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Human Genetics

Author : Christian Patrick Schaaf
ISBN : 9781608316717
Genre : Medical
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This core genetics text supports medical students in their first or second year. Unique in its approach, Genetics teaches concepts by exploring disease entities within the context of the organ system in which they most frequently present. Coverage of the patient and family's point of view helps students understand and anticipate the major obstacles for those living with severe genetic conditions. Top 30 genetic conditions are profiled in a special section. Content has been carefully adapted from the successful German text for the English language audience.

Human Psychology 101

Author : Alan G. Fields
ISBN : 1537220454
Genre :
File Size : 45. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Understanding the human mind is a complicated array of wirings of the past combined with the physical and chemical inclinations of the present. Psychology is the study of the human brain, but it's so much more than a mere dissection of the gooey gray mass trapped in our skulls; it's a study of what makes us tick as individuals and as a species. Human Psychology 101: Understanding the Human Mind and What Makes People Tick is meant to show you the facets of a human being and how they work together to make a person tick. It's not a psychological treatise or a DSM-V. It's a collection of my own research of psychology and stories from my life and those of my friends and acquaintances that help illustrate the principles I'm going to be telling you about. I will be dividing this book into seven aspects of human psychology: emotions, personality, decision-making, morality, perception, behavior, and relationships. To understand what makes someone tick is to have mastered a sort of psychological sleight of hand, and I hope that this book serves as a useful step on your way to mastery over that brand of magic trick. How human beings think and behave is an unendingly fascinating study, one that reveals how simple and elegant and, on the other hand, complex and mysterious we all are. I hope you are as pumped as I am to think about the inner workings of how people tick.

Molecular Biology Of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Author : Dieter B. Wildenauer
ISBN : 9783540853831
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 14 MB
Format : PDF
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It is generally accepted that neuropsychiatric disorders have a biological basis. Pathological changes leading to illness have been confirmed for Alzheimer’s (amyloid plaques) and Parkinson’s disease (loss of dopaminergic transmission) and are the foundation for studies on the molecular biology of these disorders. For other neuropsychiatric disorders, in particular for schizophrenic and affective disorders, molecular causes appear to be more complex and therefore remain hypothetical, despite decades of research. Changes in a number of neuronal pathways and structures have been reported to be associated with these disorders and are currently under extensive investigation. The present volume reviews recent knowledge with emphasis on ongoing research findings. Current hypotheses based on these findings are described and discussed.

Chromosome Anomalies And Prenatal Development

Author : Dorothy Warburton
ISBN : UOM:39015019445553
Genre : Medical
File Size : 77. 41 MB
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The lucid color illustrations and succinct text of this atlas provide a unique source of information on abnormal human development. Derived from a long-term collaborative study at Columbia University involving the pathological examination and classification of spontaneous abortion specimens, the volume summarizes years of experience in studying the morphological spectrum characteristic of the chromosome defects that lead to prenatal death. It is divided into sections on monosomy X, triploidy, trisomy, and tetraploidy. The work is especially timely given the increased interest in fetal medicine fostered by the advent of new techniques for prenatal diagnosis and the attendant concern of prospective parents regarding the course and outcome of pregnancy.

Sclerosing Bone Dysplasias

Author : P. Beighton
ISBN : 9781447112921
Genre : Medical
File Size : 41. 43 MB
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Much confusion exists in the accurate identification and classification of the many disorders in infancy which affect the skeleton by producing sclerosing lesions throughout the entire skeleton or in selected areas. A scholarly effort to bring order into this confusing field must be welcomed. Professors Beighton and Cremin have skillfully defined the problem and concisely yet thoroughly have identified the various sclerosing dysplasias. They bring to this task a wealth of clinical experience in their many years in the Departments of Radiology at the University of Cape Town Medical School and the Groote Schuur and Red Cross Children's Hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa. The authors also have had available data from the University of Cape Town Skeletal Dysplasia Registry. Professors Beighton and Cremin have used as a basis for their treatise the Paris Nomenclature (the modified version of 1977). This monograph is a felicitous combination of a working atlas and a scholarly exposition of the various sclerosing bone dysplasias, considering in detail eighteen major entities adopted from the Paris classification. Other disorders which present with osteosclerosis are also described. These include Caffey disease, oculodento-osseous dysplasia, central osteosclerosis with bamboo hair, fluorosis, osteosclerosis associated with renal disease and mastocytosis.

God S Babies

Author : John McKeown
ISBN : 9781783740529
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48. 96 MB
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The human population's annual total consumption is not sustainable by one planet. This unprecedented situation calls for a reform of religious cultures that promote a large ideal family size. Many observers assume that Christianity is inevitably part of this problem because it promotes "family values" and statistically, in America and elsewhere, has a higher birthrate than nonreligious people. This book explores diverse ideas about human reproduction in the church past and present. It investigates an extreme fringe of U.S. Protestantism, including the Quiverfull movement, that use Old Testament "fruitful" verses to support natalist ideas explicitly promoting higher fecundity. It also challenges the claim by some natalists that Martin Luther in the 16th century advocated similar ideas. This book argues that natalism is inappropriate as a Christian application of Scripture, especially since rich populations’ total footprints are detrimental to biodiversity and to human welfare. It explores the ancient cultural context of the Bible verses quoted by natalists. Challenging the assumption that religion normally promotes fecundity, the book finds surprising exceptions among early Christians (with a special focus on Saint Augustine) since they advocated spiritual fecundity in preference to biological fecundity. Finally the book uses a hermeneutic lens derived from Genesis 1, and prioritising the modern problem of biodiversity, to provide ecological interpretations of the Bible's "fruitful" verses.

