emergence in complex cognitive social and biological systems

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Emergence In Complex Cognitive Social And Biological Systems

Author : Gianfranco Minati
ISBN : 9781461507536
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The systems movement is made up of many systems societies as well as of disciplinary researchers and researches, explicitly or implicitly focusing on the subject of systemics, officially introduced in the scientific community fifty years ago. Many researches in different fields have been and continue to be sources of new ideas and challenges for the systems community. To this regard, a very important topic is the one of EMERGENCE. Between the goals for the actual and future systems scientists there is certainly the definition of a general theory of emergence and the building of a general model of it. The Italian Systems Society, Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sui Sistemi (AIRS), decided to devote its Second National Conference to this subject. Because AIRS is organized under the form of a network of researchers, institutions, scholars, professionals, and teachers, its research activity has an impact at different levels and in different ways. Thus the topic of emergence was not only the focus of this conference but it is actually the main subject of many AIRS activities.

Processes Of Emergence Of Systems And Systemic Properties

Author : Gianfranco Minati
ISBN : 9789812793478
Genre : Electronic books
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This book contains the Proceedings of the 2007 Conference of the Italian Systems Society. Papers deal with the interdisciplinary study of processes of emergence, considering theoretical aspects and applications from physics, cognitive science, biology, artificial intelligence, economics, architecture, philosophy, music and social systems. Such an interdisciplinary study implies the need to model and distinguish, in different disciplinary contexts, the establishment of structures, systems and systemic properties. Systems, as modeled by the observer, not only possess properties, but are also able to make emergent new properties. While current disciplinary models of emergence are based on theories of phase transitions, bifurcations, dissipative structures, multiple systems and organization, the present volume focuses on both generalizing those disciplinary models and identifying correspondences and new more general approaches. The general conceptual framework of the book relates to the attempt to build a general theory of emergence as a general theory of change, corresponding to Von Bertalanffy''s project for a general system theory.

Towards A Post Bertalanffy Systemics

Author : Gianfranco Minati
ISBN : 9783319243917
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book contains the proceedings of the Sixth National Conference of the Italian Systems Society. The title, Towards a post-Bertalanffy Systemics, aims to underline the need for Systemics and Systems Science to generalize theoretically concepts related to complexity (the great enemy of Bertalanffy Systemics). Hopefully this goal should be achieved by working in an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary fashion, using systemic concepts arising from various disciplines and from the original, or Bertalanffy Systemics, as well. The interdisciplinary nature of the original Systemics and its power of generalization were given, overall, by the fact that the problems and solutions of one discipline become problems and solutions for another. Today, the modeling and interpretation of multidisciplinary approaches and representations makes easier to recognize these interconnections. The context, however, has changed dramatically. Of course, the challenge is still to find theoretical generalizations and applications, even where we have a lot of specificities, but we know very little on how to combine them. We cannot, however, simply replace the old with the new, but we must introduce strategies to recognize, represent, model and act on new levels, combining multiple representations, functions and emergence. In many disciplines this has been already done, and inevitably well, since targets and projects are well specified and oriented. The challenge is to do it for Systemics, with the vocations of cultural and theoretical generalization. Examples of new issues introduced by such theoretical disciplinary improvements, dealt with by many disciplines, include the study of mesoscopic or middle-way level, of multiple and dynamic coherence, of equivalence/non-equivalence, of fractality, of networks, of non-causality, of non-invasiveness, of non-prescribability, of non-separability, of quasi properties, of symmetry properties, of topological dynamics, as well as of quantum theories and concepts. The conference was devoted to identifying, discussing and understanding possible interrelationships of theoretical disciplinary improvements, recognized as having prospective fundamental roles for a new post-Bertalanffy Systemics. The latter should be able to deal with problems related to complexity in a generalized way. In this context the inter-disciplinarity should consists, for instance, in a disciplinary reformulation of problems, as from algebraic to geometrical, from military to political, from biological to chemical, while the trans-disciplinarity should be related to the study of such reformulations and their properties. The Italian Systems Society (AIRS) was founded in the 1996. The AIRS is a network of academicians, scientists, researchers and professionals involved in Systemics. A partial list of disciplines represented is: Architecture Biology Economics Education Engineering Mathematics Neurosciences Medicine Music Philosophy Psychology Physics. Previous conferences had as open lecturers professors Arecchi, Haken, Klir, and Kauffman. The proceedings have been published as: 1. Minati, G., (ed.), (1998), Proceedings of the first Italian Conference on Systemics, Apogeo Scientifica, Milan, Italy. 2. Minati, G., and Pessa, E., (eds.) (2002), Emergence in Complex Cognitive, Social and Biological Systems. Kluwer, New York. 3. Minati, G., Pessa, E., and Abram, M., (eds.), (2006), Systemics of Emergence: Research and Applications. Springer, New York. 4. Minati, G., Abram, M. and Pessa, E., (eds.), (2009), Processes of emergence of systems and systemic properties. Towards a general theory of emergence. World Scientific, Singapore. 5. Minati, G., Abram, M. and Pessa, E., (eds.), (2012), Methods, Models, simulations and approaches - towards a general theory of change. World Scientific, Singapore.

