investing in eu energy security exploring the regulatory approach to tomorrow s electricity production energy and environmental law policy series

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Investing In Eu Energy Security

Author : Henrik Bjørnebye
ISBN : 9789041131188
Genre : Law
File Size : 24. 59 MB
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La 4e de couverture indique : "Since the introduction a quarter-century ago of market-based investments in the production of electricity and other critical services, our awareness of the underlying issues affecting the supply and consumption of energy has changed radically. No longer can Europe (or any region) rely on over-capacity of electricity generation and inexpensive primary energy fuels, or disregard the signs of potentially catastrophic climate change. The author of this timely and sharply focused book shows that, in the light of our current knowledge, ensuring new investments - and the right investments - in electricity generation constitutes an urgent energy policy challenge facing the EU over the coming decades. He accordingly makes the case for a serious reconsideration of the market facilitation and market intervention rules under electricity market legislation in the EU. In the first detailed legal analysis of the EU's internal electricity market framework for investments in electricity generation facilities from the perspective of security of supply, this book cover such legal issues as the following in precise detail : applicability of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) ; security of supply as a ground for exemption on the basis of public security ; justifications of public intervention ; the applicability of EU State aid provisions to investments in energy security ; requirements imposed by EU law on Member States for ensuring cost-efficient investments in European supply security ; facilitation of renewable energy sources and cogeneration in the environmental interest ; the Court of Justice's approach to Member State interventions ; the Court's decisions on restrictions on free movement in the environmental interest ; Member States' right to launch tendering procedures for new generation capacity ; Member States' right to impose public service obligations in the general economic interest on certain undertakings ; and relationship between the provisions of the TFEU and those of the Euratom Treaty in relation to investments in nuclear power generation. Throughout the study, in addition to his analysis of the decisions of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance, the author takes into account legal literature and Union reports, preparatory works, and working papers. The book demonstrates convincingly that today's energy supply challenges must be based on a broader balancing of security, competitiveness and sustainability interests. It suggests that the internal electricity market provisions of the Electricity Directive and the Security of Electricity Supply Directive would benefit from focusing more intensely on requiring investments in technologies and primary energy sources that will help mitigate climate change and reduce European energy import dependency, and less on the need for ensuring cost-efficient investments through market-based means. Through its detailed analysis of EU law in an area of great significance to both market participants and the public sector, Investing in EU Energy Security will be welcomed by legal advisors, whether working for the EU electricity industry or public agencies responsible for implementation of internal electricity market measures, as well as by academics in this hugely important field of current research."

Regulating Gas Supply To Power Markets

Author :
Genre :
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Eu Energy Law And Policy

Author : Kim Talus
ISBN : 9780199686391
Genre : Law
File Size : 54. 51 MB
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Presenting an up-to-date overview of EU energy law and policy and a critical analysis of its sub-areas, the book extends the discussion from electricity and natural gas markets to other areas of energy, including oil. This holistic approach to the subject is then placed within the broader context of the international geopolitical sphere which EU energy law and policy operates, as the author considers the impact of regional and international energy policies andmarkets on the EU markets and the overall EU policy. He also draws on the wider context and takes into account non-legal factors such as the impact of unconventionals, the rise of the BRICS, and the'Arab spring'.

The Impact Of Environmental Concerns On The Public Enforcement Mechanism Under Eu Law

Author : Levente Borzsák
ISBN : 9789041134080
Genre : Law
File Size : 70. 22 MB
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"The European Union, with only 7.5% of the world's population, is responsible for a major part of the contamination of the planet, and is a major contributor to the problems of the global environment. Fortunately, Europe has both the capacity and the experience to fight effectively against these problems, even in this 'twenty-fifth hour' of environmental degradation. This timely book identifies some of the weaknesses of the public enforcement mechanism inherent in Articles 258-260 TFEU, and suggests how that mechanism could be improved in order to promote the overall effectiveness of EU law and environmental law in particular"--Provided by publisher.

Compensation For Environmental Damages Under International Law

Author : Tarcísio Hardman Reis
ISBN : 9789041134370
Genre : Law
File Size : 29. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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At present there is no clear model under international law with which to determine compensation for environmental damage. After showing that no existing standard of compensation defined by the theory and practice of international law is adequate to cover all cases involving environmental damages - and that such a broad standard or set of standards may in fact be ultimately unachievable - the author of this important book develops a 'fair compensation' regime from an analysis of existing international dispute adjudication mechanisms, and presents this model as the best possible current approach to the conciliation of international responsibility and environmental interests.

