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Jack Hinson S One Man War

Author : Tom McKenney
ISBN : 1455606464
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The true story of one man's reluctant but relentless war against the invaders of his country.A quiet, wealthy plantation owner, Jack Hinson watched the start of the Civil War with disinterest. Opposed to secession and a friend to Union and Confederate commanders alike, he did not want a war. After Union soldiers seized and murdered his sons, placing their decapitated heads on the gateposts of his estate, Hinson could remain indifferent no longer. He commissioned a special rifle for long-range accuracy, he took to the woods, and he set out for revenge. This remarkable biography presents the story of Jack Hinson, a lone Confederate sniper who, at the age of 57, waged a personal war on Grant's army and navy. The result of 15 years of scholarship, this meticulously researched and beautifully written work is the only account of Hinson's life ever recorded and involves an unbelievable cast of characters, including the Earp brothers, Jesse James, and Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Gap Creek

Author : Robert Morgan
ISBN : 3423209429
Genre : Appalachian Region, Southern
File Size : 67. 75 MB
Format : PDF
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Battlefield Sniper

Author : Tom Chase McKenney
ISBN : 1848840918
Genre : Bubbling Springs (Tenn. : Farm)
File Size : 36. 40 MB
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Jack Hinson never planned to become a deadly sniper. A prosperous influential Kentucky plantation owner in the 1850s, Hinson was devoted to raising his growing family and working his land. Yet by 1865, Hinson had likely killed more than one hundred men and had single-handedly taken down an armed Union transport in his one-man war against Grant's army and navy. By the end of the Civil War, the Union had committed infantry and cavalry from nine regiments and a specially equipped amphibious task force of marines to capture Hinson, who was by that time nearly sixty years old. They never caught him. Jack Hinson's story has evaded astute historians, and until now, he has remained invisible in the history of sniper warfare. John S. "Old Jack" Hinson watched the start of the Civil War with impartial disinterest. A friend of Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate officers alike, Hinson was opposed to secession, focused instead on his personal affairs. After a unit of Union occupation troops moved in on his land and summarily captured, executed, and placed decapitated heads of his sons on his gateposts, however, Hinson abandoned his quiet life for one of revenge. Equipped with a rifle he had specially made for long-range accuracy, Hinson became deadly to the occupying army--Publisher's description.

Snipers At War

Author : John Walter
ISBN : 9781784381851
Genre : History
File Size : 39. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Snipers at War is a detailed history and analysis of the equipment, tactics and personalities of the ‘sniping world’, from the pursuit of accuracy to the latest electronic aids to observation and ranging. Technology and marksmanship from the Crimean War to the present day is examined in detail. The role of the sniper was largely ignored until the Winter War of 1939-40 between Finland and the USSR showed what could be achieved by specialist marksmen: Finn Simo Häyhä amassed 505 kills in less than a hundred days, a lesson learned by the Red Army to its cost. By the Germans invasion of 1941 the Russians were prepared: when the war ended, in addition to men such as Vasiliy Zaytsev, a Stalingrad hero with 242 accredited kills, the USSR had trained more than 2000 women as snipers. After 1945, the sniper’s reputation declined again. However, the Vietnam War, seemingly unending Middle Eastern conflict, internal strife in Sri Lanka, and ever-present urban threats have given new impetus not only to sniping but also to the development of new and more effective weaponry.

Die Ritterkreuztr Ger

Author : Veit Scherzer
ISBN : 3938845171
Genre : Ritterkreuz
File Size : 31. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Diary Of Nannie Haskins Williams

Author : Nannie Haskins Williams
ISBN : 9781621900382
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 44. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In 1863, while living in Clarksville, Tennessee, Martha Ann Haskins, known to friends and family as Nannie, began a diary. This document provides valuable insights into the conditions in occupied Middle Tennessee. A young, elite Confederate sympathizer, Nannie was on the cusp of adulthood with the expectation of becoming a mistress in a slaveholding society. The war ended this prospect, and her life was forever changed. Though this is the first time the diaries have been published in full, they are well known among Civil War scholars, and voice-overs from them were used in Ken Burns's PBS program "The Civil War." Sixteen-year-old Nannie had to come to terms with Union occupation very early in the war. Amid school assignments, young friendship, social events, worries about her marital prospects, and tension with her mother, Nannie's entries also mixed information about battles, neighbors wounded in combat, U.S. Colored troops, and lawlessness in the surrounding countryside. Providing rare detail about daily life in an occupied city, Nannie's diary poignantly recounts how she and those around her continued to fight, long after the war was over, to maintain their lives in a war-torn community. Though numerous women's Civil War diaries exist, Nannie's is unique in that she also recounts her postwar life and the unexpected financial struggles she and her family experienced in the post-Reconstruction South. Nannie represents a generation of young women born into a society based on slavery but who faced mature adulthood in an entirely new world of decreasing farm values, increasing industrialization, and young women entering the workforce.--From publisher description.