Animal Waste Water Quality And Human Health

Author : Al Dufour
ISBN : 9781780401232
Genre : Science
File Size : 74. 68 MB
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"United States, Environmental Protection Agency."

Third Generation Neuroimaging Translating Research Into Clinical Utility

Author : André Schmidt
ISBN : 9782889450442
Genre :
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Psychiatric imaging needs to move away from simple investigations of the neurobiology underling the early phases of psychiatric diseases to translate imaging findings in the clinical field targeting clinical outcomes including transition, remission and response to preventative interventions. This research topic aims to bring psychiatric neuroimaging studies towards translational impacts in clinical practice, suggesting that brain abnormalities may be of potential use for detecting clinical outcomes as treatment response. First-generation psychiatric neuroimaging focused on simple structural brain alterations associated with the neurobiology of the illness. These early studies adopted imaging methods mainly including computerized tomography (CT) to investigate brain size. Second-generation psychiatric neuroimaging studies benefited from more sophisticated techniques which included structural methods (sMRI) coupled with whole-brain automated methods (voxel based morphometry, VBM), white-matter methods (diffusion tensor imaging, DTI and tractography), functional methods (functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI) and advanced neurochemical imaging (PET techniques addressing receptor bindings and pre/post synaptic functions, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, MRS) and sophisticated meta-analytical imaging methods. However, no consistent or reliable anatomical or functional brain alterations have been univocally associated with any psychiatric disorder and no clinical applications have been developed in psychiatric neuroimaging. There is thus urgent need of psychiatric imaging to move towards third-generation paradigms. In this research topic, these novel neuroimaging studies here requested to move away from simple investigations of the neurobiology to translate imaging findings in the clinical field targeting longitudinal outcomes including transition, remission and response to preventative interventions. With respect to methods, the most recent neuroimaging approaches (e.g. structural and functional MRI, EEG, DTI, spectroscopy, PET) are welcome. Third generation psychiatric imaging studies including multimodal approaches, multi-center analyses, mega-analyses, effective connectivity, dynamic causal modelling, support vector machines, structural equation modelling, or graph theory analysis are highly appreciated. Furthermore, these third-generation imaging studies may benefit from the incorporation of new sources of neurobiological information such as whole genome sequencing, proteomic, lipidomic and expression profiles and cellular models derived from recent induced pluripotent stem cells research. We collect Original Research, Reviews, Mini-Reviews, Book Review, Clinical Case Study, Clinical Trial, Editorial, General Commentary, Hypothesis & Theory, Methods, Mini Opinion, Perspective, and Technology Report from international researcher and clinicians in this field. The purpose of this research topic is intended to provide the field with current third-generation neuroimaging approaches in translational psychiatry that is hoped to improve and create therapeutic options for psychiatric diseases.

Bildverarbeitung F R Die Medizin 2017

Author : Klaus Hermann Maier-Hein, geb. Fritzsche
ISBN : 9783662543450
Genre : Computers
File Size : 44. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In den letzten Jahren hat sich der Workshop "Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin" durch erfolgreiche Veranstaltungen etabliert. Ziel ist auch 2017 wieder die Darstellung aktueller Forschungsergebnisse und die Vertiefung der Gespräche zwischen Wissenschaftlern, Industrie und Anwendern. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes - einige davon in englischer Sprache - umfassen alle Bereiche der medizinischen Bildverarbeitung, insbesondere Bildgebung und -akquisition, Maschinelles Lernen, Bildsegmentierung und Bildanalyse, Visualisierung und Animation, Zeitreihenanalyse, Computerunterstützte Diagnose, Biomechanische Modellierung, Validierung und Qualitätssicherung, Bildverarbeitung in der Telemedizin u.v.m.

Chromosome Biology

Author : Rudi Appels
ISBN : 9781461554097
Genre : Science
File Size : 41. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Chromosome biology has been brought to a golden age by phenomenal advanced in molecular genetics and techniques. This is true in the plant arena, and it is becoming increasingly true in animal studies, where chromosomes are more difficult to work with. With advanced knowledge of transformation, scientists can tell exactly where a new element enters a chromosome. Conversely, molecular biologists can make large mistakes if they do not understand the behavior of chromosomes. Written by internationally recognized experts in the field, this book is the most authoritative work on the subject to date. Students of genetics, crop science and plant breeding, entomology, animal science, and related fields will benefit from this comprehensive and practical textbook.

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