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Diseases Without Borders

Author : Michael Savage
ISBN : 9781455536634
Genre : Health & Fitness
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New York Times bestselling author and expert in epidemiology Dr. Michael Savage explains the origins of viruses and their impact on the U.S. With new and resurgent diseases resulting from unregulated immigration and a politicized public health system, Michael Savage sees the need for some changes - starting with the President and the Center for Disease Control telling us the truth. Savage makes his case for the government to enforce travel bans, the use of quarantines and the importance of proper border screenings. However, this is not a cure or treatment for any of these diseases. With Zika virus, tuberculosis, hepatitis, Enterovirus 68 and other new disease threats emerging across the U.S., Savage will explain ways to fortify your immune system and defend against these and other diseases. Drawing from his extensive training, Dr. Savage examines the benefits of using specific nutrients to boost the human immune system which, in turn, increases the odds of surviving a viral infection as well as preventing other diseases. Based on his knowledge of the politics of medicine being played by the Obama mandarins and his Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Nutrition from the University of California, Berkley, Dr. Savage presents solid information to protect your health. Whether you want to defend your body against deadly diseases, boost your immunity, or learn more about the government's impact on reemerging and imported diseases, DISEASES WITHOUT BORDERS is your source for informative, helpful, and potentially life-saving advice.

Doctors Without Borders In Ethiopia

Author : Nyla Jo Jones Hubbard
ISBN : 9780875868523
Genre : Medical
File Size : 90. 5 MB
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Annotation. Naturalists as well as volunteer workers and medical professionals will enjoy the warm and personal tale of one woman's experiences in the scorching climate and the heart-melting expressions of humanity at this tent hospital in Ethiopia. This book describes the function of a Doctors Without Borders program at the ground level, at the TB mission they established in eastern Ethiopia during 2001. The culture of the Afar people is part of the story as well as the physical surroundings of the mission including the birds and animals of the desert setting. It is also a story about relationships and how like a family a vastly different group of people from all over the world can become when they all share a life of physical hardship but enormous reward. Setting up a hospital and lab in the desert, and battling daily on behalf of people ill with TB, malaria and other tropical diseases, the invaluable organization of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) succeeds against enormous odds. Their success proves what a collection of individuals can do with the skills at hand to make the world a better place - and enjoy the process. The team concept, so vital to the mission concept, comes alive in the author's depiction of the scene at Gahla. The culture of the migratory Afar people, with their fierce reputation and teeth filed to points, and the city lifestyle in Ethiopia's capital Addis are explored. As an avid birder, the author also includes descriptions of the exotic birds, animals and insects of this part of the Rift Valley with its searing heat and volcanic vents. Geologists suggest that one day the entire Afar Triangle may give way in a tectonic shift to become the new Afar Sea. Until then, it is home to a wide range of wonderfully resourceful people and colorful fauna that enliven this "impossibly" hot, dry land. The World Trade Center disaster took place one week after the author's return from a Muslim part of the world and the outpouring of compassionate correspondence she received from the people whom she had just left tells volumes about why we must not tar all Muslims with the brush of terrorism.

Infections Without Borders Global Status

Author : Gideon Informatics, Inc.
ISBN : 9781498819749
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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European Child Health Services And Systems Lessons Without Borders

Author : Wolfe, Ingrid
ISBN : 9780335264667
Genre : Education
File Size : 28. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The book focuses on three key aspects of delivery of child health services: service integration and coordination, public health measures, and enhancing the quality of care for children.

Health Without Borders

Author : Paolo Vineis
ISBN : 9783319524467
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book discusses globalization and its impact on human health. The population of the world grew from 1 billion in 1800 to 7 billion in 2012, and over the past 50 years the mean temperature has risen faster than ever before. Both factors continue to rise, as well as health inequalities. Our environment is changing rapidly, with tremendous consequences for our health. These changes produce complex and constantly varying interactions between the biosphere, economy, climate and human health, forcing us to approach future global health trends from a new perspective. Preventive actions to improve health, especially in low-income countries, are essential if our future is going to be a sustainable one. After a period of undeniable improvement in the health of the world’s population, this improvement is likely to slow down and we will experience– at least locally – crises of the same magnitude as have been observed in financial markets since 2009. There is instability in health systems, which will worsen if preventive and buffering mechanisms do not take on a central role. We cannot exclude the possibility that the allied forces of poverty, social inequalities, climate change, industrial food and lack of governance will lead to a deterioration in the health of large sectors of the population. In low-income countries, while many of the traditional causes of death (infectious diseases) are still highly prevalent, other threats typical of affluent societies (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases) are increasing. Africa is not only affected by malaria, TB and HIV, but also by skyrocketing rates of cancer. The book argues that the current situation requires effective and coordinated multinational interventions guided by the principle of health as a common good. An entirely competition-driven economy cannot – by its very nature – address global challenges that require full international cooperation. A communal global leadership is called for. Paolo Vineis is Chair of Environmental Epidemiology at Imperial College. His current research activities focus on examining biomarkers of disease risk as well as studying the effects of climate change on non-communicable diseases. “From morality to molecules, environment to equity, climate change to cancer, and politics to pathology, this is a wonderful tour of global health – consistently presented in a clear, readable format. Really, an important contribution.” Professor Sir Michael Marmot Director, Institute of Health Equity University College London Author of “The Health Gap” “This book is a salutary and soundly argued reminder that the ‘common good’ is not simply what remains after individuals and groups have appropriated the majority of societal resources: it is in fact the foundation on which any society rests and without which it collapses.” Rodolfo Saracci, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France“/p>

