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Deconstructing Product Design

Author : William Lidwell
ISBN : 9781592537396
Genre : Design
File Size : 52. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Offers critical analyses of one hundred innovative products to examine their design and assess patterns of success or failure.

1 000 Product Designs

Author : Eric Chan
ISBN : 9781610601542
Genre : Design
File Size : 90. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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DIVProduct design has changed dramatically in recent years as everything, from computers to microwaves to MP3 players, has become more compact and more powerful. Less seems to be more, as everything becomes portable and more user friendly. 1,000 Product Designs features the most innovative designs in recent years. This unprecedented collection of products from all over the globe is a window into different cultures and societies, featuring everything from furnishings to personal items and accessories to electronics./div

Universal Principles Of Design Revised And Updated

Author : William Lidwell
ISBN : 9781592535873
Genre : Design
File Size : 75. 28 MB
Format : PDF
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A cross-disciplinary reference of design. Pairs common design concepts with examples that illustrate them in practice.

Good Design

Author : Terry Marks
ISBN : 9781616736231
Genre : Design
File Size : 62. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The author polls several designers of different age groups and phases in their careers about what they consider “good design”. Each has selected an existing design piece they feel to be good, based on their personal definition of what “good” is. The author also takes a critical look at the design to determine if it is effective with its target market and interviews the designer of the piece to unlock the concept behind the design. By taking this backwards approach through design—from completed piece back to conception—readers will discover why the design works and how they can use this information in their own projects.

Flash Deconstruction

Author : Phil Scott
ISBN : 0735711496
Genre : Computers
File Size : 22. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The complete book on best-business practices for the Flash professional. This is a book by professionals for professionals: It has a great combination of hard-edged ActionScripting techniques for the ambitious developer, wrapped in the context of proper workflow and innovative design and development. The authors are high-profile authors recognized by consumers: with 100,000 visitors to the JuxtInteractive site monthly, plus the authors are regular presenters at industry conferences. Gives best-of-breed expert advice. Working professionals-designers and non-designers alike-want to learn ActionScript as it's used in the real world. This book, however, combines referential explorations of ActionScripting functionality with used-in-the-trenches techniques honed by one of the top Flash design houses-JuxtInteractive-and then adds further perspective on each subject area by including a substantive inspirational profile of how other high-profile Flash designers do it. The first part presents ActionScripting Fundamentals, not only for those new to ActionScripting, but also to explain best practices and proper workflow to those already using ActionScripting. The second part requires the readers to walk through a deconstruction of the design house's own Website; the third part requires the reader to work through the building and deconstruction of a special site developed especially for the seminar. Todd Purgason is an award-winning Web developer and designer, and creative director at JuxtInteractive ( He was the design presence behind Flash Web Design, 0735708967 (Hillman Curtis), and regularly appears at Flash- and Web-design conferences around the world. Phil Scott is a member of the Juxt Interactive development team; Bonnie Blake is a Web developer and author of How To Do Everything with Flash 5, 0072127147 (Osborne-McGraw-Hill).

Playing With Books

Author : Jason Thompson
ISBN : 9781616738587
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 86. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In these pages, Jason Thompson has curated an extensive and artistic range of both achievable upcycled crafts made from books and book pages and an amazing gallery that contains thought-provoking and beautiful works that transform books into art. The content encompasses a wide range of techniques and step-by-step projects that deconstruct and rebuild books and their parts into unique, upcycled objects. The book combines in equal measure bookbinding, woodworking, paper crafting, origami, and textile and decorative arts techniques, along with a healthy dose of experimentation and fun.The beautiful high-end presentation and stunning photography make this book a delightful, must-have volume for any book-loving artist or art-loving book collector.

Deconstructing Penguins

Author : Lawrence Goldstone
ISBN : 9780307415035
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 72. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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“Books are like puzzles,” write Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. “The author’s ideas are hidden, and it is up to all of us to figure them out.” In this indispensable reading companion, the Goldstones–noted parent-child book club experts–encourage grownups and young readers alike to adopt an approach that will unlock the magic and power of reading. With the Goldstones help, parents can inspire kids’ lifelong love of reading by teaching them how to unlock a book’s hidden meaning. Featuring fun and incisive discussions of numerous children’s classics, this dynamic guide highlights key elements–theme, setting, character, point of view, climax, and conflict–and paves the way for meaningful conversations between parents and children. “Best of all,” the Goldstones note, “you don’t need an advanced degree in English literature or forty hours a week of free time to effectively discuss a book with your child. This isn’t Crime and Punishment, it’s Charlotte’s Web.” From the Trade Paperback edition.

