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How To Design Ted Worthy Presentation Slides Black And White Edition

Author : Akash Karia
ISBN : 1507638124
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Black & White editionThis is the B&W edition of the book. All pictures inside will be in grayscale. “Reading this book changed my presentation style and my slides, both for the better - and I've been a professional speaker for over 30 years.”~ Becki L. James How to Design TED-Worthy Presentation Slides is a short, practical and step-by-step guide to creating sexy slides. It is based on an extensive analysis of some of the best TED speakers, such as Brene Brown, Daniel Pink, Amy Cuddy, Larry Lessig, Seth Godin, Bill Gates and many, many more. LEARN HOW TO BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR SLIDES, INSTEAD OF DRAINING IT OUT OF YOUR AUDIENCE By the end of this guide, you too will be able to create sexy presentation slides that keep your audiences mesmerized. More importantly, you will be able to design presentations that breathe life into your slides, instead of draining it out of your audience. Here's just a taste of what you'll learn inside the book: •The most common mistake most presenters make – and how you can avoid it •The one principle that will make you better than 90% of most speakers •How to quickly create a presentation storyboard •Bill Gates' trick for transforming his slides from dull to dashing •The Seth Godin presentation formula •The importance of contrast •Locating and using sexy fonts •Spicing up your presentations with video •Displaying data without being dull •Ensuring consistency between slides •How to deliver a great TED talk (or any other speech or presentation) •And much, much more… “A must read...An essential tool for preparing effective, interesting and "sexy" presentations...a must read for any professional who wants to improve his communicational skills.”~ Rosalinda Scalia “The lessons shared in this short book will a go a long way to helping a person give better public presentations. The insights shared by Akash are like golden nuggets in a river full of info!”~ Alan Portugal “I have been teaching workshops at universities and Fortune 500 Campuses up and down the East Coast on building better presentations. Akash hits all the right notes in this book. A must read for anyone wanting to build powerful presentations.”~ David Bishop “Excellent for those who want to really engage their audience. I incorporated many of the principles within and developed a more effective product presentation.”~ Tom Tipps “Right on the mark. Just what I was looking for as a non-designer.”~ Erik J. Zettelmayer “Make a greater impact with your presentations. While reading this book I was mentally reviewing my talks where I use PowerPoint slides. I am now changing some of those slides to make a greater impact on the listeners. These tips are easy to implement and make sense.”~ John C. Erdman “As always we can expect the best from Akash and we are getting more.”~ Payam Bahrampoor “This book gives practical advice. However, it does not stop there. It demonstrates how to use that advice, gives visual examples of what to do and what not to do and explains why. It turns creating a presentation from a dreaded event to one allowing creativity to flow and your passion about your subject matter to emerge on the screen through your slides.”~ Pandora Training and Consulting “I will admit to rarely reviewing books. However, this book was such a step above any others I've read on the art of PowerPoint presentations, I had to give it a five star review.”~ David Schwind

Talk Like Ted

Author : Carmine Gallo
ISBN : 9781466837270
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century. In order to succeed, you need to be able to sell your ideas persuasively. This ability is the single greatest skill that will help you accomplish your dreams. Many people have a fear of public speaking or are insecure about their ability to give a successful presentation. Now public speaking coach and bestselling author Carmine Gallo explores what makes a great presentation by examining the widely acclaimed TED Talks, which have redefined the elements of a successful presentation and become the gold standard for public speaking. TED ? which stands for technology, entertainment, and design ? brings together the world's leading thinkers. These are the presentations that set the world on fire, and the techniques that top TED speakers use will make any presentation more dynamic, fire up any team, and give anyone the confidence to overcome their fear of public speaking. In his book, Carmine Gallo has broken down hundreds of TED talks and interviewed the most popular TED presenters, as well as the top researchers in the fields of psychology, communications, and neuroscience to reveal the nine secrets of all successful TED presentations. Gallo's step-by-step method makes it possible for anyone to deliver a presentation that is engaging, persuasive, and memorable. Carmine Gallo's top 10 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Talk Like TED will give anyone who is insecure about their public speaking abilities the tools to communicate the ideas that matter most to them, the skill to win over hearts and minds, and the confidence to deliver the talk of their lives. The opinions expressed by Carmine Gallo in TALK LIKE TED are his own. His book is not endorsed, sponsored or authorized by TED Conferences, LLC or its affiliates.

