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Rising Covenant

Author : Amanda Lee
ISBN : 151171056X
Genre :
File Size : 89. 38 MB
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Zoe Lake and Aric Winters thought they were living happily ever after. They were wrong. Five years after surviving Covenant College's final showdown, they find themselves at a crossroads. They're living together. They're happy. There is no future set in stone, though. When Zoe's former roommate Paris shows up out of the blue, Zoe couldn't be happier. She needs a sounding board, and Paris was the best one she ever had. Things don't go as planned, and when Zoe's parents go missing, Paris' ties to evil run deep. Aric will always stand by Zoe, and he has a certain proposal in mind. He can't ensure forever until they handle today - and to do that, Zoe, Aric and Paris have to embark on a rescue mission. Zoe thought her days as a coveted mage were over. To save the day, though, she has to embrace the magic she's been trying to suppress. Everyone wants a piece of Zoe - including the only man she's ever loved. A new fight is upon her, and if she wants to be declared the winner, Zoe has to acknowledge that she can't forget the past if she wants to embrace the future. Zoe knows things are going to come to a bloody end. She just doesn't know whose blood will ultimately be spilled.

Promise Of The Eternal Covenant

Author : Abraham Park
ISBN : 9781462916610
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67. 94 MB
Format : PDF
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Following his remarkable exegesis on the first and second periods of Jesus' genealogy, the best-selling author, in the fifth installment of the History of Redemption series, covers the third and final period, which spans the fourteen generations from the Babylonian exile to Jesus Christ. The Promise of the Eternal Covenant sheds light upon the labyrinth-like history of the 600 years before Jesus' birth. Throughout the book, Rev. Abraham Park demonstrates that God is sovereign over all history; the rise and fall of nations, kingdoms, and empires occur all according to God's eternal decrees and providence. His readers will be filled with assurance that God's promise of the Eternal Covenant will certainly be fulfilled. Key features: Redemptive-historical discussions on the fourteen generations and their names in both biblical languages The generations omitted from the third period of Jesus' genealogy and God's redemptive administration therein Everything you need to know about the Babylonian exile and the return therefrom An amazingly comprehensive chart which delineates: Israel's history and chronology of the kings, prophets, and high priest for this era The chronological, geopolitical, and even redemptive-historical relationships between Israel and the world's superpowers like Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Egypt The continuation of the line of the promised seed toward Christ in the turbulent transitions in world history This title is part of the History of Redemption series which includes: Book 1: The Genesis Genealogies Book 2: The Covenant of the Tourch Book 3: The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant Book 4: God's Profound and Mysterious Providence Book 5: The Promise of the Eternal Covenant

Power That Preserves

Author : Stephen R. Donaldson
ISBN : 9780307818669
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42. 89 MB
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"A trilogy of remarkable scope and sophistication." LOS ANGELES TIMES Twice before Thomas Covenant had been summoned to the strange other-world where magic worked. Twice before he had been forced to join with the Lords of Revelstone in their war against Lord Foul, the ancient enemy of the Land. Now he was back. This time the Lords of Revelstone were desperate. Without hope, Covenant set out to confront the might of the enemy, as Lord Foul grew more powerful with every defeat for the Land....

Everlasting Covenant

Author : Amanda M. Lee
ISBN : 1543227996
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Deep down inside, Zoe Lake-Winters knew that she hadn't yet bid goodbye to Covenant College. The realization that the final fight will be fought at the place she thought she would never see again isn't lost on her. Still ... she has no choice. Her family comes first and she's out of options. Another attack on Sami Winters forces Zoe and Aric to embrace the inevitable. They pack up their kid and courage and join together with friends to return to a forgotten campus located smack dab in the middle of Michigan ... and a dark forest full of secrets and trouble. Evil has always dwelled at Covenant College, and Zoe is determined to make sure she eradicates it ... one way or the other. Her former roommates Kelsey and Paris are along from the ride, and a few familiar faces pop up to lend a hand, too. It seems that someone is putting The Academy back together, and all of the hunters can only agree on one target: Sami Winters. She's the key to a really big puzzle and everyone wants her power - even if she hasn't fully manifested it yet. Aric and Zoe have to join forces one last time with everyone they know and trust to fight the evil that pervades Covenant College if they expect to live happily ever after. The fight will be dark, dirty, and dangerous. No one is safe. So, strap in for adventure, because this battle will mark the end of it all ... one way or another.

Eternal Covenant

Author : K.G. Inglis
ISBN : 9781543403978
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cassie McLennan, a strong-willed university student with an insatiable curiosity, seems to find herself in hot water on a regular basis. When a mysterious Tibetan monk appears in her professors office, her nosy curiosity once again lures her into investigating. Only, this is one mystery she should have left well alone when she realizes that the monk is murdered and she is the only one who can identify his killers. Alaric Neumann has lived for hundreds of years as a recluse and is comfortable with his lifestyle. Its simple, quiet, and predictable. That is until Cassie lands herself on an assassins hit list, and he finds himself in the role of her protector. Without his help, she wont live to see her next birthday. However, the complication she brings into his life is more than just her fiery temper and her infuriating cousin Alex. Alarics attraction to her is a temptation he is helpless to avoid but claiming his mate could see him banished to the Underworld.

