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Fundamentals Of Applied Dynamics

Author : Roberto A. Tenenbaum
ISBN : 9780387218175
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 90 MB
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A translation of the highly acclaimed text by Roberto Tenenbaum (originally published in Portuguese). Tenenbaum's book covers the full range of topics included in a complete basic course designed for undergraduate students in engineering. Requiring no more than a basic course in calculus, the text employs an intuitive approach, from the point of view of Newtonian mechanics, that avoids the complications of Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formalism. The balance between analysis and practical examples also avoids the tendency of other engineering- oriented texts to assume an antipathy towards abstract thinking among engineers. The analytical approach, presented in a simple but rigorous way, gives the required tools for modeling novel practical situations.

Engineering Analysis In Applied Mechanics

Author : John W. Brewer
ISBN : 1560329327
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 24. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This text surveys the mathematical foundations of applied mechanics. The sections on engineering mathematics covers simultaneous algebraic and differential equations, matrix algebra, the theory of optimization and the calculus of variations. Considerable attention is also paid to engineering applications in theoretical thermodynamics, strength of materials ang Lagrangian-Hamiltonian dynamics. The unifying themes of the text are the mathematical foundations, work-energy principles and the Legendre transform. The only prerequisite is the background in mathematics and physics typical of the advanced-undergraduate in engineering.

An Introduction To Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Author : Michael J. Thompson
ISBN : 9781860946158
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 59. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides an introduction for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students to the field of astrophysical fluid dynamics. Although sometimes ignored, fluid dynamical processes play a central role in virtually all areas of astrophysics.No previous knowledge of fluid dynamics is assumed. After establishing the basic equations of fluid dynamics and the physics relevant to an astrophysical application, a variety of topics in the field are addressed. There is also a chapter introducing the reader to numerical methods. Appendices list useful physical constants and astronomical quantities, and provide handy reference material on Cartesian tensors, vector calculus in polar coordinates, self-adjoint eigenvalue problems and JWKB theory.

Advanced Analytical Dynamics

Author : Vincent De Sapio
ISBN : 9781107179608
Genre : Computers
File Size : 71. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Providing a unique bridge between the foundations of analytical mechanics and application to multi-body dynamical systems, this textbook is particularly well suited for graduate students seeking an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of analytical mechanics, as well as modern task space approaches for representing the resulting dynamics that can be exploited for real-world problems in areas such as biomechanics and robotics. Established principles in mechanics are presented in a thorough and modern way. The chapters build up from general mathematical foundations, an extensive treatment of kinematics, and then to a rigorous treatment of conservation and variational principles in mechanics. Parallels are drawn between the different approaches, providing the reader with insights that unify his or her understanding of analytical dynamics. Additionally, a unique treatment is presented on task space dynamical formulations that map traditional configuration space representations into more intuitive geometric spaces.

Essentials Of Hamiltonian Dynamics

Author : John H. Lowenstein
ISBN : 9781139504737
Genre : Science
File Size : 46. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Classical dynamics is one of the cornerstones of advanced education in physics and applied mathematics, with applications across engineering, chemistry and biology. In this book, the author uses a concise and pedagogical style to cover all the topics necessary for a graduate-level course in dynamics based on Hamiltonian methods. Readers are introduced to the impressive advances in the field during the second half of the twentieth century, including KAM theory and deterministic chaos. Essential to these developments are some exciting ideas from modern mathematics, which are introduced carefully and selectively. Core concepts and techniques are discussed, together with numerous concrete examples to illustrate key principles. A special feature of the book is the use of computer software to investigate complex dynamical systems, both analytically and numerically. This text is ideal for graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are already familiar with the Newtonian and Lagrangian treatments of classical mechanics. The book is well suited to a one-semester course, but is easily adapted to a more concentrated format of one-quarter or a trimester. A solutions manual and introduction to Mathematica® are available online at

Fundamentals Of Weather And Climate

Author : Robin McIlveen
ISBN : 9780199215423
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 77. 8 MB
Format : PDF
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Originally published in 1986 as Basic meteorology: a physical outline.

