jesus according to the earliest witness

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Author : James McConkey Robinson
ISBN : 9780800638627
Genre : Religion
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* Most important writings on the historical Jesus by on of the foremost scholars of early Christianity today

The Variety And Unity Of The Apostolic Witness To Christ

Author : Leonhard Goppelt
ISBN : 0802809634
Genre : Religion
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Finding The Historical Christ

Author : Paul Barnett
ISBN : 9780802848901
Genre : Religion
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Paul Barnett s title Finding the Historical Christ is a calculated jab against the popular dichotomy between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith. In this book Barnett seeks to establish that the two figures are, in fact, one and the same. / The culmination of Barnett s After Jesus trilogy, Finding the Historical Christ carefully examines the ancient sources pertaining to Jesus, including writings by historians hostile to the Christian movement (Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny), the summarized biographies of Jesus in the book of Acts, and especially the four canonical Gospels. Based on compelling historical evidence, Barnett maintains that Jesus of Nazareth regarded himself as the prophesied Christ, as did his disciples before Jesus died and rose again. This is the only way to explain the phenomenon of the early church worshiping Jesus. / There is currently something of a revival of confidence in the historical value of the Gospels. Paul Barnett s work, notable for its sober use of historical method and its many fresh observations and proposals, is an excellent contribution to that development. Richard Bauckham / University of St. Andrews / Over his illustrious career, Paul Barnett has returned repeatedly to questions about the historical Jesus, the historicity of the Gospels, and the history of earliest Christianity. Drawing together scattered strands of all of that work, elaborating them further, and adding still new ones, Barnett here mounts what may be his most impressive case yet for the accuracy of the canonical material and the messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth on historical grounds alone. Craig L. Blomberg / Denver Seminary

Advent Worship Companion Lectionary Year C

Author : Carole Fontaine
ISBN : 9780557126699
Genre : Worship programs
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Dialogue Derailed

Author : Ambrose Ih-Ren Mong
ISBN : 9781630877132
Genre : Religion
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Joseph Ratzinger has shaped and guided the church's understanding of its mission to proclaim the good news, as well as to forge good relations with non-Catholic Christian communities, other religious traditions, and the secular world at large. Through a critique of Ratzinger's theology, this book draws attention to the importance of theological discourses originating from non-European contexts. Mong highlights the gap between a dogmatic understanding of the faith and the pastoral realities of the Asian church, as well as the difficulties faced by Asian theologians trying to make their voices heard in a church still dominated by Western thinking. While Mong concurs with much of Ratzinger's analysis of the problems in modern society--such as the aggressive secularism and crisis of faith in Europe--he focuses attention on the realities of religious pluralism in Asia, which require the church to adopt a different approach in its theological formulations and pastoral practices.

The Gospel Of Jesus

Author : William Reuben Farmer
ISBN : 0664255140
Genre : Religion
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William Farmer has devoted much of his career to addressing the question of the relationship among the three Synoptic Gospels--Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In particular, Farmer has challenged the Two Source Hypothesis, which says that Mark is the earliest Gospel, and that Matthew and Luke used Mark and another document, called "Q," as the two primary sources for their own Gospels. Instead, Farmer argues that Matthew was the Earliest Gospel, that Luke used Matthew and other traditions known to him, and that Mark used both Matthew and Luke in compiling a shorter, more ecumenical account of Jesus' career. This competing theory is called the Two Gospel Hypothesis.

C S Lewis The Work Of Christ Revealed

Author : P. H. Brazier
ISBN : 9781610977197
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 8 MB
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C. S. Lewis--The Work of Christ Revealed focuses on three doctrines or aspects of Lewis's theology and philosophy: his doctrine of Scripture, his famous mad, bad, or God argument, and his doctrine of christological prefigurement. In each area we see Lewis innovating within the tradition. He accorded a high revelatory status to Scripture, but acknowledged its inconsistencies and shrank away from a theology of inerrancy. He took a two-thousand-year-old theological tradition of aut Deus aut malus homo (either God or a bad man) and developed it in his own way. Most innovative of all was his doctrine of christological prefigurement--intimations of the Christ-event in pagan mythology and ritual. This book forms the second in a series of three studies on the theology of C. S Lewis titled C. S. Lewis, Revelation, and the Christ ( The books are written for academics and students, but also, crucially, for those people, ordinary Christians, without a theology degree who enjoy and gain sustenance from reading Lewis's work.

The History Of Our Blessed Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ

Author :
ISBN : BL:A0021865717
Genre : Apostles
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Jesus Tried And True

Author : H. H. Drake Williams
ISBN : 9781621896371
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70. 99 MB
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Are the gospels found within the New Testament superior to others? Has the church unfairly chosen Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John while leaving out many others? Are there truly lost Christianities that would enrich our understanding of Jesus? Would modern-day seekers as well as followers of Jesus be better served by including gospels outside of the New Testament in their understanding of Jesus? Jesus Tried and True answers these questions by examining the date, source, and reception of the canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and then comparing this data with the other gospels. It assesses this information by looking within these gospels and also evaluating early church history, examining the writings of early church writers such as Papias, Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, and Eusebius. It then compares these findings with the date, source, and reception of the non-canonical gospels that have received the most attention lately such as the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Philip, and Gospel of Peter. There is also a brief survey of thirteen of the most important non-canonical gospels. The survey provides an opinion on the dependence of these upon the gospels within the New Testament. Jesus Tried and True affirms the superiority of the New Testament gospels. It concludes by addressing whether non-canonical gospels are lost Christianities and also whether the designation apocryphal is appropriate for other gospels.

Jesus Christ In Modern Thought

Author : John Macquarrie
ISBN : 0334029104
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81. 80 MB
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Here, following the example of Rahner and Pannenberg, John Macquarrie examines Jesus Christ's humanity to his origin as God. Part one considers the New Testament sources, including the "classical theology" period. Part two examines the Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment critique of classical christology (i.e. studying Jesus Christ as him from above, as opposed to his humanity), while in part three, Macquarrie makes his own christological statement on who Jesus Christ really is for us today.

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