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Genetic Algorithms In Electromagnetics

Author : Randy L. Haupt
ISBN : 9780470106273
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A thorough and insightful introduction to using genetic algorithms to optimize electromagnetic systems Genetic Algorithms in Electromagnetics focuses on optimizing the objective function when a computer algorithm, analytical model, or experimental result describes the performance of an electromagnetic system. It offers expert guidance to optimizing electromagnetic systems using genetic algorithms (GA), which have proven to be tenacious in finding optimal results where traditional techniques fail. Genetic Algorithms in Electromagnetics begins with an introduction to optimization and several commonly used numerical optimization routines, and goes on to feature: Introductions to GA in both binary and continuous variable forms, complete with examples of MATLAB(r) commands Two step-by-step examples of optimizing antenna arrays as well as a comprehensive overview of applications of GA to antenna array design problems Coverage of GA as an adaptive algorithm, including adaptive and smart arrays as well as adaptive reflectors and crossed dipoles Explanations of the optimization of several different wire antennas, starting with the famous "crooked monopole" How to optimize horn, reflector, and microstrip patch antennas, which require significantly more computing power than wire antennas Coverage of GA optimization of scattering, including scattering from frequency selective surfaces and electromagnetic band gap materials Ideas on operator and parameter selection for a GA Detailed explanations of particle swarm optimization and multiple objective optimization An appendix of MATLAB code for experimentation

Electromagnetic Optimization By Genetic Algorithms

Author : Yahya Rahmat-Samii
ISBN : 0471295450
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 66 MB
Format : PDF
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Authoritative coverage of a revolutionary technique for overcoming problems in electromagnetic design Genetic algorithms are stochastic search procedures modeled on the Darwinian concepts of natural selection and evolution. The machinery of genetic algorithms utilizes an optimization methodology that allows a global search of the cost surface via statistical random processes dictated by the Darwinian evolutionary concept. These easily programmed and readily implemented procedures robustly locate extrema of highly multimodal functions and therefore are particularly well suited to finding solutions to a broad range of electromagnetic optimization problems. Electromagnetic Optimization by Genetic Algorithms is the first book devoted exclusively to the application of genetic algorithms to electromagnetic device design. Compiled by two highly competent and well-respected members of the electromagnetics community, this book describes numerous applications of genetic algorithms to the design and optimization of various low- and high-frequency electromagnetic components. Special features include: * Introduction by David E. Goldberg, "A Meditation on the Application of Genetic Algorithms" * Design of linear and planar arrays using genetic algorithms * Application of genetic algorithms to the design of broadband, wire, and integrated antennas * Genetic algorithm-driven design of dielectric gratings and frequency-selective surfaces * Synthesis of magnetostatic devices using genetic algorithms * Application of genetic algorithms to multiobjective electromagnetic backscattering optimization * A comprehensive list of the up-to-date references applicable to electromagnetic design problems Supplemented with more than 250 illustrations, Electromagnetic Optimization by Genetic Algorithms is a powerful resource for electrical engineers interested in modern electromagnetic designs and an indispensable reference for university researchers.

Practical Genetic Algorithms

Author : Randy L. Haupt
ISBN : 0471671754
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 64. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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* This book deals with the fundamentals of genetic algorithms and their applications in a variety of different areas of engineering and science * Most significant update to the second edition is the MATLAB codes that accompany the text * Provides a thorough discussion of hybrid genetic algorithms * Features more examples than first edition