Haunted Covenant

Author : Amanda M Lee
ISBN : 1540526437
Genre :
File Size : 52. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Being a parent isn't easy. Zoe Lake-Winters knew that before she took on the job, but twelve years after giving birth - a legendary event that she's still talking about (with only minimal complaint ... most of the time) - she's still getting used to not being the most immature person in the room. Sami Winters is every mother's dream - if every mother's dream includes an eye-rolling snark factory who is desperate to fit into a snotty tween world, that is. Still, Zoe and her husband Aric do their best in a difficult world. Of course, being the most powerful mage in the Midwest only adds to the problems, and when someone starts hijacking Sami's dreams on the eve of her birthday, Zoe finds herself in the middle of a paranormal mess. Shades haunt the woods surrounding the Winters house, and they share a goal: Getting Sami past her parents' impressive defenses and luring a defenseless child into the wilderness so they can harness her burgeoning powers. Zoe will do anything to protect her only child, but when the face of evil finally reveals itself, she finds the dangers of the past threatening her happy future. Can Zoe and Aric keep their only child safe? And, more importantly, as Sami comes of age, will she prove to be stronger than either of her parents ever envisioned? Only time will tell, and the day of reckoning is finally here.

Covenant Of The Torch

Author : Abraham Park
ISBN : 9781462902071
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Covenant of the Torch made with Abraham is the most significant among all the covenants in the Bible. Why? It's the most detailed yet condensed summary of God's divine administration for redemption that outlines the work of restoration of His godly people and holy land. In this book, Rev. Abraham Park brings to life the Covenant of the Torch, and helps us to understand—accurately, and in chronological detail—692 years of redemptive history starting from Abraham, including the great exodus, the wilderness journey and the conquest of Canaan. Just as his best-seller The Genesis Genealogies has helped readers to better understand the time frames and relationships in the Book of Genesis, Rev. Park now helps us to carefully study the books of Exodus up to Joshua, and to realize what those events and participants tell us regarding God's larger plan. This book offers: A detailed chronology of 692 years from Abraham to the Israelites' conquest of Canaan. The first ever map of all 42 camp sites in the wilderness. Color photos of the locations in the wilderness journey. A theologically sound method of viewing God's Word through the perspective of God's administration in the history of redemption. Wisdom and insight on how to overcome the spiritual "wilderness" in our lives of faith today. Despite periods of spiritual darkness, unbelief, complaining and grumbling by the people of God as they wandered in the desert, we see God's faithfulness in fulfilling His Word and the Covenant of the Torch. And by understanding the chronological flow of the biblical events in a systematic manner, we gain a much broader and deeper grasp of God's plan of salvation. This title is part of the History of Redemption series which includes: Book 1: The Genesis Genealogies Book 2: The Covenant of the Tourch Book 3: The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant Book 4: God's Profound and Mysterious Providence Book 5: The Promise of the Eternal Covenant

The Blood Of The Everlasting Covenant

Author : International School of The Bible
ISBN : 0967673186
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Historically, most every culture in the world has recognized the ritual of the blood covenant. It is only in recent civilized history that mankind has become so "educated" that they have reasoned their way out the significance of the blood covenant. This book starts with Adam, continues with a journey through the Hebrew Scriptures, and culminates with the Cross of Jesus Christ. It is designed to bring the reader into closer, intimate contact with God. This journey has the potential for bringing inner healing, true identity, and purpose of life to the reader. The blood covenant bypasses the intellect and ministers directly to the heart (1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5

I Will Be Your God

Author : T. M. Moore
ISBN : 087552558X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79. 53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Like many of us, T. M. Moore once viewed the Bible as little more than a handbook on conversion and moral living. Then he came to see the larger view set forth in the biblical teaching on God's covenant. Moore writes, I began to see that all of life is there for taking and remaking--a richer devotional life, sustained growth in the Lord, renewed and more loving relationships, meaningful work and leisure, and the calling to transform every institution, all of culture and society, according to the wisdom and grace of God. I had never heard the Christian faith explained in such cosm and powerful terms. I was stunned. Where had I been? Why was my own experience of Christ so shallow and self-centered?...All at once, as if in a moment, I experienced a stretching of my mind, a reenergizing of my soul, and a kindling of fervor in my heart such as I had never known before. I Will Be Your God is dedicated to encouraging such an outlook on life by promoting a better understanding of the nature, meaning, and implications of living in God's covenant

The Book Of Covenants

Author : Brent Adkisson
ISBN : 9781512782387
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Book of Covenants is a fresh perspective on the story of redemption as found within the covers of the Christian Bible. God did not choose religion to accomplish His goals, but instead, He carried out His masterful plan of salvation through a series of covenants. Biblical covenants offer great insight into the nature, character, and faithfulness of Yahweh, the covenant-keeping God. These relational covenants give us assurance of Gods blessings and promises while establishing a clear path to eternal life in Jesus Christ. Knowing the terms of these covenants will help the believer live a life pleasing to God with peace and confidence through understanding their expectations of being in a covenant relationship with God.

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