forensic dna applications an interdisciplinary perspective

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Forensic Dna Applications

Author : Dragan Primorac
ISBN : 9781466580237
Genre : Law
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Forensic DNA Applications: An Interdisciplinary Perspective was developed as an outgrowth of a conference held by the International Society of Applied Biological Sciences. The topic was human genome–based applications in forensic science, anthropology, and individualized medicine. Assembling the contributions of contributors from numerous regions around the world, this volume is designed as both a textbook for forensic molecular biology students and a reference for practitioners and those in the legal system. The book begins with the history and development of DNA typing and profiling for criminal and civil purposes. It discusses the statistical interpretation of results with case examples, mitochondrial DNA testing, Y single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and short tandem repeats (STRs), and X SNP and STR testing. It also explores low copy number DNA typing, mixtures, and quality assurance and control. The second section examines the collection and preservation of biological evidence under a variety of different circumstances and the identification of human remains—including in mass disaster settings. It discusses applications to bioterrorism investigations, animal DNA testing in criminal cases, pedigree questions and wildlife forensic problems, applications in forensic entomology, and forensic botany. The third section explores recent developments and new technologies, including the rigorous identification of tissue of origin, mtDNA profiling using immobilized probe strips, chips and next-generation sequencing, the use of SNPs to ascertain phenotypic characteristics, and the "molecular autopsy" that looks at aspects of toxicogenetics and pharmacogenetics. The book concludes with a discussion on law, ethics, and policy. It examines the use of DNA evidence in the criminal justice system in both the United States and Europe, ethical issues in forensic laboratory practices, familial searches, DNA databases, ancestry searches, physical phenotyping, and report writing. The contributors also examine DNA applications in immigration and human trafficking cases and international perspectives on DNA databases.

Dna Fingerprinting Advancements And Future Endeavors

Author : Hirak Ranjan Dash
ISBN : 9789811315831
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The Science Of Roman History

Author : Walter Scheidel
ISBN : 9781400889730
Genre : History
File Size : 45. 87 MB
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How the latest cutting-edge science offers a fuller picture of life in Rome and antiquity This groundbreaking book provides the first comprehensive look at how the latest advances in the sciences are transforming our understanding of ancient Roman history. Walter Scheidel brings together leading historians, anthropologists, and geneticists at the cutting edge of their fields, who explore novel types of evidence that enable us to reconstruct the realities of life in the Roman world. Contributors discuss climate change and its impact on Roman history, and then cover botanical and animal remains, which cast new light on agricultural and dietary practices. They exploit the rich record of human skeletal material--both bones and teeth—which forms a bio-archive that has preserved vital information about health, nutritional status, diet, disease, working conditions, and migration. Complementing this discussion is an in-depth analysis of trends in human body height, a marker of general well-being. This book also assesses the contribution of genetics to our understanding of the past, demonstrating how ancient DNA is used to track infectious diseases, migration, and the spread of livestock and crops, while the DNA of modern populations helps us reconstruct ancient migrations, especially colonization. Opening a path toward a genuine biohistory of Rome and the wider ancient world, The Science of RomanHistory offers an accessible introduction to the scientific methods being used in this exciting new area of research, as well as an up-to-date survey of recent findings and a tantalizing glimpse of what the future holds.

Health Informatics An Interdisciplinary Approach In Healthcare Management

Author : Dr. Raphael Akangbe
ISBN : 9780359139729
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Dna Statistics And The Law A Cross Disciplinary Approach To Forensic Inference

