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Europe The State And Globalisation

Author : Simon Sweeney
ISBN : 9781317873471
Genre : Political Science
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Europe, the State and Globalisation explores the interplay between the state and state sovereignty, nationalism, European integration and globalisation. It provides essential foundations in all these areas, while using stimulating arguments to prompt discussion and provoke interest in the relationships between these processes. Throughout, Europe, the State and Globalisation addresses various issues of historical and theoretical importance, including the institutions of the European Union, integration theory, regional policy, multilevel governance and EU enlargement, International Relations theory, the nature and impact of globalisation, the challenges of transnational government and the changing nature of the state The text is ideal for undergraduate courses in European Politics.

Cities State And Globalisation

Author : Tassilo Herrschel
ISBN : 9781317934097
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book investigates the ways in which city regions view themselves as single entities, how they are governed, what is meant by ‘governance’, why the question of city-regional governance matters, and the extent to which the balance between internal and external factors is important for finding governance solutions. Examples from North America and Europe are compared and contrasted to gain a better understanding of what matters ‘on the ground’ to people and policy makers when seeking answers to the challenges of a globalised, rapidly changing world. In order to analyse the conditions involved in making local decisions, the author looks at the impact of established policy-making practices, socio-economic patterns among the population, existing views of the ‘local’ and the ‘regional’ and their respective roles among the electorate and policy makers, and the scope for building city-regional governance under given statutory and fiscal provisions. The complex interaction of these factors is shown to produce place-specific forms and modi operandi for governing city regions as local-regional constructs. This book will be of interest to urban and regional policy makers and scholars working in the fields of economic geography and political geography.

Globalisation Migration And The Future Of Europe

Author : Leila Simona Talani
ISBN : 9781136635359
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 46. 98 MB
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Showcasing an original, interdisciplinary approach, this text examines the effect of migration on the domestic politics of individual states and how they are eroding the distinctions between the domestic and foreign policy, the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ components of politics and law. During the twentieth century the context in which migrants negotiate their integration within legal, social, cultural, economic and political spaces changed significantly. Drawing upon varied perspectives from the US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Italy among others, this work develops a comprehensive understanding of the impact migratory networks are having on European societies. It investigates the strategies of integration or discrimination which are developed in Europe by state institutions, legal codes, political movements and even immigrant communities themselves, when confronted with the growing influence of migratory networks. The result is a highly topical exploration of the political and legal dimensions of migration in the EU, that develops new approaches to the issue of social integration and the exclusion of migrants and migrant communities. Globalization, Migration, and the Future of Europe will be of interest to students and scholars of migration, European studies, globalization and International Law.

Globalisation Public Opinion And The State

Author : Takashi Inoguchi
ISBN : 9781134147809
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48. 38 MB
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This is first integrated book-length account of citizen responses to the new global order. Based on a comprehensive survey, administered at the end of 2000, in nine European and nine Asian countries, this book demonstrates the diverse responses to globalization, within, and between, two of the world's major – and most globally integrated – regions. Globalization, Public Opinion and the State is a pioneering empirical study, drawing on 18,000 interviews across these 18 European and Asian countries supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education. The Asian-Europe Survey is one of the largest of its kind ever conducted, and provides the book with a wealth of novel data on public opinion and social attitudes that identify the linkages between national/regional policy responses and the political and policy orientations of the publics affected. The book uses theoretical insights to situate these public responses and reactions to globalization; and it addresses one question in particular: do nation states matter in how citizens come to view regional and global engagement? Rather than offering another theory about globalization, this book presents much-needed empirical findings that help us decide between arguments about the public impact of globalization cross-nationally. This book breaks new ground as there no other comprehensive study in this field.

Japan And The Globalisation Of European Integration

Author : Thomas Bourke
ISBN : 1855218348
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38. 58 MB
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Relations between the European Community and Japan have evolved in the context of tensions between regionalization and globalization. This study treats the impact of one manifestation of globalization - Japanese direct investment - on the evolution of poli.

Perspectives On European Social Work

Author : Walter Lorenz
ISBN : UOM:39015064750683
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 21. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Although being linked to the nation state project, the social work professions in Europe always strove to internationalize and universalize their discourses. This book explores historically and comparatively the dynamic interchange between state social policies, civil society movements, and academic discourses in Europe that account for the puzzling diversity of this professional field. Inferiority in comparison with other professions in relation to autonomy in practice and research was frequently perceived as problematic, but the engagement with civil society and political structures needs to be seen in a new light. Today, under the impact of post-modernity and globalization, the identities and professional status of social work have become uncertain everywhere. Historical and political reflections have renewed relevance as societies in Western and Eastern Europe face the challenges of a complete re-working of public and private arrangements of social solidarity, and welfare personnel are drawn into an agenda of "activation" that suggests a renewed split between deserving and undeserving clients. A trans-national perspective of practice is proposed that confronts these challenges and methodologies that realize the personal and political potential of hermeneutic competences. The case is made that all social work practice in Europe today requires a strong intercultural and anti-racist dimension.

Globalisation Multilateralism Europe

Author : Professor Mario Telò
ISBN : 9781409464495
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 56. 83 MB
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This student-friendly textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to globalization studies and the European Union within a multipolar world. It provides its readers with critical analysis of the key concepts of multilateral global and regional governance and Europe’s role in the world; and this in an accessible and intelligible fashion. This volume collects contributions by eminent scholars from world class universities from five different continents. As such, this unique exercise in transnational multi-disciplinary cooperation, provides extensive coverage of the main issues pertaining to multilateral cooperation - notably its history, troubles, legitimacy challenges and efficiency questions - from a variety of national perspectives.