Genetic Algorithms And Engineering Optimization

Author : Mitsuo Gen
ISBN : 0471315311
Genre : Computers
File Size : 22. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A comprehensive guide to a powerful new analytical tool by two of its foremost innovators The past decade has witnessed many exciting advances in the use of genetic algorithms (GAs) to solve optimization problems in everything from product design to scheduling and client/server networking. Aided by GAs, analysts and designers now routinely evolve solutions to complex combinatorial and multiobjective optimization problems with an ease and rapidity unthinkable withconventional methods. Despite the continued growth and refinement of this powerful analytical tool, there continues to be a lack of up-to-date guides to contemporary GA optimization principles and practices. Written by two of the world's leading experts in the field, this book fills that gap in the literature. Taking an intuitive approach, Mitsuo Gen and Runwei Cheng employ numerous illustrations and real-world examples to help readers gain a thorough understanding of basic GA concepts-including encoding, adaptation, and genetic optimizations-and to show how GAs can be used to solve an array of constrained, combinatorial, multiobjective, and fuzzy optimization problems. Focusing on problems commonly encountered in industry-especially in manufacturing-Professors Gen and Cheng provide in-depth coverage of advanced GA techniques for: * Reliability design * Manufacturing cell design * Scheduling * Advanced transportation problems * Network design and routing Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Optimization is an indispensable working resource for industrial engineers and designers, as well as systems analysts, operations researchers, and management scientists working in manufacturing and related industries. It also makes an excellent primary or supplementary text for advanced courses in industrial engineering, management science, operations research, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

Genetic Algorithms In Engineering And Computer Science

Author : G. Winter
ISBN : UOM:39015058881213
Genre : Computers
File Size : 49. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Genetic Algorithms in Engineering and Computer Science Edited by G. Winter University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain J. Périaux Dassault Aviation, Saint Cloud, France M. Galán P. Cuesta University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain This attractive book alerts us to the existence of evolution based software - Genetic Algorithms and Evolution Strategies-used for the study of complex systems and difficult optimization problems unresolved until now. Evolution algorithms are artificial intelligence techniques which mimic nature according to the 'survival of the fittest' (Darwin's principle). They randomly encode physical (quantitative or qualitative) variables via digital DNA inside computers and are known for their robustness to better explore large search spaces and find near-global optima than traditional optimization methods. The objectives of this volume are two-fold:to present a compendium of state-of-the-art lectures delivered by recognized experts in the field on theoretical, numerical and applied aspects of Genetic Algorithms for the computational treatment of continuous, discrete and combinatorial optimization provide a bridge between Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Computing in order to increase the performance of evolution programs for solving real life problems.Fluid dynamics, structure mechanics, electromagnetics, automation control, resource optimization, image processing and economics are the featured multi-disciplinary areas among others in Engineering and Applied Sciences where evolution works impressively well. This volume is aimed at graduate students, applied mathematicians, computer scientists, researchers and engineers who face challenging design optimization problems in Industry. They will enjoy implementing new programs using these evolution techniques which have been experimented with by Nature for 3.5 billion years.

Genetic Algorithms In Java Basics

Author : Lee Jacobson
ISBN : 9781484203286
Genre : Computers
File Size : 34. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Genetic Algorithms in Java Basics is a brief introduction to solving problems using genetic algorithms, with working projects and solutions written in the Java programming language. This brief book will guide you step-by-step through various implementations of genetic algorithms and some of their common applications, with the aim to give you a practical understanding allowing you to solve your own unique, individual problems. After reading this book you will be comfortable with the language specific issues and concepts involved with genetic algorithms and you'll have everything you need to start building your own. Genetic algorithms are frequently used to solve highly complex real world problems and with this book you too can harness their problem solving capabilities. Understanding how to utilize and implement genetic algorithms is an essential tool in any respected software developers toolkit. So step into this intriguing topic and learn how you too can improve your software with genetic algorithms, and see real Java code at work which you can develop further for your own projects and research. Guides you through the theory behind genetic algorithms Explains how genetic algorithms can be used for software developers trying to solve a range of problems Provides a step-by-step guide to implementing genetic algorithms in Java