A Companion To The U S Civil War 2 Volume Set

Author : Aaron Sheehan-Dean
ISBN : 9781118802953
Genre : History
File Size : 59. 56 MB
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A Companion to the U.S. Civil War presents a comprehensive historiographical collection of essays covering all major military, political, social, and economic aspects of the American Civil War (1861-1865). Represents the most comprehensive coverage available relating to all aspects of the U.S. Civil War Features contributions from dozens of experts in Civil War scholarship Covers major campaigns and battles, and military and political figures, as well as non-military aspects of the conflict such as gender, emancipation, literature, ethnicity, slavery, and memory

Zehn Tage Die Die Welt Ersch Tterten

Author : John Reed
ISBN : 9783886346929
Genre : History
File Size : 57. 42 MB
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Die berühmten Augenzeugenberichte und Reportagen John Reeds von der Russischen Revolution 1917 sind gerade heute angesichts der revolutionären Entwicklungen in den arabischen Ländern hochaktuell. "Im Kampf waren meine Sympathien nicht neutral. Aber in meiner Schilderung der Geschichte dieser großen Tage habe ich versucht, die Ereignisse mit den Augen eines gewissenhaften Reporters zu sehen, der nichts anderes will als die Wahrheit schreiben." John Reed

Deutsche Scharfsch Tzenwaffen

Author : Peter Senich
ISBN : 3613017326
Genre :
File Size : 39. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sniper Elite Ein One Way Trip

Author : Scott McEwen
ISBN : 9783865524409
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Vom Koautor des New-York-Times-Bestsellers American Sniper. ONE TEAM. ONE SHOT. ONE WAY. Gil Shannon ist einer der tödlichsten Scharfschützen der US Navy und ein SEAL mit Leib und Seele. Gerade genießt er mit seiner Frau seinen wohlverdienten Urlaub, als er einen Hilferuf aus Afghanistan erhält. Eine Hubschrauberpilotin des Special-Forces-Teams wurde während eines Hinterhalts schwer verletzt und entführt. Dann taucht ein Video auf, das zeigt, wie die Pilotin während ihrer Gefangenschaft brutal geschlagen und vergewaltigt wird. Die Taliban fordern für Sandra das irrsinnige Lösegeld von 25 Millionen Dollar. Nachdem ein geheimer Einsatz misslingt, will der Präsident die Sache auf sich beruhen lassen. Er fürchtet eine verpfuschte Rettung wäre eine außenpolitische Katastrophe und könnte das Ende seiner Amtszeit sein. Doch Gil Shannon kann Sandra nicht im Stich lassen. Gegen die Weisung des Präsidenten begibt er sich in die Höhle des Löwen - eine Black Operation mit schlechten Chancen. Ein One Way Trip. Ein actiongeladener Militär-Thriller, der durch mitreißende Charaktere und Detailreichtum besticht und einen tiefen Einblick in die riskante Arbeitsweise der US Special Forces gewährt. Scott McEwen ist der Koautor des #1 New-York-Times-Bestsellers American Sniper, den erschütternden Lebensbericht des Scharfschützen Chris Kyle (verfilmt von Clint Eastwood). In Zusammenarbeit mit Thomas Koloniar schreibt er die erfolgreiche Serie um die Sniper Elite. Die Romane basieren auf wahren Begebenheiten von echten Scharfschützen. Scott McEwen (1961) ist Prozessanwalt in San Diego, Kalifornien. Er wuchs auf in den Bergen von Ost-Oregon. Nachdem er seinen Bachelor-Abschluss machte, studierte und arbeitete er lange Zeit in London.

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