handbook of industrial catalysts fundamental and applied catalysis

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Handbook Of Industrial Catalysts

Author : Lawrie Lloyd
ISBN : 0387499628
Genre : Science
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Much has been written about fundamental aspects of catalysis, yet despite their universal applications details concerning commercial catalysts and information about actual operating conditions are not readily available. This book provides up-to-date reviews and references to guide those working on industrial catalysts. It will be an invaluable guide for catalysis researchers in industry and academia, and for students.

Catalytic Ammonia Synthesis

Author : J.R. Jennings
ISBN : 9781475795929
Genre : Science
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The phenomenon of catalysis is found in many homogeneous and heterogeneous systems undergoing chemical change, where it effects the rates of approach to the equilibrium state in processes as diverse as those found in the stars, the earth's mantle, living organisms, and the various chemistries utilized by industry. The economies and the living standards of both developed and developing countries depend to varying degrees upon the efficacy of their chemical industries. Con sequently, this century has seen a wide exploration and expansion of catalytic chemistry together with an intensive investigation of specific, essential processes like those contributing to life-supporting agricultures. Prime among the latter must surely be the "fixation" of atmospheric nitrogen by catalytic hydrogenation to anhydrous ammonia, still the preferred synthetic precursor of the nitrogenous components of fertilizers. In each decade contemporary concepts and techniques have been used to further the understanding, as yet incomplete, of the catalyst, the adsorbates, the surface reactions, and the technology of large-scale operation. The contributors to the present volume review the state of the art, the science, and the technology; they reveal existing lacunae, and suggest ways forward. Around the turn of the century, Sabatier's school was extending the descriptive catalytic chemistry of hydrogenation by metals to include almost all types of multiple bond. The triple bond of dinitrogen, which continued to be more resistant than the somewhat similar bonds in carbon monoxide and ethyne, defied their efforts.

Principles Of Catalyst Development

Author : James T. Richardson
ISBN : 9781489937254
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Successful industrial heterogeneous catalysts fulfill several key require ments: in addition to high catalytic activity for the desired reaction, with high selectivity where appropriate, they also have an acceptable commercial life and are rugged enough for transportation and charging into plant reactors. Additional requirements include the need to come online smoothly in a short time and reproducible manufacturing procedures that involve convenient processes at acceptable cost. The development of heterogeneous catalysts that meet these (often mutually exclusive) demands is far from straightforward, and in addition much of the actual manufacturing tech nology is kept secret for commercial reasons-thus there is no modern text that deals with the whole of this important subject. Principles of Catalyst Development, which deals comprehensively with the design, development, and manufacture of practical heterogeneous catalysts, is therefore especially valuable in meeting the long-standing needs of both industrialists and academics. As one who has worked extensively on a variety of catalyst development problems in both industry and academia, James T. Richardson is well placed to write an authoritative book covering both the theory and the practice of catalyst development. Much of the material contained in this book had its origin in a series of widely acclaimed lectures, attended mainly by industrial researchers, given over many years in the United States and Europe. All those in industry who work with catalysts, both beginners and those of considerable experience, should find this volume an essential guide.

Basic Principles In Applied Catalysis

Author : Manfred Baerns
ISBN : 3540402616
Genre : Science
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Written by a team of internationally recognized experts, this book addresses the most important types of catalytic reactions and catalysts as used in industrial practice. Both applied aspects and the essential scientific principles are described. The main topics can be summarized as follows: heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysis, catalyst preparation and characterization, catalytic reaction engineering and kinetics, catalyst deactivation and industrial perspective.

Fundamentals Of Industrial Catalytic Processes

Author : C. H. Bartholomew
ISBN : 9781118209738
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Catalysis is central to the chemical industry, as it is directly or involved in the production of almost all useful chemical products. In this book the authors, present the definitive account of industrial catalytic processes. Throughout Fundamentals of Industrial Catalytic Processes the information is illustrated with many case studies and problems. This book is valuable to anyone wanting a clear account of industrial catalytic processes, but is particularly useful to industrial and academic chemists and engineers and graduate working on catalysis. This book also: Covers fundamentals of catalytic processes, including chemistry, catalyst preparation, properties and reaction engineering. Addresses heterogeneous catalytic processes employed by industry. Provides detailed data on existing catalysts and catalytic reactions, process design and chemical engineering. Covers catalysts used in fuel cells.

Catalyst Characterization

Author : Boris Imelik
ISBN : 9781475795899
Genre : Science
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to the Fundamental and Applied Catalysis Series Catalysis is important academically and industrially. It plays an essential role in the manufacture of a wide range of products, from gasoline and plastics to fertilizers and herbicides, which would otherwise be unobtainable or prohibitive ly expensive. There are few chemical-or oil-based material items in modern society that do not depend in some way on a catalytic stage in their manufacture. Apart from manufacturing processes, catalysis is finding other important and over-increasing uses; for example, successful applications of catalysis in the control ofpollution and its use in environmental control are certain to in crease in the future. The commercial import an ce of catalysis and the diverse intellectual challenges of catalytic phenomena have stimulated study by a broad spectrum of scientists including chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, and material scientists. Increasing research activity over the years has brought deeper levels of understanding, and these have been associated with a continually growing amount of published material. As recentlyas sixty years ago, Rideal and Taylor could still treat the subject comprehensively in a single volume, but by the 19 50s Emmett required six volumes, and no conventional multivolume text could now cover the whole of catalysis in any depth.

