medieval european coinage volume 1 the early middle ages 5th 10th centuries

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Medieval European Coinage Volume 1 The Early Middle Ages 5th 10th Centuries

Author : Philip Grierson
ISBN : 052103177X
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The coinage of Western Europe following the fall of the Roman Empire in the West.

Medieval European Coinage Volume 1 The Early Middle Ages 5th 10th Centuries

Author : Philip Grierson
ISBN : 0521260094
Genre : History
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This, the first volume of Medieval European Coinage, surveys the coinage of Western Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West in the fifth century to the emergence of recognizable 'national' political units in the tenth. It starts with the Vandals, Visigoths, Burgundians and other Germanic invaders of the Empire, whose coins were modelled on contemporary issues of the Western or Eastern emperors. The coinage of the Franks is followed from early Merovingian times through to the establishment and subsequent fragmentation of the Carolingian empire. Italy is represented by the coinages of the Ostrogoths, Lombards, Carolingians and popes down to the Ottoman conquest in the mid-tenth century. The coinage of the Anglo-Saxons is traced from the introduction of minting in the early seventh century to the emergence of a united kingdom during the first half of the tenth century, including the aberrant coinages of Northumbria and the Anglo-Viking coinages of the Danelaw.

Early Medieval Monetary History

Author : Martin Allen
ISBN : 9781351942522
Genre : History
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Mark Blackburn was one of the leading scholars of the numismatics and monetary history of the British Isles and Scandinavia during the early medieval period. He published more than 200 books and articles on the subject, and was instrumental in building bridges between numismatics and associated disciplines, in fostering international communication and cooperation, and in establishing initiatives to record new coin finds. This memorial volume of essays commemorates Mark Blackburn’s considerable achievement and impact on the field, builds on his research and evaluates a vibrant period in the study of early medieval monetary history. Containing a broad range of high-quality research from both established figures and younger scholars, the essays in this volume maintain a tight focus on Europe in the early Middle Ages (6th-12th centuries), reflecting Mark’s primary research interests. In geographical terms the scope of the volume stretches from Spain to the Baltic, with a concentration of papers on the British Isles. As well as a fitting tribute to remarkable scholar, the essays in this collection constitute a major body of research which will be of long-term value to anyone with an interest in the history of early medieval Europe.

Fortified Settlements In Early Medieval Europe

Author : Neil Christie
ISBN : 9781785702365
Genre : History
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Twenty-three contributions by leading archaeologists from across Europe explore the varied forms, functions and significances of fortified settlements in the 8th to 10th centuries AD. These could be sites of strongly martial nature, upland retreats, monastic enclosures, rural seats, island bases, or urban nuclei. But they were all expressions of control - of states, frontiers, lands, materials, communities - and ones defined by walls, ramparts or enclosing banks. Papers run from Irish cashels to Welsh and Pictish strongholds, Saxon burhs, Viking fortresses, Byzantine castra, Carolingian creations, Venetian barricades, Slavic strongholds, and Bulgarian central places, and coverage extends fully from north-west Europe, to central Europe, the northern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Strongly informed by recent fieldwork and excavations, but drawing also where available on the documentary record, this important collection provides fully up-to-date reviews and analyses of the archaeologies of the distinctive settlement forms that characterized Europe in the Early Middle Ages.

The Symbolic Language Of Royal Authority In The Carolingian World C 751 877

Author : Ildar H. Garipzanov
ISBN : 9789004166691
Genre : History
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This book is not a conventional political narrative of Carolingian history shaped by narrative sources, capitularies, and charter material. It is structured, instead, by numismatic, diplomatic, liturgical, and iconographic sources and deals with political signs, images, and fixed formulas in them as interconnected elements in a symbolic language that was used in the indirect negotiation and maintenance of Carolingian authority. Building on the comprehensive analysis of royal liturgy, intitulature, iconography, and graphic signs and responding to recent interpretations of early medieval politics, this book offers a fresh view of Carolingian political culture and of corresponding roles that royal/imperial courts, larger monasteries, and human agents played there.

Atlas Of Medieval Europe

Author : David Ditchburn
ISBN : 9781134806928
Genre : History
File Size : 66. 86 MB
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Covering the period from the fall of the Roman Empire through to the beginnings of the Renaissance, this is an indispensable volume which brings the complex and colourful history of the Middle Ages to life. Key features: * geographical coverage extends to the broadest definition of Europe from the Atlantic coast to the Russian steppes * each map approaches a separate issue or series of events in Medieval history, whilst a commentary locates it in its broader context * as a body, the maps provide a vivid representation of the development of nations, peoples and social structures. With over 140 maps, expert commentaries and an extensive bibliography, this is the essential reference for those who are striving to understand the fundamental issues of this period.

The Foundations Of Modern Science In The Middle Ages

Author : Edward Grant
ISBN : 0521567629
Genre : Science
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This 1997 book views the substantive achievements of the Middle Ages as they relate to early modern science.

The Central Middle Ages

Author : Daniel Power
ISBN : 9780199253111
Genre : History
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This new volume in the Short Oxford History of Europe series traces the history of Europe in the central middle ages (c.950-1320), an age of far-reaching change for the continent. Seven expert contributors consider the history of this period from a variety of perspectives, including political, social, economic, religious and intellectual history. - ;The period from the late tenth to the early fourteenth centuries was one of the most dynamic in European history. Latin Christendom found a new confidence which has left its mark upon the landscape in the form of the great cathedrals and castles, w.

A History Of The Church In The Middle Ages

Author : F Donald Logan
ISBN : 9781134786695
Genre : History
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In this fascinating survey, F. Donald Logan introduces the reader to the Christian church, from the conversion of the Celtic and Germanic peoples through to the discovery of the New World.

Medieval Europe A Short History

Author :
ISBN : 9780077423124
Genre :
File Size : 69. 67 MB
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