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Hermann Von Helmholtz

Author : Leo Koenigsberger
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Hermann Von Helmholtz And The Foundations Of Nineteenth Century Science

Author : David Cahan
ISBN : 0520083342
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894) was a polymath of dazzling intellectual range and energy. Renowned for his co-discovery of the second law of thermodynamics and his invention of the ophthalmoscope, Helmholtz also made many other contributions to physiology, physical theory, philosophy of science and mathematics, and aesthetic thought. During the late nineteenth century, Helmholtz was revered as a scientist-sage--much like Albert Einstein in this century. David Cahan has assembled an outstanding group of European and North American historians of science and philosophy for this intellectual biography of Helmholtz, the first ever to critically assess both his published and unpublished writings. It represents a significant contribution not only to Helmholtz scholarship but also to the history of nineteenth-century science and philosophy in general.

Hermann Von Helmholtz S Mechanism The Loss Of Certainty

Author : Gregor Schiemann
ISBN : 9781402056307
Genre : Philosophy
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Focusing on Hermann von Helmholtz, this study addresses one of the nineteenth century’s most important German natural scientists. Among his most well-known contributions to science are the invention of the ophthalmoscope and grou- breaking work towards formulating the law of the conservation of energy. The volume of his work, reaching from medicine to physiology to physics and epis- mology, his impact on the development of the sciences far beyond German borders, and the contribution he made to the organization and popularization of research, all established Helmholtz’s prominence both in the academic world and in public cultural life. Helmholtz was also one of the last representatives of a conception of nature that strove to reduce all phenomena to matter in motion. In reaction to the increasingly insurmountable difficulties that program had in fulfilling its own standards for s- entific explanation, he developed elements of a modern understanding of science that have remained of fundamental importance to this day.

Fast Multipole Methods For The Helmholtz Equation In Three Dimensions

Author : Nail A Gumerov
ISBN : 0080531598
Genre : Mathematics
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This volume in the Elsevier Series in Electromagnetism presents a detailed, in-depth and self-contained treatment of the Fast Multipole Method and its applications to the solution of the Helmholtz equation in three dimensions. The Fast Multipole Method was pioneered by Rokhlin and Greengard in 1987 and has enjoyed a dramatic development and recognition during the past two decades. This method has been described as one of the best 10 algorithms of the 20th century. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to give a detailed exposition of the Fast Multipole Method that will be accessible to a broad audience of researchers. This is exactly what the authors of this book have accomplished. For this reason, it will be a valuable reference for a broad audience of engineers, physicists and applied mathematicians. The Only book that provides comprehensive coverage of this topic in one location Presents a review of the basic theory of expansions of the Helmholtz equation solutions Comprehensive description of both mathematical and practical aspects of the fast multipole method and it's applications to issues described by the Helmholtz equation


Author : Michel Meulders
ISBN : 9780262014489
Genre : Science
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The first biography in English of a nineteenth-century German scientist whose experimental approach influences today's neuroscience.


Author : David Cahan
ISBN : 9780226549163
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Hermann von Helmholtz was a towering figure of nineteenth-century scientific and intellectual life. Best known for his achievements in physiology and physics, he also contributed to other disciplines such as ophthalmology, psychology, mathematics, chemical thermodynamics, and meteorology. With Helmholtz: A Life in Science, David Cahan has written a definitive biography, one that brings to light the dynamic relationship between Helmholtz’s private life, his professional pursuits, and the larger world in which he lived. ​ Utilizing all of Helmholtz’s scientific and philosophical writings, as well as previously unknown letters, this book reveals the forces that drove his life—a passion to unite the sciences, vigilant attention to the sources and methods of knowledge, and a deep appreciation of the ways in which the arts and sciences could benefit each other. By placing the overall structure and development of his scientific work and philosophy within the greater context of nineteenth-century Germany, Helmholtz also serves as cultural biography of the construction of the scientific community: its laboratories, institutes, journals, disciplinary organizations, and national and international meetings. Helmholtz’s life is a shining example of what can happen when the sciences and the humanities become interwoven in the life of one highly motivated, energetic, and gifted person.

