gauging what s real the conceptual foundations of contemporary gauge theories

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Gauging What S Real

Author : Richard Healey
ISBN : 9780199287963
Genre : Philosophy
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Richard Healey presents a ground-breaking study of an area of physics not previously explored by philosophy: gauge theory. Gauge theories have provided our most successful representations of the fundamental forces of nature. But how do such representations work? Healey defends an original answer to this question.

Epsa Philosophy Of Science Amsterdam 2009

Author : Henk W. de Regt
ISBN : 9400724047
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 19 MB
Format : PDF
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This is a collection of high-quality research papers in the philosophy of science, deriving from papers presented at the second meeting of the European Philosophy of Science Association in Amsterdam, October 2009.

Categories For The Working Philosopher

Author : Elaine Landry
ISBN : 9780191065828
Genre : Philosophy
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Often people have wondered why there is no introductory text on category theory aimed at philosophers working in related areas. The answer is simple: what makes categories interesting and significant is their specific use for specific purposes. These uses and purposes, however, vary over many areas, both "pure", e.g., mathematical, foundational and logical, and "applied", e.g., applied to physics, biology and the nature and structure of mathematical models. Borrowing from the title of Saunders Mac Lane's seminal work "Categories for the Working Mathematician", this book aims to bring the concepts of category theory to philosophers working in areas ranging from mathematics to proof theory to computer science to ontology, from to physics to biology to cognition, from mathematical modeling to the structure of scientific theories to the structure of the world. Moreover, it aims to do this in a way that is accessible to non-specialists. Each chapter is written by either a category-theorist or a philosopher working in one of the represented areas, and in a way that builds on the concepts that are already familiar to philosophers working in these areas.

Some Elementary Gauge Theory Concepts

Author : Hong-Mo Chan
ISBN : 9810210809
Genre : Science
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Gauge theory, which underlies modern particle physics as well as the theory of gravity, and hence all of physics as we know it today, is itself based on a few fundamental concepts, the consequences of which are often as beautiful as they are deep. Unfortunately, in view of the pressure to cover aspects of the theory that are necessary for its many important applications, very little space is usually devoted in textbooks and graduate courses to the treatment of these concepts. The present small volume is an attempt to help in some degree to redress this imbalance in the literature.The topics covered are elementary in the sense of being basic, not in the sense of being shallow or easy. Although all will already feature at the classical field level, and most even before the introduction of an action principle, they often lead one to pose some quite profound questions, so that much of the material treated is by necessity at the front line of research. The approach adopted is physically motivated, although there is no hesitation in introducing mathematical concepts when they are a help to understanding. In the presentation, little is assumed of the reader, and no pains has been spared to make the whole volume understandable to researchers in other fields and to graduate students, provided that the reader is willing to devote sufficient effort required by the subject matter. On the other hand, neither has there been any conscious attempt to avoid essential difficulties, or to trivialise concepts which are intrinsically abstruse. It is thus hoped that the result will be enjoyable reading for researchers and students alike.

Ontological Aspects Of Quantum Field Theory

Author : Meinard Kuhlmann
ISBN : 9812381821
Genre : Science
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Quantum field theory (QFT) provides the framework for many fundamental theories in modern physics, and over the last few years there has been growing interest in its historical and philosophical foundations. This anthology on the foundations of QFT brings together 15 essays by well-known researchers in physics, the philosophy of physics, and analytic philosophy. This book is ideally suited to anyone with an interest in the foundations of quantum physics, including physicists, philosophers and historians of physics, as well as general readers interested in philosophy or science.

