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Creativity And Cultural Policy

Author : Chris Bilton
ISBN : 9781317977599
Genre : Social Science
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Creativity has become a popular buzzword in contemporary cultural policy, yet the term remains poorly understood. In this collection, cultural policy specialists together with experts on psychology, creative enterprise and arts education, consider how ‘creativity’ is defined in a variety of settings, from ‘creative management’ to ‘creative labour’. The starting point of the book is to move beyond the notion that creativity is simply a product of extraordinary individuals and extraordinary thinking. In reality creativity draws together apparently contradictory thinking styles, processes and purposes which extend well beyond the mythical figure of the solitary genius. This broad definition of creativity encompasses the contributions of managers, entrepreneurs and intermediaries to the creative process as well as the creativity of consumers and schoolchildren. In turn this implies a broad definition of cultural policy, taking in intellectual property law, education policy and corporate governance as well as policies towards the arts and creative industries. This collection of articles offers new ways of thinking about creativity and about cultural policy. It will be of interest not only to students and practitioners of cultural policy but to anyone who is curious about the value and purpose of ‘creativity’ in contemporary culture. This book was originally published as a special issue of International Journal of Cultural Policy.

The Creative Industries

Author : Terry Flew
ISBN : 9781847875754
Genre : Political Science
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The rise of creative industries requires new thinking in communication, media and cultural studies, media and cultural policy, and the arts and information sectors. The Creative Industries sets the agenda for these debates, providing a richer understanding of the dynamics of cultural markets, creative labor, finance and risk, and how culture is distributed, marketed and creatively reused through new media technologies. This book develops a global perspective on the creative industries and creative economy; draws insights from media and cultural studies, innovation economics, cultural policy studies, and economic and cultural geography; explores what it means for policy-makers when culture and creativity move from the margins to the center of economic dynamics; makes extensive use of case studies in ways that are relevant not only to researchers and policy-makers, but also to the generation of students who will increasingly be establishing a ‘portfolio career’ in the creative industries International in coverage, The Creative Industries traces the historical and contemporary ideas that make the cultural economy more relevant that it has ever been. It is essential reading for students and academics in media, communication and cultural studies.

Re Shaping Cultural Policies Advancing Creativity For Development

Author : UNESCO
ISBN : 9789231002564
Genre :
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Cultural Policy Work And Identity

Author : Jonathan Paquette
ISBN : 9781317156314
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87. 9 MB
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How have cultural policies created new occupations and shaped professions? This book explores an often unacknowledged dimension of cultural policy analysis: the professional identity of cultural agents. It analyses the relationship between cultural policy, identity and professionalism and draws from a variety of cultural policies around the world to provide insights on the identity construction processes that are at play in cultural institutions. This book reappraises the important question of professional identities in cultural policy studies, museum studies and heritage studies. The authors address the relationship between cultural policy, work and identity by focusing on three levels of analysis. The first considers the state, the creativity of the power relationship established in cultural policies and the power which structures the symbolic order of cultural work. The second presents community in the cultural policy process, society and collective action, whether it is through the creation of institutions for arts and heritage profession or through resistance to state cultural policies. The third examines the experience of cultural policy by the professional. It illustrates how cultural policy is both a set of contingencies that shape possibilities for professionals, as much as it is a basis for identification and identity construction. The eleven authors in this unique book draw on their experience as artists and researchers from a range of countries, including France, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and Sweden.

Re Visioning Arts And Cultural Policy

Author : Jennifer Craik
ISBN : 9781921313394
Genre : Political Science
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In this monograph, Jennifer Craik undertakes a critical and historical analysis of the main imperatives of arts and cultural policy in Australia. With forensic skill she examines the financial and policy instruments commonly relied upon in this much contested and diverse area of public policy. Craik uses her analysis of past and current policy responses as a platform for articulating future options. This is a valuable work for cultural professionals and administrators, art historians and, indeed, anyone with an abiding interest in the management of the nations cultural estate.

The Creative City

Author : Alessia Usai
ISBN : 2807601928
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 32 MB
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This book focuses on the relationships between the creative city principles and the planning approach introduced by the European Landscape Convention in order to identify best practices for the development of innovative cultural policies and new urban regeneration tools. The research is characterized by a cross-cutting approach to cultural heritage. It proposes a new model for the design of advanced cultural districts consisting of a benchmark methodology and a "toolbox" of spatial, economic and social indicators that can be used to build the necessary knowledge. Finally, having Sardinia Region (IT) as reference, the book offers a picture of programs and plans to which the methodology and the toolbox can be applied, outlining their potential impacts within cultural and spatial planning.

Cultural Policy In East Asia

Author : Lorraine Lim
ISBN : 9781317681625
Genre : Social Science
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This book provides an introduction to the contemporary issues that are occurring in cultural policy in East Asia today. Interest in East Asia has grown considerably in recent years due not only to the emergence of economic super-powers such as China but also to the cultural impact the region is making throughout the world through Japanese film and Korean Pop-Music. Addressing the relationship between the state, culture and the creative economy, this collection highlights how cultural policy within this region has to be understood within its social, historical and political context. By presenting a variety of chapters that examine the role of culture within the countries of China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, this book offers readers an insight into the key issues affecting development of cultural policy in these countries. This book was originally published as a Special Issue of the International Journal of Cultural Policy.

