global media perspectives on the crisis in panama

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Global Media Perspectives On The Crisis In Panama

Author : Professor Howard M Hensel
ISBN : 9781409476429
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27. 62 MB
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Operation Just Cause, the United States' incursion into Panama, was the culmination of a gradually escalating confrontation between the United States and the Noriega dominated government of Panama that extended from June, 1987 until early January, 1990. Applying diverse methodological approaches, this volume examines the various ways representative examples of the global media covered the developing crisis and the eventual US incursion into Panama. The volume: – sets the stage for this analysis by delineating the chronological development of the escalating confrontation, as well as by examining the confrontation from the perspective of the US government – analyzes the crisis from the perspective of the US, Soviet, Canadian, French, Portuguese, Arab, and the People's Republic of China media – exposes the challenges for public affairs officers operating within the context of the global media response to international crises, and provides an assessment of the implications of the crisis for inter-American and international relations. This analysis and evaluation of a variety of global media perspectives on the escalating US-Panamanian confrontation will serve to better illuminate and further enrich our understanding of a major international event - indeed, one of the final events of the Cold War era.

Classification Of Conflicts In International Humanitarian Law

Author : Noam Zamir
ISBN : 9781785367908
Genre :
File Size : 27. 68 MB
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Noam Zamir provides a thorough examination of the theoretical basis of classification of conflicts in international humanitarian law (IHL), with special focus on the legal impact of armed foreign intervention in civil wars. Classification of Conflicts in International Humanitarian Law enriches the discourse on IHL by providing an in-depth analysis of classification of conflicts and examining recent civil wars with foreign interventions, such as the Libyan civil war (2011), Mali civil war (2012-2015) and the ongoing civil war in Yemen.

The Media And Financial Crises

Author : Steve Schifferes
ISBN : 9781317624523
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Media and Financial Crises provides unique insights into the debate on the role of the media in the global financial crisis. Coverage is inter-disciplinary, with contributions from media studies, political economy and journalists themselves. It features a wide range of countries, including the USA, UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Australia, and a completely new history of financial crises in the British press over 150 years. Editors Steve Schifferes and Richard Roberts have assembled an expert set of contributors, including Joseph E Stiglitz and Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times. The role of the media has been central in shaping our response to the financial crisis. Examining its performance in comparative and historical perspectives is crucial to ensuring that the media does a better job next time. The book has five distinct parts: The Banking Crisis and the Media The Euro-Crisis and the Media Challenges for the Media The Lessons of History Media Messengers Under Interrogation The Media and Financial Crises offers broad and coherent coverage, making it ideal for both students and scholars of financial journalism, journalism studies, media studies, and media and economic history.

The Media And Austerity

Author : Laura Basu
ISBN : 1138897302
Genre : Financial crises
File Size : 50. 53 MB
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Introduction / Laura Basu, Steve Schifferes and Sophie Knowles -- The UK experience. The UK news media and austerity: trends since the global financial crisis / Steve Schifferes and Sophie Knowles -- Media amnesia and the crisis / Laura Basu -- Austerity, the media and the UK public / Mike Berry -- The economic recovery on tv news / Richard Thomas -- The Geddes axe: the press and Britain's first austerity drive / Richard Roberts -- Continental perspectives. Covering the Euro crisis: cleavages and convergence between nations / Heinz-Werner Nienstedt -- Austerity policies in the European press: a divided Europe? / Ángel Arrese -- Safeguarding the status quo: the press and the emergence of a new left in Greece and Spain / Maria Kyriakidou and Iñaki Garcia-Blanco -- Race and class in German media representations of the "Greek crisis" / Yiannis Mylonas -- Journalistic practice and the crisis. Whose economy, whose news? / Aeron Davis -- "Media macro": why the news media ignores economic experts / Simon Wren-Lewis -- Financial journalists, the financial crisis and the "crisis" in journalism / Sophie Knowles -- Reform in retreat: the media, the banks and the attack on Dodd-Frank / Adam Cox -- Social media, social movements and the crisis. Social media and the capitalist crisis / Christian Fuchs -- Narrative mediation of the Occupy Movement: a case study of Stockholm and Latvia / Anne Kaun & Maria Francesca Murru -- Facebook and the new right: how populist politicians use social media to reimagine the news in Finland and the UK / Niko Hatakka -- #thisisacoup: the emergence of an anti-austerity hashtag across Europe's twittersphere / Max Hänska & Stefan Bauchowitz

The Eu Economic And Social Model In The Global Crisis

Author : Prof Dr Dagmar Schiek
ISBN : 9781472407511
Genre : Law
File Size : 68. 48 MB
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This book addresses the viability of the EU economic and social model within and after the global economic crisis. It identifies four key issues which warrant further discussion: (1) the asymmetry of the legal and policy framework of the euro and potential recalibration; (2) substantive tensions between the EU ‘economic constitution’ and its normative aim of social justice and impacts on national policy; (3) the role of civil society, including the two sides of industry in overcoming these tensions; and (4) the EU’s global aspirations towards the creation of a viable socio-economic model. Its chapters offer two perspectives on each of the four main issues. In drawing these debates together, the book provides a broad understanding as well as starting points for future research. Bringing together different disciplinary approaches, ranging from legal studies to political economy, sociology and macroeconomics, it is a valuable contribution to the debate on the European social model and introduces new insights by focusing on legal and political tensions, the impact of the financial crisis and other economic contexts as well as global dimensions.