Ted Talks Storytelling

Author : Akash Karia
ISBN : 1507503008
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Every speaker can put these ideas into practice immediately -- and they should!"~ Dr. Richard C. Harris, Certified World Class Speaking Coach "An insightful read"~Dennis Waller, Top 500 Reviewer "Superb communication advice" ~ Larry Nocella MASTER THE ONE THING ALL GREAT TED TALKS HAVE IN COMMON What is the secret to delivering a great TED talk? What is the magic ingredient that makes a TED talk captivating? And more importantly, how can you use those secrets to make your presentations more powerful, dynamic and engaging? To try to answer these questions, I studied over 200 of the best TED talks. I broke each TED talk down in terms of structure, message and delivery. Here's what I discovered. After studying over 200 TED talks, the one commonality among all the great TED talks is that they contain stories. UTILIZE ADVANCED STORYTELLING TECHNIQUES TO INJECT LIFE INTO YOUR PRESENTATIONS Essentially, the best speakers on the TED stage were the ones who had mastered the art of storytelling. They had mastered how to craft and present their stories in a way that allowed them to share their message with the world without seeming like they were lecturing their audience. DISCOVER THE 23 STORYTELLING SECRETS OF THE BEST TED TALKS In this short but powerful guide, you're going to learn how to use stories to make your presentations engaging and entertaining. Using case studies drawn from TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Susan Cain, Leslie Morgan Steiner, Mike Rowe and Malcom Gladwell, you'll learn how to craft stories that keep your audience mesmerized. By the time you've finished reading this storytelling manifesto, you will have picked up twenty-three principles on how to create stories that keep your audiences mesmerized. Whether you are giving a TED talk or a corporate presentation, you will be able to apply the principles you pick up in this guide to make your next talk a roaring success! RAVE REVIEWS FROM READERS "No more boring speeches and presentations"~ Douglas L. Coppock "A crisp and no fluff book" ~ Kam Syed "A great book on storytelling" ~ David Bishop "Excellent book for any speaker" ~ Dean Krosecz

Ted Talks

Author : Chris Anderson
ISBN : 9780544664364
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Catnip for all the TED fans out there." —Publishers Weekly "Unimpeachably practical . . . A handy guide for novice and moderately experienced speakers." —Kirkus Reviews "Anderson shares the secrets behind the best TED presentations." —Booklist Since taking over TED in 2001, Chris Anderson has shown how carefully crafted talks can be the key to unlocking empathy, spreading knowledge, and promoting a shared dream. Done right, a talk can electrify a room and transform an audience’s worldview; it can be more powerful than anything in written form. This “invaluable guide” (Publishers Weekly) explains how the miracle of powerful public speaking is achieved, and equips you to give it your best shot. There is no set formula, but there are tools that can empower any speaker. Chris Anderson has worked with all the TED speakers who have inspired us the most, and here he shares insights from such favorites as Sir Ken Robinson, Salman Khan, Monica Lewinsky and more — everything from how to craft your talk’s content to how you can be most effective on stage. This is a must-read for anyone who is ready to create impact with their ideas.

Rule The Room

Author : Jason Teteak
ISBN : 9781614486138
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rule the Room is the product of Jason Teteak’s twenty-year experience as a trainer and coach. His thoroughly tested advice covers every presenter’s concerns, from hooking the audience immediately to entertaining them, and from overcoming your fears to handling questions. He covers every base—content creation, delivery, audience management— with an overview plus step-by-step instructions, review exercises, and scores of specific and practical tips. Whether you want to persuade, motivate, teach, or inspire, Rule the Room can be your guide.

How To Deliver A Great Ted Talk

Author : Akash Karia
ISBN : 1484021851
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 26. 77 MB
Format : PDF
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Strategic Storytelling

Author : Dave McKinsey
ISBN : 1500594466
Genre : Business presentations
File Size : 28. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Strategic Storytelling" is a complete guide to creating persuasive business presentations.Based on intensive study of presentations developed by leading management consulting firms, this step-by-step playbook shows you how to craft stories using proven narrative frameworks, design data-driven slides, and master your verbal and non-verbal delivery.

15 Minutes To Fit

Author : Zuzka Light
ISBN : 9780698197107
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 80. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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YouTube workout video star Zuzka Light presents her long-awaited debut fitness book, with a 30-day fitness regime of powerful, effective 15-minute workouts. Filming first from a tiny basement in Prague, and eventually settling in Los Angeles, Zuzka Light has single-handedly ushered in the YouTube fitness revolution. Viewers love Light for her short, ferociously effective workouts and her in-the-trenches, never-give-up positive attitude—and she’s racked up more than half a billion views to prove it. Now, finally, comes 15 Minutes to Fit, Light’s hotly anticipated debut, with a 30-day fitness plan guaranteed to burn fat and build ripped muscles. Based on innovative high-intensity interval training, the workouts in 15 Minutes to Fit are designed to be done anywhere, anytime (no fancy gym equipment necessary), in just 15 minutes a day. This book takes the guesswork out of the workout, providing: • A 30-day workout plan to whip your body into shape—in 15 minutes a day or less • A companion meal plan, with delicious and healthful recipes for each day • Step-by-step photographs throughout to illustrate proper form for the workouts • Quick facts on health and nutrition to help readers separate fact from fiction • Support and motivation from Light, who overcame many obstacles to become the female face of fitness As Light says, “Give me 15 minutes a day and I’ll give you a badass body.” Coauthored by New York Times–bestselling author Jeff O’Connell, 15 Minutes to Fit is the book legions of fans have been waiting for.

