how to survive mercury retrograde

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How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

Author : Bernie Ashman
ISBN : 9780738747415
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 63. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Go beyond the fear and negativity of retrograde periods and achieve success. Retrogrades can present unexpected opportunities when you approach them with creativity and patience. How to Survive Mercury Retrograde shows you how to be better prepared for retrograde cycles and handle those areas of life that are most commonly affected. Discover the answers to questions about getting married, accepting a new job, or buying a car during a retrograde period. Explore retrograde survival tips that will help you maintain focus and correct mistakes. Look up your sign and corresponding element to see how you can cope. Whether you are a student of astrology or just someone wanting to know how to survive a retrograde cycle with less stress, this book will help you navigate these challenging astrological periods. Praise: "Mr. Ashman shares what to look out for and many tips for navigating these phases in ways that can actually help us, and his extensive knowledge and expertise with astrology are clearly on display. I heartily recommend this book!"—Diane Brandon, author of Dream Interpretation for Beginners, Intuition for Beginners, and Invisible Blueprints “A welcome and much-needed antidote to the retrograde anxiety.”—Kevin B. Burk, Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy and author of Principles of Practical Natal Astrology

The Power Of Mercury

Author : Leslie McGuirk
ISBN : 9780062434951
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 57. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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A lively guide to surviving and thriving during Mercury Retrograde—and to unlocking the astrological secrets of Mercury, the planet that rules communication. Mercury Retrograde: We’ve all heard about its effects. E-mails disappear into black holes. Flights are delayed and trains run late. From communication mishaps to travel breakdowns, Mercury Retrograde wreaks utter havoc on our lives. So how do we survive it, sanity and relationships intact? In The Power of Mercury, acclaimed astrologer Leslie McGuirk casts new light on Mercury Retrograde—treating it as an opportunity to slow down in a tech-crazed world, from approaching agreements with caution to communicating with intention. With an unparalleled sense of humor and uncommon helping of straight talk, McGuirk further dispels the mysteries of Mercury Retrograde by teaching us how to identify our personal Mercury signs and those of the people with whom we interact every day, from bosses to romantic partners—and what that means for how we communicate, and what to do about it. In our ever increasingly tech-driven, fast-paced world, where we all email, text, chat, and tweet hundreds of times a day, and zip around the world at a moment’s notice, the stakes for any glitches in communication are higher than ever. Finally, with The Power of Mercury, we have the fresh, direct guide we need to navigating it all without stress—and with a much needed dose of optimism, common sense, and style.

The Witches Almanac Issue 35 Spring 2016 Spring 2017

Author : Theitic
ISBN : 9781881098324
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Founded in 1971, The Witches’ Almanac is a witty, literate, and sophisticated publication that appeals to general readers as well as hard-core Wiccans. At one level, it is a pop reference that will fascinate anyone interested in folklore, mythology, and culture, but at another, it is the most sophisticated and wide-ranging annual guide available today for the mystic enthusiast. Modeled after the Old Farmers’ Almanac, it includes information related to the annual moon calendar (weather forecasts and horoscopes), as well as legends, rituals, herbal secrets, mystic incantations, interviews, and many a curious tale of good and evil. Although it is an annual publication with about 15 percent of the content specific to the date range of each issue, there are pages and pages of interesting and timeless articles about Witchcraft/Wicca, magic, herbalism, charms, spells, and related topics. The theme of Issue 35 (Spring 2016 – Spring 2017) is air: the breath of life. Also included are articles on Lithuanian Day of the Dead, Nine Elements of the Druids, Tomb Sweeping Day, Kohl, and the Akashic Records.

Maggie And The Mercury Retrograde

Author : Anya Monroe
ISBN : 1517308445
Genre :
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My life is spinning out of control faster than I can say sorry for all the things I've done since this whole planetary shift began.Like apologize for the fact I made out with my soon-to-be stepbrother. And his stepbrother. And that I'm crushing on the one guy I swore I'd never be into...while keeping it all from my BFF. Mom says I think the world revolves around me, but the truth is, I'm just trying to survive the worst week of my life.The universe is legit out to get me. It started when my gaming nemesis deleted my AsteroMine galaxy and it's only gone downhill from there. It isn't my fault. I swear.