Systemics Of Emergence

Author : Gianfranco Minati
ISBN : 0387288996
Genre : Business & Economics
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Within the General Systems Theory (GST) approach, it is possible to focus on "emergent" systemic properties (typically occurring in open, adaptive, anticipatory and chaotic systems), by stressing their specificity and their lack of reducibility into further components. In other words, emergence underlies the processes allowing the establishing of systemic properties. Research on emergence deals with experimental detection, modeling and simulation of processes giving rise to the occurrence of macroscopic (often complex and unexpected) behaviors in complex systems consisting of a large number of components. Actually such a theoretical and experimental effort relies on analytical methods, such as the ones used in modern theories of self-organization, collective-behaviors, phase transitions and artificial life. In sum, the research on emergence analyzes the engine of GST, while GST itself focuses on the general outcomes of this research, thus conceptually inducing an inter- and trans-disciplinary context. SYSTEMICS OF EMERGENCE: Research and Development is a volume devoted to exploring the core theoretical and disciplinary research problems of emergence processes from which systems are established. It focuses on emergence as the key point of any systemic process. This topic is dealt with within different disciplinary approaches, indicated by the organization in sections: 1) Applications; 2) Biology and human care; 3) Cognitive Science; 4) Emergence; 5) General Systems; 6) Learning; 7) Management; 8) Social Systems; 9) Systemic Approach and Information Science; 10) Theoretical issues in Systemics. The Editors and contributing authors have produced this volume to help, encourage and widen the work in this area of General Systems Research.

Grundbegriffe Der Kulturtheorie Und Kulturwissenschaften

Author : Ansgar Nünning
ISBN : 347610351X
Genre : Criticism
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An Emergence Approach To Speech Acquisition

Author : Barbara L. Davis
ISBN : 9781135067786
Genre : Psychology
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The central assertion in this volume is that the young child uses general skills, scaffolded by adults, to acquire the complex knowledge of sound patterns and the goal-directed behaviors for communicating ideas through language and producing speech. A child’s acquisition of phonology is seen as a product of her physical and social interaction capacities supported by input from adult models about ambient language sound patterns. Acquisition of phonological knowledge and behavior is a product of this function-oriented complex system. No pre-existing mental knowledge base is necessary for acquiring phonology in this view. Importantly, the child’s diverse abilities are used for many other functions as well as phonological acquisition. Throughout, an evaluation is made of the research on patterns of typical development across languages in monolingual and bilingual children and children with speech impairments affecting various aspects of their developing complex system. Also considered is the status of available theoretical perspectives on phonological acquisition relative to an emergence proposal, and contributions that this perspective could make to more comprehensive modeling of the nature of phonological acquisition are proposed. The volume will be of interest to cognitive psychologists, linguistics, and speech pathologists.

Integrating Evolution And Development

Author : Roger Sansom
ISBN : 0262195607
Genre : Science
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Scholars argue for the importance of the developmental synthesis, or evo-devo, discussing the history and potential of this growing field of study and presenting specific case studies.

Chaos And Complexity Research Progress

Author : Franco Orsucci
ISBN : 1604561661
Genre : Science
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This book presents new international research on artificial life, cellular automata, chaos theory, cognition, complexity theory, synchronisation, fractals, genetic algorithms, information systems, metaphors, neural networks, non-linear dynamics, parallel computation and synergetics. The unifying feature of this research is the tie to chaos and complexity.

Physics Of Emergence And Organization

Author : Ignazio Licata
ISBN : 9789812779946
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 89 MB
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This book is a state-of-the-art review on the Physics of Emergence. The challenge of complexity is to focus on the description levels of the observer in context-dependent situations. Emergence is not only an heuristic approach to complexity, but it also urges us to face a much deeper question ? what do we think is fundamental in the physical world?This volume provides significant and pioneering contributions based on rigorous physical and mathematical approaches ? with particular reference to the syntax of Quantum Physics and Quantum Field Theory ? dealing with the bridge-laws and their limitations between Physics and Biology, without failing to discuss the involved epistemological features.Physics of Emergence and Organization is an interdisciplinary source of reference for students and experts whose interests cross over to complexity issues.

American Book Publishing Record

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015066043129
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