How Successful People Think Differently

Author : Akash Karia
ISBN : 1506195628
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 45. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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“This book is packed with really wonderful mind sets, reframes, and psychology tips, all backed with references and real science.This is like the “best of the best” self help tips.”~ Tim Brennan, Author of '1001 Chess Tactics' “…incredibly useful book filled with scientifically backed advice on how to successfully reach your goals.”~ Ryan Berd HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK DIFFERENTLY Why is it that some people are able to achieve so much success - in their personal, professional, social lives - whereas so many others are struggling? What are successful people doing differently from the failures? Are successful people wired differently from the rest of us? Is success simply encoded in their DNA? Or is it something else? And the more important question is: How can we get access to the magic ingredient that successful people have and add it to our own lives so that we too may experience more success in our lives? LEARN HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK DIFFERENTLY - AND HOW YOU CAN TOO This short and practical guide will inspire you to rethink how you set and achieve your goals. In How Successful People Think Differently you will learn: •Why successful people say “I don't” instead of “I can't” •Why successful people never suppress their desires - and what they do instead •How successful people think smart •The “if-then” strategy that triples your chances of achieving success •The type of thinking that makes successful people successful in the first place •The wrong (and the right) way to visualize your goals (this alone will be worth the price of the book!) •The right (and the wrong) type of thinking that either sets up you up for success or failure •Simple, and sometimes surprising, success principles to help you achieve your goals •And a lot more... BASED ON INTENSIVE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: LEARN THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS In the last 100 years, science has made remarkable progress in unlocking the secrets behind successful people. Unfortunately, a lot of this great, life-changing research is hidden inside dense, boring, hard-to read academic literature. Fortunately, I've gone through that research for you - and in this success guide, you're going to be getting access to life-changing tools and strategies that are scientifically-proven to help you achieve your personal and career goals, whatever they may be. JUST ONE IDEA... Just one idea in this book might be the inspiration and the spark of change you are looking for...just one idea can change your life. RAVE REVIEWS FROM READERS: “How Successful People Think Differently is a quick, easy read packed with practical tips and easy-to-follow advice...This book is for anyone who wants to aim higher.”~ Gillian Findlay "Illustrated by many examples from real life and generously filled with scientific references and suggestions for further reading,this book is a 'must have' for anyone who wishes to better themselves in life.”John Joyce, Author of “Masterpiece” “I was pleasantly surprised that I learned new tips from this book. It gave me great ideas on how to think differently and put tips into place to change habits and create a more successful life.”~ Stacy Nichols “This is a good book for many people who are still clinging to the fence, procrastinating and not achieving their goals. I highly recommend it!”~ Allan Kaufman, DTM, MBA “Just when I thought I knew about everything, along comes this book. It is a great non fiction book filled with many useful tips…”~ William Leland

Public Speaking

Author : Akash Karia
ISBN : 1507531559
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 56. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“Practical and useful...Storytelling is one of the most important parts of speaking. This book makes it clear how to do it, when and where.”~ Judith Field “Great book...Akash doesn't hold anything back.”~ Stephen Fraundorfer “A great kick-start for your next speech! A wonderfully quick burst of inspiration and insight.”~ Mandy Hoffeldt STORTELLING TECHNIQUES TO MAKE YOUR NEXT PRESENTATION AN OUTSTANDING ONE Stories have the power to captivate listeners and ignite their imaginations. Great speakers know how to use stories to enthrall and influence their audiences. This book is the result of six years of intensive research on the art of storytelling and public speaking. Inside, you will discover how to: • Create an opening that instantly hooks your audience into your speech. • Keep your audiences captivated with a story. • Use the suspended story formula to ramp up the intrigue. • Bring your characters to life. • Turn your stories into mental movies for your audience. • Keep your audience spellbound by increasing the intensity of your conflicts. • Add organic humor to any presentation without resorting to jokes. • Make your speech memorable with the right analogies and metaphors. • Create a repeatable catch-phrase using “the rule of opposites”. • Tell a story and deliver a speech that your audience will remember and talk about for years. • and much, much more... RAVE REVIEWS FROM READERS “Great resource for speakers. I have nothing but praise for the simple but succinct way this book reads. I read it in one sitting and plan to use it as a guide for future speaking engagements.”~ 357 Solutions, LLC "Loaded with great advice on how to deliver a killer message.”~ David Parra “A perfect book to those who want to dominate the art of storytelling.”~ Alci Aguilera “A must-read! Akash Karia outlines tips for energizing not only your speech, but also the audience."~ Angela Avery

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