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Computational Methods In Engineering Boundary Value Problems

Author : T.Y. Na
ISBN : 9780080956534
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Computational Methods in Engineering Boundary Value Problems

Numerical Methods And Methods Of Approximation In Science And Engineering

Author : Karan S. Surana
ISBN : 9780429647864
Genre : Mathematics
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Numerical Methods and Methods of Approximation in Science and Engineering prepares students and other readers for advanced studies involving applied numerical and computational analysis. Focused on building a sound theoretical foundation, it uses a clear and simple approach backed by numerous worked examples to facilitate understanding of numerical methods and their application. Readers will learn to structure a sequence of operations into a program, using the programming language of their choice; this approach leads to a deeper understanding of the methods and their limitations. The text features highlighted examples, numerous problems, and a complete Solutions Manual for instructors.

Solvability Of Nonlinear Singular Problems For Ordinary Differential Equations

Author : Irena Rachunkova
ISBN : 9789774540400
Genre : Mathematics
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Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems In Science And Engineering

Author : C. Rogers
ISBN : 9780080958705
Genre : Computers
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Overall, our object has been to provide an applications-oriented text that is reasonably self-contained. It has been used as the basis for a graduate-level course both at the University of Waterloo and at the Centro Studie Applicazioni in Tecnologie Avante, Bari, Italy. The text is aimed, in the main, at applied mathematicians with a strong interest in physical applications or at engineers working in theoretical mechanics.

Green S Functions And Boundary Value Problems

Author : Ivar Stakgold
ISBN : 9780470906521
Genre : Mathematics
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Praise for the Second Edition "This book is an excellent introduction to the wide field of boundary value problems."—Journal of Engineering Mathematics "No doubt this textbook will be useful for both students and research workers."—Mathematical Reviews A new edition of the highly-acclaimed guide to boundary value problems, now featuring modern computational methods and approximation theory Green's Functions and Boundary Value Problems, Third Edition continues the tradition of the two prior editions by providing mathematical techniques for the use of differential and integral equations to tackle important problems in applied mathematics, the physical sciences, and engineering. This new edition presents mathematical concepts and quantitative tools that are essential for effective use of modern computational methods that play a key role in the practical solution of boundary value problems. With a careful blend of theory and applications, the authors successfully bridge the gap between real analysis, functional analysis, nonlinear analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, integral equations, approximation theory, and numerical analysis to provide a comprehensive foundation for understanding and analyzing core mathematical and computational modeling problems. Thoroughly updated and revised to reflect recent developments, the book includes an extensive new chapter on the modern tools of computational mathematics for boundary value problems. The Third Edition features numerous new topics, including: Nonlinear analysis tools for Banach spaces Finite element and related discretizations Best and near-best approximation in Banach spaces Iterative methods for discretized equations Overview of Sobolev and Besov space linear Methods for nonlinear equations Applications to nonlinear elliptic equations In addition, various topics have been substantially expanded, and new material on weak derivatives and Sobolev spaces, the Hahn-Banach theorem, reflexive Banach spaces, the Banach Schauder and Banach-Steinhaus theorems, and the Lax-Milgram theorem has been incorporated into the book. New and revised exercises found throughout allow readers to develop their own problem-solving skills, and the updated bibliographies in each chapter provide an extensive resource for new and emerging research and applications. With its careful balance of mathematics and meaningful applications, Green's Functions and Boundary Value Problems, Third Edition is an excellent book for courses on applied analysis and boundary value problems in partial differential equations at the graduate level. It is also a valuable reference for mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and scientists who use applied mathematics in their everyday work.

The Finite Element Method For Boundary Value Problems

Author : Karan S. Surana
ISBN : 9781498780513
Genre : Science
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Written by two well-respected experts in the field, The Finite Element Method for Boundary Value Problems: Mathematics and Computations bridges the gap between applied mathematics and application-oriented computational studies using FEM. Mathematically rigorous, the FEM is presented as a method of approximation for differential operators that are mathematically classified as self-adjoint, non-self-adjoint, and non-linear, thus addressing totality of all BVPs in various areas of engineering, applied mathematics, and physical sciences. These classes of operators are utilized in various methods of approximation: Galerkin method, Petrov-Galerkin Method, weighted residual method, Galerkin method with weak form, least squares method based on residual functional, etc. to establish unconditionally stable finite element computational processes using calculus of variations. Readers are able to grasp the mathematical foundation of finite element method as well as its versatility of applications. h-, p-, and k-versions of finite element method, hierarchical approximations, convergence, error estimation, error computation, and adaptivity are additional significant aspects of this book.

