genes and dna a beginner s guide to genetics and its applications

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Genes And Dna

Author : Charlotte K. Omoto
ISBN : 9780231503570
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF
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Covering newsworthy aspects of contemporary biology—gene therapy, the Human Genome Project, DNA testing, and genetic engineering—as well as fundamental concepts, this book, written specifically for nonbiologists, discusses classical and molecular genetics, quantitative and population genetics—including cloning and genetic diseases—and the many applications of genetics to the world around us, from genetically modified foods to genetic testing. With minimal technical terminology and jargon, Genes and DNA facilitates conceptual understanding. Eschewing the organization of traditional genetics texts, the authors have provided an organic progression of information: topics are introduced as needed, within a broader framework that makes them meaningful for nonbiologists. The book encourages the reader to think independently, always stressing scientific background and current facts.

Genetik F R Dummies

Author : Tara Rodden Robinson
ISBN : 9783527811472
Genre : Science
File Size : 32. 71 MB
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Die Genetik ist eine der Naturwissenschaften, deren Wissen am schnellsten wächst und deren Erkenntnisse ständig in Bewegung und in der Diskussion sind. "Genetik für Dummies" erklärt, was überhaupt hinter diesem spannenden Thema steckt. Die Autorin Tara Rodden Robinson erklärt die Grundlagen der Vererbungslehre wie die Mendelschen Regeln, wie Zellen aufgebaut sind und sie sich teilen. Sie zeigt, wie die DNA aufgebaut ist, wie sie kopiert und richtig in Proteine übersetzt wird. Außerdem geht sie auf die Bedeutung der Genetik in der Humanmedizin ein, wie Genmutationen und Erbkrankheiten entstehen. Sie erläutert, was beim Klonen passiert und was sich überhaupt hinter dem Begriff Gentechnik verbirgt. Auch die heißen Themen wie Stammzellentherapie und der Einsatz der Genetik in der Rechtsmedizin werden behandelt.

Das Gen

Author : Siddhartha Mukherjee
ISBN : 3596032350
Genre :
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The Beginner S Guide To Interpreting Ethnic Dna Origins For Family History

Author : Anne Hart
ISBN : 9780595283064
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 31 MB
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Genealogists are now using molecular genealogy-comparing and matching people by matrilineal DNA lineages-mtDNA or patrilineal Y-chromosome ancestry and/or racial percentages tests. People interested in ancestry now look at genetic markers to trace the migrations of the human species. Here's how to trace your genealogy by DNA from your grandparents back 10,000 or more years. Anyone can be interested in DNA for ancestry research, but of interest to Jews from Eastern Europe is to see how different populations from a mosaic of communities reached their current locations. From who are you descended? What markers will shed light on your deepest ancestry? You can study DNA for medical reasons or to discover the geographic travels and dwelling places of some of your ancestors. How do Europeans in general fit into the great migrations of prehistory that took all to where they are today based on their genetic DNA markers and sequences? Where is the geographic center of their origin and the roots of all people? Specifically, how can you interpret your DNA test for family history as a beginner in researching ancestry and your own family history?

Gentechnologie F R Einsteiger

Author : T. A. Brown
ISBN : 3827428688
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 57 MB
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Gentechnologie für Einsteiger hat sich weltweit als leicht verständliche Einführung in dieses wichtige und spannende Wissenschaftsgebiet bewährt. Die sechste Auflage bleibt dem Grundkonzept früherer Auflagen treu, widmet sich aber auch neuen, wachsenden Forschungsfeldern. Das Buch bleibt damit ein unentbehrlicher Leitfaden für Studierende in den Biowissenschaften und ihren zahlreichen Teilgebieten. Es eignet sich auch bestens als Einführung für alle, die sich in ihrem Beruf mit den Grundlagen des Themas vertraut machen müssen.

