domestic wastewater treatment in developing countries

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Domestic Wastewater Treatment In Developing Countries

Author : Duncan Mara
ISBN : 9781136567919
Genre : Political Science
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Affordable and effective domestic wastewater treatment is a critical issue in public health and disease prevention around the world, particularly so in developing countries which often lack the financial and technical resources necessary for proper treatment facilities. This practical guide provides state-of-the-art coverage of methods for domestic wastewater treatment and provides a foundation to the practical design of wastewater treatment and re-use systems. The emphasis is on low-cost, low-energy, low-maintenance, high-performance 'natural' systems that contribute to environmental sustainability by producing effluents that can be safely and profitably used in agriculture for crop irrigation and/or in aquaculture, for fish and aquatic vegetable pond fertilization. Modern design methodologies, with worked design examples, are described for waste stabilization ponds, wastewater storage and treatment reservoirs; constructed wetlands, upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors, biofilters, aerated lagoons and oxidation ditches. This book is essential reading for engineers, academics and upper-level and graduate students in engineering, wastewater management and public health, and others interested in sustainable and cost-effective technologies for reducing wastewater-related diseases and environmental damage.

Evaluation Of Fixed Media Biological Reactors For Domestic Wastewater Treatment In Developing Countries

Author : Alireza Mesdaghinia
ISBN : OCLC:8740373
Genre : Sewage
File Size : 32. 38 MB
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Wastewater Treatment And Reuse Technologies

Author : Faisal Ibney Hai
ISBN : 9783038971016
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technologies" that was published in Applied Sciences

Environmental Technology

Author : K.J.A. de Waal
ISBN : 9789400936638
Genre : Science
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Five billion people, at present the world population, inevitably affect the quality of the environment. The general public in an increasing number of countries is getting more and more concerned about this deterioration in quality. As a result many people cast doubts upon the desirability of the increase in energy consumption, the production of superfluous goods, ever-growing waste flows, harmful emissions of industrial processes, and so on. Actually, no one can simply ignore these issues. For instance, the authorities could introduce more environmental legislation aiming at a healthy environment; industries could change to cleaner production processes; the public at large should assume an even more conservation-minded attitude rather than confine themselves to shaking a finger at 'the industry'. In short, in all sectors of society there are often numerous ways and means of curbing environmental pollution. Clearly, environmental technology - the development and application of techniques to identify, quantify and reduce environmental problems - can make a substantial contribution here in many situations. Until now a large number of such new techniques have been developed. Many of these techniques not only appear to add greatly to reducing the burden on the environment, they sometimes also offer interesting economic advantages (savings in raw material and energy, etc.).

Wetlands For Tropical Applications

Author : Norio Tanaka
ISBN : 9781848162983
Genre : Constructed wetlands
File Size : 37. 86 MB
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This book provides a systematic exposition of the design features of constructed wetlands, and their management (in terms of siting, physical maintenance, and operation). Only very few books (or chapters) have been published on constructed wetlands in tropical conditions and none are current. The selection of plant species, managing their growth and harvesting cycles, and the impact these have on the attenuation of organic and inorganic pollutants, nutrients, and pathogens would be of interest to students and practitioners of the art working under tropical conditions. The potential of constructed wetlands as a low-cost intervention for developing countries in tropical regions that faced water pollution problems, in particular, deserves to be explored systematically.

International Third World Studies Journal Review

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000111171256
Genre : Developing countries
File Size : 37. 82 MB
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Industrial Wastewater Treatment In Developing Countries

Author : Akademiet for de tekniske videnskaber (Denmark).
ISBN : IND:39000008328135
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 80. 58 MB
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Environmental Challenges

Author : Shimson Belkin
ISBN : 9789401143691
Genre : Science
File Size : 62. 65 MB
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In the summer of 1999, an international group of experts convened in Jerusalem, Israel, in order to define the major environmental challenges facing humanity at the dawn of the new millennium and - where possible - propose ways of addressing them. Almost 50 selected articles are collected in the present book, which constitutes a striking interdisciplinary combination of state-of-the-art science with the latest views on environmental law, education, and international cooperation. Whilst a major fraction of the book is devoted to water-related issues (water quality monitoring, water and wastewater treatment, water-based international cooperation, and more), other sections deal with timely topics relating to air pollution, biodiversity, conservation, and education. The book is intended for environmental scientists, professionals, and students of all disciplines.

