthy and mouth watering Mediterranean desserts Healthy Mediterranean recipes for meat dishes, fish dishes and for cooking vegetables Clear and detailed information of how to reduce chances if heart disease, dementia and depression using a balanced Mediterranean diet .

Prevention Mediterranean Table

Author : The Editors of Prevention
ISBN : 9781635650228
Genre : Cooking
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More than 100 fresh, nutritious Mediterranean-style recipes and tips on how to set aside time to mindfully savor each meal, combining healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Satisfying both chefs and nutritionists alike, the Mediterranean diet is the rare healthy eating plan that not only tastes good but also feels good. From seasonal vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains to garlic, herbs, and olive oil, these foundational ingredients inspire simple fresh dishes with endless combinations of flavors and textures—and don’t forget the wine. Your doctor will be pleased to know that following a Mediterranean diet is proven to lower bad cholesterol, dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease, and may even protect brain function as you age. And with tasty recipes like Greek Stuffed Tomatoes, Baked Falafel with Tzatziki Sauce, and Orange-Hazelnut Olive Oil Cookies for dessert, it won’t be hard! Beyond just the diet, however, the Mediterranean lifestyle encourages mindfulness with every meal. Permitting yourself to slow down, enjoy food with friends and family, and relish each bite not only improves digestion but also allows you to gain the perspective to better understand your own eating habits and avoid overeating.

Diet And Cognitive Decline

Author : Francesco Panza
ISBN : 1594541213
Genre : Psychology
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The progressive ageing of the general population and the consequent increase of the number of old people has made the typical medical problems of aged people more frequently observed, and particularly the problems related to the ageing brain. This new book is an updated overview of relevant aspects of cognitive decline associated with ageing. Within the wide landscape of brain ageing the authors reconsider the role of the main predisposing factors and risk factors on the development of various form of mental decline, from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. The strength of this book is the large, updated overview of the most recent data of scientific literature regarding the role of genetic, metabolic and environmental factors on the predisposition and onset of cognitive decline. Particular attention is paid to the dietary micro- and macronutrients and to their possible role in the pathogenesis of the various form of dementigen disorders.

Good Food Great Medicine

Author : Miles Hassell
ISBN : 0979633923
Genre : Cooking, Mediterranean
File Size : 27. 63 MB
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"A Mediterranean and lifestyle guide for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and weight loss"--Cover.

Integrative Medicine E Book

Author : David Rakel
ISBN : 9780323496179
Genre : Medical
File Size : 26. 79 MB
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Stay on the cutting edge of today’s most promising trends in complementary and alternative medical treatments with Dr. David Rakel’s Integrative Medicine, 4th Edition. Written by physicians who are experts in both traditional and integrative medicine, this highly regarded, evidence-based reference covers therapies such as botanicals, supplements, mind-body, lifestyle choices, nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and more. Integrative Medicine, 4th Edition uses a clinical, disease-oriented approach, offering practical guidance for reducing costs and improving patient care. Helps you safely and effectively incorporate complementary and alternative therapies into your everyday practice, while focusing on prevention and wellness for a better quality of life. Uses the reliable SORT method (Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy) to provide evidence-based ratings, grading both the evidence and the relative potential harm. Explains how to make the best use of integrative medicine and the mechanisms by which these therapeutic modalities work, keeping you at the forefront of the trend toward integrative health care. Includes 13 brand-new chapters, covering hot topics such as personalized medicine, MTHFR mutation, food allergy and intolerance, the gut-immune influence on systemic inflammation and disease, chelation therapy, testosterone deficiency, adrenal fatigue, and much more. Features more than 100 significantly revised chapters and hundreds of new figures and tables throughout.

The 2 Day Diet

Author : Dr. Michelle Harvie
ISBN : 9780804138413
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Lose weight fast with the international diet sensation. Diet two days a week. Eat the Mediterranean way for five. The 2-Day Diet is easy to follow, easy to stick to, and clinically tested. Simply eat a low carb, high protein diet two days a week, and follow the classic Mediterranean Diet (now recognized as the gold standard in warding off heart disease) for the other five. The 2-Day Diet is designed to maximize weight loss, minimize muscle loss and keep you feeling full. It can have dramatic anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits. With this diet you can finally be slim, fit and healthy. With meal plans and 100 delicious and filling recipes. “A far more effective way to lose weight.” –Daily Mail “Put an end to 24/7 calorie counting.” – The Sun “Revolutionary and clinically proven.” –Good Housekeeping