Analytical Mechanics

Author : Josef S. Török
ISBN : 0471332070
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A stimulating, modern approach to analytical mechanics Analytical Mechanics with an Introduction to Dynamical Systems offers a much–needed, up–to–date treatment of analytical dynamics to meet the needs of today′s students and professionals. This outstanding resource offers clear and thorough coverage of mechanics and dynamical systems, with an approach that offers a balance between physical fundamentals and mathematical concepts. Exceptionally well written and abundantly illustrated, the book contains over 550 new problems–more than in any other book on the subject–along with user–friendly computational models using MATLAB. Featured topics include: ∗ An overview of fundamental dynamics, both two– and three–dimensional ∗ An examination of variational approaches, including Lagrangian theory ∗ A complete discussion of the dynamics of rotating bodies ∗ Coverage of the three–dimensional dynamics of rigid bodies ∗ A detailed treatment of Hamiltonian systems and stability theory Ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical engineering, physics, or applied mathematics, this distinguished text is also an excellent self–study or reference text for the practicing engineer or scientist.

Nonlinear Dynamics

Author : Muthusamy Lakshmanan
ISBN : 9783642556883
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 26. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This self-contained treatment covers all aspects of nonlinear dynamics, from fundamentals to recent developments, in a unified and comprehensive way. Numerous examples and exercises will help the student to assimilate and apply the techniques presented.

Applied Gas Dynamics

Author : Ethirajan Rathakrishnan
ISBN : 9780470825761
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Applied Gas Dynamics, Professor Ethirajan Rathakrishnan introduces the high-tech science of gas dynamics, from a definition of the subject to the three essential processes of this science, namely, the isentropic process, shock and expansion process, and Fanno and Rayleigh flows. The material is presented in such a manner that beginners can follow the subject comfortably. Rathakrishnan also covers the theoretical and application aspects of high-speed flows in which enthalpy change becomes significant. Covers both theory and applications Explains involved aspects of flow processes in detail Provides a large number of worked through examples in all chapters Reinforces learning with concise summaries at the end of every chapter Contains a liberal number of exercise problems with answers Discusses ram jet and jet theory -- unique topics of use to all working in the field Classroom tested at introductory and advanced levels Solutions manual and lecture slides available for instructors Applied Gas Dynamics is aimed at graduate students and advanced undergraduates in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering who are taking courses such as Gas Dynamics, Compressible Flows, High-Speed Aerodynamics, Applied Gas Dynamics, Experimental Aerodynamics and High-Enthalpy Flows. Practicing engineers and researchers working with high speed flows will also find this book helpful. Lecture materials for instructors available at

The Dynamics Of Heat

Author : Hans U. Fuchs
ISBN : 9781441976048
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Based on courses for students of science, engineering, and systems science at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences at Winterthur, this text approaches the fundamentals of thermodynamics from the point of view of continuum physics. By describing physical processes in terms of the flow and balance of physical quantities, the author achieves a unified approach to hydraulics, electricity, mechanics and thermodynamics. In this way, it becomes clear that entropy is the fundamental property that is transported in thermal processes (i.e., heat), and that temperature is the corresponding potential. The resulting theory of the creation, flow, and balance of entropy provides the foundation of a dynamical theory of heat. This extensively revised and updated second edition includes new material on dynamical chemical processes, thermoelectricity, and explicit dynamical modeling of thermal and chemical processes. To make the book more useful for courses on thermodynamics and physical chemistry at different levels, coverage of topics is divided into introductory and more advanced and formal treatments. Previous knowledge of thermodynamics is not required, but the reader should be familiar with basic electricity, mechanics, and chemistry and should have some knowledge of elementary calculus. The special feature of the first edition -- the integration of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and chemical processes -- has been maintained and strengthened. Key Features: · First revised edition of a successful text/reference in fourteen years · More than 25 percent new material · Provides a unified approach to thermodynamics and heat transport in fundamental physical and chemical processes · Includes worked examples, questions, and problem sets for use as a teaching text or to test the reader's understanding · Includes many system dynamics models of laboratory experiments

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