geomorphology in the tropics study of weathering and denudation in low latitudes

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Geomorphology In The Tropics

Author : Michael Frederic Thomas
ISBN : 0471930350
Genre : Science
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Many advances have been made in our understanding of tropical geomorphology in recent decades, but the field remains relatively neglected. With current widespread concern about the damage to tropical ecosystems, it is time for a new study of geomorphology in the tropics. The author endeavours to provide a tropical perspective on geomorphology, rather than a compartmentalised "tropical" geomorphology. The importance of weathering and the materials of the weathered mantle in determining the outcome of erosional processes is emphasised. The impact of Quaternary climate changes in creating superficial forms and deposits is stressed as being fundamental in the tropics as in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, the tropical landscape exhibits forms and deposits that have evolved over long time-periods in the absence of frost and ice, justifying an evolutionary approach to the long-term development of landscape. The book is important to a broad spectrum of earth science interests including geotechnical and engineering studies, and soil science, as well as to students of geomorphology. People working in the tropics will encounter the processes and products of tropical denudation systems, and the fragile nature of many of the surface materials discussed in this volume demands a deeper understanding of their behaviour. No other book currently attempts this task and this study fills a serious gap in the literature of geomorphology.

Geomorphology Of The Tropics

Author : Alfred Wirthmann
ISBN : 9783662118344
Genre : Science
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Geomorphological research in the humid to seasonal tropics has primarily concentrated on the most characteristic landform assemblage of this zone, namely that of stepped, largely undissected etchplains, often dotted with inselbergs and cutting across ancient basement rocks. Although the author discusses extensively this subject, he puts particular emphasis on the differences of chemical weathering and land-forming processes on rocks of various lithology and structure. This contrast becomes most evident, when comparing the highly resistant quartzitic sediments often covering the basement rocks with the easily weathered volcanics, e.g. the Deccan traps of India. The book was first published in German in 1987. However, the present version is much more than a translation, encompassing a range of new ideas and findings in the field of tropical geomorphology. The number of maps and illustrations has also been increased.

Geographic Information Science And Mountain Geomorphology

Author : Michael Bishop
ISBN : 354042640X
Genre : Science
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From the reviews: "Bishop and Schroder (both, Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha) have brought together an impressive group of practitioners in the relatively new application of geographic information science to mountain geomorphology. In doing so, they have produced valuable, first, overall coverage of a high-tech approach to mountain, three-dimensional research. More than 40 contributing authors discuss a wide range of related aspects.... The book is well bound and well produced; each chapter provides an extensive source of references. The numerous line drawings are clearly reproduced, although the mediocre quality of photographic reproduction limits the value of air photographs and satellite images. As is characteristic of many edited collections, there is some variation in chapter quality. Some of the writing is so dense that it requires minute concentration--one chapter, for instance, has 14 pages of references from a total of 43 pages. Nevertheless, this is a vital compendium for a rapidly expanding field of research. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals." (J. D. Ives, Choice, March 2005)

Encyclopedia Of Geomorphology

Author : Andrew Goudie
ISBN : 9781134482764
Genre : Reference
File Size : 43. 74 MB
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"In recent decades there have been major developments in geomorphology and these are reflected in this major encyclopedia, the first such reference work in the field to be published for thirty-five years"--Provided by publisher.

Regolith Geology And Geomorphology

Author : G. Taylor
ISBN : 0471974544
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 32 MB
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Providing fundamental discussion of regolith properties and chemistry, this book considers many landscape situations and features, whilst linking process to position, geochemistry and time. Presenting information from an Australian perspective it provides new insights into the subject, which are developed away from the yoke of traditional Northern Hemisphere ideas and concepts. * Presents a new approach to the problems of understanding regolith geology and landscapes * Presents the general aspects and principles of regolith * Chapters present views on landscapes and their evolution, the nature of minerals, the behaviour of water at a landscape level and the exploration of water behaviour at various scales in regolith materials * Investigates methods of conveying information about regolith via maps and in GIS packages

Weathering As A Predisposing Factor To Slope Movements

Author : Domenico Calcaterra
ISBN : 1862392978
Genre : Science
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This volume is intended to provide an up-to-date overview of the approaches, methodologies and techniques devoted to better understand-ing of the weathering conditions of rock masses on slopes. According to the local conditions, a variety of slope movements may take place and involve weathered rock masses. Shallow and rapid soil slips evolving to debris flows are probably the most common type of slope movement. At the same time, deep-seated, intermittent landslides can also affect large volumes of weathered rocks and soils. Despite the high frequency of landslides in weathered materials, and the damage and casualties they repeatedly cause, little is known about the relationship between weathering and slope move-ments. This book presents worldwide case studies, where a variety of geo-logical and geomorphological settings are discussed. The content is divided into three sections: the first is devoted to broad aspects of the weathering/landslide processes; the second and third sections include papers dealing with igneous/metamorphic and sedimentary weathered rocks, respec-tively.

Environmental Change

Author : Richard Huggett
ISBN : 9781134760022
Genre : Science
File Size : 24. 93 MB
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Environmental Change explores the nature, causes, rates and directions of environmental change throughout earth history. Huggett introduces the interdependent parts of the natural environment - cosmic, ecological, geological - and the dynamic nature of the environmental system. Integrating a wealth of examples and illustrations from around the world, the book examines evidence and causes of change in life, climate (air and water), soils, sediments and landforms, and the impacts of human-environment interaction.

Flood By Design

Author : Michael Oard
ISBN : 9781614581659
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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There are features on the earth's surface that science cannot explain with theories of changes over millions or even billions of years by the geographic processes that we see occurring commonly today. However, when you explore the evidence from a biblical worldview, the geological features marking the planet's surface make sense given the worldview catastrophic flood described in the book of Genesis. Join author Mike Oard as he explores what is termed as "the retreating stage of the flood" - the seven month-period when the waters receded and the landscapes which are familiar to us were formed by a myriad of processes like uplifts and sinking, erosion, and more, which answer important questions regarding: Unusual dispersals of rocks over hundred of miles How quickly mountains and valleys were carved Emergence of continents and the formation of ocean basins Percussions marks shaped by vast and violently moving water Why very gradual erosion and deposits of soil cannot explain surface formations The study of geomorphology and what it can reveal Flood by Design takes you into a fascinating aspect of the Genesis flood you may never have considered. Examine unusual rock formations and evidence that only the biblical flood model can fully explain. Filled with many photographs and easy-to-understand illustrations and charts, the books is a powerful source of research and answers for high school students and beyond.

Tropical Geomorphology

Author : Avijit Gupta
ISBN : 9781139498708
Genre : Science
File Size : 28. 11 MB
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Although similar geomorphic processes take place in other regions, in the tropics these processes operate at different rates and with varying intensities. Tropical geomorphology therefore provides many new discoveries regarding geomorphic processes. This textbook describes both the humid and arid tropics. It provides thoroughly up-to-date concepts and relevant case studies, and emphasises the importance of geomorphology in the management and sustainable development of the tropical environment, including climate change scenarios. The text is supported by a large number of illustrations, including satellite images. Student exercises accompany each chapter. Tropical Geomorphology is an ideal textbook for any course on tropical geomorphology or the tropical environment, and is also invaluable as a reference text for researchers and environmental managers in the tropics.

Environmental Change And Tropical Geomorphology

Author : Ian Douglas
ISBN : UCAL:B4979589
Genre :
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