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Beyond The Standard Model Of Elementary Particle Physics

Author : Yorikiyo Nagashima
ISBN : 9783527665044
Genre : Science
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A unique and comprehensive presentation on modern particle physics which stores the background knowledge on the big open questions beyond the standard model, as the existence of the Higgs-boson, or the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Quantum Field Theory I Basics In Mathematics And Physics

Author : Eberhard Zeidler
ISBN : 9783540347644
Genre : Science
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This is the first volume of a modern introduction to quantum field theory which addresses both mathematicians and physicists, at levels ranging from advanced undergraduate students to professional scientists. The book bridges the acknowledged gap between the different languages used by mathematicians and physicists. For students of mathematics the author shows that detailed knowledge of the physical background helps to motivate the mathematical subjects and to discover interesting interrelationships between quite different mathematical topics. For students of physics, fairly advanced mathematics is presented, which goes beyond the usual curriculum in physics.

Quantum Mechanics

Author : Eugene Stefanovich
ISBN : 9783110492132
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 8 MB
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This book introduces notation, terminology, and basic ideas of relativistic quantum theories. The discussion proceeds systematically from the principle of relativity and postulates of quantum logics to the construction of Poincaré invariant few-particle models of interaction and scattering. It is the first of three volumes formulating a consistent relativistic quantum theory of interacting charged particles. Contents Quantum logic Poincaré group Quantum mechanics and relativity Observables Elementary particles Interaction Scattering Delta function Groups and vector spaces Group of rotations Lie groups and Lie algebras Hilbert space Operators Subspaces and projections Representations of groups and algebras Pseudo-orthogonal representation of Lorentz group

Relativistic Quantum Dynamics

Author : Eugene Stefanovich
ISBN : 9783110493221
Genre : Science
File Size : 76. 36 MB
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In this third volume of three, quantum electrodynamics is formulated in the language of physical „dressed" particles. A theory where charged particles interact via instantaneous action-at-a-distance forces is constructed - without need for renormalization. This theory describes electromagnetic phenomena in terms of directly interacting charges, but in full accord with fundamental principles of relativity and causality. Contents Three ways to look at QFT Dressing What are advantages of dressed Hamiltonian? Coulomb potential and beyond Decays RQD in higher orders Classical electrodynamics Experimental support of RQD Particles and relativity Special theory of relativity Unitary dressing transformation Integral for decay law Coulomb scattering integral in fourth order Relativistic invariance of Coulomb–Darwin–Breit electrodynamics

Dunkle Materie Und Dinosaurier

Author : Lisa Randall
ISBN : 9783104030258
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 45 MB
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Die Natur der Dunklen Materie gehört zu den spannendsten Fragen der Kosmologie. Die Bestseller-Autorin und Harvard-Professorin Lisa Randall nimmt uns in ihrem neuen Buch ›Dunkle Materie und Dinosaurier. Die erstaunlichen Zusammenhänge des Universums‹ mit auf eine Reise in die Welt der Physik und hilft uns zu verstehen, welche Rolle die Dunkle Materie bei der Entstehung unserer Galaxie, unseres Sonnensystems und sogar des Lebens selbst gespielt hat. Eindrucksvoll zeigt sie, wie die Wissenschaft neue Konzepte und Erklärungen für dieses weithin unbekannte Phänomen entwickelt und verwebt geschickt die Geschichte des Kosmos mit unserer eigenen. Ein Buch, das ein völlig neues Licht auf die tiefen Verbindungen wirft, die unsere Welt so maßgeblich mitgeprägt haben, und uns die außerordentliche Schönheit zeigt, die selbst den alltäglichsten Dingen innewohnt.

General Principles Of Quantum Field Theory

Author : N.N. Bogolubov
ISBN : 9789400904910
Genre : Science
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The majority of the "memorable" results of relativistic quantum theory were obtained within the framework of the local quantum field approach. The explanation of the basic principles of the local theory and its mathematical structure has left its mark on all modern activity in this area. Originally, the axiomatic approach arose from attempts to give a mathematical meaning to the quantum field theory of strong interactions (of Yukawa type). The fields in such a theory are realized by operators in Hilbert space with a positive Poincare-invariant scalar product. This "classical" part of the axiomatic approach attained its modern form as far back as the sixties. * It has retained its importance even to this day, in spite of the fact that nowadays the main prospects for the description of the electro-weak and strong interactions are in connection with the theory of gauge fields. In fact, from the point of view of the quark model, the theory of strong interactions of Wightman type was obtained by restricting attention to just the "physical" local operators (such as hadronic fields consisting of ''fundamental'' quark fields) acting in a Hilbert space of physical states. In principle, there are enough such "physical" fields for a description of hadronic physics, although this means that one must reject the traditional local Lagrangian formalism. (The connection is restored in the approximation of low-energy "phe nomenological" Lagrangians.

The Building Blocks Of Creation

Author : S Raby
ISBN : 9789814602488
Genre :
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Particle physics and cosmology are united in the standard hot big bang model. This volume contains pedagogical lectures on the experimental and theoretical status of the standard models of particle physics and cosmology as well as their extensions, with an overall focus on the strong interplay between these two fields. Contents:The Standard Model (W J Marciano)Selected Topics in Effective Field Theories for Particle Physics (A G Cohen)Light Quarks Masses and Mixing Angles (J F Donoghue)Heavy Quark Masses, Mixing Angles, and Spin-Flavour Symmetry (M Neubert)Introduction to Supersymmetry (D R T Jones)Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model and Grand Unification (H P Nilles)Probing the Effective Flavor Lagrangian of GUTs (L J Hall)An Introduction to Technicolor (K Lane)The Conflict between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity (L Susskind)The Standard Cosmology (J A Frieman)Dark Matter Experiments (D O Caldwell)An Introduction to Large-Scale Structure (R J Scherrer)Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics: Theory of Neutrino Oscillations (S P Rosen)Stellar Neutrinos: Supernovae and Solar (D N Schramm)and other papers Readership: Particle physicists and astrophysicists.

Who S Who In Technology

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015031706685
Genre : Technologists
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Government Reports Announcements

Author :
ISBN : MSU:31293201496571
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Author : Franz Mandl
ISBN : 3891045328
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