from development to dictatorship bolivia and the alliance for progress in the kennedy era the united states in the world

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From Development To Dictatorship

Author : Thomas C. Field
ISBN : 9780801452604
Genre : History
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Thomas C. Field Jr. reconstructs the untold story of USAID's first years in Bolivia, including the country s 1964 military coup d etat."

From Development To Dictatorship

Author : Thomas C. Field, Jr.
ISBN : 9780801470448
Genre : History
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During the most idealistic years of John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress development program, Bolivia was the highest per capita recipient of U.S. foreign aid in Latin America. Nonetheless, Washington’s modernization programs in early 1960s' Bolivia ended up on a collision course with important sectors of the country’s civil society, including radical workers, rebellious students, and a plethora of rightwing and leftwing political parties. In From Development to Dictatorship, Thomas C. Field Jr. reconstructs the untold story of USAID’s first years in Bolivia, including the country’s 1964 military coup d’état. Field draws heavily on local sources to demonstrate that Bolivia’s turn toward anticommunist, development-oriented dictatorship was the logical and practical culmination of the military-led modernization paradigm that provided the liberal underpinnings of Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress. In the process, he explores several underappreciated aspects of Cold War liberal internationalism: the tendency of “development” to encourage authoritarian solutions to political unrest, the connection between modernization theories and the rise of Third World armed forces, and the intimacy between USAID and CIA covert operations. Challenging the conventional dichotomy between ideology and strategy in international politics, From Development to Dictatorship engages with a growing literature on development as a key rubric for understanding the interconnected processes of decolonization and the Cold War.

Foreign Aid As Foreign Policy

Author : Jeffrey Taffet
ISBN : 9781135867874
Genre : History
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Foreign Aid as Foreign Policy presents a wide-ranging, thoughtful analysis of the most significant economic-aid program of the 1960s, John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress. Introduced in 1961, the program was a ten-year, multi-billion-dollar foreign-aid commitment to Latin American nations, meant to help promote economic growth and political reform, with the long-term goal of countering Communism in the region. Considering the Alliance for Progress in Chile, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, Jeffrey F. Taffet deftly examines the program’s successes and failures, providing an in-depth discussion of economic aid and foreign policy, showing how policies set in the 1960s are still affecting how the U.S. conducts foreign policy today. This study adds an important chapter to the history of US-Latin American Relations.

Yankee Don T Go Home

Author : Julio Moreno
ISBN : 0807854786
Genre : History
File Size : 28. 60 MB
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In the aftermath of the 1910 Mexican Revolution, Mexican and U.S. political leaders, business executives, and ordinary citizens shaped modern Mexico by making industrial capitalism the key to upward mobility into the middle class, material prosperity, and

Hearts Minds Voices

Author : Jason C. Parker
ISBN : 9780190251840
Genre :
File Size : 71. 34 MB
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"For over four decades, the Cold War superpowers endeavored mightily to 'win hearts and minds' abroad through strategies that came to be called public diplomacy. While many target audiences were on the original front lines of the conflict in Europe, other larger audiences resided in areas outside Europe, regions then in the throes of decolonization. This book explores how, for all the blood and drama of intervention, crisis, and revolution during the Cold War, the vast majority of these non-Europeans experienced it as a media war for their allegiance rather than as a violent war for their lives. In these outlying regions, superpower public diplomacy encountered volatile issues of race, empire, poverty, and decolonization--all of which intersected unpredictably with the dynamics of the Cold War and anti-imperialist currents. The challenge to U.S. public diplomacy was acute. At a time when the United States' image was inseparable from Jim Crow and Washington's European-imperial alliances, the cresting of these issues put U.S. outreach on the defensive. Yet, as Jason Parker argues, the greater consequence of these Cold War campaigns was international, not U.S.-centric, in scope. The non-European world responded to this media war by joining it. A proliferation of newly independent voices launched public diplomacy campaigns of their own, offering a roundabout validation of strategic public diplomacy while articulating an alternative vision of the postwar world. By reappropriating the geopolitical and intellectual space between the Cold War superpowers, this global conversation formulated a 'Third World project' that coalesced around principals of nonalignment, post-imperial economic development, and anti-colonial racial solidarity. The global South's response to the injection of the Cold War into their social, economic, and political reality thus helped to create the 'Third World' as a transnational, imagined community on the postwar global landscape"--

The Development Century

Author : Stephen J. Macekura
ISBN : 9781316515884
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offers cutting-edge perspectives on how international development has shaped the global history of the modern world.

