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Human Rights And Private International Law

Author : James Fawcett
ISBN : 0199666407
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Examining the impact, both actual and potential, of human rights concerns on private international law as well as the oft overlooked topic of the impact of private international law on human rights, this work represents an invaluable resource for all those working or conducting research in these areas. Human Rights and Private International Law is the first title to consider and analyse the numerous private international law cases discussing human rights concerns arising in the commercial law context, alongside high profile cases dealing with torture (Jones v. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and same sex marriage (Wilkinson v Kitzinger).The right to a fair trial is central to the intersection between human rights and private international law, and is considered in depth along with the right to freedom of expression; the right to respect for private and family life; the right to marry; the right to property; and the prohibition of discrimination on the ground of religion, sex, or nationality. Focussing on, though not confined to, the human rights set out in the ECHR, the work also examines the influence of human rights on private international law in countries which are not a party to the ECHR, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

Employment Contracts In Private International Law

Author : Louise Merrett
ISBN : 0199591040
Genre : Law
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Addressing both the common law rules on jurisdiction, and special rules on employment within the European regimes for jurisdiction and choice of law, this book provides essential information for the application of relevant rules in both employment law and private international law, and explains the context in which they operate.

Agreements On Jurisdiction And Choice Of Law

Author : Adrian Briggs
ISBN : 0199282307
Genre : Law
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'Agreements on Jurisdiction and Choice of Law' analyses the law and practice relating to the classification, drafting, validity and enforcement of contractual clauses relating to jurisdiction, choice of law, arbitration and other types of dispute resolution.

Foreign Law In English Courts

Author : Richard Fentiman
ISBN : 019825878X
Genre : Law
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The pleading and proof of foreign law are often treated as atters of peripheral importance. But, in reality, how foreign law is established, and whether is must be established at all, are central issues in private international law. Whether litigants are free to ignore the foreign elements in a dispute goes to the heart of the conflicts process, and without effective means to establish foreign law the very purpose of that process is subverted. Such issues give rise to particular problems in English law. It is often unclear whether the rules for choice of law are mandatory, and whether the application of foreign law is therefore required. The cost and uncertainty of establishing foreign law may also affect how cases are argued and decided, and may discourage litigants from suing at all. This book, the first to examine the topic from the perspective of English law, offers a radical reappraisal of a long-neglected subject. Fentiman argues that the law is both more complex, and more defensible, than had previously been supposed. He provides a practical guide to the subject and in so doing presents the conflict of laws in a way which is both novel and illuminating. The book will be recognised by practitioners and scholars alike as a welcome addition to the series of Oxford Monographs in Private International Law.

Nineteenth Century Perspectives On Private International Law

Author : Roxana Banu
ISBN : 9780192551740
Genre : Law
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Private International Law is often criticized for failing to curb private power in the transnational realm. The field appears disinterested or powerless in addressing global economic and social inequality. Scholars have frequently blamed this failure on the separation between private and public international law at the end of the nineteenth century and on private international law's increasing alignment with private law. Through a contextual historical analysis, Roxana Banu questions these premises. By reviewing a broad range of scholarship from six jurisdictions (the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the Netherlands) she shows that far from injecting an impetus for social justice, the alignment between private and public international law introduced much of private international law's formalism and neutrality. She also uncovers various nineteenth century private law theories that portrayed a social, relationally constituted image of the transnational agent, thus contesting both individualistic and state-centric premises for regulating cross-border inter-personal relations. Overall, this study argues that the inherited shortcomings of contemporary private international law stem more from the incorporation of nineteenth century theories of sovereignty and state rights than from theoretical premises of private law. In turn, by reconsidering the relational premises of the nineteenth century private law perspectives discussed in this book, Banu contends that private international law could take centre stage in efforts to increase social and economic equality by fostering individual agency and social responsibility in the transnational realm.

Corporations In Private International Law

Author : Stephan Rammeloo
ISBN : 0198299257
Genre : Law
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This book provides a much-needed analysis of this very important subject for company lawyers, including discussion of the principle of freedom of establishment, and focusing upon the key issue of determining where a corporation has its 'seat' for legal purposes. A survey is given of current EC law and of private international law developments in three 'incorporation' countries (Netherlands, England and Switzerland) and three 'real seat' countries (Germany, France and Italy). Following on from entry into force of the Treaty of Amsterdam, an integrated approach of EC law and private international law is advocated in order to develop instruments to facilitate cross-border company migration. Special attention is given to the 1998 EC Draft Proposal for a Fourteenth Company Law Directive on Cross-border Company Transfers.

