learning problem solving and mindtools essays in honor of david h jonassen

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Learning Problem Solving And Mindtools

Author : J. Michael Spector
ISBN : 9781136277351
Genre : Education
File Size : 87. 60 MB
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Learning, Problem Solving, and Mindtools is inspired by the substantial body of learning research by David H. Jonassen in the areas of mind tools and problem solving. The focus of the volume is on educational technology, especially with regard to how new technologies have facilitated and supported problem solving and critical thinking. Each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of learning with technology and elaborates the implications for the design and implementation of learning environments and activities aimed at improving the conceptualization of problems, reasoning and higher-order thinking, and solving challenging problems. This collection of scholarly essays provides a highly engaging treatment of using tools and technologies to improve problem solving; multiple perspectives on integrating educational technology to support learning in complex and challenging problem solving domains; guidance for the design of instruction to support problem solving; a systemic account of the relationships between mental models, instructional models, and assessment models; and a look into the future of educational technology research and practice.

Handbook Of Research On Tpack In The Digital Age

Author : Niess, Margaret L.
ISBN : 9781522570028
Genre : Education
File Size : 70. 18 MB
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The impact of digital technologies in education has called for teachers to be prepared to facilitate their students’ learning through communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. In order to create ideal learning environments for their students, teachers must develop a more integrated knowledge for infusing digital technologies as learning tools, a knowledge referred to as TPACK. The Handbook of Research on TPACK in the Digital Age provides innovative insights into teacher preparation for the effective integration of digital technologies into the classroom. The content within this publication represents the work of online learning, digital technologies, and pedagogical strategies. It is designed for teachers, educational designers, instructional technology faculty, administrators, academicians, and education graduate students, and covers topics centered on classroom technology integration and teacher knowledge and support.

Educational Technology To Improve Quality And Access On A Global Scale

Author : Kay A. Persichitte
ISBN : 9783319662275
Genre : Education
File Size : 34. 12 MB
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This is an edited volume based on expanded versions of the best 30 papers presented at ETWC 2016 in Bali. Included are contributions from the keynote speakers of ETWC 2016: Robert Branch, Tian Belawati, Steve Harmon, Johannes Cronjé, Marc Childress, Mike Spector, Chairul Tanjung, and Rudiantara. The work is organized into the following sections: (a) Effective Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning, (b) Quality Design, Development and Implementation, (c) Innovation and Creativity in Distance Education, and (d) Open Access, Courses and Resources.

Pedagogy Development For Teaching Online Music

Author : Johnson, Carol
ISBN : 9781522551102
Genre : Music
File Size : 73. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With the shift towards online education, teaching and learning music has evolved to incorporate online environments. However, many music instructors, faculty, and institutions are being challenged on how to evolve their curriculum to meet these demands and successfully foster students. Pedagogy Development for Teaching Online Music is a critical scholarly resource that examines the nature of teaching and learning music in the online environment at the post-secondary level. Featuring a broad range of topics such as online and face-to-face instruction, instructional design, and learning management system, this book is geared towards educators, professionals, school administrators, academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on designing online music courses using a social constructivist framework.