The Mediterranean In The Age Of Globalization

Author : Natalia Ribas Mateos
ISBN : 1412837758
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20. 78 MB
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The Mediterranean in the Age of Globalization is a welcome corrective to the tendency to present globalization as a homogenous concept, and the failure to describe how it operates in specific regions. Ribas-Mateos examines globalization and migration across the Mediterranean, using an innovative, integrated framework so as to map social places by describing how social, political, cultural, and economic forces are embedded within a globalizing environment. The author articulates an original and compelling narrative, mapping the Mediterranean as a global place where international and regional forces are intertwined in multiple threads. In doing so, she identifies two key components of globalization--affecting specifically forms of welfare and issues of mobility--in the context of a weakening European welfare state and the relocation and reinforcement of Mediterranean borders. Nine Mediterranean cities are investigated as "gateway" cities, which shape two major effects of globalization: welfare and mobility. The book challenges conventional North-South perspectives, and focuses and systematizes the way international migration should be conceptualized. The originality of the book results from the author's fieldwork, which is rich in descriptive detail, and from a theory centered around global perspectives. Seven case studies in Southern Europe--Algeciras, Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon, Naples, Turin, and Thrace--deal with issues related to migration and the welfare state. She also includes two ethnographies that represent two Mediterranean gateways in the North-South Mediterranean division: Tangiers (in Morocco) and Durres (in Albania), which are mapped as border-cities in the global Mediterranean context. Because of its intrinsically multidisciplinary nature, this superb volume will be of particular interest to academics and social science researchers as well as policymakers and international agencies. Natalia Ribas-Mateos is a Marie Curie fellow at the Mediterranean Laboratory of Sociology, Aix-en-Provence, France. Among her recent books are Una invitacin a las sociologa de las migraciones and El debate sobre la globalizacin.

Globalization And Social Stress

Author : Grzegorz W. Kołodko
ISBN : 1594541949
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85. 72 MB
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Globalisation, like no other term, has gained in recent years a prominent position in nearly all branches of social science. Consequently, its definitions abound, also in economics -- a discipline to which it has a special relevance. In economic terms, Globalisation is the historical process of gradual, yet persistent liberalisation followed by the coalescence of the hitherto largely fragmented markets of goods, capital and labour into a single global market. The concurrent regional integration processes, should by no means be seen as a trend opposed to Globalisation, which they may even facilitate in some circumstances by moving integration to a higher level: from that of national economics up to that of international organisations, for instance, the EU integrating with NAFTA, ASEAN with CIS or Mercosur with Caricom. Thus defined Globalisation depends on a variety of circumstances and has numerous implications. It is an extremely dynamic and complex process which, therefore, allows of no unambiguous assessment. Globalisation is an irreversible process, although -- as the experience of the last two or three years has shown -- its progress can be significantly impeded in the short run by various kinds of political and economic shocks. So the idea is to follow an enlightened and wise development strategy and a well-co-ordinated policy -- in this case, on the international and global scale -- that would minimise the attendant problems and eliminate, as far as possible, the concomitant social stress. How to achieve this goal is the question the authors address in this volume.

The Working Poor In Europe

Author : Hans-Jürgen Andreß
ISBN : 9781848443761
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31. 69 MB
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The book provides important findings on the link between institutions and in-work poverty. The volume makes a significant contribution to this strand of literature as evidence on cross-country differences is scarce. The combination of case studies and comparative quantitative investigations is an interesting approach. Annekatrin Niebuhr, Papers in Regional Science This data-rich book explores the causes of in-work poverty in Europe. . . The balanced provision of theoretical insights and strong empirical support will prove useful to poverty scholars and policymakers alike. Contemporary Sociology A book on in-work poverty could not be timelier. . . At a time when many of the working poor are likely to become the non-working poor this book is a must-read. Zoë Irving, Journal of Social Policy This volume represents a valuable contribution to debates on welfare states, public policy, poverty and social exclusion. It is an empirically rich and analytically robust comparative collection, highlighting the variations between and contradictions of in-work poverty across Europe. Patricia Kennett, University of Bristol, UK For a long time in-work poverty was not associated with European welfare states. Recently, the topic has gained relevance as welfare state retrenchment and international competition in globalized economies has put increasing pressures on individuals and families. This book provides explanations as to why in-work poverty is high in certain countries and low in others. Much of the present concern about the working poor has to do with recent changes in labour market policies in Europe. However, this book is not primarily about low pay. Instead, it questions whether gainful employment is sufficient to earn a living both for oneself and for one s family members. There are, however, great differences between European countries. This book argues that the incidence and structure of the working poor cannot be understood without a thorough understanding of each country s institutional context. This includes the system of wage-setting, the level of decommodification provided by the social security system and the structure of families and households. Combining cross-country studies with in-depth analyses from a national perspective, the book reveals that in-work poverty in Europe is a diverse, multi-faceted phenomenon occurring in equally diverse institutional, economic and socio-demographic settings. With its rich detail and conclusions, this genuinely comparative study will be of interest to academics and researchers of labour and welfare economics, social policy and European studies as well as to policy advisers.

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