Helmholtz And The Modern Listener

Author : Benjamin Steege
ISBN : 9781139510646
Genre : Music
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The musical writings of scientist Hermann von Helmholtz (1821–94) have long been considered epoch-making in the histories of both science and aesthetics. Widely regarded as having promised an authoritative scientific foundation for harmonic practice, Helmholtz can also be read as posing a series of persistent challenges to our understanding of the musical listener. Helmholtz was at the forefront of sweeping changes in discourse about human perception. His interrogation of the physiology of hearing threw notions of the self-possessed listener into doubt and conjured a sense of vulnerability to mechanistic forces and fragmentary experience. Yet this new image of the listener was simultaneously caught up in wider projects of discipline, education and liberal reform. Reading Helmholtz in conjunction with a range of his intellectual sources and heirs, from Goethe to Max Weber to George Bernard Shaw, Steege explores the significance of Helmholtz's listener as an emblem of a broader cultural modernity.

The Helmholtz Legacy In Physiological Acoustics

Author : Erwin Hiebert
ISBN : 9783319066028
Genre : Philosophy
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This book explores the interactions between science and music in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth century. It examines and evaluates the work of Hermann von Helmholtz, Max Planck, Shohé Tanaka, and Adriaan Fokker, leading physicists and physiologists who were committed to understanding crucial aesthetic components of the art of music, including the standardization of pitch and the implementation of various types of intonations. With a mixture of physics, physiology, and aesthetics, author Erwin Hiebert addresses throughout the book how just intonation came to intersect with the history of keyboard instruments and exert an influence on the development of Western music. He begins with the work of Hermann von Helmholtz, a leading nineteenth-century physicist and physiologist who not only made important contributions in vision, optics, electrodynamics and thermodynamics, but also helped advanced the field of music theory as well. The author traces the Helmholtzian trends of thought that become inherently more complex by reaching beyond the sciences to perform a bridge with aesthetics and the diverse ways in which the human mind interprets or is taught, in different cultures, to interpret and understand music. Next, the author explores the works of other key physicists and physiologists who were influenced by Helmholtz and added to his legacy. He examines Japanese music theory student Shohé Tanaka, who sought to design a harmonium that was not based on equal temperament but rather on just intonation. Dutch physicist Adriaan Daniel Fokker, who arranged for organs to be built based on 31-tones per octave, orchestrated concerts for these new instruments and even attempted to compose microtonal music, or music whose tonality is based on intervals smaller than the typical twelve semitones of Western music.

The Helmholtz Equation Least Squares Method

Author : Sean F. Wu
ISBN : 9781493916405
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book represents the HELS (Helmholtz equation least squares) theory and its applications for visualizing acoustic radiation from an arbitrarily shaped vibrating structure in free or confined space. It culminates the most updated research work of the author and his graduate students since 1997. The book contains six chapters. The first serves as a review of the fundamentals in acoustics and the rest cover five specific topics on the HELS theory.

Treatise On Physiological Optics

Author : Hermann von Helmholtz
ISBN : 9780486174709
Genre : Science
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The most important work ever produced in the field of physiological optics, this classic is a model of scientific method and logical procedure, and it remains unmatched in its thorough and accessible approach. This is the third in a three-volume republication of the definitive English translation of Handbuch der Physiologischen Optik, originally published by The Optical Society of America in 1924 and containing everything that was known about physiological optics up until that time. The substratum consists of the data that Helmholtz furnished in the two nineteenth-century German editions that appeared during his lifetime. These volumes also contain extensive supplementary matter that Nagel, Gullstrand, and Kries incorporated in the third German edition of 1911, as well as significant new material prepared for the 1924 English translation by C. Ladd-Franklin, Gullstrand, and Kries, with copious annotations by James P. C. Southall that brought the work up to date with current research. Volumes I and II discuss the dioptrics of the eye and the sensations of vision;Volume III examines the perceptions of vision. Its topics include eye movements; the monocular field of vision; direction of vision; perception of depth; binocular vision; and many other highly important topics. Appendixes cover later findings on spatial configuration in vision and the theory of binocular instruments. Indexes for all three volumes are organized by subject and author.

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