Foreign Law In Civil Litigation

Author : Sofie Geeroms
ISBN : 0199264767
Genre : Law
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This work provides an analysis of how foreign law should be pleaded and dealt with in the litigation process of another country. The book compares how issues are handled in different national systems, with particular focus upon civil litigation rules in the US, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Intellectual Property And Private International Law

Author : J. J. Fawcett
ISBN : 0198262140
Genre : Law
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The protection and commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights such as patents, trade marks, designs and copyright are seldom confined to one country and the introduction of a foreign element inevitably raises potential problems of private international law, ranging from establishing which court has jurisdiction and which is the applicable law to securing the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. For example, will a foreign defendant be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts if he induces his English distributor to infringe a patent in England? What law will apply to a trade mark licensing agreement made between a German company and a French company where the parties have not expressly chosen whose law governs their contract? And are an author's rights determined by the same law as that governing the issue of the transferability of copyright? Although such issues are becoming increasingly important, a dearth of literature exists on the subject. Fawcett and Torremans remedy that neglect and provide a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the topic that will be welcomed by practitioners and scholars alike. From the authors' preface This book is concerned with the application of the rules of private international law to intellectual property cases. Private international lawyers have largely ignored this topic, and it has been left to intellectual property lawyers to discuss this. This is a pity. It is a topicwhich raises unique questions for the private international lawyer which deserve an answer, and at the same time tells us much about the rules of private international law that are being applied. The aim of the book is to fill this gap in the literature. The emphasis in the book is on private international law rather than on intellectual property law. Nonetheless, it is hoped that intellectual property lawyers will find much to interest them here Most of the book is taken up with a discussion of the relevant rules of private international law and their application in the context of intellectual property law. A major theme of the book is the extent to which there are special rules of private international law for this area and whether there should be such rules. Alternative private international law solutions will be considered by looking at the law in other jurisdictions and, where appropriate, proposals will be put forward for a better solution This book is part ofthe Oxford Monographs in Private International Law series, the aim of which is to publish work of high quality and originality in a number of important areas of private international law. The series is intended for both scholarly and practitioner readers.

European Private International Law

Author : Geert Van Calster
ISBN : 9781509905966
Genre : Law
File Size : 28. 6 MB
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As one of the most definitive texts on the market, European Private International Law provides an essential guide for both students and practitioners to the complex field of international litigation within the EU. The private international law of the Member States is increasingly regulated by European law, making private international law ever less 'national' and ever more EU based. Consequentially EU law in this area has penetrated national law to a very high degree, making it an essential area of study and an area of increasing importance to practising lawyers. This book provides a thorough overview of core European private international law, including the Brussels I, Rome I and Rome II Regulations (jurisdiction, applicable law for contracts and tort), while additional chapters deal with the recently adopted Succession Regulation, private international law and insolvency, freedom of establishment, and the impact of PIL on corporate social responsibility. From the reviews of the first edition 'As a result of his broad knowledge on the subject and rich professional experience, Mr van Calster provides great insight into current issues within international law. The book is practical as both a student textbook and a general introduction for legal professionals'. Vladimir Cupryszak, Association for International Arbitration 'Excellent overview of European Private International Law issues, as well as a very helpful introduction to basic concepts of conflicts of laws and jurisdictions'. Professor Stavros Brekoulakis, Queen Mary University of London 'This is a most useful book. I recommend it to my students as a great way to come to terms with the EU elements of Private International Law'. Dr David Kenny, Trinity College Dublin 'This book is essential reading for law students in Europe and abroad. It provides a coherent overview of all main elements of European private international law; concepts, legal instruments and practice'. Professor Kim Talus, UEF Law School, Finland 'Well-written, clear and understandable. Excellent value for money'. Dr Jan Oster, King's College London, UK

Private International Law And Global Governance

Author : Horatia Muir Watt
ISBN : 9780198727620
Genre : Law
File Size : 65. 49 MB
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Taking a critical approach to private international law, this volume examines its function and role in an era of global governance. It asks if private international law has the potential to reassert itself as a significant governance function in respect of new forms of authority beyond the state, and how this might be done.

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