Transformation Electromagnetics And Metamaterials

Author : Douglas H. Werner
ISBN : 9781447149965
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 37. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Transformation electromagnetics is a systematic design technique for optical and electromagnetic devices that enables novel wave-material interaction properties. The associated metamaterials technology for designing and realizing optical and electromagnetic devices can control the behavior of light and electromagnetic waves in ways that have not been conventionally possible. The technique is credited with numerous novel device designs, most notably the invisibility cloaks, perfect lenses and a host of other remarkable devices. Transformation Electromagnetics and Metamaterials: Fundamental Principles and Applications presents a comprehensive treatment of the rapidly growing area of transformation electromagnetics and related metamaterial technology with contributions on the subject provided by a collection of leading experts from around the world. On the theoretical side, the following questions will be addressed: “Where does transformation electromagnetics come from?,” “What are the general material properties for different classes of coordinate transformations?,” “What are the limitations and challenges of device realizations?,” and “What theoretical tools are available to make the coordinate transformation-based designs more amenable to fabrication using currently available techniques?” The comprehensive theoretical treatment will be complemented by device designs and/or realizations in various frequency regimes and applications including acoustic, radio frequency, terahertz, infrared, and the visible spectrum. The applications encompass invisibility cloaks, gradient-index lenses in the microwave and optical regimes, negative-index superlenses for sub-wavelength resolution focusing, flat lenses that produce highly collimated beams from an embedded antenna or optical source, beam concentrators, polarization rotators and splitters, perfect electromagnetic absorbers, and many others. This book will serve as the authoritative reference for students and researchers alike to the fast-evolving and exciting research area of transformation electromagnetics/optics, its application to the design of revolutionary new devices, and their associated metamaterial realizations.

Multiobjective Scheduling By Genetic Algorithms

Author : Tapan P. Bagchi
ISBN : 9781461552376
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Multiobjective Scheduling by Genetic Algorithms describes methods for developing multiobjective solutions to common production scheduling equations modeling in the literature as flowshops, job shops and open shops. The methodology is metaheuristic, one inspired by how nature has evolved a multitude of coexisting species of living beings on earth. Multiobjective flowshops, job shops and open shops are each highly relevant models in manufacturing, classroom scheduling or automotive assembly, yet for want of sound methods they have remained almost untouched to date. This text shows how methods such as Elitist Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (ENGA) can find a bevy of Pareto optimal solutions for them. Also it accents the value of hybridizing Gas with both solution-generating and solution-improvement methods. It envisions fundamental research into such methods, greatly strengthening the growing reach of metaheuristic methods. This book is therefore intended for students of industrial engineering, operations research, operations management and computer science, as well as practitioners. It may also assist in the development of efficient shop management software tools for schedulers and production planners who face multiple planning and operating objectives as a matter of course.

Data Mining

Author : Mehmed Kantardzic
ISBN : 9780470890455
Genre : Computers
File Size : 59. 36 MB
Format : PDF
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This book reviews state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques for analyzing enormous quantities of raw data in high-dimensional data spaces, to extract new information for decision making. The goal of this book is to provide a single introductory source, organized in a systematic way, in which we could direct the readers in analysis of large data sets, through the explanation of basic concepts, models and methodologies developed in recent decades.

Post Modern Electromagnetics

Author : Christian Hafner
ISBN : 0471987115
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 41. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presenting innovative, promising and unconventional techniques, Post-modern Electromagnetics outlines the essential tools for the creation of numerical methods. Hafner offers a comparative analysis of the fundamental computational electromagnetics methods and proposes future adaptive strategies. Complementary to Max-1: A Visual Electromagnetics Platform, this unique text challenges current thinking and provides guidance through the solution of practical problems. Features Include: * Outline of Maxwell theory from simple material properties to complex media and wave equations * Discussion of intelligent optimization strategies such as genetic algorithms designed to improve the performance of existing techniques * Applications section demonstrating solutions in statics, scattering, gratings, antenna, antenna arrays, guided waves, resonators, coupling and waveguide discontinuities * Explanation of the background to numerical methods showing how the various approaches to computational electromagnetics can be generalized and combined Students and researchers interested in advanced numerical approaches and design engineers developing new codes for computational electromagnetics will benefit from this exploration of creative electromagnetics solutions.

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