Author : Alex Biedermann
ISBN : 9782889192502
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From ABO typing during the first half of the 20th century, to the use of enzymes and protein contained in blood serums and finally direct DNA typing, biology has been serving forensic purposes for many decades. Statistics, in turn, has been constantly underpinning the discussions of the probative value of results of biological analyses, in particular when defendants could not be considered as excluded as potential sources because of different genetic traits. The marriage between genetics and statistics has never been an easy one, though, as is illustrated by fierce arguments that peaked in the so-called “DNA wars” in some American courtrooms in the mid-1990s. This controversy has contributed to a lively production of research and publications on various interpretative topics, such as the collection of relevant data, foundations in population genetics as well as theoretical and practical considerations in probability and statistics. Both DNA profiling as a technique and the associated statistical considerations are now widely accepted as robust, but this does not yet guarantee or imply a neat transition to their application in court. Indeed, statistical principles applied to results of forensic DNA profiling analyses are a necessary, yet not a sufficient preliminary requirement for the contextually meaningful use of DNA in the law. Ultimately, the appropriate use of DNA in the forensic context relies on inference, i.e. reasoning reasonably in the face of uncertainty. This is all the more challenging that such thought processes need to be adopted by stakeholders from various backgrounds and holding diverse interests. Although several topics of the DNA controversy have been settled over time, some others are still debated (such as the question of how to deal with the probability of error), while yet others - purportedly settled topics - saw some recent revivals (e.g., the question of how to deal with database searches). In addition, new challenging topics have emerged over the last decade, such as the analysis and interpretation of traces containing only low quantities of DNA where artefacts of varying nature may affect results. Both technical and interpretative research involving statistics thus represent areas where ongoing research is necessary, and where scholars from the natural sciences and the law should collaborate. The articles in this Research Topic thus aim to investigate, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the current understanding of the strengths and limitations of DNA profiling results in legal applications. This Research Topic accepts contributions in all frontiers article type categories and places an emphasis on topics with a multidisciplinary perspective that explore (while not being limited to) statistical genetics for forensic scientists, case studies and reports, evaluation and interpretation of forensic findings, communication of expert findings to laypersons, quantitative legal reasoning and fact-finding using probability.

Gentechnologie F R Einsteiger

Author : T. A. Brown
ISBN : 3827428688
Genre : Science
File Size : 43. 60 MB
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Gentechnologie für Einsteiger hat sich weltweit als leicht verständliche Einführung in dieses wichtige und spannende Wissenschaftsgebiet bewährt. Die sechste Auflage bleibt dem Grundkonzept früherer Auflagen treu, widmet sich aber auch neuen, wachsenden Forschungsfeldern. Das Buch bleibt damit ein unentbehrlicher Leitfaden für Studierende in den Biowissenschaften und ihren zahlreichen Teilgebieten. Es eignet sich auch bestens als Einführung für alle, die sich in ihrem Beruf mit den Grundlagen des Themas vertraut machen müssen.

Eine Studie In Scharlachrot

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
ISBN : 9783849682392
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39. 96 MB
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Eine Studie in Scharlachrot ist der erste Auftritt des Detektivs Sherlock Holmes. Der Roman besteht aus zwei Teilen: Der erste stellt Watsons Aufzeichnungen dar. Watson berichtet, wie er Sherlock Holmes kennenlernt, und ihn bei der Aufklärung eines Mordfalls begleitet und unterstützt. Im zweiten Teil wird die Vorgeschichte des Mordes erzählt. Sie spielt in einer Mormonengemeinde in Utah.

Einf Hrung In Die Programmierung Mit Java

Author : Robert Sedgewick
ISBN : 9783868940763
Genre : JAVA (Programming language)
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Author : Claus-Peter Adler
ISBN : 9783662121603
Genre : Medical
File Size : 36. 38 MB
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Dieses interdisziplinäre Nachschlagewerk bietet Ihnen das Fundament für Ihre exakte Diagnose und gezielte Therapie-Planung. o Sie erhalten einen praxisorientierten Überblick über alle modernen und etablierten Diagnostik-Verfahren. o Didaktisch übersichtlich stehen die jeweiligen radiologischen und pathologisch-anatomischen Strukturen dem Text gegenüber. o Kurzgefaßte Therapievorschläge ergänzen die diagnostischen Richtlinien. => Das aktuelle Nachschlagewerk für die multidisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit von Orthopäden, Radiologen, Rheumatologen und Pathologen. Schnell * präzise * praxisgerecht

System Thinking And Complexity Science

Author : Kurt Anders Richardson
ISBN : 0976681498
Genre : Computational complexity
File Size : 68. 11 MB
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