Biological Data Mining And Its Applications In Healthcare

Author : Xiaoli Li
ISBN : 9789814551021
Genre : Computers
File Size : 38. 71 MB
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Biologists are stepping up their efforts in understanding the biological processes that underlie disease pathways in the clinical contexts. This has resulted in a flood of biological and clinical data from genomic and protein sequences, DNA microarrays, protein interactions, biomedical images, to disease pathways and electronic health records. To exploit these data for discovering new knowledge that can be translated into clinical applications, there are fundamental data analysis difficulties that have to be overcome. Practical issues such as handling noisy and incomplete data, processing compute-intensive tasks, and integrating various data sources, are new challenges faced by biologists in the post-genome era. This book will cover the fundamentals of state-of-the-art data mining techniques which have been designed to handle such challenging data analysis problems, and demonstrate with real applications how biologists and clinical scientists can employ data mining to enable them to make meaningful observations and discoveries from a wide array of heterogeneous data from molecular biology to pharmaceutical and clinical domains. Contents:Sequence Analysis:Mining the Sequence Databases for Homology Detection: Application to Recognition of Functions of Trypanosoma brucei brucei Proteins and Drug Targets (G Ramakrishnan, V S Gowri, R Mudgal, N R Chandra and N Srinivasan)Identification of Genes and Their Regulatory Regions Based on Multiple Physical and Structural Properties of a DNA Sequence (Xi Yang, Nancy Yu Song and Hong Yan)Mining Genomic Sequence Data for Related Sequences Using Pairwise Statistical Significance (Yuhong Zhang and Yunbo Rao)Biological Network Mining:Indexing for Similarity Queries on Biological Networks (Günhan Gülsoy, Md Mahmudul Hasan, Yusuf Kavurucu and Tamer Kahveci)Theory and Method of Completion for a Boolean Regulatory Network Using Observed Data (Takeyuki Tamura and Tatsuya Akutsu)Mining Frequent Subgraph Patterns for Classifying Biological Data (Saeed Salem)On the Integration of Prior Knowledge in the Inference of Regulatory Networks (Catharina Olsen, Benjamin Haibe-Kains, John Quackenbush and Gianluca Bontempi)Classification, Trend Analysis and 3D Medical Images:Classification and Its Application to Drug-Target Prediction (Jian-Ping Mei, Chee-Keong Kwoh, Peng Yang and Xiao-Li Li)Characterization and Prediction of Human Protein-Protein Interactions (Yi Xiong, Dan Syzmanski and Daisuke Kihara)Trend Analysis (Wen-Chuan Xie, Miao He and Jake Yue Chen)Data Acquisition and Preprocessing on Three Dimensional Medical Images (Yuhua Jiao, Liang Chen and Jin Chen)Text Mining and Its Biomedical Applications:Text Mining in Biomedicine and Healthcare (Hong-Jie Dai, Chi-Yang Wu, Richard Tzong-Han Tsai and Wen-Lian Hsu)Learning to Rank Biomedical Documents with Only Positive and Unlabeled Examples: A Case Study (Mingzhu Zhu, Yi-Fang Brook Wu, Meghana Samir Vasavada and Jason T L Wang)Automated Mining of Disease-Specific Protein Interaction Networks Based on Biomedical Literature (Rajesh Chowdhary, Boris R Jankovic, Rachel V Stankowski, John A C Archer, Xiangliang Zhang, Xin Gao, Vladimir B Bajic) Readership: Students, professionals, those who perform biological, medical and bioinformatics research. Keywords:Healthcare;Data Mining;Biological Data Mining;Protein Interactions;Gene Regulation;Text Mining;Biological Literature Mining;Drug Discovery;Disease Network;Biological Network;Graph Mining;Sequence Analysis;Structure Analysis;Trend Analysis;Medical ImagesKey Features:Each chapter of this book will include a section to introduce a specific class of data mining techniques, which will be written in a tutorial style so that even non-computational readers such as biologists and healthcare researchers can appreciate themThe book will disseminate the impact research results and best practices of data mining approaches to the cross-disciplinary researchers and practitioners from both the data mining disciplines and the life sciences domains. The authors of the book will be well-known data mining experts, bioinformaticians and cliniciansEach chapter will also provide a detailed description on how to apply the data mining techniques in real-world biological and clinical applications. Thus, readers of this book can easily appreciate the computational techniques and how they can be used to address their own research issues

Biotechnologie F R Einsteiger

Author : Reinhard Renneberg
ISBN : 382743047X
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 42 MB
Format : PDF
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Die Zeit der Biotechnologie ist gekommen: Sie greift zunehmend in unser tägliches Leben ein – und dennoch fehlt nicht nur Laien, sondern oft auch Studierenden und Wissenschaftlern ein fundiertes Wissen. Abhilfe und eine Fülle von Informationen bietet das einführende Lehrbuch von Reinhard Renneberg: eine verständlich geschriebene und visuell opulent aufbereitete Gesamtschau der Biotechnologie. Sie eignet sich zum schnellen Nachschlagen und zum Schmökern ebenso wie für ein intensives Studium. Bereits die erste Ausgabe des Buches wurde begeistert aufgenommen und liegt nach knapp sieben Jahren nun – komplett überarbeitet und um zahlreiche spannende Boxen Seiten erweitert – in der vierten Auflage vor. Wie Renneberg zeigt, kann ein wissenschaftliches Lehrbuch durchaus spannend und unterhaltsam sein. Verschiedene didaktische Elemente ergänzen den Grundtext der 4. Auflage: - Das erste Biotech-Lehrbuch der Welt mit vollständigen und kommentierten Internet-Quellen zu Filmen, Fotos, Dokumenten und Originalarbeiten - Noch mehr Boxen zu speziellen Themen und zur Geschichte vertiefen das Wissen - Meinungen von Experten veranschaulichen Standpunkte aus Forschung und Industrie - Doppelseiten mit Fotos zeigen wichtige Biotechnologie-Produkte und -Prozesse sowie daran beteiligte Wissenschaftler; Panoramatafeln fassen das Wissen zusammen - Mit dem Glossar lassen sich auch schwierige Fachbegriffe schnell nachschlagen und verstehen Wissenschaft kann Spaß machen – das vermittelt dieses Buch schon beim Durchblättern!

Herkunft Und Geschichte Des Menschen

Author : Steve Olson
ISBN : 3833301309
Genre :
File Size : 79. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Author : Alana Lentin
ISBN : 9781780741765
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Despite the fact that we’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting tolerance, racism is still prevalent today. In fact, since 9-11 the subject of race, and exactly what this means, has become more important than ever before. Alana Lentin traces the development and mutation of ideas about race, through political history right up to modern debates about ethnicity and xenophobia, and considers the implications of a ‘raceless’ society amid concerns about diluted traditions and identities. Thought-provoking and intelligent, this invaluable resource exposes the roots of racist thought, and reveals how it has remained a part of our everyday lives. Alana Lentin is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sussex, UK.

Anatomy And Physiology For Midwives E Book

Author : Jane Coad
ISBN : 9780702045936
Genre : Medical
File Size : 84. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Anatomy & Physiology for Midwives 3rd edition builds on the success of the first two editions with electronic ancillaries, more accessible, woman-centred language and strengthened links with good practice. The book provides a thorough review of anatomy and physiology applicable to midwifery, from first principles through to current research, utilizing case studies for reflection. A comprehensive and well-illustrated textbook that is an essential purchase for all students of midwifery.

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