Occupational Therapies Without Borders Volume 2 E Book

Author : Frank Kronenberg
ISBN : 9780702049118
Genre : Medical
File Size : 43. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The companion text to Occupational Therapy without Borders - Volume 1: learning from the spirit of survivors! In this landmark text writers from around the world discuss a plurality of occupation-based approaches that explicitly acknowledge the full potential of the art and science of occupational therapy. The profession is presented as a political possibilities-based practice, concerned with what matters most to people in real life contexts, generating practice-based evidence to complement evidence-based practice. As these writers demonstrate, occupational therapies are far more than, as some critical views have suggested, a monoculture of practice rooted in Western modernity. Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu captures the ethos of this book, which essentially calls for engagements in the service of a purpose that is larger than the advancement of our profession's interests: "Your particular approach to advancing our wellbeing and health strikes me as both unique and easily taken for granted. Whilst you value and work with medical understandings, your main aim seems to go beyond these. You seem to enable people to appreciate more consciously how what we do to and with ourselves and others on a daily basis impacts on our individual and collective wellbeing. As occupational therapists you have a significant contribution to make [.] allowing people from all walks of life to contribute meaningfully to the wellbeing of others." Links philosophy with practical examples of engaging people in ordinary occupations of daily life as a means of enabling them to transform their own lives Includes contributions from worldwide leaders in occupational therapy research and practice Describes concrete initiatives in under-served and neglected populations Looks at social and political mechanisms that influence people’s access to useful and meaningful occupation Chapters increase diversity of contributions – geographically, culturally and politically Emphasis on practice, education and research maintains academic credibility A glossary and practical examples in nearly every chapter make text more accessible to students

Conquering Disease

Author : Kjelle Marylou
ISBN : 9781612286143
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 84. 12 MB
Format : PDF
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Conquering Disease explores the crisis of world disease, and the people and organizations that are working to solve the crisis. This title also focuses on people who have been helped, the progress that has already been made, and the challenges still left to be met. The young reader analyzes the stories and develops their own opinion of what can be done to solve the world disease crisis. The book has been developed to address many of the Common Core specific goals, higher level thinking skills, and progressive learning strategies from informational texts for middle grade and junior high level students.

Life In Crisis

Author : Peter Redfield
ISBN : 9780520274846
Genre : Medical
File Size : 54. 21 MB
Format : PDF
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Parts of the chapters were published previously.

Patients Beyond Borders Turkey Edition

Author : Josef Woodman
ISBN : 9780982336199
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 36. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Turkey's superior healthcare infrastructure and relatively short flying times from Europe, the Middle East, and North America attract an estimated 200,000 medical tourists each year. Patients Beyond Borders Turkey Edition helps international patients plan a successful medical trip to the country. Written by the world's leading spokesperson on international health travel, it covers everything medical travelers need to know, from working with travel agents to an overview of Turkey’s leading American-accredited hospitals to advice on budgeting for and planning a medical journey. Detailed descriptions and contact information of fully accredited Turkish hospitals that cater to the international patient, along with specialties and Centers of Excellence, enable travelers to make educated decisions about their care. Also included is visitor and sightseeing information on Turkey and the region, with maps, illustrations, and 24 pages of color inserts showcasing Turkey’s world-class facilities and attractions.

Security And Development

Author : George Mavrotas
ISBN : 9781781007037
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68. 48 MB
Format : PDF
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This important book tackles some of the main security challenges facing the international development community today. Containing contributions by leading experts, including some who have been at the centre of the international policy debate, it goes further by putting forward suggestions and recommendations as to how best deal with these threats as well as challenges in this crucial area.

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