deep space propulsion a roadmap to interstellar flight astronomers universe

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Deep Space Propulsion

Author : K. F. Long
ISBN : 1461406072
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 59. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The technology of the next few decades could possibly allow us to explore with robotic probes the closest stars outside our Solar System, and maybe even observe some of the recently discovered planets circling these stars. This book looks at the reasons for exploring our stellar neighbors and at the technologies we are developing to build space probes that can traverse the enormous distances between the stars. In order to reach the nearest stars, we must first develop a propulsion technology that would take our robotic probes there in a reasonable time. Such propulsion technology has radically different requirements from conventional chemical rockets, because of the enormous distances that must be crossed. Surprisingly, many propulsion schemes for interstellar travel have been suggested and await only practical engineering solutions and the political will to make them a reality. This is a result of the tremendous advances in astrophysics that have been made in recent decades and the perseverance and imagination of tenacious theoretical physicists. This book explores these different propulsion schemes – all based on current physics – and the challenges they present to physicists, engineers, and space exploration entrepreneurs. This book will be helpful to anyone who really wants to understand the principles behind and likely future course of interstellar travel and who wants to recognizes the distinctions between pure fantasy (such as Star Trek’s ‘warp drive’) and methods that are grounded in real physics and offer practical technological solutions for exploring the stars in the decades to come.

Star Ark

Author : Rachel Armstrong
ISBN : 9783319310428
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As space ventures have become more numerous, leading scientists and theorists have offered ways of building a living habitat in a hostile environment, taking an ‘ecosystems’ view of space colonization. The contributors to this volume take a radical multi-disciplinary view of the challenge of human space colonization through the ongoing project Persephone. This book fundamentally challenges prevalent ideas about sustainability and proposes a new approach to resource austerity and conservation and providing truly sustainable approaches that are life-promoting. Readers will learn the details of the plans for Persephone – a real project that is part of the company Icarus Interstellar’s plans for the design and engineering of a living interior on a worldship to be constructed in Earth’s orbit within 100 years. Although the timeframe itself is only an estimate, since it is contingent on many significant developments, including funding and technological advances, the industry consensus is that within 100 years we will see manned space exploration beyond our solar system. This notion is shared by organizations such as the Initiative for Interstellar Studies and the DARPA-funded 100-year starship project. This book specifically develops the principles for the construction of a living habitat within a worldship – a multi-generational starship that contains its own world that supports colonists as it travels across great distances between stars at a speed much slower than light. Far from being a sterile industrial setup, such as the ISS, or even being a bucolic suburbia as proposed by Gerard O’Neill in the 1970s, this worldship will provide the pre-conditions for sustaining life beyond Earth’s environment, which may also lead to the evolution of non-terrestrial ecologies. Drawing on the principles of ecopoiesis and insights offered by the Biosphere 2 experiment that demonstrated what we have to learn about ecosystem construction, this book proposes first designing the soils of such a space. It should then be possible to set up the conditions that a first generation of colonists may experience in leaving our solar system to find new worlds to settle - perhaps in spreading life throughout the universe. Although the book takes a unique view of ecology and sustainability within the setting of a traveling starship it is equally concerned with the human experience on artificial worlds. Chapters come from a range of multi disciplinary thinkers who shed light on the brave new future ahead from different angles.

Hypothetical Spacecraft And Interstellar Travel

Author : Ezekiel Nygren
ISBN : 9781312955929
Genre : Science
File Size : 87. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Hypothetical Spacecraft and Interstellar Travel collects information about the latest and greatest hypothetical spacecraft.

Future Spacecraft Propulsion Systems And Integration

Author : Paul A. Czysz
ISBN : 9783662547441
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 30. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The updated and expanded third edition of this book focuses on the multi-disciplinary coupling between flight-vehicle hardware alternatives and enabling propulsion systems. It discusses how to match near-term and far-term aerospace vehicles to missions and provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, directly contributing to the next-generation space infrastructure, from space tourism to space exploration. This holistic treatment defines a mission portfolio addressing near-term to long-term space transportation needs covering sub-orbital, orbital and escape flight profiles. In this context, a vehicle configuration classification is introduced covering alternatives starting from the dawn of space access. A best-practice parametric sizing approach is introduced to correctly design the flight vehicle for the mission. This technique balances required mission with the available vehicle solution space and is an essential capability sought after by technology forecasters and strategic planners alike.

Structures Technology For Future Aerospace Systems

Author : Ahmed Khairy Noor
ISBN : 1600864406
Genre : Airframes
File Size : 51. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Compliant Structures In Nature And Engineering

Author : C. H. Jenkins
ISBN : 1853129410
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 72. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Biological organisms are exceptionally efficient structures, having evolved over millions of years to achieve high load carrying capacity per unit weight. Compliance (flexibility) plays a significant role in the efficacy of natural structures. Examples range from cell walls and microorganisms, to bat wings, to human muscles. Long ago, engineers adopted compliant structures for solutions where structural efficiency was critical while in modern times, compliance has seen increasing use in civil structures such as temporary storage facilities and large-span roofs. Recently, there has been considerable interest in large membrane/inflatable structures for aerospace applications.This unique volume provides a concise summary of the important features of these interesting structures. Written by experts in the field, it covers topics on compliant structures in nature, compliant materials, mechanics of compliant structures, applications in engineering, and design for compliance. The text will contribute greatly to our continued learning from nature in order to design highly efficient engineering structures.

Space Technology And Applications International Forum

Author : Mohamed S. El-Genk
ISBN : 1563969181
Genre : Aerospace engineering
File Size : 24. 43 MB
Format : PDF
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From The Earth To The Moon Arabic Edition

Author : Jules Verne
ISBN : 1535546670
Genre :
File Size : 52. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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