Educational Technology And Polycontextual Bridging

Author : Eyvind Elstad
ISBN : 9789463006453
Genre : Education
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Technology has become ubiquitous in nearly every contemporary situation, while digital media have acquired considerable importance in the lives of young people. Alongside their interest in digital media, schooling constitutes a core component of the life of children and adolescents. Youth’s use of digital media creates tensions between traditions and expectations of renewal within the school. The once-sharp divide between school and leisure time is eroding. How will the school as an institution relate to this comprehensive process of change known as the digital revolution? How can the school build a bridge between the world of youth and school material to enable students to learn in a new digital age? This endeavor is named polycontextual bridging in this book. What are the good examples of polycontextual bridging? What novel educational goals can be achieved by net-related activities when incorporated into the school, and how can out-of-school learning be successfully framed by educational purposes? These questions are addressed from different perspectives by several scholars in this book. The chapters in this volume offer the most thorough, up-to-date discussion on the challenges of technology use in school education. In tackling the critical issues created by technology, this book provides an important resource for student teachers, teachers, education scholars and those interested in a critical examination of digital expectations and experiences in school education. This book is motivated by a pressing need to come to grips with the dilemmas caused by an apparent clash of learning cultures in the individual classroom, in the schools, in the education of teachers, and in the institutions of teacher education. The book is also a tribute to Gavriel Salomon and his research on the cognitive effects of media's symbol systems, media and learning, and the design of cognitive tools and technology-afforded learning environments. The book also contains his masterpiece “It’s not just the tool, but the educational rationale that counts”. Further, three internationally recognized experts – Howard Gardner, David Perkins, and Daniel Bar-Tal – describe Salomon’s remarkable academic contributions. This book is an attempt to explicate, illustrate, and critically examine the idea of polycontextual bridging between youth’s leisure cultures and school material to enable students to learn in a new digital age. The authors do not present a common front on the complex question of the proper use of information and communication technology in the school but instead present a diversity of arguments and viewpoints. The book is an attempt to raise questions and start a debate.

Christian Scholar S Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105113534841
Genre : Christianity
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Author : Maggi Savin-Baden
ISBN : 9789960547619
Genre : Education
File Size : 26. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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شهادات بعض المهتمين حول الكتاب «حقق هذا الكتاب قفزة نوعية في حل لغز تنوع تكنولوجيا التعلم وفك تلازم هذه التقنيات مع طرائق التدريس التربوية. إن مصطلحات مثل: (دمج العلاقات التبادلية) المستخدمة في هذا الكتاب تقلل بطرائق مختلفة من أهمية التحديات الرئيسة التي تطرح فيه. أنصحك بقراءته بإمعان، والأهم من ذلك أن تُجرب بعضاً من الأفكار التي يتناولها». جيلي سالمون - أستاذ التعلم الإلكتروني وتقنيات التعلم، وهو عضو في اتحاد ما وراء البحث عن بعد «يمثل هذا الكتاب تجميعاً مهماً لأبحاث متعددة ستُطوِّر - وبالتأكيد - طرائق التدريس عبر الحاسوب؛ كي تطبق في PBL». مايكل بروسير - مدير البحث والتقييم في أكاديمية التعليم العالي «لقد بنيت الدراسات في هذا الكتاب على أدلة واضحة وصِيغَتْ نظرياً لزيادة استيعابنا لهذه المجالات المعقدة، لا تُقدر مجموعة الدراسات هذه بثمن، وأهيب بأن يقرأها كل مهتم بمجال PBL و/أو التعلم الإلكتروني في مرحلة التعليم العالي». جلينس كوسين - كبير المستشارين في أكاديمية التعليم العالي. يُعدّ كتاب التعلم الذي يركز على معالجة المشكلة وحلها باستخدام الحاسوب أول كتاب يعالج قضايا متعلقة بـPBL والجدل الدائر حالياً حول PBL بوساطة الحاسوب والإنترنت معاً في كتاب واحد، ويعرض مجالات تطبيق PBLويتفحصها بوساطة الحاسوب والإنترنت ويعدد أنواعه، ويتطرق إلى أسئلة مثل: كيف يؤثر إعداد المنهاج وكيف تؤثر قضايا تتعلق بالهيمنة على التعلم في PBL، ويحاول الإجابة عنها، وهو يقدم معلومات تستند إلى نتائج الأبحاث التي أجريت حول واقع إعداد واستخدام برامج PBL اعتماداً على التكنولوجيا بطرائق متنوعة، كما يتطرق إلى تنوع استعمال التكنولوجيا في PBL في مجالات معرفية وأماكن عديدة، إذ يقدم بذلك معطيات مهمة, إضافة إلى مجمل ما كتب حول PBL الذي يتم عبر الحاسوب والإنترنت من الناحيتين النظرية والتطبيقية. العبيكان للنشر

The Round Up A Romance Of Arizona Arabic Edition

Author : John Murray
ISBN : 1534638660
Genre :
File Size : 46. 41 MB
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