Preventing Cognitive Decline And Dementia

Author : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
ISBN : 9780309459594
Genre : Medical
File Size : 41. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Societies around the world are concerned about dementia and the other forms of cognitive impairment that affect many older adults. We now know that brain changes typically begin years before people show symptoms, which suggests a window of opportunity to prevent or delay the onset of these conditions. Emerging evidence that the prevalence of dementia is declining in high-income countries offers hope that public health interventions will be effective in preventing or delaying cognitive impairments. Until recently, the research and clinical communities have focused primarily on understanding and treating these conditions after they have developed. Thus, the evidence base on how to prevent or delay these conditions has been limited at best, despite the many claims of success made in popular media and advertising. Today, however, a growing body of prevention research is emerging. Preventing Cognitive Decline and Dementia: A Way Forward assesses the current state of knowledge on interventions to prevent cognitive decline and dementia, and informs future research in this area. This report provides recommendations of appropriate content for inclusion in public health messages from the National Institute on Aging.

Diet And Nutrition In Dementia And Cognitive Decline

Author : Colin R. Martin
ISBN : 9780124079397
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80. 1 MB
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Diet and Nutrition in Dementia and Cognitive Decline offers researchers and clinicians a single authoritative source which outlines the complex interrelationships between cognitive decline, dementia and the way diet can be modified to improve outcomes. In a cross-disciplinary field like dementia research and practice, clinicians and researchers need a comprehensive resource which will quickly help them identify a range of nutritional components and how they affect cognitive decline and the development of dementia. While the focus is on clinical applications, the book also features landmark and innovative preclinical studies that have served as the foundation of rigorous trials. Chapters explore the evidence of how nutritional components, either in the diet or supplements, can either impede the development to, or progression from, the onset of dementia. Authors investigate how conditions and processes overlap between defined conditions and present studies which show that dietary components may be equally effective in a number of conditions characterized by declining cognition or dementia. This book represents essential reading for researchers and practicing clinicians in nutrition, dietetics, geriatrics, nursing, neurology, and psychology, as well as researchers, such as neuroscientists, molecular and cellular biochemists, interested in dementia. Explores the complex interrelationships between cognitive decline, dementia and the way diet can be modified to improve outcomes Focuses on both clinical nutrition applications and the innovative preclinical studies that serve as the foundation for rigorous trials Covers specific conditions and mechanisms in dementias, as well as general aspects, risk factors, lifestyle and guidelines for practitioners Organizes chapter content in terms of the molecular, mechanistic, epidemiologic, and practical, so that correlations can be observed across conditions

Prevention Of Cardiovascular Disease

Author : World Health Organization
ISBN : 9241547170
Genre : Medical
File Size : 87. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This publication provides guidance on reducing disability and premature deaths from coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease in people at high risk who have not yet experienced a cardiovascular event. People with established cardiovascular disease are at very high risk of recurrent events and are not the subject of these guidelines. They have been addressed in previous WHO guidelines. The risk prediction charts that accompany these guidelines allow treatment to be targeted according to simple predictions of absolute cardiovascular risk. Recommendations are made for management of major cardiovascular risk factors through changes in lifestyle and prophylactic drug therapies. The guidelines provide a framework for the development of national guidance on prevention of cardiovascular disease that takes into account the particular political economic social and medical circumstances.

The Lucky Years

Author : David B. Agus
ISBN : 9781476712109
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 56. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Bestselling author David Agus unveils the brave new world of medicine, one in which we can take control of our health like never before and doctors can fine-tune strategies and weapons to prevent illness. In his first bestseller, The End of Illness, David Agus revealed how to add vibrant years to your life by knowing the real facts of health. In this book, he builds on that theme by showing why this is the luckiest time yet to be alive, giving you the keys to the new kingdom of wellness. Medicine is undergoing rapid change. In the old world, you followed general principles and doctors treated you based on broad, one-size-fits all solutions. In this new golden age, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the latest scientific findings and leverage the power of technology to customize your care. Only those who know how to access and adapt to these breakthroughs—without being distracted by hyped ideas and bad medicine—will benefit. Imagine being able to get fit and lose weight without dieting, train your immune system to fight cancer, edit your DNA to avoid a certain fate, erase the risk of a heart attack, reverse aging, and know exactly which drugs to take to optimize health with zero side effects. That’s the picture of the future that you can enter starting today. Welcome to The Lucky Years.

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