electrochemical processes in biological systems the wiley series on electrocatalysis and electrochemistry

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Electrochemical Processes In Biological Systems

Author : Andrzej Lewenstam
ISBN : 9781118899045
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 21 MB
Format : PDF
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The first book to provdie a comprehensive look at bioenergetics, the energy flow in living systems, by studying ion exchange and electron transfer processes in biological membranes and artificial bio-films, and how these processes contribute to developing modern biosensor and ion-sensor technology, as well as biofuel cells. The book: Discusses the ion fluxes and electron transfer processes in biological membranes and artificial bio-films Provides an in-depth description of the processes at the interface between the membrane/film and substrate electrode Is the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive look at how these processes are understood in biology of living cells Addresses how these processes contribute to developing modern biosensor and ion-sensor technology, as well as biofuel cells

Signal Switchable Electrochemical Systems

Author : Evgeny Katz
ISBN : 9783527818778
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 34 MB
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A guide to the biological control over electronic systems that lead the way to wearable electronics and improved drug delivery In recent years, this area of electrochemical systems has developed rapidly and achieved significant progress. Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems offers an overview to the wide-variety of switchable electrochemical systems and modified electrodes. The author—a noted researcher and expert on the topic—summarizes research efforts of many groups in a range of universities and countries. The book explores various types of external signals that are able to modify electrode interfaces, for example electrical potential, magnetic field, light, as well as chemical and biochemical inputs. Multifunctional properties of the modified interfaces allow their responses to complex combinations of external signals. These are integrated with unconventional biomolecular computing systems logically processing multiple biochemical signals. This approach allows the biological control over electronic systems. The text explores the applications in different areas, including unconventional computing, biofuel cells and signal-triggered molecular release in electrochemical systems. This important guide: Provides an overview to the biological control over electronic systems and examines the key applications in biomedicine, electrochemical energy conversion and signal-processing Offers an important text written by a highly cited researcher and pioneer in the field Contains a summary of research efforts of an international panel of scholars representing various universities and countries Presents a groundbreaking book that provides an introduction to this interdisciplinary field Written for scientists working with electrochemical systems and applications with signal-responsive materials, Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems presents an overview of the multidisciplinary field of adaptable signal-controlled electrochemical systems and processes and highlights their key aspects and future perspectives.

Sustainable And Green Electrochemical Science And Technology

Author : Keith Scott
ISBN : 9781119972440
Genre : Science
File Size : 76. 31 MB
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8.7.3 Materials for the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Synthetic Diamond Films

Author : Enric Brillas
ISBN : 9781118062357
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 14 MB
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The book gives an overview on the current development status of synthetic diamond films and their applications. Its initial part is devoted to discuss the different types of conductive diamond electrodes that have been synthesized, their preparation methods, and their chemical properties and characterization. The electrochemical properties of diamond films in different scientific areas, with special attention in electroanalysis, are further described. Different strategies to modify these electrodes are also discussed as important technologies with ability to change their electrochemical characteristics for a more specific electroanalytical use. The second part of the book deals with practical applications of diamond electrodes to the industry, organic electrosynthesis, electrochemical energy technology, and biotechnology. Special emphasis is made on the properties of these materials for the production of strong oxidizing species allowing the fast mineralization of organics and their use for water disinfection and decontamination. Recent biotechnological development on biosensors, microelectrodes, and nanostructured electrodes, as well as on neurochemistry, is also presented. The book will be written by a large number of internationally recognized experts and comprises 24 chapters describing the characteristics and theoretical fundaments of the different electrochemical uses and applications of synthetic diamond films.

Catalysis In Electrochemistry

Author : Elizabeth Santos
ISBN : 9780470934739
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 79 MB
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Catalysis in Electrochemistry: From Fundamental Aspects to Strategies for Fuel Cell Development is a modern, comprehensive reference work on catalysis in electrochemistry, including principles, methods, strategies, and applications. It points out differences between catalysis at gas/surfaces and electrochemical interfaces, along with the future possibilities and impact of electrochemical science on energy problems. This book contributes both to fundamental science; experience in the design, preparation, and characterization of electrocatalytic materials; and the industrial application of electrocatalytic materials for electrochemical reactions. This is an essential resource for scientists globally in academia, industry, and government institutions.

