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The Administration Of Justice In Criminal Matters

Author : G. Glover Alexander
ISBN : 9780521183482
Genre : Law
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This 1915 book endeavours to capture not simply the components of the criminal justice system, but the very spirit in which justice is administered. Although the focus is primarily on law, modern readers will appreciate the extent to which themes of history, politics and sociology are integral to the arguments of the text.

Inside Criminal Law

Author : John M. Burkoff
ISBN : 9781454827641
Genre : Law
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With dynamic learning features and visual aids, the Inside Series helps you make the most of your study time, throughout the semester and as you prepare for the final. Unlike heavily abridged treatises, the Inside Series is carefully written in a concise, straightforward style that clearly identifies the essential components of the law and how they fit together. You can quickly learn what is important and why. Overviews and Tables of Contents in each chapter act as a roadmap to guide you through topics, showing you how each relates to the larger legal framework. FAQs clarify points of law and help you avoid common mistakes and misconceptions. Sidebars give fascinating additional detail from legal history, policy, famous cases and more. The graphic design supports your visual learning, and features such as bolded key terms, summaries, and Connections help reinforce your understanding while giving you ample opportunity for self-review. Surprisingly concise, visually compelling, the Inside Series is extremely useful throughout the semester to help you identify the essential components of the law and how they fit together. Comprehensive coverage of the essential topics emphasizes what you need to know and why. Clear, straightforward, informal writing explains every topic for you without over-simplifying the concepts. Overviews and Tables of Contents in each chapter act as a roadmap to guide you through topics, showing you why each matters and how it fits into the larger framework of the law. FAQs clarify points of law and help you avoid common mistakes and misconceptions. Sidebars enrich the text with fascinating detail from legal history, policy, famous cases and more. Bolded key terms, Connections and summaries reinforce your understanding and give you ample opportunity for self-review. The overall graphical design of the series supports your visual learning.

The Soviet Union And International Cooperation In Legal Matters 3 Criminal Law

Author : George Ginsburgs
ISBN : 0792330943
Genre : Law
File Size : 52. 74 MB
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The present title is the last in a three-volume set addressing the umbrella theme of The Soviet Union and International Cooperation in Legal Matters'. The preceding installments treated the Soviet Union's record in the field of commercial arbitration and civil law, respectively. With the U.S.S.R. dead, use of the term Soviet Union' may call for some justification. In this instance, the desire to preserve stylistic continuity plays a role in the choice. Furthermore, the bulk of the monograph really does deal with the Soviet Union's track record in this domain on the assumption that much of its repertory in this theatre will be salvaged through the machinery of state succession in fairly intact or recognizable shape and affect the deployment of future modes of management of these affairs en route to stripping the old inventory of its socialist' attributes and updating the core package. In that sense, the volume marks the end of a Soviet branch of international law and the dawn of a new discipline of research in the local brand of post-Soviet international law. It seems safe to say, though, that whatever lies ahead is going to have its roots in the country's contemporary history, and understanding these antecedents will make the job of figuring out what to expect next a bit easier. The study concentrates essentially on post-World War II repertory, with some reference to pre-1945 antecedents in order to put the picture in a clearer perspective.

Criminal Justice Research Methods

Author : Gerald J. Bayens
ISBN : 9781439836965
Genre : Law
File Size : 59. 42 MB
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The study of research methodologies can be daunting to many students due to complex terminology, mathematical formulas, and lack of practical examples. Now in its second edition, Criminal Justice Research Methods: Theory and Practice offers a straightforward, easy-to-understand text that clarifies this complex subject matter, keeping perplexing research language and associated complexities to a minimum and ensuring that students get a practical grasp of this essential topic. The authors discuss scientific inquiry, establishing a framework for thinking about and understanding the nature of research. They examine various types of research methods in the broad categories of quantitative, qualitative, and evaluation designs and provide coverage of analytical and experimental research designs. The book also examines survey methods, survey instruments, and questionnaires, including wording, organization, and pretesting. It describes the fundamental characteristics of the qualitative approach, setting the stage for an in-depth discussion of the participant observation and case study methods of research. Other topics include ethical standards of conduct, topic selection, literature review, and guidelines for writing a research report or grand proposal. The second edition features updated examples, reworked exercises, additional discussion points, and new research-in-action sections. Defining a clear approach to the study of research, the book enables student experiencing their initial exposure to this subject to be fundamentally prepared to be proficient researchers in criminal justice and criminology.

Mutual Admissibility Of Evidence In Criminal Matters In The Eu Ircp Series Vol 53

Author : Martyna Kusak
ISBN : 9789046608401
Genre : Admissible evidence
File Size : 22. 26 MB
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Any effort to gather evidence may prove pointless without ensuring its admissibility. Nevertheless, the EU, while developing instruments for smooth gathering of evidence in criminal matters, is not taking much effort to enhance its admissibility. Due to the lack of common rules in this matter, gathering and use of evidence in the EU cross-border context is still governed by the domestic law of the member states concerned. This may lead to situations where, given the differences between legal systems across the EU, evidence collected in one member state will not be admissible in other member states. Due to the fact that the Lisbon Treaty opened the possibility to adopt minimum rules concerning, among other things, the mutual admissibility of evidence, this research investigates the concept of minimum standards designed to enhance mutual admissibility of evidence in the EU. Through a study of two investigative measures, telephone tapping and house search, the author examines whether coming to various common minimum standards is feasible and whether compliance with these standards would finally shape the as yet nonexistent concept of the free movement and mutual recognition of evidence in criminal matters in the EU. Essential reading for both national and EU policy makers, scholars and practitioners involved in cross-border gathering of evidence in the EU.