Creativity Communication And Cultural Value

Author : Keith Negus
ISBN : 9781847871503
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54. 88 MB
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'There have been few critical engagements with the concept of creativity in recent years, so the authors provide an important contribution in drawing attention to what is arguably at the heart of much of what we most value in culture' - Douglas Kellner, University of California, Los Angeles 'In this important book, Keith Negus and Michael Pickering challenge commonplace assumptions about creativity and casual invocations of genius. They give comfort neither to popular wisdom nor to academic convention. Drawing on the work of philosophers, sociologists, political theorists and economists, as well as artists, musicians and novelists, they raise profound questions about the very ideas which sustain our understanding of art and culture' - Professor John Street, University of East Anglia 'It's all too rare to read a cultural studies book that offers any real originality. This one achieves this, not only by addressing debates and sources neglected in the field, but also by traversing high and low culture, and all points between' - Dave Hesmondhalgh, The Open University Creativity has become a buzzword and key issue in debates about cultural policy, human growth and the media and cultural industries. It has also become a very misused term used to describe anything from musical and artistic genius, to shady financial accounting, to the teaching of children and the management of employees. But what does it mean? Negus and Pickering provide a clear and logical way of understanding what we describe as creative, and how this term has become central to attaching cultural value. Their book: · Develops an approach which enables us to think of creativity as both ordinary and exceptional · Focuses on creativity as a way of rethinking key concepts in the study of culture such as: Convention; innovation; tradition and experience. This book is useful to those studying Media and Cultural Studies who need to understand Cultural Production, Communication, Popular Culture and Cultural Theory.

Spaces Of Vernacular Creativity

Author : Tim Edensor
ISBN : 9781134018444
Genre : Science
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Creativity has become part of the language of regeneration experts, urban planners and government policy makers attempting to revive the economic and cultural life of cities in the 21st century. Concepts such as the creative class, the creative industries and bohemian cultural clusters have come to dominate thinking about how creativity can contribute to urban renewal. Spaces of Vernacular Creativity offers a critical perspective on the instrumental use of arts and creative practices for the purposes of urban regeneration or civic boosterism. Several important contributions are brought into one volume to examine the geography of locally embedded forms of arts and creative practice. There has been an explosion of interest in both academic and policy circles in the notion of creativity, and its role in economic development and urban regeneration. This book argues for a rethinking of what constitutes creativity, foregrounding non-economic values and practices, and the often marginal and everyday spaces in which creativity takes shape. Drawing on a range of geographic contexts including the U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia, the book explores a diverse array of creative practices ranging from art, music, and design to community gardening and anticapitalist resistance. The book examines working class, ethnic and non-elite forms of creativity, and a variety of creative spaces, including rural areas, suburbs and abandoned areas of the city. The authors argue for a broader and more inclusive conception of what constitutes creative practice, advocating for an approach that foregrounds economies of generosity, conviviality and activism. The book also explores the complexities and nuances that connect the local and the global and finally, the book provides a space for valuing alternative, marginal and displaced knowledges. Spaces of Vernacular Creativity provides an important contribution to the debates on the creative class and on the role of value of creative knowledge and skills. The book aims to contribute to contemporary academic debates regarding the development of post-industrial economies and the cognitive cultural economy. It will appeal to a wide range of disciplines including, geography, applied art, planning, cultural studies, sociology and urban studies, plus specialised programmes on creativity and cultural industries at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Study Of Creative Ecology And Cultural Policy For Sustainable Urban Development In Local District Of Hong Kong

Author : Yat-Man Chan
ISBN : 1361311452
Genre :
File Size : 79. 34 MB
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This dissertation, "Study of "creative Ecology" and Cultural Policy for Sustainable Urban Development in Local District of Hong Kong" by Yat-man, Chan, 陳逸敏, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License. The content of this dissertation has not been altered in any way. We have altered the formatting in order to facilitate the ease of printing and reading of the dissertation. All rights not granted by the above license are retained by the author. Abstract: Urban planning is not only about planning the city for people today but also planning decades of year ahead for next generations. Growing complexity and dynamics of the urban system make planning, decision-making and problem-solving to be more challenging. In order to achieve sustainable development, the notion of creative city is aroused in academic field and also advocated by many policymakers recently. Creative city notion suddenly becomes the panacea for many urban problems such as revitalizing dilapidated old urban area, enhancing the competitiveness of the city in the global economy, and boosting local employment rate, etc. However, among the polemical meditations on the creative cities notion, there is insufficient study on what vital preconditions are for creativity to be emerged in the metropolis, what creative activities are generated and how actors are interrelated with each other and with the environment regarding social, economic and physical dimensions. This dissertation proposes the "creative ecology" framework for analyzing and contextualizing the interrelationship and dynamics of stakeholders in the "creative ecology" and with the surrounding environments. An empirical study which applies the framework to a local district of Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei, is conducted. The study tries to trace out the interrelationships of local creativity scene to the environments, and the dynamics within the ecology supported by the comprehensive study on the empirical setting from the perspective of Hong Kong to local district like Yau Ma Tei, and in-depth face-to-face interviews with key stakeholders. The analysis shows, in particular, how the "creative ecology" rooted in a local district operates and how a balanced "creative ecology" can be achieved in relation to the sustainable urban development. The recommendation is concerned passim with cultural policy and urban planning issues. The dissertation is concluded by summarizing the concept of "creative ecology" and highlighting its nature of continuous evolution, as well as addressing the main contemporary challenges while Hong Kong is in the transition process to be a more creative place. DOI: 10.5353/th_b4988493 Subjects: Cultural industries - China - Hong Kong cultural policy - China - Hong Kong Sustainable urban development - China - Hong Kong

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