European Media In Crisis

Author : Josef Trappel
ISBN : 9781317482277
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65. 36 MB
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When the financial markets collapsed in 2008, the media industry was affected by a major slump in advertising revenues, and a formerly highly successful business model fell into a state of decay. This economic crisis has threatened core social values of contemporary democracies, such as freedom, diversity and equality. Taking a normative and policy perspective, this book discusses threats and opportunities for the media industry in Europe: What are the implications of the crisis for professional journalism, the media industry, and the process of political communication? Can non- state and non-market actors profit from the crisis? And what are media policy answers at the national and European level?

Case Studies In Crisis Communication

Author : Amiso M. George
ISBN : 9781136593734
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28. 74 MB
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Case Studies in Crisis Communication: International Perspectives on Hits and Misses was created to fill the gap for a much-needed textbook in case studies in crisis communication from international perspectives. The events of September 11, 2001, other major world crises, and the ongoing macroeconomic challenges of financial institutions, justify the need for this book. While existing textbooks on the subject focus on U.S. corporate cases, they may not appeal equally to students and practitioners in other countries, hence the need to analyze cases from the United States and from other world regions. The variety and the international focus of the cases, be they environmental, health or management successes or failures, makes this book more appealing to a wider audience. These cases examine socio-cultural issues associated with responding to a variety of crises.

Crisis And Migration

Author : Anna Lindley
ISBN : 9781136157264
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Crisis and migration have a long association, in popular and policy discourse as well as in social scientific analysis. Despite the emergence of more nuanced and even celebratory accounts of mobility in recent years, there remains a persistent emphasis on migration being either a symptom or a cause of crisis. Moreover, in the context of a recent series of headline-hitting and politically controversial situations, terms like ‘migration crisis’ and ‘crisis migration’ are acquiring increasing currency among policy-makers and academics. Crisis and Migration provides fresh perspectives on this routine association, critically examining a series of politically controversial situations around the world. Drawing on first-hand research into the Arab uprisings, conflict and famine in the Horn of Africa, cartel violence in Latin America, the global economic crisis, and immigration ‘crises’ from East Asia to Southern Africa to Europe, the book’s contributors situate a set of contemporary crises within longer histories of social change and human mobility, showing the importance of treating crisis and migration as contextualised processes, rather than isolated events. By exploring how migration and crisis articulate as lived experiences and political constructs, the book brings migration from the margins to the centre of discussions of social transformation and crisis; illuminates the acute politicisation and diverse spatialisations of crisis–migration relationships; and urges a nuanced, cautious and critical approach to associations of crisis and migration.

International Public Relations

Author : Ian Somerville
ISBN : 9781317507918
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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International Public Relations: Perspectives from deeply divided societies is positioned at the intersection of public relations (PR) practice with socio-political environments in divided, conflict and post-conflict societies. While most studies of PR focus on the activity as it is practiced within stable democratic societies, this book explores perspectives from contexts that have tended to be marginalized or uncharted. Presenting research from a diverse range of societies still deeply divided along racial, ethnic, religious or linguistic lines, this collection engages with a variety of questions including how PR practice in these societies may contribute to our understanding of PR theory building. Importantly, it highlights the role of communication strategies for actors that still deploy political violence to achieve their goals, as well as those that use it in building peace, resolving conflict, and assisting in the development of civil society. Featuring a uniquely wide range of original empirical research, including studies from Israel/Palestine, Mozambique, Northern Ireland, former Yugoslavia, former Czechoslovakia, Spain, Malaysia and Turkey, this groundbreaking book will be of interest not only to scholars of public relations, but also political communication, international relations, and peace and conflict studies. With a Foreword by Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, Editor of The Global Public Relations Handbook

Africa S Media Image In The 21st Century

Author : Mel Bunce
ISBN : 9781317334286
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 36. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Africa’s Media Image in the 21st Century is the first book in over twenty years to examine the international media’s coverage of sub-Saharan Africa. It brings together leading researchers and prominent journalists to explore representation of the continent, and the production of that image, especially by international news media. The book highlights factors that have transformed the global media system, changing whose perspectives are told and the forms of media that empower new voices. Case studies consider questions such as: how has new media changed whose views are represented? Does Chinese or diaspora media offer alternative perspectives for viewing the continent? How do foreign correspondents interact with their audiences in a social media age? What is the contemporary role of charity groups and PR firms in shaping news content? They also examine how recent high profile events and issues been covered by the international media, from the Ebola crisis, and Boko Haram to debates surrounding the "Africa Rising" narrative and neo-imperialism. The book makes a substantial contribution by moving the academic discussion beyond the traditional critiques of journalistic stereotyping, Afro-pessimism, and ‘darkest Africa’ news coverage. It explores the news outlets, international power dynamics, and technologies that shape and reshape the contemporary image of Africa and Africans in journalism and global culture.

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