Advanced Mathematical Methods In Science And Engineering Second Edition

Author : S.I. Hayek
ISBN : 9781420081985
Genre : Mathematics
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Classroom-tested, Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Second Edition presents methods of applied mathematics that are particularly suited to address physical problems in science and engineering. Numerous examples illustrate the various methods of solution and answers to the end-of-chapter problems are included at the back of the book. After introducing integration and solution methods of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), the book presents Bessel and Legendre functions as well as the derivation and methods of solution of linear boundary value problems for physical systems in one spatial dimension governed by ODEs. It also covers complex variables, calculus, and integrals; linear partial differential equations (PDEs) in classical physics and engineering; the derivation of integral transforms; Green’s functions for ODEs and PDEs; asymptotic methods for evaluating integrals; and the asymptotic solution of ODEs. New to this edition, the final chapter offers an extensive treatment of numerical methods for solving non-linear equations, finite difference differentiation and integration, initial value and boundary value ODEs, and PDEs in mathematical physics. Chapters that cover boundary value problems and PDEs contain derivations of the governing differential equations in many fields of applied physics and engineering, such as wave mechanics, acoustics, heat flow in solids, diffusion of liquids and gases, and fluid flow. An update of a bestseller, this second edition continues to give students the strong foundation needed to apply mathematical techniques to the physical phenomena encountered in scientific and engineering applications.

Computational Methods In Sciences And Engineering 2003

Author : T E Simos
ISBN : 9789814485098
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 53. 33 MB
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In the past few decades, many significant insights have been gained into several areas of computational methods in sciences and engineering. New problems and methodologies have appeared in some areas of sciences and engineering. There is always a need in these fields for the advancement of information exchange. The aim of this book is to facilitate the sharing of ideas, problems and methodologies between computational scientists and engineers in several disciplines. Extended abstracts of papers on the recent advances regarding computational methods in sciences and engineering are provided. The book briefly describes new methods in numerical analysis, computational mathematics, computational and theoretical physics, computational and theoretical chemistry, computational biology, computational mechanics, computational engineering, computational medicine, high performance computing, etc. Contents:Components for Time Series Receiver Clock Offset in GPS Solutions (P Abad)Some Numerical Methods for Stiff Problems (J C Butcher)Bifurcation Phenomena in Molecular Vibrational Spectroscopy (S C Farantos)Simulations of Spart in Random Fields (D T Hristopoulos)Electric Properties of Substituted Diacetylenes (P Karamanis & G Maroulis)Data Mining and Cryptology (E C Laskari et al.)A Finite Element Approach for the Dirac Radial Equation (L A A Nikolopoulos)Constraint Based Web Mining (I Petrounias et al.)Axisymmetric Rigid Bodies in Creeping Flow (J Roumeliotis)The Impact of Graphics Calculator on Mathematics Education in Asia (C-Y Suen)On the Systematic Construction of Molecular Basis Sets (S Wilson)and other papers Readership: Researchers and graduate students in any discipline involving scientific computation. Keywords:Numerical Analysis;Computational Mathematics;Computational and Theoretical Physics;Computational Chemistry;Computational Biology;Computational Mechanics;Computational Engineering, Computational Medicine;High Performance Computing

Analytical And Computational Methods Of Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Author : Grant B. Gustafson
ISBN : 9781461206330
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 64. 28 MB
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This book focuses on the topics which provide the foundation for practicing engineering mathematics: ordinary differential equations, vector calculus, linear algebra and partial differential equations. Destined to become the definitive work in the field, the book uses a practical engineering approach based upon solving equations and incorporates computational techniques throughout.

Discrete Numerical Methods In Physics And Engineering

Author : Greenspan
ISBN : 9780080956169
Genre : Computers
File Size : 70. 5 MB
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Discrete Numerical Methods in Physics and Engineering

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