Born In Blood And Fire

Author : John Charles Chasteen
ISBN : 9780393283051
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Born in Blood and Fire, Fourth Edition has been extensively revised to heighten emphasis on current cultural analyses of Latin American society and facilitate meaningful connections between the Encounter and the present. Throughout the Fourth Edition, a new full-color design highlights an enriched and expanded map and illustration program. This, along with new quizzing and assessment options and a new edition of the companion reader, offers students and instructors more support than ever before.

Precarious Paths To Freedom

Author : Aragorn Storm Miller
ISBN : 9780826356888
Genre : History
File Size : 71. 60 MB
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Miller analyzes US-Venezuelan relations during the 1950s and 1960s as a case study for the broader political dynamics of the hemisphere and beyond during the critical period of the global Cold War. He addresses the perception that US foreign policy toward Latin America was an overwhelming failure in which initiatives intended to promote democracy and modernization, and to insulate the hemisphere from the ideological struggles of the global Cold War, reaped only authoritarian regimes, uneven and sluggish economic growth, and abstract debates over capitalism and communism that distracted attention from Latin America’s pressing socioeconomic problems. Precarious Paths to Freedom demonstrates that Washington rather achieved success by cultivating a partnership with a democratizing Venezuela. From 1958 onward US policymakers identified Venezuela as the crucial bulwark against political extremism and as the ideal partner in the creation of a modernized, prosperous, and pro-US Latin America.

Our America And Theirs

Author : Ernesto Guevara
ISBN : 1876175818
Genre : Business & Economics
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To check the spread of revolution in Latin America in 1961, Kennedy proposed the Alliance for Progress--a program for free trade and development in the Americas. Che Guevara, described by "Time" magazine as "Cuba's scraggle-bearded economic czar," condemned the plan as a new strategy to subjugate the continent to U.S. interests. The introduction describes the backstage drama that unfolded when Kennedy's special envoy Richard Goodwin had a cordial encounter with Che at a late-night party. The book includes never before published material, such as Che's televised speech in which he outlines the issues posed by the Alliance for Progress. Available in Spanish as "Punta del Este" (ISBN 1-876175-65-6)

Solidarity Transformed

Author : Mark S. Anner
ISBN : 0801461057
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 84. 51 MB
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Mark S. Anner spent ten years working with labor unions in Latin America and returned to conduct eighteen months of field research: he found himself in the middle of violent raids, was detained and interrogated in a Salvadoran basement prison cell, and survived a bombing in a union cafeteria. This experience as a participant observer informs and enlivens Solidarity Transformed, an illustrative, nuanced, and insightful account of how labor unions in Latin America are developing new strategies to defend the interests of the workers they represent in dynamic global and local contexts. Anner combines in-depth case studies of the auto and apparel industries in El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil, and Argentina with survey analysis. Altogether, he documents approximately seventy labor campaigns-both successful and failed-over a period of twenty years. Anner finds that four labor strategies have dominated labor campaigns in recent years: transnational activist campaigns; transnational labor networks; radical flank mechanisms; and microcorporatist worker-employer pacts. The choice of which strategy to pursue is shaped by the structure of global supply chains, access to the domestic political process, and labor identities. Anner's multifaceted approach is both rich in anecdote and supported by quantitative research. The result is a book in which labor activists find new and creative ways to support their members and protect their organizations in the midst of political change, global restructuring, and economic crises.

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