Llewellyn S 2010 Witches Datebook

Author :
ISBN : 9780738706931
Genre :
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The Old Farmer S Almanac

Author : Robert Bailey Thomas
ISBN : WISC:89091895151
Genre : Agriculture
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Author : 伯尼.艾希曼(Bernie Ashman)
ISBN : 9789869487627
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 38. 32 MB
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25個實用的水逆過關指南+16個金逆過關指南+14個火逆過關指南 從自己的太陽星座,找到你獨有的逆轉勝之道! 電腦3C當機、思考打結、溝通卡關、旅途受阻⋯⋯ 別再把水逆當藉口,學習利用逆行行星的正面力量, 每年三至四次、每次三至四週的水逆來襲,做好準備,就可以逆勢而起! 老師,請問在水逆(水星逆行)期間, 適合申請學校、簽約、結婚、換工作、買房子、動手術、或旅行嗎? 我該如何趨吉避凶,化阻力為助力? 現實生活中,有太多的事情必須完成。要你在行星逆行時期,停下手邊進行中的事情,不能將某個想法付諸行動,直到行星恢復順行為止。這古老的建議一點也不實際! 身為一個現代人,你應該把行星逆行期間視為「自我審視與升級」的機會,利用這段時機做出更高明的選擇──什麼時候是追求目標的最佳時機,什麼時候又該明智地暫停腳步,等待水到渠成。 占星學上,有三個行星的移動速度較為快速,分別是水星、金星、火星。這三個行星,也是對現代人日常生活影響最大的行星。 水星掌管的是,思考、通訊、表達、理解、交通運輸、學習和健康。 金星掌管的是,社交、愛情、金錢、合夥關係、自我價值感。 火星掌管的是,行動力、戰鬥力、性慾、身分認同、自我形象。 水星逆行,每年都會發生三至四次,每次為期二十至二十四天。 金星逆行,大約每一年半發生一次。 火星逆行,則每二年左右發生一次。 行星當然不可能倒退走!所謂的逆行,指的是一種視覺差。由於占星學是以「地心說」為基礎的學問,以地球為中心來觀看其他星體的移動。行星逆行是指以地球的角度相對而言,只要某個行星移動速度比地球慢,就會呈現出倒退走的視覺效果。 本書的目的是幫助每個人於行星逆行期間,在親密關係、人際溝通、職場情勢、商業活動上,做出更有覺知的決定。你不必是個占星老手,這本書淺顯易懂,只要知道自己的太陽星座,就可依循書中建議安度行星逆行,在這些極具挑戰的週期中找到方向與生機。 【水逆的正面力量】 水星逆行期間,適合去學習一項新的技能,可能會開啟新的工作機會。 善用這股「回顧」的能量,跟某人更清楚地溝通某一件事。 把困擾你已久的問題,想得更仔細、更深入、更透澈。 【金逆的正面力量】 金星逆行期間,適合與人們締結合夥關係,你會享有更平等互惠的關係。 可以利用這段時間,與某人重修舊好,或修復關係。 提升自我價值感,在穩定和激烈的情感中取得平衡。 【火逆的正面力量】 火星逆行期間,適合為自己找到一條新出路,你會變得更有決心。 在這段期間,自信會戰勝自我懷疑。好好沉澱自己,將無濟於事的衝動拋諸腦後。 這時候會出現一個全新的你,而你會驕傲地向外展現自己的新面貌。

The Intuitive Arts On Money

Author : Arlene Tognetti
ISBN : 1592571077
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 58. 72 MB
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In this fascinating series of books, the millions of New Age followers who are eager to expand themselves spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally can find all the answers they need to life's most pressing questions, problems, and daily dilemmas. Each Intuitive Art book offers the the tools and advice the readers need to make real changes in their lives, and their futures, by drawing on the Intuitive Arts explained here: e Tarot illustrations and spreads e Easy-to-understand astrological charts and graphs e Psychic exercises and diagrams e Vital stars, signs, and cards for each Intuitive Art e Overviews of each Art and what it means for the individual

Mercury Retrograde

Author : Camille Hernández-Ramdwar
ISBN : 1896705189
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 53. 11 MB
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Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015060923367
Genre : Astronomy
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