Developments In Electrochemistry

Author : Derek Pletcher
ISBN : 9781118694435
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Martin Fleischmann was truly one of the ‘fathers’ of modern electrochemistry having made major contributions to diverse topics within electrochemical science and technology. These include the theory and practice of voltammetry and in situ spectroscopic techniques, instrumentation, electrochemical phase formation, corrosion, electrochemical engineering, electrosynthesis and cold fusion. While intended to honour the memory of Martin Fleischmann, Developments in Electrochemistry is neither a biography nor a history of his contributions. Rather, the book is a series of critical reviews of topics in electrochemical science associated with Martin Fleischmann but remaining important today. The authors are all scientists with outstanding international reputations who have made their own contribution to their topic; most have also worked with Martin Fleischmann and benefitted from his guidance. Each of the 19 chapters within this volume begin with an outline of Martin Fleischmann’s contribution to the topic, followed by examples of research, established applications and prospects for future developments. The book is of interest to both students and experienced workers in universities and industry who are active in developing electrochemical science.

Many Electron Electrochemical Processes

Author : Aleksandr A. Andriiko
ISBN : 9783642357701
Genre : Science
File Size : 79. 55 MB
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Here, the authors provide a unified concept for understanding multi-electron processes in electrochemical systems such as molten salts, ionic liquids, or ionic solutions. A major advantage of this concept is its independence of assumptions like one-step many-electron transfers or ‘discrete’ discharge of complex species. Therefore this monograph is a unique resource for basic electrochemical research but also for many important applications such as electrodeposition, electrorefining, or electrowinning of polyvalent metals from molten salts and other ionic media.

Biological Electrochemistry

Author : Glenn Dryhurst
ISBN : 9780323146036
Genre : Science
File Size : 85. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Biological Electrochemistry, Volume I is a result of a series of lectures given regarding the electrochemistry of small and large organic and inorganic molecules and how electrochemical information helps in understanding some of the biological redox reactions of these systems. This volume ultimately focuses on the electrochemistry of small and macromolecular organic compounds. This book is divided into seven chapters where each focuses on a particular organic compound. These compounds are quinones, catecholamines, phenothiazines, ascorbic acid, purines, vitamin B12 and related compounds, and proteins. Each chapter starts with a brief introduction to the compounds and then its structure and electrochemistry aspect. The last chapter gives a detailed discussion on different kinds of proteins and their electrochemistry aspects. This volume will be of help to students as well as electrochemists, biochemists, biologists, and other scientists in the field of biotechnology.

Fuel Cell Catalysis

Author : Andrzej Wieckowski
ISBN : 0470463740
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Wiley Series on Electrocatalysis and Electrochemistry Fuel Cell Catalysis A Surface Science Approach A Core reference on fuel cell catalysis Fuel cells represent an important alternative energy source and a very active area of research. Fuel Cell Catalysis brings together world leaders in this field, providing a unique combination of state-of-the-art theory and computational and experimental methods. With an emphasis on understanding fuel cell catalysis at the molecular level, this text covers fundamental principles, future challenges, and important current research themes. Fuel Cell Catalysis: Provides a molecular-level description of catalysis for low-temperature polymer-electrolyte membrane fuel cells, including both hydrogen-oxygen cells and direct alcohol cells Examines catalysis issues of both anode and cathode such as oxygen reduction, alcohol oxidation, and CO tolerance Features a timely and forward-looking approach through emphasis on novel aspects such as computation and bio-inspiration Reviews the use and potential of surface-sensitive techniques like vibrational spectroscopy (IR, Raman, nonlinear spectroscopy, laser), scanning tunneling microscopy, X-ray scattering, NMR, electrochemical techniques, and more Reviews the use and potential of such modern computational techniques as DFT, ab initio MD, kinetic Monte Carlo simulations, and more Surveys important trends in reactivity and structure sensitivity, nanoparticles, "dynamic" catalysis, electrocatalysis vs. gas-phase catalysis, new experimental techniques, and nontraditional catalysts This cutting-edge collection offers a core reference for electrochemists, electrocatalysis researchers, surface and physical chemists, chemical and automotive engineers, and researchers in academia, research institutes, and industry.

Encyclopedia Of Interfacial Chemistry

Author :
ISBN : 9780128098943
Genre : Science
File Size : 76. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry: Surface Science and Electrochemistry summarizes current, fundamental knowledge of interfacial chemistry, bringing readers the latest developments. As the chemical and physical properties and processes at solid and liquid interfaces are the scientific basis of so many technologies which enhance our lives and create new opportunities, its important to highlight how these technologies enable the design and optimization of functional materials for heterogeneous and electro-catalysts in food production, pollution control, energy conversion and storage, medical applications requiring biocompatibility, drug delivery, and more. This book provides an interdisciplinary view that lies at the intersection of these three related fields. Presents fundamental knowledge of interfacial chemistry, surface science and electrochemistry and provides cutting-edge research from academics and practitioners across various fields and global regions

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