Design For Emotion

Author : Trevor van Gorp
ISBN : 9780123865328
Genre : Computers
File Size : 55. 9 MB
Format : PDF
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Design for Emotion introduces you to the why, what, when, where and how of designing for emotion. Improve user connection, satisfaction and loyalty by incorporating emotion and personality into your design process. The conscious and unconscious origins of emotions are explained, while real-world examples show how the design you create affects the emotions of your users. This isn’t just another design theory book – it’s imminently practical. Design for Emotion introduces the A.C.T. Model (Attract/Converse/Transact) a tool for helping designers create designs that intentionally trigger emotional responses. This book offers a way to harness emotions for improving the design of products, interfaces and applications while also enhancing learning and information processing. Design for Emotion will help your designs grab attention and communicate your message more powerfully, to more people. Explains the relationship between emotions and product personalities Details the most important dimensions of a product's personality Examines models for understanding users' relationships with products Explores how to intentionally design product personalities Provides extensive examples from the worlds of product, web and application design Includes a simple and effective model for creating more emotional designs

Deconstructing Developmental Psychology

Author : Erica Burman
ISBN : 9781317538981
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 72. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this completely revised and updated edition, Deconstructing Developmental Psychology interrogates the assumptions and practices surrounding the psychology of child development, providing a critical evaluation of the role and contribution of developmental psychology within social practice. Since the second edition was published, there have been many major changes. This book addresses how shifts in advanced capitalism have produced new understandings of children, and a new (and more punitive) range of institutional responses to children. It engages with the paradoxes of childhood in an era when young adults are increasingly economically dependent on their families, and in a political context of heightened insecurity. The new edition includes an updated review of developments in psychological theory (in attachment, evolutionary psychology, theory of mind, cultural-historical approaches), as well as updating and reflecting upon the changed focus on fathers and fathering. It offers new perspectives on the connections between Piaget and Vygotsky and now connects much more closely with discussions from the sociology of childhood and critical educational research. Coverage has been expanded to include more material on child rights debates, and a new chapter addresses practice dilemmas around child protection, which engages even more with the "raced" and gendered effects of current policies involving children. This engaging and accessible text provides key resources to inform better professional practice in social work, education and health contexts. It offers critical insights into the politics and procedures that have shaped developmental psychological knowledge. It will be essential reading for anyone working with children, or concerned with policies around children and families. It was also be of interest to students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels across a range of professional and practitioner groups, as well as parents and policy makers.

Deconstructing The Welfare State

Author : Paula Hyde
ISBN : 9781317661368
Genre : Medical
File Size : 46. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Who are NHS middle managers? What do they do, and why and how do they do it’? This book explores the daily realities of working life for middle managers in the UK’s National Health Service during a time of radical change and disruption to the entire edifice of publicly-funded healthcare. It is an empirical critique of the movement towards a healthcare model based around HMO-type providers such as Kaiser Permanente and United Health. Although this model is well-known internationally, many believe it to be financially and ethically questionable, and often far from 'best practice' when it comes to patient care. Drawing on immersive ethnographic research based on four case studies – an Acute Hospital Trust, an Ambulance Trust, a Mental Health Trust, and a Primary Care Trust – this book provides an in-depth critical appraisal of the everyday experiences of a range of managers working in the NHS. It describes exactly what NHS managers do and explains how their roles are changing and the types of challenges they face. The analysis explains how many NHS junior and middle managers are themselves clinicians to some extent, with hybrid roles as simultaneously nurse and manager, midwife and manager, or paramedic and manager. While commonly working in ‘back office’ functions, NHS middle managers are also just as likely to be working very close to or actually on the front lines of patient care. Despite the problems they regularly face from organizational restructuring, cost control and demands for accountability, the authors demonstrate that NHS managers – in their various guises – play critical, yet undervalued, institutional roles. Depicting the darker sides of organizational change, this text is a sociological exploration of the daily struggle for work dignity of a complex, widely denigrated, and largely misunderstood group of public servants trying to do their best under extremely trying circumstances. It is essential reading for academics, students, and practitioners interested in health management and policy, organisational change, public sector management, and the NHS more broadly.

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