Sustainable Catalytic Processes

Author : Basudeb Saha
ISBN : 9780444595799
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 45. 66 MB
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The development of catalysts is the most sophisticated art in chemical sciences. It can be read like a story book when the critical scientific contents are presented in a chronological manner with short and simple sentences. This book will meets these criteria. To address the sustainability issues of existing chemical manufacturing processes or producing new chemicals, researchers are developing alternate catalysts to eliminate toxic chemicals use and by-products formation. Sustainable Catalytic Processes presents critical discussions of the progress of such catalytic development. This book of contemporary research results in sustainable catalysis area will benefit scientists in both industries and academia, and students to learn recent catalysts/process development. Reports the most recent developments in catalysis with a focus on environmentally friendly commercial processes, such as waste water treatment, alternate energy, etc Bridges the theory, necessary for the development of environmentally friendly processes, and their implementation through pilot plant and large scale Contains mainly laboratory scale data and encourages industrial scientists to test these processes on a pilot scale Includes work examples featuring the development of the new catalysts/processes using bio-renewable feedstock satisfactorily addressing environmental concerns Includes one chapter demonstrating real industrial examples motivating the industrial and academic researchers to pursue similar research

Selective Oxidation By Heterogeneous Catalysis

Author : Gabriele Centi
ISBN : 9781461541752
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 89 MB
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Selective Oxidation by Heterogeneous Catalysis covers one of the major areas of industrial petrochemical production, outlining open questions and new opportunities. It gives keys for the interpretation and analysis of data and design of new catalysts and reactions, and provides guidelines for future research. A distinctive feature of this book is the use of concept by example. Rather than reporting an overview of the literature results, the authors have selected some representative examples, the in-depth analysis of which makes it possible to clarify the fundamental, but new concepts necessary for a better understanding of the new opportunities in this field and the design of new catalysts or catalytic reactions. Attention is given not only to the catalyst itself, but also to the use of the catalyst inside the process, thus evidencing the relationship between catalyst design and engineering aspects of the process. This book provides suggestions for new innovative directions of research and indications on how to reconsider the field of selective oxidation from different perspectives, outlining that is not a mature field of research, but that new important breakthroughs can be derived from fundamental and applied research. Suggestions are offered on how to use less conventional approaches in terms of both catalyst design and analysis of the data.

Industrial Catalysis

Author : Jens Hagen
ISBN : 9783527684649
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 73. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Now in it's 3rd Edition, Industrial Catalysis offers all relevant information on catalytic processes in industry, including many recent examples. Perfectly suited for self-study, it is the ideal companion for scientists who want to get into the field or refresh existing knowledge. The updated edition covers the full range of industrial aspects, from catalyst development and testing to process examples and catalyst recycling. The book is characterized by its practical relevance, expressed by a selection of over 40 examples of catalytic processes in industry. In addition, new chapters on catalytic processes with renewable materials and polymerization catalysis have been included. Existing chapters have been carefully revised and supported by new subchapters, for example, on metathesis reactions, refinery processes, petrochemistry and new reactor concepts. "I found the book accesible, readable and interesting - both as a refresher and as an introduction to new topics - and a convenient first reference on current industrial catalytic practise and processes." Excerpt from a book review for the second edition by P. C. H. Mitchell, Applied Organometallic Chemistry (2007)

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Author : J. R. H. Ross
ISBN : 9780444533630
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 76. 45 MB
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Heterogeneous catalysis plays a part in the production of more than 80% of all chemical products. It is therefore essential that all chemists and chemical engineers have an understanding of the fundamental principles as well as the applications of heterogeneous catalysts. This book introduces the subject, starting at a basic level, and includes sections on adsorption and surface science, catalytic kinetics, experimental methods for preparing and studying heterogeneous catalysts, as well as some aspects of the design of industrial catalytic reactors. It ends with a chapter that covers a range of examples of important catalytic processes. The book leads the student to carrying out a series of "tasks" based on searches of the internet and also on the use of web-based search tools such as Scopus or Web of Science. These tasks are generally based on the text; they can be used entirely for self-study but they can also be tailored to the requirements of a particular course by the instructor/lecturer giving the course. The author has had over 40 years of experience in catalytic research as well as in lecturing on the principles of catalysis. He was for more than 20 years the Editor of Catalysis Today. Coverage of all aspects of catalysis in carefully organised text Inclusion of material on the historical development of the subject and the personalities involved All concepts illustrated by practical examples Inclusion of a wide range of problems and solutions, case studies, and supplementary web based material which will be regularly updated Author has over 40 years research experience of almost all covered subjects Provides companion materials webiste

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