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Facing Codependence

Author : Pia Mellody
ISBN : 9780062031808
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 32. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Pia Mellody creates a framework for identifying codependent thinking, emotions and behaviour and provides an effective approach to recovery. Mellody sets forth five primary adult symptoms of this crippling condition, then traces their origin to emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and sexual abuses that occur in childhood. Central to Mellody's approach is the concept that the codependent adult's injured inner child needs healing. Recovery from codependence, therefore, involves clearing up the toxic emotions left over from these painful childhood experiences.

Breaking Free

Author : Pia Mellody
ISBN : 9780062505903
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 43. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In her pioneering Facing Codependence, Pia Mellody traced the origins of codependence back to childhood and a wide range of emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and sexual abuses. Now in this innovative new workbook, she presents a step-by-step journal-keeping method for moving toward recovery from codependence. Based on such concepts as the "precious child" and the five core symptoms of codependence, along with the Twelve-Step process of recovery used by Codependents Anonymous, Breaking Free provides strategies and insights for attacking the fundamental problem in codependence--the lack of dependence on self. In a three-part approach to recovery, Mellody first shows recovering codependents how to move beyond denial of their childhood history of abuse. She then offers techniques to identify concrete ways in which the symptoms of codependence operate in their lives. Finally, Mellody guides users through the process of identifying and recording specific instances of improvement in their lives as an aid to greater self-awareness and further recovery.

The Mother And The Manager

Author : Elizabeth Ralston
ISBN : 9781452595269
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 35. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In The Mother And The Manager Elizabeth Ralston courageously explores how our traditional gender roles create codependent behaviors in men and women and offers positive, workable solutions toward dealing with this problem. The Mother And The Manager takes an in-depth look at how our society has evolved and impacted gender roles into the twenty-first century. As 12-Step recovery groups have flourished in recent years, women have been educated about why they have issues such as low self-esteem, perfectionism, rigidity, relationship failures, inability to get their needs met and fear of conflict. Elizabeth has bravely shared about how patriarchy has impacted her life and how recovery has helped her to empower and heal herself. She will help many who are searching for answers to their questions and will help them on the road to recovery. I salute her ability to face her fears about “rocking the boat” in writing this book and taking the risk to speak her truth and stay on her God-inspired path.” Ginger S. Edwards, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addictions Specialist Specializing in Codependency and Trauma

Facing Love Addiction Reissue

Author : Pia Mellody
ISBN : 9780062031822
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 63. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A brilliant new guide to understanding the origins of codependence and the path to recovery by a nationally recognized authority on dependency and addiction. In this fresh new look at codependence, Pia Mellody traces the origins of this illness back to childhood, describing a whole range of emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and sexual abuses. Because of these earlier experiences, codependent adults often lack the skills necessary to lead mature lives and have satisfying relationships. Recovery from codependence comes from clearing up the toxic feelings left over from childhood and learning to reparent oneself by intervening on the adult symptoms of codependence. Central to Mellody's concept is the idea of the "precious child" that needs healing within each adult. She creates a framework for identifying codependent behavior and describes an effective approach to recovery that includes both therapy and self-help processes. Designed to be used with her new workbook for codependents, Breaking Free, this is a powerful tool for understanding the nature of codependence.

Cold Blooded Kindness

Author : Barbara Oakley
ISBN : 9781616144203
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 20. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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In this searing exploration of deadly codependency, the author takes the reader on a spellbinding voyage of discovery that examines the questions: Are some people naturally too caring? Is caring sometimes a mask for darker motives? Can science help us understand how our concerns for others can hurt everything we hold dear? This gripping story brings extraordinary insight to our deepest questions. Is kindness always the right answer? Is kindness always what it seems? From the Hardcover edition.

My Eating Disorder

Author : Branch Kimball
ISBN : 9781490763224
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 55. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book summarizes how anorexia and bulimia affected my life in the past and how it troubles my present. It has affected my relationships at home, school, and work. Indulging in behaviors brought me to rock bottom when I had to quit my job and nearly separated from my wife. I spent three months in residential treatment for my eating disorder. All my meals and bathroom breaks were monitored. I could not stop my behaviors on my own; I was literally addicted to them. This book also summarizes principles of recovery I used to help me fix the cognitive distortions that kept me blind from reality. It summarizes things I learned in residential that I hope all who struggle with an eating disorder, or any addictive behavior, can use. All names and places have been fictionalized at the request of my publisher. The stories are real.

Confessions Of A Codependent

Author : Jacqueline Williams
ISBN : 9780595400867
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 50. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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After enduring more than her share of codependent relationships, author Jacqueline Williams knew she needed to change her behavior patterns. Through a great deal of soul-searching, therapy, and prayer, Williams came to understand her codependency and how to eradicate it from her relationships.Written especially for women, Confessions of a Codependent: How to Identify and Eliminate Unhealthy Relationships defines codependent relationships, explains why they are so self-destructive, and explores why these relationships can at times lead to physical violence.Confessions of a Codependent shares other women's stories of codependent, abusive, and/or dysfunctional relationships, as well as the ways these women were able to leave them and move on to healthier partnerships. Confessions of a Codependent also includes practical advice on how to recognize signs that your relationship may be heading toward emotional and/or physical abuse, how to move away from self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors, and resources that you can use to escape a codependent relationship.If you're struggling in your current relationship and feel trapped by codependency, break the cycle with Confessions of a Codependent!

Facing Love Addiction

Author : Pia Mellody
ISBN : 0062506048
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 23. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The author of the bestselling Facing Codependence unravels the intricate dynamics of toxic love relationships and shows us how to let go of toxic love. In this revised and updated edition of Facing Love Addiction, internationally recognised dependence and addiction authority Pia Mellody clearly outlines the debilitating ′toxic′ patterns played out by love addicts and the unresponsive love avoidants to whom they are painfully and repeatedly drawn.

Pathological Altruism

Author : Barbara Oakley
ISBN : 9780199876341
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 54. 83 MB
Format : PDF
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The benefits of altruism and empathy are obvious. These qualities are so highly regarded and embedded in both secular and religious societies that it seems almost heretical to suggest they can cause harm. Like most good things, however, altruism can be distorted or taken to an unhealthy extreme. Pathological Altruism presents a number of new, thought-provoking theses that explore a range of hurtful effects of altruism and empathy. Pathologies of empathy, for example, may trigger depression as well as the burnout seen in healthcare professionals. The selflessness of patients with eating abnormalities forms an important aspect of those disorders. Hyperempathy - an excess of concern for what others think and how they feel - helps explain popular but poorly defined concepts such as codependency. In fact, pathological altruism, in the form of an unhealthy focus on others to the detriment of one's own needs, may underpin some personality disorders. Pathologies of altruism and empathy not only underlie health issues, but also a disparate slew of humankind's most troubled features, including genocide, suicide bombing, self-righteous political partisanship, and ineffective philanthropic and social programs that ultimately worsen the situations they are meant to aid. Pathological Altruism is a groundbreaking new book - the first to explore the negative aspects of altruism and empathy, seemingly uniformly positive traits. The contributing authors provide a scientific, social, and cultural foundation for the subject of pathological altruism, creating a new field of inquiry. Each author's approach points to one disturbing truth: what we value so much, the altruistic "good" side of human nature, can also have a dark side that we ignore at our peril.

Ill Facing Codependence What It Is Where It Comes From How It Sabotages Our Lives

Author :
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