Conceptual Foundations Of Modern Particle Physics

Author : Robert Eugene Marshak
ISBN : 9810211066
Genre : Science
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For scientific, technological and organizational reasons, the end of World War II (in 1945) saw a rapid acceleration in the tempo of discovery and understanding in nuclear physics, cosmic rays and quantum field theory, which together triggered the birth of modern particle physics. The first fifteen years (1945-60) following the war's end ? the ?Startup Period? in modern particle physics -witnessed a series of major experimental and theoretical developments that began to define the conceptual contours (non-Abelian internal symmetries, Yang-Mills fields, renormalization group, chirality invariance, baryon-lepton symmetry in weak interactions, spontaneous symmetry breaking) of the quantum field theory of three of the basic interactions in nature (electromagnetic, strong and weak). But it took another fifteen years (1960-75) ? the ?Heroic Period? in modern particle physics ? to unravel the physical content and complete the mathematical formulation of the standard gauge theory of the strong and electroweak interactions among the three generations of quarks and leptons. The impressive accomplishments during the ?Heroic Period? were followed by what is called the ?period of consolidation and speculation (1975-1990)?, which includes the experimental consolidation of the standard model (SM) through precision tests, theoretical consolidation of SM through the search for more rigorous mathematical solutions to the Yang-Mills-Higgs equations, and speculative theoretical excursions ?beyond SM?.Within this historical-conceptual framework, the author ? himself a practicing particle theorist for the past fifty years ? attempts to trace the highlights in the conceptual evolution of modern particle physics from its early beginnings until the present time. Apart from the first chapter ? which sketches a broad overview of the entire field ? the remaining nine chapters of the book offer detailed discussions of the major concepts and principles that prevailed and were given wide currency during each of the fifteen-year periods that comprise the history of modern particle physics. Those concepts and principles that contributed only peripherally to the standard model are given less coverage but an attempt is made to inform the reader about such contributions (which may turn out to be significant at a future time) and to suggest references that supply more information. Chapters 2 and 3 of the book cover a range of topics that received dedicated attention during the ?Startup Period? although some of the results were not incorporated into the structure of the standard model. Chapters 4-6 constitute the core of the book and try to recapture much of the conceptual excitement of the ?Heroic Period?, when quantum flavordynamics (QFD) and quantum chromodynamics (QCD) received their definitive formulation. [It should be emphasized that, throughout the book, logical coherence takes precedence over historical chronology (e.g. some of the precision tests of QFD are discussed in Chapter 6)]. Chapter 7 provides a fairly complete discussion of the chiral gauge anomalies in four dimensions with special application to the standard model (although the larger unification models are also considered). The remaining three chapters of the book (Chapters 7-10) cover concepts and principles that originated primarily during the ?Period of Consolidation and Speculation? but, again, this is not a literal statement. Chapters 8 and 9 report on two of the main directions that were pursued to overcome acknowledged deficiencies of the standard model: unification models in Chapter 8 and attempts to account for the existence of precisely three generations of quarks and leptons, primarily by means of preon models, in Chapter 9. The most innovative of the final three chapters of the book is Chapter 10 on topological conservation laws. This last chapter tries to explain the significance of topologically non-trivial solutions in four-dimensional (space-time) particle physics (e.g. 't Hooft-Polyakov monopoles, instantons, sphalerons, global SU(2) anomaly, Wess-Zumino term, etc.) and to reflect on some of the problems that have ensued (e.g. the ?strong CP problem? in QCD) from this effort. It turns out that the more felicitous topological applications of field theory are found ? as of now ? in condensed matter physics; these successful physical applications (to polyacetylene, quantized magnetic flux in type-II low temperature superconductivity, etc.) are discussed in Chapter 10, as a good illustration of the conceptual unity of modern physics.


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The Philosopher S Index

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015079668045
Genre : Philosophy
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Vols. for 1969- include a section of abstracts.

The Quantum Revolution In Philosophy

Author : Richard Healey
ISBN : 9780198714057
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 24. 55 MB
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Quantum theory launched a revolution in physics. But we have yet to understand the revolution's significance for philosophy. Richard Healey opens a path to such understanding. Most studies of the conceptual foundations of quantum theory first try to interpret the theory - to say how the world could possibly be the way the theory says it is. But, though fundamental, quantum theory is enormously successful without describing the world in its own terms. When properly applied, models of quantum theory offer good advice on the significance and credibility of claims about the world expressed in other terms. This first philosophical lesson of the quantum revolution dissolves the quantum measurement problem. Pragmatist treatments of probability and causation show how quantum theory may be used to explain the non-localized correlations that have been thought to involve "spooky" instantaneous action at a distance. Given environmental decoherence, a pragmatist inferentialist approach to content shows when talk of quantum probabilities is licensed, resolves any residual worries about whether a quantum measurement has a determinate outcome, and solves a dilemma about the ontology of a quantum field theory. This approach to meaning and reference also reveals the nature and limits of objective description in the light of quantum theory. While these pragmatist approaches to probability, causation, explanation and content may be independently motivated by philosophical argument, their successful application here illustrates their practical importance in helping philosophers come to terms with the quantum revolution.

Book Review Index 2009

Author : Dana Ferguson
ISBN : 1414419120
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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