Eu Energy Law And Policy Issues

Author : Bram Delvaux
ISBN : 1780681879
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46. 35 MB
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Over the years, the Energy Law Research Forum (ELRF) has confirmed that it has a role to play in the energy law and policy debate. Today, the ELRF includes most of the younger generation of EU energy specialists with an academic interest, and each volume of EU Energy Law and Policy Issues has become a reference point for research and literature, as well as for the Court of Justice of the European Union. Over the years, the Court has processed several energy-related cases and has referenced the series several times. This fourth volume of the series presents an overview of some of the most recent developments taking place in the EU energy law and policy sector. In this respect, the reader will find a number of contributions which offer detailed and critical views on some of the main issues in this area. The book covers topical issues ranging from exemptions and derogations in EU energy acquis, pricing, access, investments, nuclear energy, external energy relations, as well as the role of regulatory authorities in the EU and beyond. It will surely prove to be an essential piece of reading for lawyers, legal advisers, academics, or students engaged in the field of energy law. (Series: Energy Law Research Forum - Vol. 4)

Theorising The Global Legal Order

Author : Andrew Halpin (DPhil.)
ISBN : 1841132497
Genre : Law
File Size : 65. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book aims to capture an exploratory approach to theorising the global legal order. Avoiding any brand loyalty to a particular academic perspective, it brings together scholars who contribute a variety of insights covering quite different topics and viewpoints. It sets itself the target of producing a distinctively legal theory of global phenomena, which is capable of illuminating the path of law as an academic discipline, as it confronts a bewildering array of novel situations and innovative ways of thinking about law. The broad base of perspectives found among the contributors, combined with a helpful commentary from the editors, makes the book an ideal Reader to introduce a subject that is becoming of increasing importance for academics, students and practitioners, in law and related fields.Contents: Introduction, Andrew Halpin & Volker Roeben; Cosmopolitan Legal Orders, H Patrick Glenn; Implications of 'Globalisation' for Law as a Discipline, William Twining; Theorising the Global Legal Order - An Institutionalist Perspective, Stefan Oeter; Incorporating Foreign Legal Ideas through Translation, Ko Hasegawa; Globalisation and Judicial Reasoning: Building Blocks for a Method of Interpretation, Catherine Dupré; Statecraft, Trade and Strategy: Toward a New Global Order, Ari Afilalo & Dennis Patterson; European Union as a Single Working-Living Space: EU Law and New Forms of Intra-Community Migration, Oxana Golynker; The Domestic Enforcement of Supranational Rules: The Role of Evidence in EC Competition Law, Déirdre Dwyer; The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Towards a Global Legal Order on Indigenous Rights?, Stephen Allen; Developing a Framework for Understanding the Localisation of Global Scripts in East Asia, John Gillespie; Governance Through Corruption: Cosmopolitan Complicity, Nicholas Dorn; Decentralised Constitutionalisation in National and International Courts: Reflections on Comparative Law as an Approach to Public Law, Christian Walter; Concluding Reflections, Andrew Halpin & Volker Roeben

Environmental Principles

Author : Nicolas de Sadeleer
ISBN : 0199254745
Genre : Law
File Size : 49. 88 MB
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This book traces the evolution of environmental principles from their origins as vague political slogans to their embodiment in enforceable laws. In particular it examines three of the most important principles: the polluter pays principles, the preventive principle and the precautionary principle, and their legal effect at the national, regional and international levels.

Energy And Environmental Challenges To Security

Author : Stephen Stec
ISBN : 9781402094514
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 82. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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On 21 November 2007 the grand and elegant Delegates Hall of the Hungarian Parliament was the scene of the opening of a conference to discuss some of the most pressing issues of the day, those related to our unending thirst for energy, its environmental consequences, and the challenges that these bear on security. Over the next 3 days scientists, parliamentarians and their guests confronted, challenged, teased and cajoled each other in a NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) entitled “Energy and Environmental Challenges to Security,” affirming that knowledge and public service hold the keys to solving our greatest challenges. The magnitude of the security challenge was confirmed while this volume was being prepared. In mid-2008, the International Energy Agency issued a report concluding that US$45 trillion would be needed over the next half century to prevent energy shortages and greenhouse gas emissions from undermining global economic growth. But lest such large numbers cause us all to shrug, this volume brings attention to some of the more manageable aspects of the environment and energy security challenge – from addressing conflict resources such as illegal timber that contribute to corruption and regional instability, to means and mechanisms to enable the diversification of energy supplies, to environmental risk reduction strategies for particular installations. The participants in the Hungarian Parliament building were atypical for a NATO Advanced Research Workshop.

Transatlantic Energy Futures

Author : David Koranyi
ISBN : 0984854401
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The quest for sufficient energy resources will play an important strategic role in the rise and fall of nations as well as become a source of potential global disputes overthe coming decades. Against this backdrop, Transatlantic Energy Futures analyzes howEurope and the United States will grapple with these looming energy questions: • What are the factors driving energypolicy decisions in Washington, Brussels,European capitals, and U.S. states? • What will define their energy mixes inthe future? • What are the similarities and differences,convergences and divergences in variousenergy sectors in Europe and America? • Are there synergies to tap in closercooperation on energy issues? Whatshould be done to facilitate transatlanticcooperation in the field of energy from apolitical and economic perspective? • Is a transatlantic energy alliance desirable?Is it even possible? What should bethe goals, scope, shape, and influence ofsuch an alliance?

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