International Criminal Law

Author : M. Cherif Bassiouni
ISBN : 9789004165304
Genre : Law
File Size : 32. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Volume 3 addresses the direct enforcement system, namely international criminal tribunals, how they came about and how they functioned, tracing that history from the end of WWI to the ICC, including the post-WWII experiences. They address the IMT, IMTFE, ICTY, ICTR, the mixed model tribunals and the ICC. It also contains a chapter which addresses some of the problems of the direct enforcement system, namely the general, procedural, evidentiary, and sanctions parts of ICL, which is largely made of what is contained in the statutes of the tribunals mentioned above as well as the jurisprudence of the established tribunals. In addition this volume addresses national experiences with the enforcement of certain international crimes. It is divided into 4 chapters which are titled as: Chapter 1: History of International Investigations and Prosecutions (International Criminal Accountability; International Criminal Justice in Historical Perspective); Chapter 2: International Criminal Tribunals and Mixed Model Tribunals (The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda; The Making of the International Criminal Court; Mixed Models of International Criminal Justice; Special Court for Sierra Leone; Special Tribunal for Cambodia; East Timor); Chapter 3: National Prosecutions for International Crimes (National Prosecutions for International Crimes; National Prosecutions of International Crimes: A Historical Overview; The French Experience; The Belgian Experience; The Dutch Experience; Indonesia; The U.S. War Crimes Act of 1996; Enforcing ICL Violations with Civil Remedies: The Case of the U.S. Alien Tort Claims Act); Chapter 4: Contemporary Issues in International Criminal Law Doctrine and Practice (Command Responsibility; Joint Criminal Enterprise; The Responsibility of Peacekeepers; The General Part: Judicial Developments; Ne bis in idem; Plea Bargains; Issues Pertaining to the Evidentiary Part of International Criminal Law; Penalties and Sentencing; Penalties: From Leipzig to Arusha; Victimsa (TM) Rights in International Law).

A Treatise On The Criminal Law Of The State Of New York And Upon The Jurisdiction Duty And Authority Of Justices Of The Peace And Incidentally Of The Power And Duty Of Sheriffs Constables C In Criminal Cases Second Edition

Author : Oliver Lorenzo BARBOUR
ISBN : BL:A0017719696
Genre :
File Size : 35. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Criminal Law Second Edition

Author : Charles P. Nemeth
ISBN : 9781439861714
Genre : Law
File Size : 51. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In order to fully grasp criminal law concepts, students must go beyond mere rote memorization of the penal code and attempt to understand where the laws originate from and how they have developed. Criminal Law, Second Edition blends legal and moral reasoning in the examination of crimes and explores the history relating to jurisprudence and roots of criminal law. It fosters discussions of controversial issues and delivers abridged case law decisions that target the essence of appellate rulings. Grounded in the model penal code, making the text national in scope, this volume examines: Why the criminal codes originated, and the moral, religious, spiritual, and human influences that led to our present system How crimes are described in the modern criminal justice model The two essential elements necessary for criminal culpability: actus reus (the act committed or omitted) and mens rea (the mind and intent of the actor) Offenses against the body resulting in death, including murder, manslaughter, felony murder, and negligent homicide Nonterminal criminal conduct against the body, including robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, and hate crimes Sexual assault, rape, necrophilia, incest, and child molestation Property offenses, such as larceny/theft, bribery, forgery, and embezzlement Crimes against the home, including burglary, trespass, arson, and vandalism The book also examines controversial public morality issues such as prostitution, drug legalization, obscenity, and pornography. The final two chapters discuss inchoate offenses, where the criminal act has not been completed, and various criminal defenses such as legal insanity, entrapment, coercion, self-defense, and mistake of fact or law. Important keywords introduce each chapter, and discussion questions and suggested readings appear at the end of each chapter, prompting lively debate and further inquiry into a fascinating subject area that continues to evolve.

Harmonization Of Criminal Law In Europe

Author : Erling Johannes Husabø
ISBN : 9789050954747
Genre : Law
File Size : 34. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In articles by legal scholars from six countries, the ongoing harmonization of criminal law in Europe is analysed from different perspectives. Through an examination of the rapid progress in European Union Law in this area, both the harmonization of substantial criminal law provisions and criminal penalties is shed light on. The development in criminal law cooperation is also accentuated, especially the breakthrough of the principle of mutual recognition and the proposal to establish a European Prosecutor. Special attention is given to the Schengen Agreement, the role of Europol and the more general influence of the harmonizing processes on European states remaining outside the EU. Conclusively, the challenges presented by a transnational criminal procedure to the preservation of human rights, are examined. The articles are based on lectures given at a colloquium in Bergen (Norway).

Reports Of Cases In Criminal Law

Author : Edward William Cox
ISBN : STANFORD:36105062775254
Genre : Law reports, digests, etc
File Size : 29. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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