Mass Flow And Energy Efficiency Of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Author : Ye Shi Cao
ISBN : 9781843393825
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 41 MB
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Mass Flow and Energy Efficiency of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants presents the results of a series of studies that examined the mass flow and balance, and energy efficiency, of municipal wastewater treatment plants; it offers a vision of the future for municipal wastewater treatment plants. These studies were undertaken as part of the R & D program of the Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore. The book covers the latest practical and academic developments and provides: *a detailed picture of the mass flow and transfer of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), solids, nitrogen and phosphorus and energy efficiency in a large municipal wastewater treatment plants in Singapore. The results are compared with the Strass wastewater treatment plant, Austria, which reaches energy self-sufficiency, and the approaches for improvement are proposed. *a description of the biological conversions and mass flow and energy recovery in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor - activated sludge process (UASB-ASP) - and compares this to the conventional activated sludge process. *a comprehensive and critical review of the current state of the art of energy efficiency of municipal wastewater treatment plants including benchmarks, best available technologies and practices in energy saving and recovery, institution policies, and road maps to high energy recovery and high efficiency plants. *a vision of future wastewater treatment plants including the major challenges of the paradigm shift from waste removal to resource recovery, technologies and processes to be studied, integrated sanitation system and management and policies. Mass Flow and Energy Efficiency of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants is a valuable reference on energy and sustainable management of municipal wastewater treatment plants, and will be especially useful for process and design researchers in wastewater research institutions, engineers, consultants and managers in water companies and water utilities, as well as students and academic staff in civil/sanitation/environment departments in universities.

Anaerobic Municipal Wastewater Treatment Comparison And Assessment Of Different Design Approaches For Uasb Reactors

Author : Felipe Teixeira de Carvalho
ISBN : 9783842823624
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 55. 46 MB
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Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: It is well known that freshwater is finite and an indispensable resource for any living organism on Earth. Inappropriately, during the last decades, anthropogenic activities expansion, in parallel with population growth, has been the main cause of the deterioration of water quality. According to UNESCO the world s population is growing nearby 80 million people each year, which suggests an increasing of freshwater demand of about 64 billion m3 a year. Likewise, the demographic estimations indicate that 90% of the 3 billion people, who are expected to be added to the world population in 2050, will be living in developing countries, mainly in regions that are already by this time in water stress. However, in order to relate the increasing demand for water, not only the demographic aspect should be taken into account but also economic and social aspects must be considered. The economic expansion affects water since there is an increase in the number of consumers as well as modifications in their consumption habits, in a way that services are offered, goods are produced and transported. The social aspect points out to individual rather than collective actions mainly considering poverty, education, culture, lifestyle and consumption patterns. Obviously the demand and the importance for satisfactory sanitation conditions become indispensable. The World Health Organization (WHO) and The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) report that 2.5 billion people still have a lack of access to improved sanitation, including 1.2 billion people who have no facilities at all. While in developed areas the sanitation coverage achieves 99%, in developing regions this number is around 53%. Furthermore, in Latin America and the Caribbean the coverage sanitation is approximately 79%. In Brazil, target area of this study, only 55.2% of the municipalities are covered by a sewage collection system. In this manner, coverage sanitation does not mean necessarily that the wastewater is treated. Hence, the wastewater must be followed by a treatment system (removal of physical, chemical and biological compounds) in order to achieve pollution mitigation targets for the environmental quality and human health and welfare. According to UNESCO more than 80% of the domestic wastewater in developing countries is discharged untreated, polluting rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Therefore, a large number of technologies have been developed with the intention [...]

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